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Nintendo: Nintendo Land Is More Robust Than Wii Sports And Wii Play

Nintendo of Canada representative Matt Ryan was recently interviewed by Mario’s Hat. Ryan was asked to share his thoughts on Nintendo Land, which is an upcoming Wii U launch game. According to Ryan, Nintendo Land is a “huge title” for Nintendo, and “is also the epitome of showing off what Wii U has to offer with the controls.”

Ryan claims that Nintendo Land is ‘more robust’ than both Wii Sports and Wii Play because “it’s not just mini-games, but there’s actually different levels, [and] different things available in each of the attractions.” Ryan wants to assure consumers that, unlike Wii Sports and Wii Play, Nintendo Land “is a full game.”

“Nintendo Land is a huge title for us, and it is also the epitome of showing off what Wii U has to offer with the controls, what the Wii U GamePad… having a different role, having a different perspective compared to what the other players using the Wii Remote Pluses are having. So it is an extremely important title for us, and will be one of the anchor titles for the launch of Wii U, no doubt.

“Our presence at E3 was very much about Nintendo Land. Even our whole booth looked like Nintendo Land, because it’s super-fun and what it’s able to show. Sometimes we say what Wii Sports was to Wii, Nintendo Land is to Wii U, except the major difference is– and this is something that we really want to get across– is that it’s not just mini-games, but there’s actually different levels, different things available in each of the attractions… a lot more than what was available in Wii Sports. We want people to know that this is a full game.”

134 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Land Is More Robust Than Wii Sports And Wii Play”

    1. I think it would be smart to do so but like he said this is a full game unlike wii sports so it could really go either way.

    2. I hope there’s a choice to buy it without Nintendoland, I really do not want it at all, but I’m guessing Nintendo will probably force a game like that upon the consumers.

      1. it woulb be better if nintendo bundled new super mario bros U with wii U considering its just a sequel instead of a new IP

            1. I’m all for Mario games but let’s face it, NSMB has bacially become Nintendo’s CoD. Chances are it’ll feel almost identical to its predecessors which does make it kinda a rehash.

              1. To be honest, i am sick of NSMB.
                The first one was good, and the 3DS looks interesting but i didnt care for the Wii version, or the WiiU version coming out. But whatever,if people want it then no reason for them to stop making it

                  1. Yeah even I can’t deny that. The 3DS version’s best way to improve itself? A coin collecting themed gimmick. Wow….

              2. Give them some credit though, at least Nintendo have the decency to restrain themselves and not release a NSMB title every year. NSMB1 on the DS came out in ’06 and NSMBWii came out in ’09. Last year was the first time two titles came out consecutively in the same year and even then it was 3 years after NSMBWii.

                CoD can’t go one fucking year without repainting itself and calling it a new installment. And people pick on Mario and Zelda for “supposedly” doing the same thing when they aren’t nearly as frequent?

        1. Honestly, I do not really want that either.
          At this moment I’m most interested in Pikmin 3 and Lego City Stories. Dragon Quest X seems very nice too, but I’ve got no idea considering how that’s going to work out.

          But as for the New Super Mario Bros.: I do not like that series at all XP. Prefer the 3D Mario’s waaaay over the
          ‘Bros. series.

          1. Oh boy, then you better not Google “Sean Malstrom” then. He’s always on his soapbox about how 3D Mario is the devil and how it sucks because it “doesn’t move hardware” and other shit like that. Seriously, why do people listen to propaganda like that? Are they too dumb to follow their own opinions?

    3. I really, really hope so. Wii sports was a way to show what the Wii can do and that was bundled. Nintendo Land will hopefully do the same, but If Nintendo Land isn’t bundled, I doubt a lot of people (including myself) will buy it.

    4. Actually the way he’s trying to tell us that it’s a “full game” (pff) sounds like it’ll be a seperate game you’ll have to pay for… if that’s the case I’m not paying for it, it’s not worth $60. I’d rather have a discount on the system and not have it then spend the extra money to have it.

  1. Of course they were not full games, which is why they weren’t sold as such. Wii Sports came with the console and Wii Play came with a second controller, hell their sequels were also bundles

    1. Most likely for America. It will probably not be bundled in Japan like the previous Wii series titles.

        1. Same, just as like a downloadable game on the eShop, dont think they could make a full title out of it, but you never know

  2. But didn’t Wii sports have different levels with all the different golf courses, and the adding more pins to each round of bowling, and the fighting harder opponents in boxing and the stuff like that? What will make Nintendo Land’s level types different from those?

  3. Wii 3 about to come out “Nintendo Land wasn’t a full game but this new minigame collection is”
    just bundle in a mario game nintendo it worked for the NES and the SNES.

    1. Wii 3? Nah, that name would make a little TOO much sense. It’ll probably be “Wii U and Me” or something like that.

      1. If they do another incarnation of “Wii” after Wii U then Nintendo will have officially killed themselves off.

          1. It sure is not. All their handhelds so far have outsold the Wii other than the GBA and 3DS at the moment.

    2. What is Wii 3? Is it new headset that gets you into the game for original Wii that makes graphics beterer?

      1. To be honest, i wasnt going to, but now that i know theres more levels in each minigame, i might. Definitely will if theres at least a controller package with it, i only have 1 motion+

      1. No, its the Blue Falcon from F-Zero (plus they showed a 4 second clip f the F-Zero game in an interview)

          1. I know it seems weird. Maybe its the same reason Kirby and Pokemon arent in it, owned by a sub company of Nintendo, meaning, someone else ones the rights to Star Fox right now :p someone begining in R and endin in o

  4. “actually different levels”

    Now I’m thinking about getting the game…
    But my family doesn’t play much video games together anymore, so the deciding factor will be whether or not there’s online play.

    1. From what ive seen, it does look damn fun, but was worried it would just be the one level for each game, especially with the Zelda one.

      1. yeah I’ve seen the Zelda level that was demoed and it looks fun. Hope that there are plenty of levels to play.

        1. I know, it looks awesome, but was worried it was one level, but looks like we’ll see a fire and maybe a dreaded water temple

  5. I’m tired of all of these recent negative sounding titles for articles. In stead of focusing your title on something that has long since passed, focus more on the positives of the future.

    Instead the heading should read “Nintendoland will feature more content than Wii sports”
    Or something along those lines atleast. This site is going downhill. Its like they are just inviting the trolls to come in and be obnoxious.

    1. Should be more like “Nintendo stated or announced the Nintendoland is a full game unlike Wii Sports!”

  6. The title of this article is hands-down the worst I have ever seen on any site. Based on it I would guess that Alba is really a Sony or Microsoft fan hating on Wii.

  7. If they bundle it, it will sell far more and please both casual and hardcore gamers. What they should do is just make it a digital game already downloaded onto the Wii U. That would save them costs.

  8. I am guessing “Chase-Mii” and “Battle-Mii” from last E3 are the Mario and Metroid themed games. I wonder what the Balloon fighter, Game & Watch, Pikmin and Yoshi ones are???

    1. Battle Mii looks awesome :D i hope Metroid or Star Fox has a multiplayer that tKes influence from that, would be awesome

    2. I might be wrong, but I remember reading that “Chase-Mii” became the Animal Crossing game.

      1. No it was where one person dressed as Mario ran away, and the other 4 had to catch them. The Animal Crossing was sort of like the opposite, the 4 run and collect sweets, and the other guy controls 2 guards with the sticks to catch them

        1. Francisco Alvarado Vega

          I think he means that developers used the idea of Chase Mii to transform it into Animal Crossing Sweet Day.

  9. I’ve been looking at this game again and to be honest the game is starting to actually look alright so I might get it. Also I wonder what the Yoshi game will be like going by the icon of the Yoshi egg and what is that grey octopus looking icon it reminds me of either Birdo, an Octorok or the octopus from Game & Watch


    Yet they sold a half ass job game at full retail price and bundle a garbage one with wii smh nintendo your quality in gaming sucks go play wii music.btw after collecting coins whats left for mario um oh playing as bowser smh innovation

      1. he is kinda right. I mean, getting too many 1-ups will kill the challenge. Only if Nintendo would make a true sequel to Super Mario World with the flying cape, rhino bosses. tons of secret areas and CHALLENGING gameplay, that would be truly awesome. Plus Nintendo is milking the same New Super mario bros crap over and over again! Give us a true damn sequel to Super Mario World, powered by Unreal Engine 3/4!

        1. “I mean, getting too many 1-ups will kill the challenge. ”


  11. I hope they make a nice game.

    A nice game about people in the Nintendo place. Nintendo is better than everything else because i dont like Sony and Bill Gates. They are Naughty men make people dead. But Nintendo does good things that are nice to people and not bad things like being not friendly and just evil things that i dont like. If hello kitty was made by microsoft they would probably make the cat dead with a gun or other naughty things. i like nintendo because they would be good to a kitty and not blow its brains all over the floor.

    Buy only Nintendo because they never make cats dead.

    1. You do realize that it’s easy to tell that you’ve posted on this comment list several times. Your icon stays the same even though you changed your username to make it appear that these are posts coming from different people.

      Please stop. It’s annoying.

  12. @Donnyko'd I like this nintendo they always admiting now a days their fuckups this is like what their 12 time. Whats funny is while ninty admits they fucked up the fantards deny deny deny lol makes you think that the haters are the ones telling the truth

    Oh halo is getting music composed by Sir pual mcartney damn microsoft got star power nintendo got gimmicks and spineless yes men

    1. He’s not making music for Halo. He’s helping Bungie, the people who started the Halo series and are now working on a new game for Activision.

    1. His shit music. Im not a fan of the Beatles, but they do make iconic tracks, and i understamd their fanbase but he’s a dick and is pretty shit. Also, why the fuck is doing music to Halo 4? I call MASSIVE bullshit

  13. Nintendoland will be a full game like Nintendogs was a game. I can’t think of a game I have ever cared about less. It looks like a complete pile. Cheap, simple, safe, boring and about as new as classic Pacman in HD. In fact I’d go as far to say that Nintendo Land makes me utterly chuffin’ sick. Wot a bag of bobshank. I won’t even play it if comes free with the console. It is pure bobshank. Take the Zelda game in it. Why the hell would anyone want to play as ‘comfort’ Miis? They make a Zelda mini game and take Link and Zelda out of it?! I dont know about you but I am blown away. I can’t contain my excitement.
    12 minigames eh?! It’s like Mario Party 1, episode one, part 1, with a tablet!!! Woah! (I’ll shut up before Sega get ideas)
    What’s that you say? Levels for each minigame? Well glaze my nipples and call me Rita, Nintendo has smashed my cynicism. Clearlyif Zelda did fabric softners adverts they would indeed be the best int he world…even if the clost thing to Hyrule in Zeldas’ minigame is a crossbow and a bomb.

  14. Francisco Alvarado Vega

    Like everyone else, I am hoping that Nintendo Land is bundled with the system; however, Nintendo could go either way right now. If it is bundled they can raise the price of the system a tad and increase sales of the game. If it is not bundled they make more profit but have less copies sold since Nintendo Land is not a system seller such as: Mario, Pikmin, Assasin’s Creed, and future first party games. The pressure is on the risk for Nintendo too. To Bundle or not to Bundle.


    @dragon go to kotaku they reported the news today. Why is sir pual a dick? I thought you wouldve said john lennon?paul like lennon was the vocalist and independantly he was more successful than ringo, besides he writes great music thats iconic.

    1. Why would i of said John Lennon? He WAS a great musician. But still, why the fuck woul he do the soundtrack for Halo 4, that makes NO sense. It would be like getting Gwen Stifani to do the Mario soundtrack

  16. me hear that john lennon and tupac are recording new music as we speak for the new halo game also amy winehouse will feature.

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    @dragon It doesnt but kotaku reported it and they are one of the most trusted. John lennon was great but he was no mcartney. Mcartney had more hit singles and is still alive getting pussy. John is in hell now for all eternity :'( cuz god loves us -_-

  19. Nintendo land…who is gonna buy that?
    And why Nintendo spend too mutch time for that shit and not for p-100?

    1. Yeah, because Nintendo is Platinum Games! Oh, wait, they aren’t because not every fucking game on Nintendo’s systems are MADE BY NINTENDO.

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