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Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts & Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Inevitable

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy released today in North America. So far, the game has received overall positive reviews and the game’s producer, Ichiro Hazama, is pleased with its reception. Hazama hopes that Theatrhythm becomes a series that includes Square Enix’s other franchises, such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. According to Hazama, “Dragon Quest has a lot of music and Kingdom Hearts would be wonderful to do if it’s possible.” Theatrythm Final Fantasy will be released in Europe on July 6th.

25 thoughts on “Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts & Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Inevitable”

  1. kingdom hearts has amazing music but there isnt enough of it only a few games and those soundtracks all of very similar music so there isnt a big selection. dragonquest on the otherhand would work great lots of different songs to choose from.

  2. Would love to see a Nintendo one too. It’ll be a huge nostalgia rush and they aren’t short of some great tunes or four.

  3. Man I hope so – I love the Kingdom Hearts music (neve got into Dragon Quest myself but I am sure the music must be great in that series too).
    Especially since htey already have the art style for Kingdom Hearts done since it was the KH Mobile art style which was moved to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.
    I would absolutely love a Kingdom Hearts version (still psyched to get the Final Fantasy version on European Release day).

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  5. I think if they did a Theatrhythm KH they could even use Disney music but with the KH spin and style. It would be a best seller no doubt.

  6. You who comment this, u forget that the core in Theatrhythm is how fun it is to let all the characters introduce each other. Spamming pure final fantasy without francise would get old although I love the ones id for now be gotten into. Hope we see them and then, in the future, other sequels like for example a complete music game for Drakengard and such things, so Square, could include the vocalic godlike music from NieR. A part of which one could pay for. Since NieR is a spin-off.

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