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Fatal Frame IP Now Officially Co-Owned By Nintendo

The Fatal Frame/Project Zero IP is now officially co-owned by Nintendo. The platform holder recently updated its copyright status and now has control of the spin-off Spirit Photography IP, and they co-own the Fatal Frame IP. Nintendo now has ownership and publishing rights of the remake.

Thanks Magi.

96 thoughts on “Fatal Frame IP Now Officially Co-Owned By Nintendo”

    1. Why yes, yes it is. Hopefully Nintendo brings this to be the next “Silent Hill” for the horror franchise.

  1. Meh its already dead and spirt camera was garbage and metacritic gave it worse than ign. Ill stick to fable. What can they do left with left 4 dead cough i mean fatally dead ip lol

    1. It may be dead, but you forget that everything Nintendo touches turns to gold. Remember Rare? That developer. Yeah, they have been shitty ever since they were bought by Microsoft. For fucks sake Nintendo created the best kart racer out there with 2D platformer characters.

      1. “everything Nintendo touches turns to gold.”


        Then would you mind explaining why Metroid: Other M and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sucked.
        Furthermore Rare was going downhill prior to Nintendo selling them

        Don’t be under the illusion everything that Nintendo makes is gold.

        Every company makes bad game once in a while.

        1. The action of Other M was wonderful.
          It was just the size of the levels and some of the story that was bad, so it wasn’t an entirely bad game.

          And TP’s big flaw was too much empty space while traveling, and not much use for certain dungeon items outside of the dungeons they were obtained in.
          Aside from that, it, too, was wonderful.

          Nintendo isn’t perfect, like you said, but those two were not the best of examples.

        2. While Nintendo has had its fair share of clunkers, Twilight Princess and Other M are both great games by any standards.

          Better examples would be Kirby’s Air Ride and Hey You, Pikachu.

        3. I actually really liked Other M, besides that game wasnt Made by Nintendo

          And Twilight princess was not the best Zelda game but it was still really fun

          Nintendo isn’t perfect but nobody has a perfect record

        4. Twilight Princess was good, it might not be Zelda worthy, but it was a awesome game. And Other M’s action was great, the story just sucked.

        5. Sorry, first of all, Other M was Team Ninja’s doing. It was fantastic the only problem was Samus was a whiney dependent bitch, when shes supposed to be a bad ass with a heart of gold.
          Twilight Princess is personally my favorite, it has a few flaws but the style is great, visuals are good considering it was a day 1 launch title. Skyward Sword had more flaws that TP, in the form of monotinous fetch quest and no open world to explore.
          And i played Nuts and Bolts, and i wish i fucking didnt

            1. Skyward Sword to me changed loads for good but not all for better. Flying in sky, is just so boring. Going back to the same 3 places, although it did well with that, like the flooded forest, that was the last thing i excepted.

              1. It was also really linear :/ i felt more free in TP, but not confused about what i was supposedto be doing, was a good balance. I dont actually umderstand why TP doesnt get alot of praise…

                1. It was linear but I didn’t find that to be such an issue for me. I think the reason why Twilight Princess doesn’t get a lot of praise is because people are just stupid. Twilight Princess was finally a Ocarina of Time-esque game and what do people do? They complain about it. I definitely liked Twilight Princess, although just not as much as the other 3D Zelda’s but it still doesn’t deserve all the hate it receives.

              2. I guess it varies between people. Personally, I enjoyed the fact that you went back to the previous areas as you can now get things/find things you couldn’t have earlier and go deeper in them. But, I have to agree, the sky was VERY boring. It almost put me to sleep.

          1. Team Ninja only worked on the game play which was fine, apart from the final boss and the First person view section.

            The story was written by Yoshio Sakamoto who has worked on Metroid games since from the original so the fault lies with him.

        6. I really wish I read before posting.

          I should have said that both Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid: Other M sucked.

          What I meant to say is that they are the weakest Zelda and Metroid games.

        7. They suck in your opionion, not by general consensus. Rare sucks in general consensus. Completely different thing. Your Opinion < General Consensus…just to be clear.

    2. Spirit Camera was a great Idea.
      I actually own it. Because Gamestop won’t take it back in trade…. :((

      Here is why it sucked:
      1.) You had to play it in a well-lit room. So much for scary.
      2.) It could not be played without the book.
      3.) The “Ghost Pictures” it took were terriblly fake.

      Otherwise, I really wanted to like the game, but just couldn’t.

  2. This is very good. I do think these games tend to be geared more towards the Japanese audience though. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Not really.

      Project Zero is a horror game set in Japan.

      All you need to be is a fan of Japanese setting or horror games.

  3. Good news! Only hope they make more games go around the world, instead of only launching them on Japan. Fatal Frame is a good series, and it can be really scary if you play it on dark and alone XD. But they need to change the Project Zero title. I mean, it looks silly! Make it a “Fatal Frame 2: Director’s Cut” or something like that.

  4. Nintendo also have to get into the business of aggressively going after up and coming great developers. For example, Nintendo have nothing franchise wise to compete with Forza and GT. For those thinking of replying with Mario Kart… just stop before you waste key strokes. They are not the same type. Project Cars will be release on other consoles so don’t mention that one also.

    This generation for Nintendo should be about aggressive marketing and getting AAA games on this console and in some cases exclusive to Wii U (Nintendo… get yourself another Retro Studio caliber developer(s)).

        1. I think its just that the majority of people arent interested, its the same eith Earthbound, theyre both great games but i most people only know them as far as Smash Bros. while Star Fox is a mich popular title, with alot of leg room to improve or add to it

  5. Micosoft Unleashes Just one of their many top secret weapons:Killer instinct…its super effective! Shitendo faints and becomes gengar :D

      1. microsoft fired many talented developers when rareware left nintendo.Why nintendo let them go?If rare was with nintendo now the wiiU would be 1000% more powerfull than the ps4 and 720

      1. wrong.Microsoft fired some talented developers and now rare is uselsess even with nintendo trust me because i know that better than all of u!

          1. seriusly and i have the answer why nintendo let them go because they said that rare didnt make good games.And if u dont believe me then go and ask mister satoru iwata.

  6. I was literally thinking of this game yesterday and using the game lad ad the camera hahaha awesome :)

  7. Wow, the horror genre is one area of video games I did not expect Nintendo to invest in. Fatal Frame is one of the few survivng GOOD horror franchises as well. Pleasantly surprised by this.

  8. ^stfu ninty kissass fag good ones lmfao spirit camera garbage. Nintyfags are such kissass that if they bought cod than ninty fans would claim its great bitch please sell ur ninty toys back to ebay they rotting ur brain

    1. That’s some pretty bad trolling, I did not understand half of your gullible delusional fanboy bullshit. Get some trolling lessons first.

    2. lol…another pathetic Sony fag trolling on a Nintendo site. Go back to VGC, IGN or something. Here is a hint this site caters to Nintendo fans hence the name mynintendonews…the important part is Nintendo ok?

    1. Everyone, please stop replying to this commenter. He asks this question on just about every post just to get people mad.

  9. YAY…maybe they can buy the rest of Tecmo Koei to further expand Ninty’s core IPs. I for one enjoyed the gameplay elements of Other M. despite the controversy. Nintendo having DoA, Ninja Gaiden, Rygar, Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series, etc. would pay massive dividends for Ninty in addition to gaining a capable development team in Team Ninja.

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  11. @thedragon actually it feels funny how nintyfags make excuses 4 ninty weakness but when ninty finnaly does say graphics the hypocrate fags circle jerk & on that note wiiu,ign,has framerate.battery and is graphically on par with xbox so meh -_-

  12. ^yup wii u graphics are bareky noticable besides wink wink its all about gameplay not graphics huh fags? Oh right ya full of shit and say excuses for every nintys weakness lol

  13. +1 yup heres wii u excuses 4 weakness…its not about battery life its about gaming. Framerates dont matter or when xbox720 comes out its not about graphics excuse the nintyfags will use keep fatal shame..wheres crytec oh yeah ya company screw 3rd partys

  14. Battery issues usually spells doom for a system oh but not if your shitendo oh shitendo allowed to overmilk,drop in quality,retard easy games and sell low battery garbage and ppl will find excuses to kiss their failing asses smh wii ruin gaming forever

  15. Ninty gamers are destroykng the game industry thnx to them supporting a GARBAGE SYSTEM the quality of games.level of ease all drop and we got shovelware and done 2 death ips like mario ugh i hate casual smh ninty always backstabs the hardcore gamers

  16. ^agree they turned their backs on n64 ,gamecube and wii yet now want to bring us back with shitty battery life worse than gamegear which should =death oh but on shitendo thats a great sign of quality so it will sale smh retards

  17. ^so true shitendo gets a free excuse pass on their systems:worse graphics,last gen processors.gimmicks,shovelware,framerate,battery life,tiresome ips,no innovation on ips except gimmicks and easy setting that and waiting 2 e3 to play the damn game smh

  18. @revolutionfag they still thinking about buying them out bitch if you want ill send recent links the point is ninty is in danger i hope after they buy them out they destroy ips for good

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