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Pokemon Company Completely Dominates Japan In June

Statistics provided by both Enterbrain and Famitsu show that it was the Pokemon Company that profited the most during last month in Japan. The Pokemon Company had 34.5% of software revenue share for the period covering May 28th through June 24th. This marks the first time the company has been at the top of the Japanese monthly revenue chart since September 2010. Here’s the top ten Japanese software revenue shareholders for June.

  1. Pokemon: 34.5%
  2. Square Enix: 19.1%
  3. Nintendo: 8.7%
  4. Capcom: 7.3%
  5. Atlus: 5.7%
  6. Namco Bandai
  7. Sony Computer Entertainment
  8. Kadokawa Games
  9. Sega
  10. Konami

77 thoughts on “Pokemon Company Completely Dominates Japan In June”

  1. Maybe with all my money you can make a fucking Pokemon rpg for WiiU, you know that game EVERYONE has wanted for about 10 years.

      1. I mean, seriously, it would probably be the fastest selling game of all time, hands down. “Nah, we’ll just give you a shitty arena battle game”

        1. Lol Pokemon Battle Revolution did suck pretty badly, If they try that formula again i’d suggest they stick to the old Pokemon Stadium formula.

    1. The 3D console games didn’t take off even when they tried to, and they will continue -not- to take off.

      It’s pointless to request those and goes against the entire objective of the handheld games.

      1. He’s not talking about the usual 3D console games like Stadium 1 and 2 or Battle Revolution, or even Colosseum/XD, but means an actual Pokemon game, not a spin-off, on the Wii U.

        1. That won’t be an “actual” Pokemon game, it would still be a spin-off.

          The main series is and will remain strictly to handhelds, absolutely no exception. Even if they did that, it once again, goes against the entire series objective.

          Pocket Monsters.

          1. While that may be the general ideal 10 years ago or ma couple morre, It’s evolved beyond that now..

            1. Keep kidding yourself. Tell me precisely how it’s “evolved beyond that”.

              Oh, looks like the kids can’t stuff their Wii Us inside of their pockets and whip out the game when they want to trade with their friends. Amongst other things, but you can see where this is going.

    2. Would be nice, but nothing like PBR or PokePark, actual free roaming doing battles, capturing Pokemon, entering to Events and competitions of all sorts like Pokemon Dance Theartre, Pokemon Athlete Statium, Pokemon League Challenges where you’re facing off agains’t different opponents in a tier tourney board ranking, beat one opponent, move onto the next round towards the finals, and using Pokemon from DS games on them if you wish or the ones you’ve caught and trained in the game itself.

      Game-Link between DS and the WiiU Game so you can unlock additional bonuses, like rare items, Pokemon of the sorts.

      1. Exactly, a full Pokemon game. Doesnt have to have new Pokemon, just a big ass new region and an awesome story, and a anime style design.
        And if they took advantage of the NFC reader, HOLY. SHIT. Nintendo would have money pouring out of their head office

        1. The thing is, it doesnt even have to be the 8 gym battle formula. Make it more of an adventure like FF, or other JRPG’s, id actually prefer that.

          1. Many would, but it will propably never happen as pokémon always stay strict to their formula… A pokémon MMORPG would be nice aswell… Sadly, they will never do it.

          2. Merge together multiple regions, Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova. Collect all the Gym Badges, from each and every one till you have all 40, then even having the option of creating a Gym for people to challenge you! :D

            1. A new region would be better, and just have a battle arena to fight old gym leaders to gain badges, re-using old regions would be lame, would be the 3rd time Kanto and Johto got remade

            2. Do you know how hard that would be, because in all the regions the trainers have pokemon ranging from Lv 2-60 (usually through the first run and including Gyms and the League) Also by the time you would be done the 3rd region your party would probably be 100 or so, and the remaining game would be way too easy.

    1. TPC is a subsidiary of Nintendo, created by Nintendo to oversee and manage the Pokemon brand. The franchise essentially grew so big so fast that they couldn’t effectively manage it themselves.

    2. Pretty much, yeah.
      The Pokemon Company is owned by Nintendo.
      But the Pokemon brand – 1/3 belongs to Nintendo, another 1/3 belongs to Pokemon Company, and another 1/3 belongs to GameFreak.

      1. That’s actually incorrect. The Pokemon brand is split three ways, yes. But it’s split between Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc.

  2. Pokemon Company is just a brand for things related to Pokemon, They don’t make the games, they are just for copyright purposes.

    1. Pretty self-explanatory … but thanks for clearing that up for the sole person in the entire fucking galaxy who may not have worked it out for themselves.

      Dick head.

  3. Hey Sickr, EA just announced Battlefield 4 (Premium players must be pissed). Most likely we’ll see it on WiiU, i guess its news.

          1. We should, but i get the feelin that’ll be PC only. I still havent bought Skyrim D: id get it for WiiU, managing my equipment and fast traveling with one touch on the pad would be awesome.
            Plus it would probably have less glitches, although i think they add a certain charm xD unlike Fallout 3, that game just freezes whenever the hell it wants…

      1. Same. Tbh i hate B3, but i loved Bad Company 2. B3 just has WAAAAY too many glitches on consoles, it sooo poor.

    1. Remember Rodea the Sky Soldier? The game that’s coming out for 3DS and Wii, by the creator of Sonic who had previously left Sega?

      They also published Lollipop Chainsaw in Japan, I believe.

  4. “This marks the first time the company has been at the top of the Japanese monthly revenue chart since September 2010.” you mean when the last pokemon game came out in Japan? Well what do you know…

  5. pokemon is a series that will always sell, like mario because its fanbase is filled with people of all ages. and new gamers keeping the franchise alive every year.

  6. Nintendo in the first and 3rd spot. I’m loving it. Nothing’s stronger than Pokemon on handhelds. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. I hope retro studios is working with the pkmn team and is creating the game “everyone wants us to make…”

  8. Well, I guess Pokemon is big enough to have its own slice since that’s the name of the series as opposed to the name of the company.

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