Mass Effect 3 Is the Best Wii U Game Says EA

Electronic Arts chief executive John Riccitiello firmly believes that Mass Effect 3 was the best Wii U game shown at the Nintendo’s E3 press conference yesterday. Riccitiello says that the game got the loudest applause out of all the Wii U games shown, and that people see it as the single best piece of software that’s been announced for the platform.

“We looked at the Wii U launch line-up yesterday and we’re very pleased there was a lot of applause for ME3, in fact I think it got one of the loudest applauses, so we’re pleased that people see it as the single best piece of software that’s been announced for the platform.”



  1. If I remember correctly, people went nuts with that Rayman Legends demo at Ubisoft’s conference. There was little to get excited about at Nintendo’s one. I don’t mind this, Ninja Gaiden, and Batman. I mean, Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock released on the PS3 a whole year after their original release dates. The thing is that those were older ports for an existing system. These are older ports for a NEW system, and 2 out of those 3 were badly received.


  2. Ok buddy. This isn’t a dick showing contest. Yes, we all cheered (at home and on the show floor), but that was from the sheer surprise of it all. Who saw it coming? I definitely didn’t. But Mass Effect wasn’t the best thing shown for the WiiU.


  3. Whahahahahahahahahahha!!

    Fuck off John Riccitiello , I watched the same Nintendo’s E3 press conference and no one cheered at all.



    You know what Nintendo Fan FORGET YOU!!

    Yall becoming SONY FANS

    I feel ashamed to be a Nintendo Fan nowadays.


  5. I don’t want to hear anything from you, dude. Where were you guys yesterday? EA stepping on stage and telling everyone how their sports games will play on the U? Maybe people were just cheering because it was a little taste of the hardcore games everyone was clamouring for on the Wii U?

    I really hope they re-release Mass Effect 1&2 for the Wii U so people who didn’t play them can get caught up. Leave luck to heaven.


    1. Mass Effect 1 is going to be impossible. And I doubt they would even re-release 2. And on that note, let’s not encourage re-releases at this point. Our problem is a lack of new Nintendo games, not re-releases.


      1. Why is 1 impossible? Exclusivity with Microsoft? why won’t they re-release 2. I agree on your 3rd point.


  6. Sorry EA, but FPS games aren’t my thing (though Metroid Prime was the only FPS game I liked). I was cheering for Pikmin 3 and Tekken tag tournament 2!


  7. And I thought Yves Guillemont was the only CEO who’ve been given higher praises for the Wii U… but John Riccitello CEO of EA was first in line.

    Together Wii U.


  8. EA, why don’t you release other hardcore titles to the Wii U, such as Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3 (Screw you, Crytek.)? Why just Mass Effect 3? We need the Wii U to sell, so more great 3rd party games, the better.


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