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First 27 Minutes Of Pokemon Black & White 2

Tilmen from NintendoDomination has managed to get his hands on a Japanese copy of Pokemon Black & White 2 for the Nintendo DS. The video contains the first twenty-seven minutes of Pokemon White. Pokemon Black & White 2 has been confirmed by both Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe for a Fall release.

54 thoughts on “First 27 Minutes Of Pokemon Black & White 2”

  1. I got the JP version it combines the best element of 3rd versions, sequels and nostalgia ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

    1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

      I usually choose the water type but im gonna use tepig cuz it’s the only one i havent used yet

          1. Do you really want to bring a water/ground combination against a grass type? If were late enough in the game to have the final evolutions of the starters, I would have a powerful grass type ready for that.

              1. True. If I move first, I win. Same goes for you. I had no idea Swampert was such a badass Pokemon. I usually used Seismetoad as my Water pokemon. I’m gonna have to give Swampert a try.

                1. Earthquake, Ice Beam, Surf (if you’re going Special), Waterfall (if you’re going physical) and, until gen 4, Stealth Rock. Pretty badass. Only issue is that it doesn’t learn a Physical Ice attack (like Ice Fang), so you have to balance its stats well. :)

    1. oh i’m sorry, would you have like pokemon grey instead, where it would’ve been almost exactly the same as black and white save for a few minor differences?

      1. ^ this
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    1. I heard some of the developers at 343 are ex-Retro employees. Either that or Microsteal being themselves again. In fact, the game looks half decent now that it looks more like Metroid

              1. Apple? Maybe, although theyre on par with making outragiously priced products and faulty equipment

    1. siegfried von hacker- your fucking gay… apple IS TOO GOOD for that smartglass…. what does it do anyway? oh yea… NOTHING… stick with your faggot droid phones and what not because your not rich like me to buy apple products left and right!

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      1. apple is for the air-heads and bitchy people. Android is for every one else who wants good stuff at the right price.

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  3. Ironic that they show this game on a Nintendo 3ds, and completely neglected to develop it for the system they’re displaying it on. Money grubbing whores. Pokemon hasn’t been good for years because of money stunts like this.

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