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Farsight Studios Says Nintendo “Has Another Hit On Its Hands” With Wii U

Farsight Studios president, Jay Obernach, thinks that Nintendo has another hit on its hands with Wii U. The development studio is currently in the process of bringing its Pinball Arcade product to the Wii U. Obernach says that the original Wii was the development teams most successful platform ever, so they are undoubtedly excited about Wii U.

“Yes, we’re hard at work on bringing our Pinball Arcade product to the Wii U. We’re using the GamePad to show the table DMD display (so it doesn’t obscure the table like it does on other platforms) — it’s really cool!”

“In particular we’re really excited about the Wii U. The original Wii was FarSight’s most successful platform ever, and we think Nintendo potentially has another hit on its hands.”

34 thoughts on “Farsight Studios Says Nintendo “Has Another Hit On Its Hands” With Wii U”

    1. That’s a natural side effect of seeing Zelda in HD for the first time. If it lasts for more than 4 hours, go play the CD-I Zelda games STAT!

  1. FIRST Zen Studios… now Farsight Studios!!!!!!!!! If the company were to bring Pinball Arcade to the Wii U, I would purchase that game… either in stores or as DLC at the Wii U eShop!

  2. They just may have another hit. The second screen idea (did they call it asymmetrical gameplay?) brings a lot of cool things to the table. I’ve thought of plenty uses for the controller, but there are barely any games that catch my interest so far on it to make a launch day, or even a launch window purchase. Pikmin 3 looks fantastic, Rayman Legends is the best looking game so far, that one Pikmin-like game called P-100 (I think). I mean, I don’t know yet, there isn’t much outside of that, the usual Mario, and ports to convince me yet. I was expecting something from Nintendo of an epic scale at E3, like The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, or Beyond: Two Souls – a real system seller. The millionth Mario game isn’t a system seller for me, even though it does look fun (Super Mario World baby Yoshis and flying squirrels!!), and the art looks great, what with HD and all. Nontheless I am excited for Nintendo’s introduction into high-def gaming.

    1. You were hoping way too much (I don’t blame you, we all were). If you look back in history, you’ll see that next to no video game platform had a really major game for launch.

      Compared to most launch line-ups, Wii U’s is looking pretty good, actually.

    2. Cant expect everything from the WiiU at launch. I mean, look at the 360/ps3 launch, they we’re awful. The WiiU has plently of titles in its launch window, and those arent the ones we know about

  3. wii wasnt the most succefull because it didnt have HD.If wii had hd now the wiiU could be more powerfull than now.

    1. wii wasnt a next gen hd,no good graphics.only a controller.and now same with has just a little power (1 time more powefull).good luck to nintendo now

      1. Erm no. All the mistakes that were made with the Wii arent solved with the WiiU. And it has the added advantage of being a huge graphical leap for nintendo, unlike the next gen MS/Sony systems, they only be a small impovement

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  5. That is something that I love about Nintendo, they always keep quiet for their next games so they can blow their fans minds off so hard! I`m truly wonder what “hit” is he talking about….

        1. No, but old Retro employees who working on Metroid Prime now work for 343, who, are making Halo 4.
          Theyre kind of back lashing titles to be honests, but Metroid, is done right can be revolutionary if it uses a 3 point control system

          1. Which is, analog to move, analog to turn camera, and gyro to aim with unprecidented accuracy, even when running and gunning

            1. THIS! It’s one control method I’m really hoping developers get behind. Think about it: A third analog input without the need to deal with a third stick. That right there could be revolutionary for console controls.

              1. I know, it popped into my head today thinking how they would create a Metroid, and seeing as im hoping the 3rd person, i used it as a basis. The gyro controls in Skyward Sword were flawless and didnt require you to aim directly at the screen, its alot more comfortable and appealingto other gamers.
                But having a 3rd aiming control is perfect for metroid.

  6. If all the developers who LIKE Wii U were anonymous, then I’d be worried. Thankfully, its the opposite. Seems only cowards in the industry who hide who they are doubt Wii U…

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