John Drake, Director of Communications and Brand Management at Harmonix, has confirmed that the development team behind the immensely popular Rock Band and Dance Central franchises are currently developing three or more original IP’s.

“Some of them are music games. Some of them are not full-on rhythm action games.”

“Some of them are brand new things that we created from our guts and brains here at Harmonix. Some of them are sort of like things we’re explaining the universe of.”

“It’s not Amplitude or Frequency. I’m not talking about Rock Band 4. I’m not talking about the next Dance Central game. I’m talking about new, crazy stuff!”

“I can definitely confirm that the overwhelming majority of the positions on our site are for unannounced AAA projects that are new IP.”



  1. Where the hell did you see anything about three titles? i keep reading the quotes posted here but he didnt mention there were three or more of them


    • “i keep reading the quotes posted here but he didnt mention there were three or more of them”. Maybe you shouldn’t be looking here. Try looking at the link, by clicking on the word CONFIRMED in the first paragraph….wise ass…..


  2. Give me a guitar hero game with 100% sharks with lasers on their heads and dancing monkeys and you got yourself a deal Harmonix


  3. Playstation is dead, playstation is dead, The Vita just died, and Sony just got another financial loss. hahahaha, I love Nintendo best Consoles, Best Handhelds, and now we are gonna get another generation full of great games :)
    ahhh im playing my 3DS right now, i think im gonna hit the eShop to see what next great Download title i can play. It sure is great to be a Nintendo Fan :)
    oh and i think Sony might not make a next console… oh well.


  4. Stop that sony owned a generation with the ps2. When the game cube was crap. I love nintendo am a huge pokemon fan and during that generation where i live(lagos.nigeria) i never saw a gamecube til i went to the uk for summer . But 80 per of the guys in my class had a ps2 the rest had ps1s thats how bad it was till ds and wii came along


    • I wouldn’t say the Gamecube was crap, it wasn’t the best selling console people many people still loved it, I agree the PS2 was a great console and it did win that generation but really the xbox (Which I’m sad to say) and the dreamcast (which I am GLAD to say) where the most popular consoles at the time.

      I had the Dreamcast, PS2 and Gamecube and loved all of them… never really got an xbox even though I really wanted one. Still, like I said the Gamecube became more and more popular as the titles for it became better but it didn’t really last as long as the PS2.

      Both are great pieces of machinery and I had loads of friends that had a Gamecube and a PS2.


  5. Most were bought from europe so plus import most people that did not get to buy theirs abroad had to pay more . Which is more than the gamecube cost


    • Did you ever think that maybe its because the Gamecube actually did better than the PS2?

      Like I said before both systems where great but more people wanted the GC rather than the PS2, that’s why you see some many pre-owed PS2s


  6. Actually nope the gamecube was not that good i just tot nintendo had fallen. There was no inovation in the game cube. The controller was horibble the dual shock 2 the d-pads quack but thats the best controller ever. Thats y sony had to change the ps3s pad from sixaxis to the d.s3. The game cube and ps2 were good but that time software, good graphics and price was the key. Only then did nintendo realise that they did want to complete with that and truly inovate . The gamecube is the wost home console by nintendo. Compared to other great things the was no inovation we admire them for


  7. I fail to see how this has anything to do with Nintendo unless rumored or confirmed that these AAA titles are coming to Nintendo’s platforms


  8. failkid wars gotta love em.
    personally i cant wait for the WiiU i guess u can say my body is ready. Im getting sick of this generations current consoles. My Wii been collecting dust lately since i beat Xenoblade Chronicles. My 360 aint doing much better the last game i played on it was Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Most of my game time lately has been on the Ps3 & Max Payne 3. Man its great to own all consoles.


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