EA Sports To Announce Wii U Games Soon

EA Sports has revealed that they will be making Wii U announcements during an event that is scheduled in July. EA’s Mass Effect 3 was confirmed for Wii U during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, but EA Sports’ games, for Wii U, were not showcased during E3. We know that EA will bring their sports games to Nintendo’s upcoming console but expect to hear about Wii U exclusive features during the forthcoming event.


  1. EA Sports games werent show, but were announced, so its not them.

    Please, EA, you have the chance to turn things around. If you give me at least Mirrors Edge 2 next month, you will have my faith again.


      1. Ahh, derp, i thought this was in relation to the other 2 games they didnt announce, which i severly doubt they meant as sports games, because they always get released


      2. I’m guessing Need For Speed and Medal of Honor. I could be completely wrong but they would be a safe bet outside of the EA Sports games that are set to be announced.


      3. Apparently these are new titles though, not shown on at E3 at all, from what i read before, although a Criterion game would be good, sequel to Burnout Paradise especially.


      4. They said that ME3 was coming, and their sports titles would make an appearence. I cant imagine them hyping up people about 2 secret projects just to say “hey look, Sports! :D what?…”

        Plus Mirrors Edge 2 along with Bad Company3 have been floating around the internet, and from more than one source, sooo, hopes are high to see those eventually


      5. Well, from what I’m seeing of the Most Wanted ‘reboot’, it seems to take some inspiration from Burnout (especially wtih Criterion in the driver’s seat this time) So I don kinda hope they port NFS:MW to WiiU.


      6. I didnt like Hot Pursuit, it felt really shackled,not only in the lack of open world but the cars too. In Paradise they were insane (you could get the DeLorean, from back to the future), but HP felt really meh


    1. 2K/Take Two/Rockstar are one of the few companies not supporting the WiiU at the moment, might be a wake up call if it does really well, the we can have Rockstar and 2K games on board :D


  2. I can’t wait to see what new and inventive ways they’ve come up with to use the Gamepad in their sports franchises. Leave luck to heaven.


  3. an announcement for an announcement. Yey! I’m too impatient, perhaps I shouldn’t be reading up this much about Nintendo and games.


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