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Wii U Friend Codes Not Completely Eliminated (Conflicting Statements)

It looks as though Friend Codes will exist in some form on Wii U according to information gathered at the E3 Nintendo analyst meeting. Friend Codes will still be there, but making friends will apparently be a lot easier than it was on Wii. Do you think Nintendo should abolish Friend Codes completely?

Friendcodes- not completely eliminated, will still exist in some form but making friends much easier

Update: Apparently David Gibson may have got mixed up as Shane Satterfield from GameTrailers is saying friend codes are confirmed to be gone from the Wii U.

 “Oh yeah, was confirmed to me today that friend codes are gone for Wii U.”

57 thoughts on “Wii U Friend Codes Not Completely Eliminated (Conflicting Statements)”

    1. Oh god thanks for posting this. This video gave me some really crazy ideas about Nintendo Land. So crazy they could just work.

    1. Making friends is way easier on the 3ds. I mean, in some way or another there has to be “friend codes”. I prefer them over a gamer tag so I can have any name id like. As long as its functional ill be happy.

    1. The problem with the gamertags and PSN IDs, is that once the name is used, you can’t use that name, so having these codes, people can choose their names whenever they want, i like this change.

  1. Did you not pay attention during Nintendo Direct? The octog grandpa name was the clearest indication necessary that they’ve ditched friend codes.

  2. Friend codes NEED to be abolished forever, Usernames are more convenient. Sometimes I don’t understand why NIntendo do what they do. its like they hope for the best at times.

  3. Friend codes: should be used just as an account ID and not something you have to get from other ways of contact.

  4. This is the first Nintendo system since the Cube I won’t be picking up at Launch (I loved the Cube btw I just was a kid then lol). Wii U failed to get my attention and until I see a game on it I want that aren’t already on other systems, I refuse to get one.

    1. ZombieU, nsmbU, all the mini games in Nintendo park and pikmin 3. Plus for 3rd party we have assassins creed 3, batman, Rayman, Lego city and mass effect 3. I’d say thats pretty good for launch window. Way better than 3ds and right up there with vitas launch although vita didn’t keep the momentum up hopefully wiiu will.

    1. Why are you here? Please answer me. Why do you waste your life on a site that has information that you don’t give a damn about? Is your life so sucky that you have to troll to get some mild amusement?

      1. I want an answer too. I think he had a bad experience or something or maybe the poor bastard is missing some chromosomes. either reason he needs to be dealt with.

        1. You know? The thing is, some of what he says is true BUT he makes it seem like everything he says is completely factual and automatically dismisses another’s opinion. If he wasn’t such a douche, he’d be far more tolerated and liked on this blog.

          1. yeah, but expressing petty hatred is unnecessary whether you’re right or wrong. in his case he’s wrong 95% of the time. he just writes his stupid opinions and mix them with little facts and trolls them down here for people to get annoyed at. if he doesn’t like nintendo then why the fuck is he subscribed to a nintendo news website.

  5. Maybe these “friend codes” are actually usernames, but they call them friend codes because Xbox and PS3 call them that? Seems possible.

  6. seems like a lot of you retards weren’t paying attention at all during e3. wiiu will have user accounts. no more friend codes. and someone please find and torture that worthless windbag above me called aeolus until he no longer appears on this site with his nonsensical hoopla.

  7. Guys, calm down. It’s already been confirmed that Friend Codes are gone. Relax. Believe me, if there were Friend Codes, I would definitely NOT buy the system. If they’re gone and Nintendo manages to convince me of the Wii-U’s quality before it’s launch, then I’m sold.

  8. You know, even if they decided to add friendcodes on the system, people could just exchange their codes using the Miiverse chat which is unrestricted, so why bother with them. Just requiring the user name to add someone should be good enough.

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