Kirby’s Anniversary Collection Coming September

Back in April, Nintendo announced that it was Kirby’s 20th Anniversary. To celebrate, Nintendo will be releasing a collection of Kirby games on one disk for Wii. The official name of the compilation is Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition. The game will be released in September. Even though this is a Wii game, you can still play it on the upcoming Wii U. Nintendo hasn’t announced which Kirby games will be on the disk – which ones are you hoping for?



    1. that was just a port of an SNES game. i don’t think kirby has a retro collection game anywhere so that fear should immediately be disregarded


  1. I’m surprised that this isn’t coming to the 3DS…I mean it can run every Kirby game to date, so why not?


  2. This is a pretty good idea but I expect I’ve already got all the Kirby games on the collection on the Virtual Console so I won’t be buying this.


  3. Kirby’s Epic Yarn was actually the first Kirby game I played and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I then got Kirby’s Adventure Wii which I liked as well. Because of that I will certainly be interested in a new Kirby release with content outside of what I have already experienced.


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