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Nielsen Posts The Most Wanted 2012 Wii Games

Nielsen Media Research, an American firm that measures media audiences, including television, radio, and video games, has looked at which video games have the greatest consumer anticipation for 2012. Nielsen have looked at the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii. Consumer data was derived from online interviews of 4,823 male and female active gamers, according to the Nielsen website.

367 thoughts on “Nielsen Posts The Most Wanted 2012 Wii Games”

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    1. Dont know, but it’ll be a steady flow of games, rather than this big rush, which is fine by me, i dont want to be spending more money on games than the console on day 1 xD

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        1. Good luck with that considering there are like, 5 Aeolus’, only one of which is the real one. These are all just tools.

        1. quote from the above article!

          “You keep on thinking that.

          The lag is because of hardware limitations; the Wii doesn’t exactly have a lot of RAM or a powerful processor, unlike the Xbox360 and PS3. The models in this game may have a large polygon count, which can cause lag when there’s a **** ton of models present at a given time.”


          1. Aeolus fanboy! not Sony, not Ninty definitely nor MS cause I'm a Aeolus Fanboy

            Hey there Aeolus.. I would like to ask some questions if you don’t mind and if you’re not too busy.. i mean, your time is very precious after all.

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        2. Its not lag, its framerate drop, most of the people in this article didnt have a problem but nearly every game has it, especially including your most frequently referenced game, Skyrim.

          1. Haha I play skyrim on PC and NOT SONY. I never had lag since I have a custom rig. Nice try though. It would be a valid argument If i did play it on Sony… which U prob did Dragon?

              1. That’s their problem not mine :P and my mate has the 360 version. worked fine for him… it was ONLY sony am afraid :P

                1. Aeolus fanboy! not Sony, not Ninty definitely nor MS cause I'm a Aeolus Fanboy

                  Hey there Aeolus.. I would like to ask some questions if you don’t mind and if you’re not too busy.. i mean, your time is very precious after all.

                  Anyway, I want to troll some sites too but I have other things to do like.. eat, work, take a bath, shit, go to school, play some video games.. such activities consume almost all my time..

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              1. “PLUS Skyrim WON game of the YEAR.”

                So a bunch of fanboys overly praised the shit out of the game? Nice.

                    1. I actually Praise the game ;) It works FINE on my PC. But it sucks on wii cos of the Hardware :P

                      Dont bother denying it. It is on various game websites. Of course u love it cos its a Nintendo exclusive…

            1. Aeolus fanboy! not Sony, not Ninty definitely nor MS cause I'm a Aeolus Fanboy

              Hey there Aeolus.. I would like to ask some questions if you don’t mind and if you’re not too busy.. i mean, your time is very precious after all…

              Anyway, I want to troll some sites too but I have other things to do like.. eat, work, take a bath, shit, go to school, play some video games.. such activities consume almost all my time..

              so, do you think I should give up my life too just like what you did and realize my dream of becoming the ultimate troll who have all the time in the world?

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        3. Thanks for commenting btw lol and thanks for the info but I really don’t care what you think
          I will agree that the Wii is dead after Epic Mickey though

              1. Thanks to Casuals…which ruined the image for Nintendo which is why there is NO HYPE for wiiU and the launch of 80% PORTS

                Casuals have moved on and so have past Nintendo fans who used to Love Nintendo like me! There is one or two games on Wii that I loved like donkey kong and Metroid but nothing else. That makes 4 games for an ENTIRE CONSOLE LIFESPAN… pathetic


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                    1. Yh Play whatever you want but facts are facts….so don’t cry please fanboys are so pathetic haha…can’t stand opinions fromothers..

                3. Except for the fact that in your second paragraph that is entirely your opinion. And I will openly admit; the Wii has had a lot of shitty games. But it has also had a lot of really good games. Sure the graphics aren’t in the Xbox or Ps3’s league, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some incredible games on the Wii. Games like Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and other games like Mariokart and Super Smash Bro’s Brawl. And did you ever think for an instant that not everyone will have the same opinion as you. Pathetic…

                4. No, Trolls like you are what ruin Nintendo. You guys just cant accept the fact that Nintendo is just so much better so you have to rely on bashing it’s genius.

  1. Switch out Just Dance 4’s spot with Epic Mickey and Madden with The Last Story and this might be a reasonable list.

    1. Yeah, but I think a lot of people like Just Dance and Madden because it’s more well known than the other two.

  2. Just dance is for little girls and fags. NUFF said. Screw all this games. WII fucking U it’s what I really waiting for

    1. I love the just dance series, I’m a straight guy with a girlfriend, and we play it all the time, your comment is invalid. :D

  3. This is embarrassing, I love you Nintendo but gamers would never consider buying your future consoles when they see how you support your existing ones..

        1. WII U MAD?!?!?!??!?!?!? :P

          and I love how YOU dont correct Revolution (fanboy with the Mii picture) who uses U AND MII AND WII all the fucking time.

          Double standards at it’s finest…

    1. “I love you Nintendo but gamers would never consider buying your future consoles when they see how you support your existing ones..”

      Yeah, Skyward Sword, Galaxy 1 & 2, DKCR, Epic Yarn, Return to Dreamland, and all those other games? Yeah, they don’t exist.

      Hey, fucktard, maybe there isn’t any huge games on the Wii this time because they’re working on a way better console? Poor trolling is poor.

      1. From that list I would say DKCR and galaxy 1 and 2. AND THAT’S IT.

        Seriously you are satisfied with just those games? Kirby takes a day or two to complete. Unless you are a terrible gamer?

        1. “From that list I would say DKCR and galaxy 1 and 2. AND THAT’S IT.”

          Aw, look, the dumbass thinks that he has a worthwhile opinion.

          1. I dont play lil big planet ;) and 8 hrs is pretty much a days gaming for me so thanks for proving me right :) I shop for Food, i do the cleaning, watch TV etc

            1. Xenoblade Chronicles; $0.14/h
              Little Big Planet; $5/h

              Plus, 8 hours is around the length of a CoD game.

      2. Gamers need constant flow of games, this whole supporting your console one year & taking the next year off would never work, Jeez the DS is getting better games than the Wii & it’s successor has been our for over a year…

        1. Agreed. The Wii never had that. Nintendo really need to stop being cheap and invest in more studios and not rely on EAD or Retro…They do have cash after all from all the CASUALS.

        2. “this whole supporting your console one year & taking the next year off would never work”

          I know.

          That’s why it’s only THIS year that the Wii has almost no support.

          Not to mention that all of the attention’s going to the much better Wii U. Dumb ass.

          1. That’s why it’s only THIS year that the Wii has almost no support.

            Is that so? then where are all the third party games ps and 360 got? man you MISSED OUT FANBOY :p

            1. Dude, we get your point. You don’t like Nintendo. Do you literally need to shove it down our throats? This is a nintendo fanpage, if you’ve come here to preach about your custom rig and how fantastic gaming life you have you… Ugh, seriously just get off this site.

    2. Go ahead and blame Nintendo all you want, but the reason for no games is the lack of 3rd party support on the Wii, not Nintendo. The reason 3rd parties dont support the Wii is because it was bashed and Trolled by Trolls since before it was released. The Wii isnt a bad system but was led to be by soo much criticism from playstation and xbox fanboys… true story

    3. well look how ps2 game keep coming out after ps3, but remember beck in the old nes & snes days there some games that come out after the next console arrives, i think mega man is one of them if i dont remember, and Kirby is another.
      but this time i would not be a problem because of the whole backwards
      comparable, Wii U can play wii games keep that in mind; i can see why some dev like to make few final wii games before wii u comes and replace that console.

  4. Aeolus is a scumbag and a douche bag. Does this cocksucker even sleeps/work? He’s always spewing hate towards Nintendo in every single article.

    1. WII U MAD BRO? Just saying that wii cant handle the Last Story… not my fault… not your fault… NINTENDO’S FAULT FOR NOT PUSHING OUT GOOD TECH FOR THE WII!

          1. Well all your trying to do is trying to say that PS3 is superior and Nintendo should just vanish. Does that kind of make you think of someone. Who else did the same thing Hitler.

                  1. Well you compared the wrong things. Hitler came to be simply because he is power/attention hungry(like you) and believed in a dictatorship kind of rule(like how you say PS3 should “rule”). Hitler also spread his believes over people who did not want it(KIND OF LIKE HOW YOU DO IT HERE!) So in many ways you are exactly like Hitler…

          1. So your calling yourself a video game?? You gotta stop with all does illegal drugsSo your calling yourself a video game?? You gotta stop with all does illegal drugs.

    1. Yes skyward was sick. Seeing the game in 1080P on my Dolphin emulator really does look gorgeous :)

      O where you referring to HDtvs? My bad…

            1. er no. U can burn your GAME cds creating an ICO file that runs on emulators.

              I still purchased the few Wii games that I have. Nintendo still have my money dont u worry ;)

              1. By law, he owns that one copy of the game. The only reason accepted by law to use a copied version of a game or film etc. is if that game was damaged irreparably or stolen by an external party (with proof via police certificate).

                And laws in all countries I have studied law in prevent the use of anything except for the licensed console.

                I’m not against the emulation of games if all requirements are fulfilled to play the game previously, but for all people who believe what you say, are completely wrong unless the laws differ outside Australia or the UK.

    2. “That was Nintendo’s last hurrah for the wii.”

      Xenoblade, Epic Mickey 2, and The Last Story.

      THAT’S the Wii’s last hurrah.

      But I guess you won’t be interested in games unless it’s big names, huh, kid?

      1. I actually played Xenoblade and The Last story and they are great games. Pity they were exclusive to Wii. Xenoblade had a very good twist like when DICKSON BETRAYS U :P and when DAGRAN betrays u in last story. Good thing I played them in 1080p :P Looks fantastic!

        1. GET OFF THIS SITE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! Not everyone has played through Xenoblade, so thanks to you, you just spoiled major plot parts! I’m fine with you sperming all over your custom PC rig, just don’t go spoiling major story parts from a game.

  5. Really? This is the list? That is just sad. And before the fanboys get in, yes I love Nintendo and have loved them for years, but of late they’re starting to push me in other directions. I use my VITA more so now and PC over consoles, probably end up getting a PS3 soon too (Might even just wait for the PS4). My Wii just seems to gather dust now, the only Nintendo console I use now is my 3DS but the games just seem short IMO.

    1. “I use my VITA more”

      Thanks for showing me your “gaming taste”. Nothing but crap.

      And lol at this kid for thinking that bullshit “I used to be a fan of [insert company here]” makes your crap valid.

          1. OWNER OF 3 CONSOLES AND A PC?

            yep deffo a fanboy… might put it as a signature so it gets into your Nintendoland brain haha

      1. Please point out where I said the “I use to be a fan” crap? I am still a fan and will probably end up buying the Wii U. It’s fanboys like you that I am truly sick of. Why can’t you just accept not everyone will conform to your views? I love nintendo to bits but I’m opening myself up to new experiences through different manufacturers.

        1. Smitty. That’s what I have been saying all along. These fanboys cant open up to THIRD party publishers. Good on you though :) You will discover alot of great experiences and not just shooters as many claim even though they rescue that lovely blonde princess over 100 times already…

          1. I seriously don’t know why they cant open themselves up to 3rd party publishers, I mean yeah Nintendo have some pretty good 1st party titles … but I found they got boring without other games to fill in the gap. Gravity Rush & Uncharted Golden Abyss for example are just simply amazing and are a welcome change in my life.

              1. It’s kind of sad too. I mean … I know everything has their own fanboys and I’ve met my fair share of fanboys, but wow … the ones on this site are appalling.

      2. “Nothing but crap.”

        Silly Nintendo fanboys, it must hurt knowing the Vita has smashed the 3DS lineup at the same age and has more big name third parties and better quality “handheld multiplats” than the 3DS.

        How’s that Rayman Origins? Owait.

    2. this ^

      I admire people like Smitty. They love Nintendo. No problem in that but he ADMITS that Nintendo have screwed up with the Wii software lineup over its lifespan.

      Fanboys take a leaf out of his book…

      1. Once again, dumb ass, do you really think anyone takes your crap seriously anymore?

        It’s like you pathetic twats multiply by the minute.

        1. then why are you repliying in such an angry tone? ALSO… read Justin below…. goes to show I really know how to pull fanboy’s strings :P

          Also… i love how you completely change the subject. A sign that you are INDENIAL

          1. “then why are you repliying in such an angry tone?”

            Because I’m not passive aggressive.

            “goes to show I really know how to pull fanboy’s strings :P”

            Yeah, that seems to be your only accomplishment.

            “Also… i love how you completely change the subject.”

            What subject? Pathetic trolling =/= a subject.

            1. You failed to respond when I said Nintendo MAKE mistakes. What do you do? YOU SPIT OUT your dummy and cry and cry pointing and name calling… classy.

              1. Did that even make any sense?!?….think about this,maybe your precious PS3 would be better if you praised it on Sony’s sites instead of bashing Nintendo all day on this one?!?

        2. Please Explain how I am a pathetic twat for liking more than just Nintendo? I like to have new experiences …. nothing wrong with that ….

      1. So far, I’ve only played Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. But …. they are just simply amazing and stunning. In the end, choose what software you like more, I know I still play my 3DS regularly because it’s library is FINALLY getting bigger. Plus later on this year the VITA library will get bigger with titles like LBP & AC III Liberation :D

          1. Yes you are able to get classic games as they emulate them through Virtual Console (You buy the games off the eshop) but they are only slowly releasing them at this stage. LBP = Little big planet :)

            1. Thanks, still undecided… If only they threw in the 2nd thumbstick on xl. I would play nsmb2 and oot again also paper mario sticker whatever. I am leaning towards it over vita based on price and I hate how vita has $99 memory card. Yes I would want the 32 gb one so I dont lose the gamecards.

              1. You dont need a second thumbstick. Hardly any games use it apart from metal gear and resident evil. No other games use it… certainly not mario 2

  6. aeolus i swear to god you are the biggest fucking loser I know and I don’t even know you. It’s sad how you comment on every fucking article bragging about your little fucking PC. Congrats dude nobody fucking cares. Oh the Wii is extremely underpowered? Thanks moron we’ve known this for ages. Oh the Wii U will be a failure? Really? You have to ability to see the future? Thats awsome nobody fucking cares. Your opinion is worthless nobody on this site gives a single fuck about you. You think by sitting here saying how shit nintendo is is going to change our thoughts about them? No you’re just wasting your fucking time so just get the fuck out and shut the fuck up. Thanks

    1. You know whats worse? He’s “been around since the NES”, which makes him at least 30….and he’s on a Nintendo site doing this. Looks like someones dying alone, not surprising seeing as how repulsive he is.

          SLURP SLURP

          U do realise you sound like such an arse licker :P How was the shit? did it taste good?

      1. 23 actually :p My bro had a NES and I used to play it and have a great time in my early days.

        and nice that you judge me on a website. Makes you the better person eh?

          1. lol a virgin? I bet u get alot of girls with that name… thats right… u dont even know me apart from my avatar name…

            silly child. Getting all butthurt because I dont agree with Nintendo’s decisions :P

        1. “nice that you would judge me on a website”
          Ermm…i think i’ll let everyone else respond to that.

          And you’re 23, and act like a 15 year old COD troll, you obviously dont have a job, or a life, but i still basically preticted your future, pal. Because that’s the way you’re heading, women dont like little keyboard warriors, or cowards, or racist homophobes.

          1. We talked about this before… I don’t play COD and I know REALLY NICE people who play COD. Just like there are ARSEHOLES who play Mario… pretty much fanboys actually especially on this site.

            I hope you realize I am not AMIR but an Aeolus clone. We never spoke before so why are you calling ME a racist? You seem insecure… something you want to tell us all? maybe YOU are the racist? Takes one to know one pal.

            I do have a job… notice I don’t comment as much in the weekdays? Today is SUNDAY… man i feel patronizing telling u what day it is…ho hum!

            preticted? you mean predicted? Spell check works in all modern browsers. I suggest you use it especially for such a retarded spelling like that. I dont care about grammar as much but at least SPELL properly.

            I know you are very very excited to message me back hoping to God that you generate some “OMG DRAGON U OWNED HIM SO GOOD HURR HURR” bumlicking comments from fellow fanboys but please read out loud to yourself what you are posting.

            1. So after a hard weeks work you come onto a Nintendo site, wasting your “custom rig” PC, parading as a racist homophobe, judging people because they like games you dont, instead of, i duno, playing the games you proclaim are so much better, with an addiction of overusing the caps locks button, and joining the sad crowd of internet troll who are clearly people who have some serious form of family abuse or bullying issues and have no oter way to take out the rage that consumes them because daddy will knock your teeth out again, or that bully will put you in your place because in reality, hes the pure runt of the litter, a pathetic waste of atoms lucky enough to be given a chance to live with no disease, money, a roof over your head, and all you can do is say people on this site have downs syndrome, and terminal illnesses.

              You’re disgusting. I’ve never wished death on anybody but if theres any justice, you’ll get what you deserve. What a pathetic waste of space you are, i feel sorry for your parents when they lie on their death bed and can only cry to know that their son turned out to be the sad disgusting creature you are.

        1. You’ve been around since the NES and you’re 22. So, what, we’re you playing in the womb, or just really poor.

              1. Again dragon… READ.

                He said SHITS notice the s at the end? that is PLURAL. So it is YOU FAN BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

                Are you actually specially needs?

                1. He means you and all the other internet trolls who have visited this site. Especially the multiple Aeolus clones.

            1. You act as though what videogames you play determines your age(which is the actual factor to becoming a man or a woman…)

    2. Nicely said mr Justin. I applaud you. Time to exterminate this piece of shit asslous once and for all.

    3. Dear Justin, the reason Aeolus is here is because he really does have no life, but it is comments like yours and mine that keep him coming back. Really the only thing that would get rid of him would be if everyone ignored him…cant satisfy the instigator if he cant instigate! :P

  7. Assalous needs to get out his once and for all and get laid & take a shower you nasty motherfucker.

    1. Stop posting against Aeolous, his main goal as a Troll is to make others mad. He is already succeeding in what he wants. Kepp giving him what he wants and he will stay.

    1. Hahaha good one Marcos. Asslous remind me of the butthurt dweller and I’m pretty fucking sure he looks exactly like him too.

        1. you are all buthurt since you react to my comments :P but nope u cant help but defend nintendo like fanboys you all truly are :P

          1. We’re not but hurt we just feel bad for you. A 20 year old man who stays home all in his moms basement just playing games. Just patheticWe’re not but hurt we just feel bad for you. A 20 year old man who stays home all in his moms basement just playing games. Just pathetic.

            1. goes to show you never read the comments. I am 23 :P

              and you are hurt. Your insulting me more than i am? I am actually giving my opinion. Dont like? fuck off simple as that but nope.. u wanna bash cos u hate the idea of someone not liking Nintendo decisions ;)


                1. So insulting means that I’m getting but hurt? And I guess you can’t read but I clearly said that I’m not butthurt. and I don’t care if you don’t like Nintendo what I’m trying to say is that you need a life. And why does it matter if I’m Spanish or Italian?

                    1. Oh I get it. You’re trying to change the subject. lol well I’m Mexican :b
                      *Here comes the Mexican jokes*

    1. what good games? o wait… a mario rehash, pikmin 3 which should of been on WII AND PORTS

      fantastic… cant wait!

      1. We have to wait for awesome games like Zelda HD and Super Smash Bros 4 until 2015. What a bunch of crap.

        1. That is exactly the problem man. Just like with Wii… Fanboys have to wait ages for a Ninty IP to come to the system.

          If only they opened their mind to third party games…….

            1. Nope, but Miyamoto once said that he would like to bring Metroid and Star Fox to the Wii U. Star Fox Wii U. Other game I will have to wait ages to get my hands on.

              1. Miyamoto also said he would like to bring starfox to Wii… did I miss it cos it certainly did not come :P

                1. Yeah. I hope this time we will actually see a New Star Fox and F-Zero game on the Wii U. Great franchises. Nintendo should treat them better.

                  1. Thats the thing. Nintendo play it safe with the SAME OLD IPS.

                    Would be great to see F zero and star fox… but If they butcher it… man am gonna have fun trolling;)

                    I LOVED the GC F Zero but it didnt slel well because ONLY fanboys got it…

        1. ZombiU is interesting but Ubisoft love their money so they will port it over to current gen/next gen systems. The even said themselves. Same goes for rayman

          Mario U is basically wii mario with updated backgrounds

          Ac3 is found on current gen consoles. Difference is a map on the pad… lols

            1. So you would buy an entirely new console to play games already on a console u already own but with just a map? :P

                  1. The gamepad is the much needed advancement to the outdated dual analog controller i think the 64 single analog was better

  8. Fuck Nintendo, I bet anything the WiiU list will look like this one a year from now. Clony, Microdick and Fapple are all wack as shit too so fingers crossed for the Ouya.

    1. Yep it will be. Nintendo only cater for casuals. Notice how Iwata said we wont make COD like games? Rely on THIRD PARTY AS ALWAYS and if third party give Nintendo the middle finger… well it’s gonna be a WII ALL OVER AGAIN with an added Vowel!


      1. Nintendo only needs 50 percent of the third party support for next gen and it will smash it nintendo’s masterpieces will only get better the 8th gen should be very interesting i hope the runner ups come something new instead of copying

    2. …what? Ouya is literally an android home console. Dont get me wrong, its a good idea, but only as an application for existing consoles. The whole point of mobile gaming is the mobile part, thats why its “big”. If Ouya was an app for the Ps3, 360, WiiU and PC, it would do much better, Nintendo and Microsoft are already starting forms of mobile connectivity, like the SmartGlass app.

      Ouya will not sell as a stand alone console

      1. “Ouya will not sell as a stand alone console”

        FUNNY u tell me I cant tell the future… YET YOU ARE!

        hypocrite! I might as well call you Pachter from now on

        1. Why would it sell? People already have what the Ouya is offering on their android/dmart phones/iPhone, and hacking can be done on pretty much anything.

      2. All I know is that I haven’t played any games this year that have even remotely held my interest. Kid Icarus: Uprising. Resident Evil: Revelations, Mass Effect 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 were all disappointing a hell. Everything on WiiU so far looks like trash, Clony has nothing coming except cinematic wank fests and Microdick (apart from Halo 4 which I WILL be buying though) has basically left the scene altogether. I have nothing left to look forward to so Ouya will have to do.

            1. But I don’t know that. It can be you trying to be funny. :b and since you replied your obviously but hurt.

              1. LOL? you are hurt you are playing shovelware all day on the wii. When the wii u comes you will just buy al those mario rehashes again THAT NINTENDO IS SUCCESFULL THEY REHASH EVERYTHING LOL AD THE TARDS THAT CAN’t STAND CHANGE BUY IT ALDAY LOL

                1. Calm down Mr. Know It All but I don’t really play video games and I think your caps lock is broken or are you just butthurt. ;)

                    1. I wasnt replying to you… look at the line on the left it goes to the shitty clone,

                      Attention seeker much?

                    1. I am replying to comments. U think everything revolves around u wen i was talking to my clone. Go and play your wii if u love it so much ;) am on steam ;)

                    2. MEXICAN WAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                      Inferior race to the Spanish ;)

                  1. Well im just replying also. ;b And I’m the one commenting in every single thing. And im replying cause its fun talking to people who think they know every thing and just end up changing the subject. ;)

                  2. That’s my bitch. (; I knew you were going to say something about Mexicans. Your such a good listener. (;

                    1. How am I mad? Dont you think that im maybe just having fun talking to this loser. ;) Im dont even care what he sais. lol

                    2. Well I gotta go now I have better things to do like going to college and doing something for my life. (; Farewell, have fun trolling.

                2. U can use the gamepad as a scope video chat make transactions and much more do i need to say that the gamepad will be more advanced than 720 and ps4 if they don’t come with something new what if you can have two people on gamepads and one on the tv all playing three different full games that would be next gen by itself to me

          1. The wii is sitting on the throne waiting to go down in history as the first standard motion control system to defeat the first not worth the money hd systems nintendo goes five years and out they dominated so good they let it soak 3ds would’ve been early 2010 wii u holiday 11 fonysoft is just like sega to them they will never lose to them again quote me

        1. am sure sickr appreciates us generating HITS for his site! Pity fanboys dont think that deeply but only think of Mario…

          1. For your infomation, I own a Wii and a PS3, and I enjoy both of them. Some of the stuff you are saying in a small number of comments you both make I actually agree with, but the fact of the matter is you are just spamming the living crap out of this site, and that is what I am most annoyed about. Expressing your opinions is OK, but you need to swear and insult people less, make fewer comments and stop spewing out the same anti-Nintendo messages and actaully back up your opinions. Then people might listen to you both. If you want to insult Nintendo, I am sure there are plenty of Microsoft and Playstation forums you can join. :)

            BTW, Sickr does not enjoy your comments, because they are driving people away from this site and to the countless other Nintendo fan sites around. Less views=less money for him.

  9. You know, I could say something about how I like Nintendo, but I forgot that Aeolus can’t stand different opinions, so I guess this means I’m forced to hate Nintendo. I’m sorry if my opinion was to “extreme” for you Aeolus :(

        1. Seriously fanboys always spit out the same old shit. Luckily KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND WILL CRUSH ALL FANBOYS!

          1. Yh lol check the new metal gear rising becuase of a change AND AL THE MGS FANBOYS ARE CRYING LOL.
            same here if mario changes they wil rage everywhere so nintendo rehashes the same ips for money becuase fanboys can’t stand any change in whatever. LOL

            1. LOL. They call me a sony fanboy but I own all 3 consoles AND i actually praised certain wii Games. Not my fault I cant stand SD visuals so i use an emulator to get that 1080p goodness!

              Nintendo fanboys need to go on different sites and not sugar coated news sites such as this site. Heck even Nintendo gamer is better. They tell u how it is and praise Nintendo when they do something right.

              Sickr articles are not bad but its alba#s ones which are blatantly biased…give me a break!

              1. Same and for fun and to play sometimes online with friends or local. But this is stupid if you have an opinion other then the fanboys one then they get mad and go all on you.

                1. They may go mad but dont worry. I can destroy them with intellect and not mindless name calling :P i have ALL 3 CONSOLEs. I win anyway!

  10. My god this is depressing the only worthwhile game on that list is something that came out months ago, at least the Last Story was good :)

      1. The wii is for noone now. The casuals have moved on and the core have moved on. Only Children who want to have a software drought wanna play it :P

        1. U mad because the Wii outsells PS3 and Xbox 360 this generation, Amir. Quit giving heads to Jack Tretton, Mr. Blowjob and smell a good dose of reality for a change! You lose. Good day sir!

          1. Outsold because of the casual crowd, the people who do nothing for the gaming business, the people who game on iPads.

            1. this ^ Someone with a brain at last. Sales MEAN NOTHING

              Justin Bieber sells MILLIONS is he good? NO! watered down shit that is dragging down the music industry. I can relate that to Nintendo with their “innovation”… so innovative that NINTENDO HAVE GONE BACK TO TRADITIONAL CONTROLS for the CORE gamer

          2. I am not Amir haha!

            I love how you post the same video to anyone who doesnt agree with Nintendo’s decisions… FAANBOY MUCH?

            Yeh outsold thanks to CASUALS. But where is your online infrastructure? Sony and MS and the PC all have a great online base. Wii is ALMOST NON EXISTANT! and plus those 3 platforms ARE STILL GETTING GAMES

            *looks at list in article* looks like the only games wii is getting is dance games and sports games with exception epic mickey…. Last Story I already have… and finished. Nintendo are so good that AMERICA HAD TO BEG FOR XENOBLADE AND LAST STORY :p Shame eh?

            Least 3ds has some online because its only a year old and ACTUALLY DECENT GAMES AND SUPPORT. <— did u read that? I actually praised Nintendo, Dont get a boner over it though ;)

                1. yeah He tried to insult me with a video of willy Wonka. I love charlie and the chocolate factory… He think’s hes smart but he is a bit of a down syndrome sufferer

        1. yeah stop playing Just Dance at 2, I’m interested to know what more games Reggie is saying that are coming out though..

  11. If you take all the hit games that were released on the Wii, and were exclusive to it, within the its lifespan, it’s sad. Stop pretending like the Wii had an amazing library of games, you’re kidding yourself. Yeah Nintendo had its first party games, but outside that, with an exception of maybe a few third party games, there was nothing on the Wii. The Wii was horrible, but fanboys are too blind to see that because they’re fanboys. I’d like to see how you guys would react if the Wii didn’t have Nintendo’s name on it, it’d probably be a whole different tune.

    1. “if the Wii didn’t have Nintendo’s name on it, it’d probably be a whole different tune.”


      They also said Skyrim is a buggy mess. I bet you if skyrim was on Wii they would be like OMFG THIS GAME IS AMAZING NINTENDO WII RULES

      but it aint… haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. If the wii had full third party ps3 graphics and a 650 price people would’ve cried it’s to high its kiddy truth is the wii made the hd’s better it gave birth to inkirrect and ps lose there are many wii games i can play until nov when next gen starts

      1. the wiiU is actually interesting. It MAY bring back third party support. I will get one regardless. ;)I dont get these fanboys. I play Nintendo games but they feel hurt cos I ALSO play ps3 and xbox and PC (steam sales ftw… not this shitty eshop crap on 3ds)

        Whilst everyone is fighting over consoles… i am rubbing my chin thinking what platform should I play? HMMMM it’s great having every platform :P

        1. I believe since sony made the wiimove they have the most complete system but 2 late i saw it as tapping out wii killed it by tko i would’ve bought ps3 hands down if they launched with the move third parties that neglected the wii missed out call of duty wii looks funner than anything on the slow pokes

        1. it does have. gears of war, fable, forza, shadow complex ( one of the best 2D games of this gen IMO),dead rising, etc..

    1. i wish i could try other games on different consoles, but yknow what? im not rich like all of you. i still have my future to prepare for, so for now i can only afford to invest in the games i most believe in. yes i know that Sony and Microsoft have great things to offer, but i grew up on nintendo (more specifically, pokemon and super smash bros) and chose to continue on the franchises i know i like. hopefully this comment solves something in the fanboy world, because i am sick of people talking bad about games that might actually be good…

      1. Sorry to hear that, all consoles each have really good games I hope some day you get the chance play them..

        1. maybe i could emulate some of the originals to get an idea of some of the franchises out there that started early on…

    2. No matter how good next gen looks dual analog will never be able to do what motion can do but motion can do everything da can do even better but most people can’t tell true talent from xbox made a xpad instead of inkirrect i would of bought one they have killer instinct i think that’s my favorite all time ld dust of

  12. Dear lord. These comments are pathetic: both the ones from Aeolus and the ones not from him. This is why console fanboys are the WORST. Both Aeolus and everyone aside from him keep having arguments just because someone disagrees with someone else. There’s nothing wrong with liking certain games or not, but try and keep your opinions to yourself. Opinions are like dicks: you don’t like it when someone rubs them in your face.

    1. Yup fanboys are stupid i own most of the consoles and just have fun instead of the fanboys that rage 24/7.

      1. I know, I totally agree with you. Out of curiousity, are you really Aeolus? Because I’ve been seeing 2 different people by the name of Aeolus comment here.

        1. and for ur information I am mainly a PC gamer ;) but I like to have all 3 consoles since I am OPEN MINDED

  13. DO NOT reply to Aeolus at all. Don’t accnowledge his exsistance anymore! The only ones who should be replying to him are the fake accounts Aeolus creates to start fake arguments(which then other people join in, etc, etc..) His job is to instigate and collect his reward(mainly enjoyment.) If you dont give him what he wants he will go away.

    1. Aeolus is anonymous with the brown gravatar or that peter1uss with the red and green 1 gravatar,so people just ignore him AND @Aeolus shut the fuck up and leave this site immideatly this is a Nintendo site ya know.If you want to troll then go at IGNorants or to a microsoft site

      1. @sickr i know this gonna sound hard but if you want your site to be kept from the troll situation you should change the comment system (Advice) if ya want

  14. Proof that the Wii is mostly dead except a few games. Well, Nintendo is having a transition to the Wii U, so it’s understandable that mediocre games like this are basically what’s left.
    I really don’t see why The Last Story isn’t at the top.

  15. uh.. looks like there’s quite a few games missing here.. i find it very hard to believe that the interviewees simply forgot to mention them

  16. I think the reason Aolous is so mad about nintendo is because he knows nintendo could do better than it does, if nintendo would have put out better tech and cared less about getting your grandma off the couch to play some games, i bet we would all have been happier with this. Wii sports resort could have been a starfox, wii play could have been a f zero and all those other shit games could have been great games, instead yet nintendo fucked us over by going to a different audience.

    1. Nintendo started to dissaponting us after the gamecube.They should wake up and come to their senses,also the wii was preety good why do you hate so much this console?

        1. the wii is the worst console nintendo has ever put out, besides that, it had the worst games too. and nobody can argue with this.

          1. It’s like you read my mind ;) there are VERY FEW great games but the wii is overshadowed by the other consoles


          2. It is not that bad. Scratch the surface and you’ll find alot of good titles for it, belive me. The only thing the other 2 systems do better is multiplatform games, which are usually alot better on PC anyway.

            But yes, Nintendo could’ve done better, still I think that they did better this gen than M$ and Sony (who I’m slightly disappointed in, releasing a console at over 500$? What was they thinking???)

  17. If Nintendo fail with the wiiU (that won’t happen) then Nintendo should cooperate with Sony.I can imagine a playstation system from sony and a brand new controller from Nintendo,because SONY doesn’t change the controller and that’s pissing me off

      1. Well… If I recall right, isn’t CoD: MW 3 one of the best selling games for BOTH 360 and PS3? So I don’t think you have something to brag about ;)

  18. Unsurprisingly a heap of casual games and flat out shovelware.

    Seriously, how do fanboys defend this? Oh, right–the same old list of like 6 or 7 games…

    I feel sorry for Wii-only owners, the console is like the industry’s AAA title funding tool. Ubisoft shovelware sells while they use the cash to make the next major game coming from them.

    1. Well, yes. Of course a large amount of the games are going to be trash (besides Epic Mickey and The Last Story lol). The Wii U is a couple months away from launch. The Wii’s sorta been dead for a while anyways.

      I don’t see why you’d use this list to represent an entire consoles library, though. There are plenty of good games for the Wii, some just may not be your taste. The Wii unfortunately missed out on a ton of good multiplats too, so that obviously limits it’s library as well. There’s nothing really left to defend at this point, with a new console on the horizon and everything. :D

      1. “Plenty of good games”.

        And a metric heap more on every other competing platform, with glaringly bigger budgets.

        1. Ahh, Aeolus… It is so funny when you have to comment about all the bad things about Nintendo and never mention any of the bad things from the other 2 console makers.

          Micro$oft: Requires subscribtion to play online, still they have adv in it. Their 360 is also known for red ringing, the only system that seems pretty safe from it is the arcade version. Also sells crap in Japan which is (whenever you like it or not) an important part of the market.

          Sony: Have started with passes to make used games unsellable. Is therefore likely to take it furher in text gen and is therefore doomed to lose the next console war because of that. Also tries to take a place in the handheld market (which they fail with) Have lost more money than any of the other companies this year (I use this as IGNorant haters happily talks about how Nintendo made a loss last year and is “doomed”)

          I do ofc have alot of good things to say about both as well, but the point with this is not which system is the best as I belive in co-existance and have always done. The point in this is to show that if you want to point out how flawed a videogame system (or whatever you want to) is, it is pretty easy to just use the facts that you want to.

          Not hating, just saying. And long live the video game industry!

  19. Well… All the games on this list is still better than the best sellers for both 360 and PS3, just saying xD

  20. umm yeah the WII is dead after 2006-2010 seriously after smash bros and mario galaxy 2 the wii died but i guess there is still some great games after that year just some

  21. I have to agree with Aeolus. I mean, I love Nintendo to bits, but they stuffed up with the Wii’s software lineup. They really didn’t accept enough third party games for their console, which sucks. I love a lot of the games that the Wii has to offer, but they’re mostly first party games, like SSBB, TLOZ: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Galaxy 1 and 2, DKCR anda couple of others. But it just doesn’t have enough third party games, or the neccassary (probably spelt that wrong) hardware to support them. If they opened up to third party games, there’d be a much wider range for Nintendo gamers. But that’s also the good thing about getting different consoles, I’ve opened up to a wider range of platforms. :)

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