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Nintendo Explains Why 3DS Revision And Super Smash Bros. Were Absent From E3

Nintendo offered an explanation for why the Nintendo 3DS revision and Super Smash Bros. collaboration weren’t revealed during E3. Apparently, the Nintendo Direct announcements were not the “most appropriate” things to discuss during E3. During the 3DS software showcase, Nintendo focused solely on games that were already revealed – should Nintendo have announced the latest Nintendo Direct news at that time?

“At E3 we had very specific announcements that we wanted to focus on. We had a lot of things to talk about, and we had to decide which things were most appropriate for each method of announcement. E3 is just one of the many opportunities for companies to make announcements, and we’re always looking for the most appropriate ways to both inform and surprise consumers.”

99 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why 3DS Revision And Super Smash Bros. Were Absent From E3”

  1. Considering E3 is the largest stage that they have where all the gamers tune in to listen to what they announce, they SHOULDL’VE announced this stuff at E3, E3 is like your “big chance” to really unzip and tell us a shit ton of info.

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      the end.

  2. E3 is not as big a deal anymore, as far as Nintendo is concerned. Because with Nintendo direct they can jave their own little E3 whenever they need to. No need to rush anything to show it at that one conference. They can do it at their own pace. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. So what would you have them do? Reveal everything at E3 and never hear from again until the next E3? Show their entire stratergy at 1 event in the early part of the year, and give their competitors time to copy it (it only only took Microsoft 1 year to come up with their weak Wii U ripoff)

        E3 is a showcase for investors. The big 3 put on a showcase of what they have to offer in the coming year to drive sales. You have to give people something to look forward to in the coming months leading up to a console’s launch. Neither you or I have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Nintendo. They have to make the right decisions for themselves and distibute the information when they think it is ready.

        With Nintendo they have a direct line to their investors and consumers to show them what their working on as soon as it’s available. Nintendo has 4 active platforms to promote. DS, 3DS, Wii and the upcoming Wii U. No way they can get all that information out at E3. All you have to do is stay tuned, instead of looking at once presentation and complaining when you don’t like what you see. There’s much more to come. Sorry for going so long.

          1. You are not, and do not represent, the entire gaming community. I don’t either. The people on this forum don’t. So speak for yourself and don’t presume to know what other people like or are interested in. “The entire gaming community” LOL! Do you talk to over a hundred million people a day?

            Nintendo caters to a very large and diverse audience. And what we know of the launch line up has something for everybody. Sony/MS wish they had as big a piece of the casual gaming market as Nintendo does. And there are games for the hardcore as well. Ninja Gaiden 3, Pikmin 3, AC3, Zombi U, NSMBU. Yes, 2 of those games are available on other platforms, but some people still haven’t played them yet.

            So stop assuming you know what evry single person in the gaming community wants. Or at least use the proper language. “Everyone I’ve spoken to doesn’t like the Wii U launch line up” That makes more sense. and in that case you should expand the group of people you talk to, because some like what they see. And there is more to come.

            1. I literaly said this to him as well. The market is big, and Nintendo are the only ones make quality title to please EVERYONE

            2. I didn’t read all that.

              I’m not speaking for the collective. I’m reiterating what nearly every forum, blog, and gaming website article has spoken. So you can shut up now ;)

              1. @Icy: So in other words, I just owned you so decided to stop trying. It’s nice to know who not worth responding to. Saves me time.

      1. i was dissapointed with their presentation.i think ubisoft destroyed 1 part of the presentation by showing that porno wiiU just dance.And nintendo land shouldnt supposed to be there.wii wanted to see hardcore games and less casual.Also pikmin was the best part on e3.ive got only pikmin 1.i hope nintendo will do their best and remember people sony sucks microsoft is worse than sony

        1. I like Microsoft. They listen to their gamer community. They give them what they want. We wanted Halo with Master Chief again (which we haven’t had since 2007), they’re giving it to us in November, Halo 4. We wanted more online features, they gave it to us. They actually DO things gamers want. REAL gamers, not casual gamers.

          Nintendo is too stuck in their own little acid-trip to realize what gamers want. Maybe they’re in touch with Japanese school boys & girls, but definitely not older gamers 18+, and definitely not western audiences; they lost touch with them a LONG time ago.

          1. Nintendo has dissaponted me since wii came out.i was expecting a HD wii.Gamers then were bored with the wii and thats why they play with this piece of shit (ps3).Also nintendo should put hd on wii so that the wiiU could be more powerfull because nintendo would have money

            1. Now i dont know what will happen to nintendo.i just hope they wont be 3rd party dev as sega became.DAME IT THAT PATCHER HAS JINX IT!

            1. Oh well then, ONE person certainly proves me wrong. I forgot that if YOU like Nintendo, then all of the rest of the western world must as well.

              Forgive me. I was thinking logically. How silly of me.

              1. Especiallyon a Nintendo website! That’s an accurate portrayal of the rest of the world! Not biased at all!

                Lol. You people are so ignorant. Living in your “Nintendois perfect and everyone else sucks because they’re not Nintendo”world. Unable to admit any wrongdoing or flaw in Nintendo,or any positive in the other companies.

                I really hate fanboys like you.

          2. Im a 20 year old male from the UK. I love Nintendo, more than Sony, and Microsoft is garbage to me.
            You are not the gaming market, the market is too big amd varied to settle with one type of consumer. Hardcore gamers are getting what they want on WiiU, im getting Pikmin, Rayman, ZombiU, Ninja Gaiden, im getting an online that i wanted along with stuff i didnt know i needed, like the controller. Because thats what Nintendo do. They give you stuff that you didnt know you needed, and then give you what you want.
            All companies have casual games, its a market that needs pleasing, but game site and people like you focus only on those games, when you should be looking at games like P-100.

            Most of the western audiences are a joke, sorry, but what you call “real gamers” is ridiculous. A game doesnt need guns to be good, it doesnt need violence, it doesnt need swearing.
            As a previously said, i love Sony, i love games like Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous, ect ect, games you would call real games. But i also love Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox. I openly welcone any game genre, i dont stick to FPS like the majority of xbox gamers.
            Theres no originality in gaming anymore, coming from microsoft. Sony is doing okay, but Nintendo is constantly pushing new tech, new ways to play, and new ideas.

            1. I didn’t read past “your are not the gaming market”.

              I never said I was. You’re being a fucking idiot and trying to put words into my mouth just to make whatever inane point you had to type a book to clarify.

              I said they list touch with the western core gaming market. Because they have. Look at the Wii replay statistics: they’re fucking nonexistent. Meanwhile, XBOX and PS3 progress the maket. And no, they don’t just make FPS games. In fact, neither company does that and they’re not responsible for every game that comes out on their console. But they DO have better replay than the Wii did, and they do have a video range of games, both third and first party.

              End of fucking story, kids.

              1. funny u call us kids when we just stated our age at our own discretion ;)

                Gamers are such moaners. No wonder they are are seen as “Losers” in normal society. get a grip! its only a metal box that runs games on a CD!

                  1. Depends where you live – past 13 (where I live) is a teenager. Past 18 is an adult.

                    Are you going to also moan about people living in countries that are different to yours like with gamers who like things that you don’t now?

              2. Yeah, im pretty 20 years old and above its classified as a kid.

                I admit, the Wii lacked in alot, graphics, third party, hardcore titles and online. But we’re on about the WiiU. The WiiU is doing everything the Wii failed to deliver, and much more. Its at the least admirableto see Nintendo improve this much, in what wasnt regarded as a current gen console.
                But gaming is dominated by lack luster FPS titles, when Black Ops is the most played game on Xbox (although recently it became Minecraft), it gives a pretty clear representation of the console.
                There alot of genres that have sort of disappeared with this generation, like platformers, puzzle, rpg, and been primarily taken over by FPS and TPS titles, shooters…..its boring. Again, a FPS can be amazing, Bioshock is still one of my favorite games ever, but it becominga boring genre thats dominating the xbox especially, as well as ps3.

          3. can I ask did microsoft fans ask for there money back when they found out the xbox 360 was prone to red ring of death or did they become one of these people that brought 2 or 3 xbox 360 of them .. Did the xbox fans ask them to copy wii with motion control and now the smartglass ? did they ask microsoft that they want to pay for online gaming when wii and sony did it for free ?

              1. Same here, the Wii is a fantastic console, its just lacking, but WiiU has set that straight and improved

          4. I admire nintendo for being a more casual family base company. I mean do you fuckers know how pathetic you sound when you call yourself hardcore gamers.

            I did two tours of Afghanistan and got to shoot at real people and see real people get killed, and you talk about your fantasy kudos like it makes you special.

            Everyone knows the score with nintendo, if you dont like the games. Don’t buy the console.

              1. FUCK MICROSOFT AND THEIR XBOX, I FUCKING VOW TO NEVER BUY THERE SHIT AGAIN NOT XBOX 720 OR 9000 NEVERRRRRRR!!!!! although I have a PS3 mainly for playing their awesome exclusive, I do hate Sony for being unoriginal in some areas but I am looking forward to what theyre offer for their Next Gen. I cant wait to buy WiiU at day one..Oh! and fuck all you fuckers who calls yourself hardcore gamer, fuck I played Ninja Gaiden 1 on the xbox and fliped it and played it again when ninja gaiden black came out and THAT shit what fucking ridiculously HARD, I hate FPS namely COD, Killzone ect ect, so let me ask you AM I A HARDCORE GAMER THEN?????the meaning of the word is just retarded…oh well, getting back to playing my Xenoblade awesome game btw..

  3. @doonzalog yeah e3 is not a big deal to SAMETENDO cuz their asses keep fucking losing smh Ign has not once crowned them winners making ninty LOSERS btw gametrailers hated shitendo land lol casual wii shovelware he wii go again

    1. Hang on, let me grab my glasses………………………………………..meh.

      By the way, what’s an IGN?

        1. Dude IGN is fucking pathetic…I stopped going there a long time ago. They are always late with news like 3 weeks later than everyone else. They are a bunch of microcock and Sony fanboys. Especially those fat gay guys moriarity and miller.

  4. why they did not show super smash bro because it’s not yet ready even at nintendo direct mr.sakurai apologies for the game he don’t want to show it unless he want something solid to show! the 3ds XL nintendo is avoiding it on E3 or they really don’t want to show it because it’s another time consuming! i;m really happy for the nintendo direct they did better compared to e3

    1. i cant tell if ur retarded or not but let mii tell u this, they just started, this is not cod man so…..

  5. I was more concerned with Nintendo not having ANY exclusive IP of their own that I cared about. Not one. I never liked Pikimin, so I couldn’t care less about it. And that Mario game? Dude, I played almost that exact game on Wii. So what that it has some slightly prettier backgrounds and you can draw platforms on the screen? Are you kidding me? THIS is their launch Mario title?

    Ugh. They used to do things right (Super Mario World, Mario 64, etc.). Now this is just… sad.

    And not even ONE of the following for the Wii U: Super Smash Bros., Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Kirby, F-Zero.

    NOT ONE. Just one of them could have sold this system at launch like MAD. Especially Metroid, Start Fox, and F-Zero, since those games are practically tailor made for a new HD console.

    But instead they do… Nintendo Land. Greeeeeeaaaat. Casual games dressed up with Nintendo characters to try and convince us they’re really “core” mini games instead of actually HAVING full, core games.

    Thanks Nintendo. Just what I wanted.

      1. what patent?wii patent too mutch and nintendo dissapointed us except with their pikmin was the best part ever including with batman arkham city.But i cant understand something.rumours says that wiiU is not even 20% more powerfull.i hope its not true…Nintendo will never become 3rd party developers because that will bite awfully!

      2. I’m talking about LAUNCH.

        They used to launch consoles with at LEAST one killer IP. This year, it’s… Nintendo Land? Are you kidding me?


        Zelda isn’t even started, so that’ll be out by the time the console is reaching the end of it’s 5 year lifespan (if it doesn’t go the way of Virtual Boy, Saturn, and Dreamcast that is). Super Smash Bros. is also just now starting pre-development, so that’s at least 2 years ago or so, give or take. They obviously just made what THEY consider to be “A new Mario game”, so we won’t have any new REAL one of that for at least a couple/few years., and F-Zero/Metroid haven’t even been TEASED yet, much less announced, so it’ll likely be fall of next year (i.e. a year and a half away) before we get those.

        THIS is my point. It’ll be almost 2 years before we see any killer first-party IPs.

        As far as third-party: most of the games I want are either exclusive to other consoles (Halo 4, Last of Us, etc.) or they’re not coming to Wii U (Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs is still only speculation right now, Crysis 3, etc.).

        So… yeah, lame console is lame. Maybe in 2 or 3 years it’ll be worth it, but at launch it’ll be anemic at best.

        1. if they release tombraider on xbox 720 then the crystal dynamics will be in deep trouble and with nintendo make it double.also with launch,i want exept hardcore games like pikmin3 and ghost reacon online.i wont buy BF3,COD because these games are the end of the good kids and they tranform U into a modern retarded kid or a teenager.

          1. That’s likely Metroid. If it’s anything else, I’ll be even more surprised (and let down).

            I mean, Retro is great and all, but we FINALLY have an HD console. Give us Metroid for fuck’s sake, and at least get ONE thing right with this damn console.

            1. Actually its more likely Star Fox, and we’re probably getting it sooner than we think. Retro kinda just turn up with a game when its done out of nowhere, like donkey kony, i had no idea thatwas being made then it was released not long after.

              But signs point to Star Fox, i mean, why isnt Star Fox in NintendoLand? I mean, thats very very odd that they arent. Im guessing the same reason Kirby and Pokemon arent, theyre sort of half owned by another company (HAL and Game Freak)
              Which means Star Fox is in production with another company.
              Plus, Star Fox need rebooting BIG TIME, its sort of lost at the moment. Metroid’s at a
              good place at the moment, if they release a Prime, they know people will buy it, its like a failsafe, so they dont need to worry, bit SF missed seeing a release on the Wii, same with Pikmin.
              Hopefully after SF they will do Prime 4, or a new trilogy

            2. You do realize Nintendo Land was made to be bundled with the Wii U and show the controller’s capabilities, right?

    1. NintendoLand is more of the Wii Sports from the WiiU. Its an introduction to the WiiU’s controller, for gamers and developers, its a glimpse of what we could see in the future. Everyone pretty quick to judge a console that doesnt even have a price or release date yet.

    2. Calm down… Nintendo Land basically is for casual Wii owners to see the differents ways that’s possible to play, so, sit down and relax that good games will appear.

  6. To be honest, there were games that if they focused on more, it wouldve been a different story. They shouldve shown lengthy play throughs of ZombiU, P-100, Ninja Gaiden, and shortened the coverage of arkham city and NintendoLand.
    But i agree, if the content isnt ready to be shown, they cant show it.
    Its a shame gamers are so impressionable and judgementel by just a conference. I actually Nintendo won E3, out of the big 3. Because i took them to look

    1. Also. Nintendo franchises have that magic that just mentioning them creates hype. (like when SSB4 was anounced last year BEFORE IT WAS EVEN IN DEVELOPMENT) So there’s really no excuse in my opinion.

  7. Just scrap the 3DS XL idea,Nintendo,because it’s a rubbish idea that no one apart from people without a 3DS and probably that one on the Graham Norton show who didn’t recognise Prince William needs.

      1. Really? It is an improvement granted but not to sound like a broken record they shouldve put a second circle pad on. Although most gamer are designed with out a full camera control

        1. Like Zelda, that game need no camera control what so ever, the lock on is enough, and the auto turn does a good job, but it would be nice to what they could do with a free anolog that isnt for a camera

      2. probably because a lot of people wanted a 3DS but decided to wait until an improvement was made… actually a pretty good idea, if u ask me

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  9. Nintendo should add another circle pad. But they wont because they rather you spend more money on buying an even bigger circle pad pro. And they have all that free space under the A,B,X,Y buttons. what a fucking ripoff.

  10. Are you kidding me Nintendo? What else did you have at E3 this year that was more important to focus on than this? Just Dance 4 and Nintendo Land? Give me a fuckin break. Honestly Nintendo needs to stop damage controlling and just accept that they fucked up really bad this year and convinced me not to buy their console at launch.

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