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Nintendo Announces New Game Info Every Hour For 26 Hours On Facebook

Nintendo of America has announced via its official Facebook page that it will be delivering information about new games every hour for 26.2 hours on Facebook. From what they’ve written so far its games we already know about, as the last update was some information regarding Assassin’s Creed 3 for Wii U. It would be nice if we heard about a new game, but that’s highly unlikely.

“E3 is a marathon, not a sprint. So we’re kicking off a marathon of game content! Starting right now, we’ll be delivering info about a new game every hour for the next 26.2 hours. Can you keep up? Don’t get left in the dust!”

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces New Game Info Every Hour For 26 Hours On Facebook”

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  2. They said 23 games yesterday. They have 3 crossed out games on wii u facebook page. 26 hours….you do the math.

      1. Reggie said at one point about them having 23 games, though i dont think he included some. Just going off what Reggie said

  3. Sickr – there is a detailed picture of the wii you game pad on the wii u Facebook page pointing out everything on the controller

  4. They said 23 games, but that was mostly made up of Ubisoft games we already knew about and a few clips of games we knew were coming out as they were confirmed last year.

    I bet they announce a BIG new game. Really big. Just to leave E3 on a high.

  5. Mee is dah reel peteriuss and new think graphik not important but mee see dah Wii u n graphik is not so good, mee is goings bak to dah mega drive n play it wiv sony move controls up my ass.

      1. Agreed man. I love Nintendo and I am a fanboy but my god some of these idiots crying for 10 Nintendo IPS at once (ok not 10) I would love to see them in a game dev’s shoes and put up with 5 yr olds with no fucking clue how long it takes to make a great quality game!!!!

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