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Pachter Disappointed With Nintendo’s E3 Presentation

Wedbush Securities’ analyst Michael Pachter is disappointed with Nintendo’s presentation. The reasons for his disappointment are that Nintendo did not reveal Wii U’s price-point or release date during their E3 presentation. Because Nintendo announced – two months prior to E3 – that they wouldn’t reveal the price or release date of Wii U during the expo, should Pachter be disappointed?

“Overall, we were disappointed with the Nintendo presentation, as many key questions about the Wii U remained unanswered, a year after the console’s official introduction, and less than seven month’s before its scheduled release,” he said in his note. “We would have liked additional information on Wii U’s technical specifications, release dates, and pricing.”

91 thoughts on “Pachter Disappointed With Nintendo’s E3 Presentation”

    1. This pachter guy is always hating on Nintendo. Now he hates Nintendo because they didn’t say when its coming out and how much? Looks like someone really wants a Wii U :P

  1. If they announced it so much earlier, he really has nothing to complain about. He should have known that they weren’t going to announce it.

    1. This is the same guy who thought it was smart pull a Sega by launching an HD Wii (essentially what the Wii U is, minus the tablet) half way through the Wii’s life cycle.

  2. He can be disappointed if he wants. I was but not because they didn’t announce and release date or price.

  3. really Patcher. You are kind of right that this E3 was boring but the problem is not lack of WiiU release date or pricing but rather better games

    1. Even though he is totally right.
      Pikmin 3 looked so awesome, so I thought that was promising, but the rest was kindof a letdown.

  4. He’s a noob. Pricing and release dates will be revealed at a later time. As far as specs go… we have them, although not as specific as we’d like as far as the graphics card goes. Anyway… I don’t care what he says. Nintendo did great.

  5. obviously someone can’t get off his fat arse and go to the e3 nintendo booth and find out. The presentation was lack luster, but when Microsoft and Sony weren’t going to be competition for attention wouldn’t you save energy? o and they are doing the software presentation later as well. I think nintendo are brilliant in comparison to the other two this year.

  6. This is news? Even I could tell you that Pachter would be disappointed with Nintendo’s E3 presentation. Do we really need to see his name on this website any more?

  7. Well to be fair this E3 did really fucking suck… but not just Nintendo every company

    Let’s put it this way, you know E3 sucked if Ubisoft preformed the best

  8. Pachter thinks the Wii U should cost less than $250. It didn’t matter if they revealed the price or not, he wants the Wii U to fail and honestly has no idea what he is talking about.

  9. nintendo originally said they were never going to give a date or price point at E3. also what kind of tech specs? like exact specs? nintendo never gives out their exact specs, it’s always someone else who buys the console, takes it apart and tells everyone online about it.

  10. what a fucking surprise, pachter didn’t like something nintendo related! seriously, he needs a bullet in the skull cavity (i didn’t say brain as he does not have one) just so he can shut the fuck up!

  11. Believe it or not (and it’s not hard to believe) Patcher’s not the only one complaining about not getting these details, a lot of people are complaining about it & I can’t see why. Nintendo have come out time & time again stating that a release & price WILL NOT be announced at E3, I don’t see what the fuss is about. They’ll probably leave it until the Tokyo Game Show anyway – thinking about it though, a November release would make a lot of sense – but that’s besides the point.

    I believe they didn’t offer much info about the Wii U, sure, but again they still have time. Besides, who’s to say that they’re not making slight changes here & there anyway, it’s kinda of a smart move by Nintendo in a way.

  12. So sick of Patcher and his ignorance of how Nintendo operates. I’m really just fed up with him. They will do just as they did with the 3DS and Wii. Hype it up at E3, then reveal price and release couple months after.

  13. Has Pachter ever been happy about anything? I fancy myself a pretty involved gamer, I play just about anything, for every system. But Nintendo’s E3 show was the most impressive of the big three. Most people disappointed by it seemed to be the people who expected Nintendo to say the Wii U would double as a brewery and give you handjibbers when you’re playing it. Nintendo gets ripped apart for not bringing enough to the show, but they do! It’s just that most people are greedy and want more than anyone can rightfully give.

  14. I’m sure they’ll announce the price by the end of june because it’s the half way of the year. they’re thinking real hard on whether to sell it at 300 or 350. they better choose 300 or else.

    1. Or else what? No, seriously, what will happen if the Wii U is 350?

      Will people completely ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist until it’s cheaper? No.

      Is Nintendo going to go downhill from there and drop from the gaming industry forever? No.

      Will the universe explode? Not very bloody likely.

      All that’s going to happen is that people will moan and complain about the price until they see what the Wii U’s packing, then they’ll get it and we’ll all move on with our lives.

      It’s Nintendo’s decision what the system’s price should be. Not Pachter’s, not the hater’s, and certainly not yours.

  15. All those three points are things Nintendo usually never announces, so I don’t get why he would be disappointed in them about those things.

  16. did the nintendo 3ds conference happened already or what
    if not at what time is it starting cause i just came out from work and dont have clue

  17. Ok, I’m going there: Why hate on Patcher so much? He was right in the beginning, E3 was boring for the most part. And I agree with Patcher that Nintendo (including everyone else) disappointed. A year ago the Wii U was introduced. It’s been a year full of changes and developers had the opportunity to develop something for the console. EA… Irrational Games… All that support we heard last year, and nothing to show for it? There isn’t really an excuse why Nintendo couldn’t give us a launch window, or pricing range. Those were minor problems, but what about the big question that most people haven’t gotten an answer? “Is this an accessory for the Wii? Or is it a whole new console?” People are stupid, true, but the only thing we can do is educate. Apparently, what nintendo did wasn’t good enough. I don’t care what other people think, but if people aren’t buying, developers won’t make games.

    You know, Patcher may be biased, but at least he has the backbone to call Nintendo out. Because as much as I love the company, they do make mistakes. Huge mistakes. At a certain point, there has to be a time when we have to stop taking whatever Nintendo decides it wants to give us, and demand for more. If Wii U doesn’t sell at launch, you can be certain Nintendo will take action. Remember the 3DS? The big incentive wasn’t 3D, it was the price cut. A price cut for a device that doesn’t even have a second circle pad (which is primitive these days)… I don’t hate Nintendo, I’ve been there since the SNES. I couldn’t afford a PS3 or an xbox, so I’ve only owned a Wii because I trust Nintendo. But it’s about time they listened to the cries of their fans.

  18. They said a while before E3 that they were not going to release a Price and Date, so there was nothing he should have been disappointed about. The specs are on the Wii U website. He should really do his research.

  19. “I’m displeased that Nintendo told us what they weren’t going to do and followed through.”
    -Michael Pachter

  20. This website has you guys wrapped around its fingers. If you read the actual article you’ll see that there’s more to the quote than whats being shown here. You’d also see that others are saying similar things. The only reason they used this part of Pachter’s quote is because they know you’ll eat it up, and I don’t blame them. It creates traffic. Anywho, despite the presentation, I’m still looking forward to the Wii U. Also, I just started watching the 3DS conference. Did they say anything about Fire Emblem yet?

  21. How strange that he refused to acknowledge how Nintendo announced that price and release dates were not going to be announced at E3.

  22. Um, New Flash!!!! Nintendo already said they were not going to say anything on price and release date.

  23. k, Alba, I’ve got news for you
    Patcher’s hating on Nintendo is no longer newsworthy, so stop posting about it, cause we don’t fucking care

  24. You misunderstood. Pachter never said the lack of pricing details was the reason he was disappointed. He merely just stated it as_a_reason. I’m sure even Pachter had more reasons to be disappointed by Nintendo than just pricing details, as many others already have. He is perfectly right to be disappointed, no matter how Pachter he is

  25. I was heavily disappointed in Nintendo’s E3 presentation too. I was expecting so much more. What a terrible way to announce a brand new console. Pikmin 3 was the only exciting thing about the conference. :(

  26. This is the first time I have ever agreed with Pachter. He’s been pretty hard on Nintendo before, but he’s dead on this time. There were three things I wanted to see in the E3 presentation: price, release date, and something Zelda/Starfox/F-Zero-related for Wii U or 3DS (a minigame in a fictional amusement park doesn’t cut it).

  27. I DO agree with Patcher that Nintendo did say they would announce the retail price and release date, but that doesn’t mean that Patcher should find any little flaw about Nintendo and make a big deal about it. Show a little respect.

  28. Nintendo said they weren’t going to reveal the price or launch date at E3, long before E3. Isn’t it his job to heep up with these kinds of things? He sucks. Why don’t you inform yourself before you open your piehole?

  29. Usually side with this guy and expected him to have genuine reasons to be disappointed which probably would’ve made sense, but since they had stated that they wouldn’t reveal the price or release date it’s silly for him to be disappointed about it…

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