Code Of Princess Coming To Europe

Agatsuma Entertainment has announced today that its promising Code of Princess will be coming to Europe. The developers have said that they’re extremely close to working out a deal for distribution. Code of Princess will be released in North America sometime in the Fall. Pre-orders for the game will include a free art book and soundtrack of the game.

“Thank you very much for your interest in our title. Yes, we are planning to release the title in European territory but taking some time to close the deal. So, please be patient!”



  1. That Princess is pretty brave to clothe that way. On one side she has 0 protection, apart from her arms. And on the other side she probably isn’t all that popular among the blue blooded.
    But it’s a videogame, so it’s just good for us guys that she clothes that way.


      1. What would you know about women all you do is talk shit for no damn reason u pussy ass bitch virgin fuck


  2. Out of all the most revealing female clothing in video games… her’s is the most revealing .W. …. Not that I’m complaining of course >.>


  3. come on guys everyone know know when it comes to an rpg, the less clothes the female has, the more the armor bonus.


      1. No, it’s that this is the second time this happened and none of the comments contribute to actual discussion. If you want to look at boobs, look up porn, you’re already at a computer anyway.


      2. BOOO HOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Stop rolling on the floor YOU BABY! DONT WORRY YOUR MAMA AND PAPA WILL DROP DEAD AND YOU WILL BE ALL ALONE…. THEN U CAN FAP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. Atlus is good when it comes to puplishing games like Shin Megami Tensei, Izuna, and this. I might buy it since the gameplay is like BlazBlue/Capcom’s Knights of the Round Table.


  5. Some of you guys are really disgusting. We don’t care what you sexual fantasies are and we don’t care what you want to do to a fictional baby faced character. Go watch porn because that’s what it is meant for. This is a game. That girl would die because of the lack of amour. Honestly you guys are probably very horny hormonal whoreish kids.


    1. I would usually agree with someone like you. But in this case it’s been designed this way to get guys going on purpose…


  6. Has anyone seen gameplay.. or is it just big boobs OMG?
    I’m happy this game is atleast close to being localised.. on the 3DS..
    JRPG wise we have a tales remake as a serious one.. the rest are designed for cuteness (or Mario) with only MH3U & Fire Emblem confirmed..
    Although I’d be extremely happy if this was Bravery Default confirmed.. (loved FF-T4HoL)
    I believe players should be given a CHOICE whether to play this, instead of not localising at all.. like during SNES/PS1/PS2 (& even on the DS/PSP) era of gaming.
    & the developers should be thanked for trying to push EU localisation..
    I say ask Ghostlight.. they do awesome limited editions :D


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