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Nintendo Is Probably Working On New 3DS Revisions

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata claims that the reason Nintendo developed the Nintendo 3DS XL is because consumers wanted it. According to Iwata, “When Nintendo introduced a larger screen version of the Nintendo DSi in the past, it was very much appreciated by consumers, and the Nintendo DS market expanded.” Iwata was asked if Nintendo will be releasing variations of the 3DS, after the 3DS XL releases, and he said, “We won’t deny the possibility.”

74 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Probably Working On New 3DS Revisions”

    1. Yeah but they said they wouldn’t in the near future, obviously they can’t say they never will because there’s a possibility of there being one eventually…it probably won’t be frustratingly soon but I think the next handheld is more likely to be a 3DS revision than it’s successor

    2. I’m thinking something was lost in translation. Miyamoto might have meant that there wouldn’t be a “new” 3DS with better specs, second pads, etc. The XL is really only a supersized 3DS and therefore not technically different.

  1. Please don’t make article headlines that infer things from statements. Sure, it could very well be that they are making more 3DS revisions, but don’t report it as if that’s what they actually said. Report the story as it is.

      1. Well you quoted in the article that they said they “won’t deny the possibility”, but then the title seems to take from this that they’re probably working on new revisions. That’s not what they said, but it’s what you’ve assumed from what they said. Excuse me if I’m wrong but they never actually say what you put as the headline, and if they did, it should be made clear in the content of the article as well

        1. This^

          it’s his blog, not an official news site. He just happens to have better news than most official news sites, so I come here every day!

        1. No. The new controller is an very good add on for the Nintendo Wii.
          It has a built in blueray, DVD player AND GPS.
          The screen is 4K making it very clear and nice (however the Wii graphics will be the same.).
          The new Wii controller has built in internet with makes online play possible even if you do not have a working internet connection on our Wii.
          The new controller does of course not require a update. So even if your Wii is not connected to the internet you can still use it.
          It will hit the stores on october 13 for cheap 52,54$ (order now from amazon and save 3 cent !!!).
          If you do not have the money till then you have to choises.
          1st go kill your self
          2nd wait untill christmas. only three more bathes left till chrismas…

  2. perhaps a 3ds pro, with extended battery, extra circle pad and the extra trigers? That would be a day one buy for me!

    1. Same. Im getting a 3DS soon, but if they add those id buy another a give the other one to my brother, ots what ive always done

  3. I don’t care if there is a revisions as long as the screen doesn’t change. The design can change.

      1. and you all express your oppinion in a rather childish way if i do say so. i think the xl is another sales masterpiece.

        at least nintendos’ handhelds look intended to game, not to rub it like a girls forearm in a sensual situation

  4. Im wondering if Nintendo putting a second circle pad on the 3DS would actually have caused developmental issues for games?

    1. man u guys are annoying with your second circle pad. if you want to aim a cursor you need more than a circle pad you need a mouse or stylus please understand this a joystick is not quick enough

        1. dude do u have problems randomly making fun of dead people? do u have emotion problems? are u lonely? if u need someone to talk to im sure your local government social services office can help you out with that and get u feeling positive about who u are and mayb even start a new career/life

    1. Well the 3DS XL isn’t really a revision because the DSi was the final form of the DS and they only brought out the DSi XL to help people with some difficulty reading small text on the screen like grandparents or people with some disabilities that could prevent them from seeing small text.

  5. 3ds pro-

    second circle pad
    better battery
    slighty larger bottom screen
    not as bulky
    inner camera is also 3d
    more AR features

  6. Again, why is this news?? Of course they will, we all know that this is not the last 3DS version.

    DS December 2004
    DS Lite June 2006 1 year 7 months
    DSi November 2008 1 year 5 months
    DSiXL October 2009 less than a year

    3DS March 2011
    3DSXL August 2012 1 year 5 months

  7. Would someone please explain what the Wii u is please, is it a new controller that makes the graphics on the Wii hd?

        1. come on anonymous stop creating accounts,Anyway i hope sickr will make a better comment system in the near future

    1. Its a new SNES controller for the SEGA Playstation. You can watch people play on the xbox with it will you play your playstation games on your DS screen.

  8. Fucking of course they won’t deny it. It’s Nintendo. They’ll shovel out another one in 8 months if they can. That’s what they do now. Less quality, more quantity. Trickle out one or two little things with each revision.

  9. I just hate the fact that the stylus is on the side again, I liked it better when it was on the back, and its not that metal telescoping stylus pen either. Im still gonna get one though

  10. The consumers eh smh wow guess they are morons and brainless tools. Another scary thing im seeing is people putting companies intrest ahead of their own smh I thought we spoke with our wallets not the other way around

  11. In the near future lol godamn you mean within a year . George carlin if you smart bastard you were correct these companies speak another language with vague terms

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