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Van Gogh’s Painting In New Super Mario Bros. U?

Super Mario Bros. U was just announced along with a new trailer for the game. The backgrounds shown in the trailer have so much detail and clearly take advantage of Wii U’s hardware. This particular background from Mario’s new game looks similar to Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting, “The Starry Night.” What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Van Gogh’s Painting In New Super Mario Bros. U?”

  1. It truly does. I really liked the wat this game looked. Winged suits and inflatable Yoshis. So cool. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. THANK GOD a New Super Mario Bros. game is actually trying to have distinctive art styles. I was afraid they’d have the same exact aesthetic forever.

  3. Well, MOTHER 3 used many references to songs, so it’s not impossible to this being a reference. The level name will probably be called “Stary Night”

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