Dragon Quest X 11-Minute Trailer

Square Enix has released an 11-minute Dragon Quest X trailer, which was shown during the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct. The trailer shows some of the customization and fighting from the upcoming game. Dragon Quest X will be released on Wii and Wii U. The Wii version of the game will be released in Japan on August 2nd.



  1. GAME OF THE YEAR FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This game will sell LOADS in japan! great start for wiiU

    looks amazing too! dont care for a subscription fee. Gamers in general r too spoilt espec the OMG NAMCO R DEVELOPING SMASH BROS LOT


    1. I’m with you dan, DQX is my most anticipated game and easily trumps anything else coming out. Hopefully I will be playing it within a year. I will gladly pay a subscription fee to play DQX and will be buying the Wii AND the WiiU versions. I can’t wait, Dragon Quest is by far one of my favourite series.


      1. …oh yeah and I’ve already watched this trailer like 12 times since it’s Nintendo Direct showing. So good.


      2. you are a top man/girl ;) fuck the haters. a subscription fee is so cheap for LOAD OF CONTENT

        assuming its as big as 9…


  2. Never played a dragon quest game before but watching this trailer made me really interested in it. I think i’ll wait for the wiiu version


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