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Museum Guides Could Be A ‘Core Business’ For Nintendo

Shigeru Miyamoto announced at a recent investors meeting that creating museum guides could be a core business for Nintendo in the future. You may remember that Nintendo designed the Audioguide Louvre 3DS software, which has been created specifically to help assist self-guided tours of the Louvre museum. Miyamotyo said that while the venture has yet to earn any money for the company, it has the potential to become a core business in the future.

“One big thing I recently handled is the Audioguide Louvre – Nintendo 3DS, referred to earlier in this meeting. This has not made money yet, but it has the potential to be one of our core businesses in the future.”

24 thoughts on “Museum Guides Could Be A ‘Core Business’ For Nintendo”

  1. I rlly hope there would be these in the American Museum of Natural History and Metropolitan Museum of Arts in NY

  2. With Nintendo losing money on every 3ds and now even giving away a bunch to museums.
    I mean if each museum buys 10 and there are millions then they would sell 10 million but that would be bad cuz they lose money on each one.
    But it might be a nice promotion.
    And Nintendo is selling them for profit soon… Or are they doing it already?

    1. The great, mighty poo

      what are you talking about? loosing money on every 3ds they sell? why would they even continiue to sell it if that was the case? what, i don’t even… please explain, someone! WAAAAAAAAAT

      1. Remember how they didn’t sell anything when the price was high? That’s why they lower the price.

  3. that meens nintendo will earn CASH! and REPUTATION! i am still dissapointed from nintendo for some reasons but anyway i still like nintendo.

  4. If you take the Nintendo tour, you’ll be able to access secret exits à la Super Mario World. :P

    1. Probably to spread the Nintendo name. One reason many casual gamers pick up an Xbox rather than other systems is because they recognize the name Microsoft.

      1. No it isn’t. Casual gamers aren’t even aware that XBOX is Microsoft-made. The reason people pick up an XBOX is because it had a wide variety of HD games, first and third party. Something Nintendo doesn’t.

        1. I picked up my XBOX because of Dance Central hahahaha lol
          but loving it right now, Halo online is great. But I love more my Wii, is like a pet to me!

  5. I can suddenly picture people taking their 3ds to museums and going on a virtual scavenger hunt. I can also see Swapnote Nikki telling you about the exhibit you’re looking at when you scan a AR pad next to the exhibit. It would be cool.

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