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Sakurai Has Responded To The Criticism Surrounding Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS

Masahiro Sakurai, the lead game designer behind Smash Bros has called out a devoted fan on Twitter for criticising the collaboration between Nintendo and Namco Bandai for Smash Bros on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The Twitter follower claimed that Namco Bandai is incompetent, and ultimately shouldn’t be involved in the development of the game. Sakurai tweeted the following back to the aggravated Twitter fan.

“Knock off looking down on them with narrow-minded thinking.”

204 thoughts on “Sakurai Has Responded To The Criticism Surrounding Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS”

      1. i was talking about smash bros news. They hear no news.. they moan. they hear news… they moan. Nintendo never win that way!

    1. But you said that Nintendo Fans are whiney babies yet you call yourself a Nintendo fan, just you shoved the word “Die Hard” in front of it. Doesn’t that mean you called yourself a whiney baby?

      1. I dont moan though ;) I am content with my Nintendo related purchases and this will continue with the U and 3ds!

        If i do wanna moan however, the worst place to go is HERE because of all the trolls commenting and insulting Nintendo.

        It’s called “being mature” and no I dont play FPS ;)

          1. that was an extremely confusing sentence. “you dont play a fps means you mature a person that does play an fps can still be mature” just that chuck is just immensely stupid and non-understandable.

            1. I think he means “Just because you don’t play an FPS means you are mature. A person that does play an FPS can still be mature no matter what.”

      1. From what I understand, Gaming is near enough the most open media out there when it comes to the actual creation of it. You hardly hear anything about a book or song before it’s finished. You hear a bit about movies before release – but in Game Development, everything’s open.

        1. (Forgot to finish it off) Anyway, due to this, there’s much more space for moaning – not to mention that such big games only come about once or twice a decade. Any unusual decision WILL spark anger.

                1. It’s amazing how many people seem to have time machines nowerdays which no-one ever seems to hear about.

  1. 420hitlerburnjewsevryday

    Namco is gonna be actual help in this development cycle. Anyone who thinks otherwise are just being unreasonable.

      1. Hahaha i saw the picture an i just thought, “whatever, internet”.
        Never noticed the mame though

  2. Wow, pretty BA honestly. Doesn’t change the fact that Namco Bandai has pretty much been proven to be incompetent lol I’d think after all this time we’d know what their company’s strengths and weaknesses is…

    1. Theyre not the lead designers though. Sakurai is. Theyre basically tools to do his bidding lol joking, but they essentially are doing what he wants, and they know hes right.

      1. Least its not Capcom, we’d have 4 incomplete versions and shit ton of dlc and costumes. Plus the games already called Super, so i dont think theyd know what to do with themselves

          1. Yeah but i bought the first MvC3 expecting a full game -___- even Ultimate doesnt have half the characters it should

      2. yes they make good fighting games the creator of gundam vs series,development team for tekken series, soulcalibur series and tales series will also help!

    1. Soul Calibur is awesome. Plus they seem to be able to persuade third parties into their games, so thats always a plus

  3. Some people have no faith. I mean really, if u trust Nintendo then you will trust them in choosing the right companies to work with.
    Also, u don’t have to play the game if you don’t want to. There are tons you can choose from, so don’t be a downer.
    Videogames should be fun :) so be happy XD

  4. I am a little worried about this “team” only because smash brothers does not need changes. Now if namco is along to only speed up the process of getting this game created, thats awesome! But if they make changes and make it more like soul caliber then I’ll be mad. But I hope it’s amazing!!!

    1. Thats pretty much what they said there involved would consist of, the project just sounds too big for them to handle alone. Im all for Namco helping the get the rights for more characters too

  5. Sakurai laid the truth down on that whiny fanboy. Namco can help speed up the development of the product so we get the game faster. Namco makes good games anyway. They also have an impressive stable of franchises, some of which can lend characters to Smash Bros. I’m thinking Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia and Jin from Tekken. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Namco it’s an excellent company. The have Tekken, SoulCalibur, Pac-man, etc.. I still want Sonic and Solid Snake in the next Smash game.

    2. If we consider the 2 rules for a character to appear in smash, there is a possibility of one or some of the characters from the ToS series appear or from ToG, and most recently ToA, but if we consider the Narikiri Dungeon series (which appeared since the gameboy color) we can actually have whatever character of the “Tales” series (till ToS). So if the colaboration of Namco isnt just helping develop the game but let some of their franchise characters appear in the next installment, just from the Tales series we have a lot of options.

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  8. I think a collab is great! The game(s) might get done faster and the formula might be refreshed. And Namco-Bandai is not too bad. Stop being a hater :P

  9. People, stop responding to that Siegried troll. You’re only giving him something to do with his miserable life.

    Note, now he’ll probably attempt to insult me. Also note that I have 0 intention of responding.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  10. Sakurai is the guy behind all the Super Smash games…if he wants to work with Namco Bandai then LET HIM DO HIS THING! I am confident he will give us a great Super Smash Bros. Game. He hasnt failed me yet!!!

    1. and will not fail you or anyone else, i know sakurai and namco bandai will make the next smash bros. put sony’s smash bro. clone to shame (even though it does look interesting and fun). oh and before i forget, sony’s smash bros. clone (too lazy to remember the name, better yet can’t remember the name) is just an appetizer before the main course (Super Smash Bros. 4)

    1. Shut up, you’re so fucking annoying its unreal. “mhhh insult your fans”, “whine whine, fanboys suck, moan moan”
      Fuck off.

    2. Implying all fans were as dumb as the idiot who got slammed.
      HA! Okay, sure, whatever.*eyeroll*
      Look, the idiot twitter slammer in Japan obviously isn’t a part of the dev team. He doesn’t know what’s best for Smash or how the people working on it are affecting its development process, yet he still comes out with his excessively-limited knowledge about what they are doing with the project, and some sort of unexplained hatred for Namco-Bandai in general, and uses that as a basis to justify slamming Sakurai’s partnering decisions.
      I say the moron DESERVED to get slammed, fan or not.
      I doubt he has even the slightest clue about what’s going on in the dev studios yet he comments as if he’s seen what the results are going to be and knows it’s a bad thing, when he doesn’t.
      I support Sakurai on his put-down; some fans just need to STFU.

  11. I’m still 50/50 about Namco Bandia joining the Super Smash Bros. group however, when someone said that the same guys who made Soul Calibur where also helping out, my face just met my hand… hard.

    In other terms, Soul Calibur guys + New fighting project = Big boobs and bad game and bad sales

    1. You make that sound like a bad thing. I want Princess Peach to have big jiggly titties. We need Namco to do the breast physics, because Nintendo has no experience with those things. JK.

  12. So that worthless faggot looking bitch has a twitter >:) time to let that queer know brawl suck and kid icurus was trash

  13. Namco is creating a well balanced game unlike sakurai who always fucks it up like adding slide u know what ur right sakurai since were not important and its your game keep that trash im buying sony allstar stick ur shitty game up your unbalanced ass

  14. This has topic has alot of response meaning that fanboys trying to defend cuz deep down theyknow he is a pieace of shit


    Im going on his twitter & tell him to make that gane for AMERICA cuz his our slave and we enjoyed nuking his fucking country twice killing jap babys and his family haha your our slave japs i lol at ya country burning and crying awww SELLOUT JAPS ITS TRUE

  16. Nintendo, please start being intelligent and just pay the Project M team to help with the game. They’ve definitely proven that they know what they’re doing. Also, when play-testing, get some actual pros to come in. We want a game that’s accessible for both the casual and hardcore player.

      1. That’s what the P:M team is about… they made Brawl a much better quality game, and a competent fighting game.

    1. We have Melee already, alongside the different mods for Brawl.
      We don’t want another version of Melee, which is, inevitably, what Project M would turn it into.
      We want something new, something that goes beyond what Brawl, Melee, and Project M has done.
      The Project M team would not be a good match for this project.
      No matter how much I respect their work, that opinion of mine will not change.

        1. It’s a Brawl mod and a nice one from what I’ve seen, I’ve never played it yet though but they also made Brawl minus which is the one I play and It’s hella fun compared to BBrawl and Brawl+.


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  19. One fanboy said what we were all thinking. No one expects it to be stellar with namco Bandai involved, unless Nintendo work them so hard Namco-Bandai end up refusing to ever work with Nintendo again.

    1. You may never know and in fact no one does. They might do well with nintendo this time around if they learned their mistakes in the past like with starfox assault. Not that it was a bad game in the end, just that it had room for improvement here and there.

  20. I just want to go on record as saying that I don’t care for many of those characters. Brawl got to the point where they were adding quite a few really cool, really serious characters. I’d like somebody else from Metroid, Zelda characters are always welcome, and FREAKING KNUCKLES. I wouldn’t blink if soemone like Wario was cut- I appreciate that he has enjoyable games, but in Brawl he’s just ridiculous.

    And keep Meta-Knight, Pit, etc. I don’t even care about the people who are so good at the game that they get mad when someone uses a better character, they are some awesome Nintendo characters and they probably deserve to win.

      1. Yeah, but still. Having those chars in the roster plus Simon Belmont and Boomberman would be kick-ass.

  21. I see people at Nintendo are getting tired of all this malcontent behavior from these ungrateful people. I’m not going to call them fans

  22. There are some things we just can’t know. We can’t say they messed anything up- the game’s not even here! I understand Sakurai’s comment; some people get online and forget their manners and say ugly things…

    Anyway, when i PLAY the game (as I played the other 3), I’ll decide if it’s for me. Do what you gotta do Nintendo.

  23. Game Arts in Japan worked with Project Sora in the development of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so why this heckler is being disrespectful to Sakurai about having Namco Bandai work with Project Sora on the next Super Smash Bros. is just baffling. I thought the heckler would be happy so that the game will have a big team to show off bigger production values for the Wii U and 3DS entry, respectively. I swear, some people just can’t appreciate anything in this day and age; especially to those that are disliking the Wii U.

    Oh, and great comeback to overturn the critic, Sakurai. I know you will do superb when developing the next Smash Bros. and however many you create after that! ;)

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