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Satoru Iwata Reveals Minimum Wii U Price

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Bloomberg that Wii U will “likely be priced at more than 20,000 yen”. Roughly translated that’s around $250, so it’s likely that the system will retail in North America for $300 or more. Nintendo has already said that it won’t reveal pricing or a release date until a later date.

75 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Reveals Minimum Wii U Price”

  1. so it’ll be 300€ like the original Wii was.
    that’s less than I expected so am not complaining!
    now, gimme dat WiiU!

  2. Hm, nice pricing point. I also want to know the pricing for the games themselves. Will they be $60 like the others or retain their $50 price point?

    1. Just taking a wild guess, but I feel Nintendo would charge $50 for games, but some third party developers for more expensive games like Call Of Duty will go ahead and charge $60 anyway

    2. After e3 Amazon raised the price of the few Wii U games they have listed from $50 to $60. Nintendo may still only charge $50 but i’m sure 3rd party games will be $60. It would be nice if the DD games were cheaper than in store but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. $300 is totally fine by me. Slightly more expensive than the Wii was, and it is definitely worth more than the 3DS launched at since it is a full-fledged console.

    1. It’s not surprising since these days consoles keep getting more and more expensive. The GameCube was $200 when it came out and then the Wii was $250.

  4. I really don’t want it set higher than $300. The more videos that pop up, the more intrigued I am, but a sexy low price would really compel me. That and a console bundled with accessories and games.

    1. But at the same time, let’s remember that British retailers have a tendency to ignore the exchange rate and mark things up against the dollar. I’d say £220-250. Even so, it’s acceptable, at minimum price. :D

  5. Depending on the hardware specs i think it should be at minimium 300 but no more than 400 usd . I know the wii u is extremely powerful i just hope it holds up in power against competition

    1. Agreed, personally I never really cared too much about price. I knew it would be at least $299 US/Can. Which seems totally cheap compared to PS3 launch. What I think a lot of people want is power and huge third party support in 3rd party games, if that meant it cost $200 more, it would be totally worth it not to have to buy a Xbox720 or PS4. I think Nintendo is too worried about losing the casual/inexpensive market, and that’s too bad. Personally I think a lot of hardcore gamers are Nintendo fans and just want a place where they can play Nintendo exclusives, classics, but also have awesome 3rd party games.

  6. I wonder how much in the UK …
    Sometimes companies don’t even bother to convert dollars to pounds, so we Brits get totally ripped off >:(

  7. I am expecting a price tag anything from $350 and +. Anything below would make me worry that Nintendo isn’t investing too much in it. :P

  8. If it is 250 bucks Im definitely going to get it…if 300 then i still might get it but at a later date…

  9. M. Night Shyamalan twist: this is the price of the Wii U console. Tablet controller sold separately.


  10. yeah it’s going to be 300 bones I just know it. which is fine by me as long as they bundle that beast with at least one game.

    1. Thank (insert name here) that you noticed. I thought I was the only one who noticed/read the URL.

  11. It might actually cost $250. Look at it this way, Nintendo does not want to make another “3DS disaster” again and they keep on saying it is going to be an affordable system. They want people to buy it and making it $250 could possibly ruin the PS3 (jk). Also, the price of games in Japan are always higher than the ones in the US. The 3DS costed about $300 worth of yens(i think it was 25,000 yens), but costed only $250 in the US.

  12. $300 is perfect. Any more the $350 and I may have to hold off on a holiday purchase, depending on how my funds are looking at the time. $400 and I will definitely have to wait until after New Years.

  13. I’m buying it no matter what it looks like at launch. I know Nintendo will bring most all their franchises to Wii U eventually. I want to be one of the first ones to get some of those!

  14. I think 300 is a great intro price. With it, they can compete with the current generation of consoles while not being too high to scare of newbies. Granted, I’ll be pre-ordering this puppy regardless, but 300 is a nice price, Nintendo. Looking at your list of launch titles you’ll need to sweeten up your audience as much as possible.

  15. 200 to 300 equal instan buy because we all know the Wii U will be release close to the holidays and people tend to splurge on gifts for others. 350 is getting kind of steep but not bad enough like Sony did with the PS3 LOL

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  17. Aw yeah! Looks like they’re trying to hit the $300-$350 mark. That would be so cool. Leave luck to heaven.

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