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Nintendo: ‘We Can’t Promise Wii U Won’t Be Excluded From Next-Gen Multi Platform Games’

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that the company can’t promise that the Wii U will never be excluded from multi platform software. Iwata believes that Wii U, and the next generation consoles from both Microsoft and Sony, won’t be drastically different with regards to visuals.

“We cannot promise that the Wii U will never be excluded from multiplatform software for eternity, but we can at least assure you that the Wii U will not have such a big difference as the Wii had in comparison to how, on other platforms, developers could expect very different graphic capabilities of generating HD-applicable high-resolution graphics.”

“Other companies might launch a next-generation console with more power, but we don’t necessarily think that the difference between the Wii U and such console will be as drastic as what you felt it was between the Wii and the other consoles because there will be fewer and fewer differentiators in graphics.”

86 thoughts on “Nintendo: ‘We Can’t Promise Wii U Won’t Be Excluded From Next-Gen Multi Platform Games’”

    1. You should have titled it “Nintendo: Wii U will not have such a big difference from other consoles as the Wii had”

    1. Erm, you do know next consoles wont run unreal 4? It needs a good amount of tech thats too much money for consoles, so theyll dumb it down or just full unreal 3 at its best, which the wiiu will be able to do

      1. Wrong. It will run on multiple platforms.

        I am so tired of seeing stupid people talk about things they have no information on…

    2. There will always be more powerful engines than the Unreal Engine 4. Up until Frostbite 2, everyone thought Unreal Engine 3 was the shit. Up until CryEngine 3, everyone thought CryEngine 2 was the shit. If UE4 is announced this soon, you can bet in like 2014 that an even better engine will debut.

    3. Dreamcast 2 is not the Wii U. Sega failed because they had no money left after the system launched. Nintendo has Billions saved up, Sony lost 3.2 Billion in 2011. Nintendo last a couple hundred Million. Big difference. Ive been saying this forever and many of my Industry friends have as well.

      Wii U is the PS2. Sure it’s graphics won’t be as detailed as say Sony and Xbox next systems. But the competition won’t be leaps ahead of Nintendo this Gen.

      First because of the Economy all Game publishers this coming Gen must keep things affordable, otherwise NO ONE will Buy it. 2nd this is Nintendo’s 6th Home Console. They had had 2 major flops already N64 and Gamecube. The Wii was a relaunch for them and worked out like the Nes did in the 80s. Meaning like the Snes, Wii U is focusing on marketing to core and casuals again, using a similar strategy that was very successful until N64.

      Lastly, this this is Sony’s 4th Home Console and they are in a similar Financial situation that Sega was in 12 years ago. If anything PS4 is the New DreamCast 2 and if Sony doesn’t get its act together, they could go the same route as Sega. Or knowing how Sony is doing business these days, they could just sell their properties to people like Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Square etc and limp around for a bit. Though they would probably just cut losses and be done with it.

      Remember in 2011 alone Sony lost 3.2 BILLION Dollars and has made next to no profit on the PS3 or PSP. Unlike PS2 that just seemed to print money for them.

      1. I agree with almost everything u said but SEGA didnt pull out of hardware buisness coz they didnt have money ..they left the hardware buisness coz no one will buy their system becoz the PS2 was out and everyone will rather have a PS2 than a dreamcast so they decided to just make software becoz SEGAs reputation was ruined after the saturn ..and N64 wasnt a huge flop it was pretty successful but didnt sell better than the PS1 my oppinion the N64 was better than PS1 .

  1. Knew it already but its good to hear it from Iwata himself, next gen wont be “avatar graphics” like Microsoft said.

    1. That all depends on the rendering engine. So long as the console can support the pixels and the processing power, any console will be able to run ‘avatar graphics’.

      1. No, because acatar fraphics dont even exist on PC, its just mindless show boasting from microsoft. And in terms of a console? Way too expensive

        1. It ALL depends on the engine the game’s running on. You can, technically, reach Avatar graphics. As next gen will be 1080p, and the hardware will be hugely powerful – I think they actually have the power to do it. They just don’t yet have the game engine to do it.

          1. It wasn’t Microsoft who said there would be ‘Avatar graphics’ it was one of the developers who said they WANTED Avatar graphics next gen. I can’t remember which one though.

          2. To have avatar graphics is insane, it just cannot happen as of yet, avatar is pre-rendred, the amount of detail in te film is incredibly vast, and it all moves. Wont happen for a long time, and certainly wont be on a console

    1. You’re always disappoint, all you do is moan about a console that isn’t even out, and a company that make the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

      1. Quite the contrary. I wrote several articles beaming with Nintendo pride.

        I express disappointment lately in Nintendo because there is a lot to be disappointed in, and not much to be excited about.

        Why do you care what I do? Why can fanboys praise Nintendo, but realists can’t express doubt with equal respect? Last I checked, I had the freedom to say whatever the fuck I wanted.

        So… get off my nuts ;)

        1. Erm, i have never seen you say one positive thing on this site.
          I dont praise nintendo for everything, i just give my opinion. If they do something i dont like, then ill say it, but i havent seen any evidence to be disappointed. Wheres this mass of evidence you have to be disappointed in Nintendo?
          Think about what theyre doing, theyre skipping an entire generation of graphics, the havent had the comfort the MS and Sony have of being “current gen graphics” for 6 years.
          The console has 1080p, new innovative controller, graphics that are superior to current, tons of third party support, projects already on the way, a new online, including the Miiverse, something totally new to the game market, the consoles going to good value, backward compatable, with games and controllers.
          What more do you want from them? Seriously. They’ve ticked every fucking box in my opinion.

            1. Yeah, and? Id be shocked if they didnt have 1080p. You’re the biggest idiot i’ve ever know. And even as a troll, you fail miserably

  2. Somewhat missleading title. Unless the question itself referred to next gen. The statement by itself just simply states “eternity”.

  3. P.S. You people are idiots: Unreal Engine 4 is scalable. They already said that. Which means it will be able to run on even XBOX360. They’ve already confirmed it will run on current and next gen consoles.

    So shut up about “will it run UR4?!?”

      1. Any console can run any engine, but its people who are stupid and think consoles will look like that tech demo of the U4 engine. Not a fucking chance, that was on a high spec PC, not a affordable console, be it current gen or not. The same thing will happen that happened with unreal 3 on the current gen

      2. Besides, if they do scale it, it wont be much of a change. “oh but you wont get the 1 million particles”. The fucks i give about particle physics, are non existant.

      1. I’m afraid I haven’t heard that. Epic hasn’t even announced which platforms will run it. Nothing has been said about current generation consoles, or Wii U, running Unreal Engine 4.

        1. I think you got too much free time to comment on every post… I pity you!.
          P.s. Don’t bother reply because I won’t.

  4. I don’t see why they can’t. If Nintendo believe some next gen titles will be on Wii U then I supposes there’s a chance most, if not all will be on Wii U. I’m assuming the differences will be more like the differences between PS3 and 360 than the Wii and the 360/PS3. They may have problems later in the cycle when devs get more out of the PS4 and Next XBox

  5. I really hope such nonsense doesn’t happen cause if third party don’t support wiiu after nextbox and ps4 come out, we’ll never hear the end of it from microsony’s motherfuckers. if only I could go back in time and warn nintendo to beef up the wii then maybe the gaming world today would be less full of stuck-up retarded graphic whores and fanboys alike.

    1. Wouldn’t you think the graphical war would be heightened further if Nintendo did pump the Wii up to the level of the other two?

  6. i am s dissapointed from nintendo since they released was great console but nintendo did a big mistake.They didnt put HD and power but the good thing is somehow gamers and lots of fans bought it.I am not sure if the wiiU would be so successfull as the wii

    1. The bad thing is that the gamer wants “new generation things” and nintendo put gamecube graphics on wii.The only new wii had was a new contoller and internet.nothing else.(i am talking about the hardware)

      1. The wiimote was a new generation thing until sonysoft copied they had 01 controls dual analog can’t compete with wiimote if done right and their graphics were not 250 to 350 dollars better look at call of duty ask yoself wud u pay 500 4 a ps3 and 400 4 360 right now the dropped 100 bucks since launch what if the hd twins did same

    1. Yeah I agree. We wont really know until after the console has been released and also after “720” and “PS4” are out. But the way I see it Wii U has a lot of potential and I can see great games coming out for it. I think people are being too pessimistic and over-worried about things such as graphics. We dont know official specs from ninty but from what we can gather, it will be a powerful machine and will deliver great games.

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  8. Why are people so worried about the nex gen of xbox and PS if anyone had a brain they would know that those consoles won’t be around till 2015 at the earliest microsoft and sony have already said it before AND RECENTLY that those two aren’t ready to jump into the 8th gen any time soon. Sony already said no PS4 at E3 2013 so its possible if PS4 is at e3 2014 it would be out by 2015 but whos saying itll even be at e3 2014 anyway Just because Nintendo is starting this generation doesnt mean sony and microsoft have to stop everything they’re doing and join in too especially so early…They would have more financial success if they wait and THEY WILL.

  9. I’m worried about Wii-U missing out on a lot of multi-platform games for PS3 and XBox 360 as well. At any rate, I’m not going to be pre-ordering this system like I did with Wii, and have no plans to get it as only a couple of games announced for it interest me, and those games are already available for PS3 and XBox 360; Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect 3. Having the next Tomb Raider game on it might perk my interest a little, but Eidos already said that isn’t going to happen.

    1. Hakuna matata, Blue. There is a very strong possibility that the Wii U WILL have multiplatorm games. From Ubisoft to EA, the Wii U will deliver the most unique, challenging games for casual, family, and hardcore gamers. And BTW, Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back is coming to the Wii U.

    2. The games that are already out for the Xbox are only in 720 pixels. The Wii U ones could very well be in 1080 as they are revised. Also they have extra content specifically for the Wii U in them that the Xbox and PS3 systems don not have.

  10. To be honest, I don’t think gaming graphics need to be much higher. We wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference and the higher the graphics, the more work that needs to be put into that part, either increasing the cost of making the game or diverting the work from the important stuff.

  11. From a graphics standpoint there won’t be much difference between the next gen consoles from the big 3. Wii U won’t be left behind.The Wii was left behind, but still won. So I’m not worried about Nintendo at all. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. If Nintendo can at least somehow get Soul Calibur, Tales Of, and Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Wii U, that will make me a happy man for a long time.

    And I imagine it will make many others happy too.

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