63 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Teases New Game Called All Star Battle”

  1. So Sony copied Nintendo
    and now Namco is copying Sony?
    I don’t want to live in this world anymore

        1. hey, Namco is working with Nintendo in the Smash Bros. we dont know they will develop and will publish it. idk im confused/

      1. Lol I know
        but thats the point!
        look at it like this
        its a copying triangle
        If Sony Copied Nintendo
        and Namco copied sony
        And namco is making the what was copied
        It would not b original
        didn’t get it?

        me neither :P

        1. Namco Bandai registered the name All star battle and project x zone weeks before sony show his all star battle royale game .

    1. No, Actualy It could be like other figth games mabye with the characters of animes they have patrocinated or mabye with the chracter of they games or both and this consep has been used before in Jump ultimate Stars for DS

  2. Those are the most random pictures ever! Presumably they have nothing to do with the new game???
    It would be strange of namco bandai to be working on X zone, smash bros, and another fighter AT THE SAME TIME???

  3. I’m personally predicting the Western annoucement of Project X Zone. Three days till release this came up, three major companies in the game, Namco Bandai are the ones actually making it. This is pointing directly at Project X Zone to me.

  4. A fighting game containing all the characters from Project X Zone and featuring a couple of Nintendo ones on the 3DS/Wii U versions.

    1. If I had been offput by every single Street Fighter II clone out there, I’d have given up on gaming a decade ago… But nobody dares complain about those, now, do they?

  5. We don’t know if it’ll be another smash-style fighter. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic about this for now.

  6. Wtf is this game, all I’m getting from the pictures is that it has something to do with fish, water, aquariums, sea etc.
    Not getting my hopes up tbh, it’ll probably turn out to be something shit.

  7. lol could be talking about the new Super Smash(I HOPE :D) or maybe Namco Bandai is making their own Brawler game like Sony did…well as long as Namco Bandai doesnt try to say it’s better than Super Smash like Sony did a couple days ago I’ll be fine.

    1. That’d have to sell as well as several CoD titles combined just for everyone to make a noticeable profit lol

  8. Hmm… All Star Battle… .Sakurai tweeted a whiteboard photo… made an announcement about smash… Namco Bandai is making Smash 4…. It’s probably gonna be Tekken x Street Fighter. Not even joking. Don’t mean to get your hopes up about Smash, but it’s gonna be TxSF.

      1. It’s not Nintendo that are doing anything here though, it’s Namco Bandai. Even then, why would they mock Sony?

  9. Apparently it is depicting what seems to be a raisin,a city, a temple, water, an aquarium, the ocean, a shell, and a mouth of an animal ? What would this have to do with a game.

    1. I have no idea, but we might be able to work it out soon, cos I reckon they will add 10 more photo tiles to the image each day (10 tiles are already filled, there a 40 alltogether, so that leaves 30 tiles to fill within 3 days) :)

  10. Cant blamed them for copying a great name from Great company. Who knows maybe theyll also copying how to make a good game with balance and no cheap ring outs :)

  11. I Hope they implement Sony allstar fighting mechanics. Cheap kos I can deal with but I hate those ko balls ugh it makes the game real cheap more so than tripping or balancing

  12. i wonder if this game will give us a clue as to what we can expect gameplay wise with smash bros…..namco provided sakurai with a prototype that they ended up running with…so i wonder if that prototype draws from whatever this game is

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