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Grandpa Danger Conversion Trailer

Namco Bandai opened a teaser site and released a trailer for Grandpa Danger Conversion, which is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game. The game is based on the manga Grandpa Danger. Grandpa Danger Conversion will be released in Japan this Winter – are you hoping for a Western release?

76 thoughts on “Grandpa Danger Conversion Trailer”

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  1. I know this is irrelevent, but I wonder what Aeolus does in his spare time. He spends hours writing hateful messenges to those who like Nintendo and have diferent opinions than him. If you’re reading this Aeolus, I like Nintendo, but I can stop liking it if you want. I mean, after all, this is the internet, and we’re not allowed to have opinions. I’m sorry if my opinion was to “extreme” for your little head :(

  2. My mind has been thoroughly fucked by this.
    An ass-laser-shooting, mini-skirt-wearing grandpa who apparently gathers Kanji to fight random stuff………

    You know what? Fuck it. I want to see this come to the states, just to see how they would translate all of this insanity into English!XD

  3. Ermmm…..i duno. Best Grandpa since the pre-e3 nintendo direct.

    “Call me Grandpa!”
    “That makes me uncomfortable”

    You knew it was funny

    1. funningly enough No one outside of Nintendo fanboys watched that video….and only a few found it funny… shame really

      1. “No one outside of nintendo fans” Well its was a nintendo direct video. And sony fanboys like you pretty much raped comment sections when that got released, because you were too stupid to realise it was suppose to be ironic.

        “Only a few found it funny”. The few that found it funny were the people who actually werent stupid and knew it was a damn joke, nintendo were basically doing a parody of themselves from how their advertisements were like back in the 80’s and 90’s

        1. and IRONICALLY they were the golden years for Nintendo :P when they actually focused on POWER and great games alongside third party support.


          And now you all tell me it aint about power? ;) It certainly isnt if I did not see any games that makes it TRULY next gen. haha

          1. The playing with power solgan was to do with the epic fail that was the power glove, and has NOTHING to do with the games graphical power. In fact, when the NES was big, it was going against the Mega Drive/Genesis, which, funnily enough, had more power than the NES, and it still got trashed by Nintendo.

            Your troll comment was as much as a failure as the 32X mushroom add on


              You were prob still in your dad’s nut sack but I remember Nintendo were always about Power up to the GC era! Do your homework then come back to me

              What about the Nintendo 64 then? Big emphasis of the 64 BIT Mario kart 64, Mario 64, DK 64 etc. Since Sony was in the 32 bit era…yet they won because they used CDS as opposed to cartridges…


              Talking out of your ass as always

              1. You said, “now you’re playing with power”, that was the power glove slogan. I never heard of the Super Power slogan, but regardless, i was still right

                1. ERRRRR I SAID SUPER POWER TOO!

                  i quote!


                  look at the second half of the quote. Now scroll up and read a previous comment.

                  BLIND fanboy…

    1. lol no.. it’s in japanese.. not jason.. but jiisan (pronounced, gee-sun), means grandpa/grandfather in japanese…

  4. Yes, I want this for western release. Why? Because if this shitstorm can be released here there’s a bigger chance that DQX will be released here

    1. you are an idiot. Dragonquest does not need a poxy grandpa game for Nintendo to release it. DQ is much bigger and better than this shovelware crap.

      Read your game history

  5. .. wtf? .. i will have nightmares although i’ve been thru alot, i hav’nt had 1 since i was 10. which was seven yrs ago.. that trailor at the end, bloody guy and all, did he play xbox smartglass then realize it was jst another carboncopy from ninty?_? its bewildering how the unusual can become frightening!! blood outta evry hole & arse lazers,. i wont forbear clicking any vids or foreign links frum this low-security site.. ugh

    1. typical marvel game with no substance… just button bashing… yawn. The trailer was funny but they always try to do that to hide a piss poor button basher

      1. Typical button masher? You mean like God of War, Devil May Cry, Bayonneta, Ninja Gaiden, Dante’s Inferno, Kingdoms Hearts, Metal Gear Rising. All those games that got 8,9, and even 10/10 and have a massive fanbase, that are all on the Playstation.

        1. metal gear? button bashing? HAHA! excuse me whilst I do a shit and wiggle the shit out of my ass laughing so so ever so hard!

          1. Metal Gear Rising, moron. I know you got dropped on the head as a child, but it clearly says, “Metal Gear Rising”, a game thats nothing like Metal Gear 1,2, Solid 1,2,3 or 4, and 5 when its released, or Portable Ops 1, 2, or Acid 1, 2, or Peace Walker.

          2. I think he is talking about Rising. That game does look like it’s going to be about button mashing. It looks like a frickin Ninja Gaiden\ Devil mayCry rip-off.

            1. Well its platinum games so would be more of a Bayonnetta rip off :p which i have no problem with at all, that game was awesome. Deadpool game looks similar to DMC, except with more Deadpoolish attacks and enemy animations, like shooting them in the legs

                1. Imnt saying it wont,from what iveseen,it looks like a ridiculous yetfun game. Its just i wantedninja segments, like walkingonthe room beamsinsidea house, and dropping downonto an enemylike onthe trailer

          1. Still a PORT :P Nintendo cant even be arsed to PAY for it to be exclusive. Would help them alot. but Alas we can just buy these games on CURRENT consoles :P minus the wii unless you want a gimped port assuming they even bother making it for the wii…

            1. Who the hell would want it to be an exclusive anyway? I don’t. Also, that game it’s not coming for PS3 and playing with the Kinect it’s gay so…

              1. Nintendo fanboys. Read the Sonic driving game article from yday. Scroll down… there u have it a fanboy wants it exclusive…

                1. Well, I am not a fanboy. I don’t want it to be exclusive. Mostly because Activision games are pure trash.

                  1. Pure trash? COD broke sales records. Hardly trash if you ask me…

                    NO I do not play COD before you swear and point at me for being a codfanboy but you cant ignore facts and figures ;)

                    Afterall… do you Nintendo fanboys ALWAYS TALK ABOUT SALES FIGURES? The answer is Yes which makes those Fanboys HYPOCRITES :p

                    1. funny u say that Anon… cos Ninty fanboys always say HURR HURR THIS GAME IS BETTER THAN SONY OR MS COS IT SOLD MORE

                      I am basically pointing out what fucking hypocrites N Fanboys truly are ;)

            2. Even if Nintendo wanted it to be an exclusive, Activision wouldnt make it one because they’d be cutting off their ps3 and 360 market.

              Again, its called MULTIPLATFORM. Not port, not rehash, not dumbed down version, just a game, on all 3 consoles.

        1. Seriously? I know you’re a fucking idiot but seriously? By your definition, every game that was released on both ps3 and 360 is a “another port”. Its not a port, its called a multiplatform title, just like AC, just like COD, just like Mass Effect, just like Batman, and just like every other multiplatform game that takes up 80% of the market.

          1. Thanks for telling me…a PC gamer (most of the time… steam sales for the win) the obvious CAPTAIN OBVIOUS…. taking a break from saving the world from the evil Sony and MS? /Sarcasm

            I bet you think most of the wii PORTS are multiplatform. I recommend you play COD on wii and on sony or ms console. You will find it is GIMPED and not a true multiplat


            1. This isnt the Wii? Its the WiiU, its getting the exact same content as the Ps3 and 360 versions, except using the gamepad in varying different ways.

              1. ooooooh! A map on the screen or some buttons to do moves! EXCITING!

                I no its the wiiU you nob. I did READ THE ARTICLE… something you fail to do when you try to insult me but fall flat on your face.

                I am just telling you Wii was a joke of a console that had hardly any support so me and MANY OTHER GAMES (certainly none from this BIASED site) will of course think wiiU will be exactly the same

                especially after this POOR E3 (E3 was poor in general but Nintendo had the opportunity to play their cards right and FUCKED UP by showing a funfair game and PORTS).

                Retro studios will be interesting since they have artists who made the unchartered games so hopefully for you fanboys and Nintendo die hards it will look ATLEAST A BIT BETTER THAN CURRENT GEN

                if not… well guess who is gonna be trolling this site ;)

                1. The article had nothingto dowith anything, i just said that that it was comingto wiiu. And having a maponthe screen wasnteven the mainpoint,it was just the only difference to the game, otherwise its exactly the same.
                  The Wiiwas disappointing, not that it didnt have amazinggames,it has a nost inpressive first partylibrarythan Sony IMO, but i still own a PS3, and it was and still is mymainconsole. I think you forget or are too stupid to put it into your brainthat people actually have more than 1 console, that goes with probably everyone onthis site.
                  The only fanboy thatsactually onthis site is you, everyone else at least own a ps3 or a 360 as well, and if they dont then i dont then theyre missingout. But at the end of the day, regardless of what consoleweget, we’ll buy Nintendo’s, because we’reNintendoFANS, not fanboys, FANS, welike Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, all the first partytitles Nintendomakes.
                  You’re significanc ance onthis site is equivilant to a piece of dust in the wind

                  1. U MAD BRO?!

                    Man I love commenting. You get wound up sooo easily! Your last sentence is hillarious. Is that seriously your best insult? If so… man you are a terrible troll. Least put some energy into it

                    on topic:

                    I HAVE ALL 3 CONSOLES (well Wii emulator that runs in HD AND NOT SHITTY SD. so you lost that argument lol!

                    Me a fanboy? I am just telling you that NIntendo make mistakes and they STILL HAVENT LEARNT!

                    deluded soul

    2. Watched this earlier when i was catching up on Comic Con, looks fun as hell, about time Deadpool got some attention.
      Also, i like how the answer saying its was coming to WiiU came from someone asking if it would be using Kinect xD

        1. Dude, please stop replying to Aeolus. I know he’s an idiot, but if nobody replied to him he’d stop filling the page with caps-lock followed by “fanboy” after every other word. Thanks. :D

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