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Nintendo Says 3DS Momentum Is Weak Outside Japan

The Nintendo 3DS has been selling well in Japan but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admits that the 3DS’s momentum is weak in other regions, including the U.S. and Europe. Iwata claimed that this is normal for the 3DS because Nintendo’s previous handheld, the Nintendo DS, “gained momentum within a year in Japan; however, it took more than two years in the U.S. and in the end the total sales of the Nintendo DS exceeded the Wii there.”

46 thoughts on “Nintendo Says 3DS Momentum Is Weak Outside Japan”

    1. well idk bout you but by the end of the year I’ll have 5 more games at least and by this time next year it’ll be like 10-12 new games

      1. Unfortunately, that’s about 10 games too few, which is the primary complaint of everyone, even fans.

        There need to be MORE good games. A system lives and dies on its library. The 3DS’s library is decent at the moment, but it could be phenomenal.

        1. Well I don’t you about your budget, but I couldn’t afford to buy more than one game a month on one console, let alone many. So this is a perfect pace to me.

    1. lol when you put it like that, its actually not that hard. porting a game from a less powerful sytem to a much more powerful system is as easy as it gets. and its not entirely differnt than the ds, i mean sure its more powerful and has all of the new features, but it still has the two screens and basic movement controls. the reason why i think it would be unneccessary to port it to the 3ds is that you can just play ds games on the 3ds anyway, so just buy the ds version and play it.

      1. The reason why Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 did not get released on the 3DS is because the original Black and White versions were released on the regular DS as well. If they would have decided to make the sequels into 3DS games, they wouldn’t have sold nearly as much as they did now on the regular DS.
        The reason you thought of, on the other hand, does not make much sense though. To me, that is. I mean, with that logics of yours they wouldn’t need to develop any 3DS games at all because “one can play regular DS games on the 3DS anyway”.

        1. True, just my opinion, Mario Galaxy 3, if made, probably won’t be released on Wii U if my thoughts on this is legit, maybe the next game/remake will be on 3DS.

        2. If i dont buy a 3DS, i will have buy one once the next Pokemon is released. Its definitley a system selling

  1. in order to ensure a system sells, it needs games. once more for emphasis, GAMES! that’s the sole reason why the Vita is selling like Jewish Rye bread in Nazi Germany. it has no games, and outside of Japan, the 3DS doesn’t have enough games, granted it has more than Vita but what has come out that was really eventful? Lego Batman 2? Kingdom Hearts 3D doesn’t come out till the end of the month, so there. another problem seems to be Nintendo of America wanting to translate games, i mean shit. we got Pikmin 2 and Xenoblade late. (3 years for pikmin 2 and 9 months for xenoblade)

      1. no its not, I work for Gamestop and we barely sell Vitas’. Someone came in the other day and asked how they were doing and we laughed. We sell one a week at my store and apparently not that much more in the other districts

        1. Gamestop is not the only store selling Vitas. Plus, Gamestop tends to have ridiculous prices (here in Germany, at least), maybe that’s why people prefer to buy it at other places. Just because it does not sell well at Gamestop it does not mean it does not sell at all.

          1. Gamestop have ridiculous prices here in Canada too. Pokémon conquest was 25$ in some great places, 30$ about everywhere, 35$ in Gamestop US and 40$ in Gamestop Canada.

  2. This is not the case I already know 10 people that are going to buy a 3DS right when/after Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance comes out. I know there will be more people especially with Paper Mario, Luigis Mansion, Smash Bros. comes out.

  3. A proper pokemon game and this handheld will fly off the shelves. Also maybe a few awesome 3rd party titles would help too, and that smash bros too will boost the sales by a ton!

    1. Up to you, bro. There isnt much significant changes, its just a bigger screen and battery, its only only an option alternative tothe existing 3DS. Id wait till they release a new 3DS in 2014 ( just a guess)

  4. Well im thinking of getting one after i buy a WiiU, saving money for the WiiU, so dont want to buy a 3DS then bam the WiiU comes out of nowhere an i cant afford it :| would be easier if they announced the price amd release date -__-

  5. Also, thats probably the nicest colour for a console/handheld ive ever seen. If i can get it in that, i’ll probably buy it next week

  6. If they would release all the good games that are coming out in japan, maybe it would sell easier (monster hunter 3, beyond the labyrinth, Bravely default)

  7. I don’t believe them. No offence, but they say this stuff all the time, yet the DS and it’s games top charts almost constantly. Hell, you only have to follow the news-stream on this site to realize that, you’ll get articles say “they’re not doing very well in the UK”, followed by a “DS selling really well in the UK” article less than a week later lol

  8. I honestly can’t think of the last time I’ve bought a 3DS title. Or even played it for that matter. They really need to get the good games out, they’ve got a very weak lineup, and honestly, by now we should have a LOT more titles than they’ve put out.

  9. The sales would go up more if IF we get some of the games that never makes it state side because all I see are “safe” games that although is proven to be effective, something new needs to be brought out OR for the retarded region-lock to be removed.

  10. What do you expect? There is an onslaught of japanese targeted games over there and none of them are coming state side. The only thing worth mentioning this year is Kid Icarus.

    ..And resident Evil if that’s your thing.

    The answer to this drought is apparently another hardware revision..

    Hurry up and get fans what they want — hire more if you’re tied up with Wii U.

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  12. it’s true. i know quite a few people who want a 3DS but either dont have the money or are waiting for a specific game to release on it, or both

  13. They need to release more games that appeal to the 15 and older US Consumer. No FPS to be found. Except for Resident Evil there are very few games that would appeal to the older hard core gamer in the US. Very few good sports games. I want a decent baseball and football simulation.

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