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Rocksteady Developing Batman Silver Age?

The next project for Batman Arkham City developer Rocksteady is said to be based on the Silver Age of DC’s coming books from the 1950′s. During this time Batman first met the Joker, and teamed up with a number of superheroes, including Superman, and founded the Justice League of America. The source says that the game will launch in 2014.

17 thoughts on “Rocksteady Developing Batman Silver Age?”

      1. That is not what he is saying here…he is saying that Batman teamed up with others to create the Justice League…

      1. About 100%.

        If it’s going to release in 2014, pretty much everyone will know the Wii U’s true power!

  1. I would rather them to leave Batman alone for a while and work on that TMNT game that was rumored and debunked. I think the Turtles need to shine again in video games, and I think Rocksteady could really work well in bringing them back in the game. Please, Rocksteady! Make it happen!

  2. If this is true, then I’m all for it. It’d be kinda cool to see a major shift in tone between the Arkham games and this one. And while I’m all for serious dark Batman, I also kinda like the safe campiness the silver age brought us

  3. Hello! I just composed an e-mail to the folks at Club Nintendo. I don’t expect it to get very far. If you agree with anything I ramble about, please consider sending a similar message (or cut and paste this one) to their feedback department.

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    And they do.

    My letter:

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    A few years back Club Nintendo of Japan made available as a reward to its members a Super Famicom controller you could plug into your Wiimote. What a great idea! Surely Nintendo of America would see that retro gaming is a live and well in the USA and that a Super Nintendo controller attachment would be appreciated in America! And we get a button set. Or a deck of playing cards. Club Nintendo of America members have yet to see the golden nunchuk offered overseas as a compliment to the golden Zelda Wiimote. I assure you, Zelda fans and anal retentive folks live here, too.

    In comparison to the variety and quality of the items offered by overseas Club Nintendo sites is should be very easy to see why lifetime fans such as myself feel pretty let down by the low bar Club Nintendo continually sets for itself with its elite gifts. The idea should be to present your fans with something unique and creative that they just can’t get anywhere else. A button set? See Etsy. A deck of Nintendo playing cards? Hanfuda would have at least made more sense. It seems as if every year the decision makers at Club Nintendo of America have simply no idea what its fans want or just don’t care enough to make it happen.

    I don’t imagine my letter will get much past an auto-reply or a very kind person who really has no control over the things I’m talking about. And that’s too bad. Perhaps if I was a member of Club Nintendo Japan I would have more of a chance.


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