Brand-New Pokemon Clone Coming To App Store

The latest Pokémon games are selling well in Japan, and a developer wants some the franchise’s success by releasing Little Masters – another game that tries to mimic Pokémon, without actually featuring any of Nintendo’s pocket monsters. The Pokémon clone, if approved, will soon be released on the App Store. Based on the images shown above, Little Masters looks strikingly similar to the core Pokémon games. Earlier this year, Apple approved a Pokémon game, which turned out to be a complete scam – will Little Masters be given an OK?

“The game [Little Masters] will be free-to-play with paid currency. However you will also be able to earn the currency by battling your friends. The more friends you play with, the more you can get. The first version of the game has already been submitted to the App Store for review and should be available soon.”

147 thoughts on “Brand-New Pokemon Clone Coming To App Store”

        1. It isn’t a scam. When will people realise tha clones aren’t scams unless they use copyrighted or patented material?

  1. why release something like this on the app store, release it for android so you dont get a fee of 100 dollars a year for 1 year even though it’ll only be up for a week then lawsuited

      1. But that also means they are going to make us buy things in the game. I wonder what they would make us pay for? New moves? Evolutions? New fakemon?

  2. I don’t know, I’d give it a try if I had an iPhone. It doesn’t look necessarily bad (or good, really), just… interesting.

  3. Kinect sports, Sony all stars, sack brat racing, pokemess, what’s the next great Nintendo creation that these haters by day, but groupies by night steal next? Phony, microsofty, Pee cee, now smart fonees and maxi padees are stealing from the big N. One day all these people should give thanks to Nintendo.

    1. Oh, please…. While this monster game/app is obviously a rip-off as they barely even try to change the characters, attacks, and layout, you can’t say those other games you mentioned are “stolen” from Nintendo.

      There is NOTHING like Kinect on the Nintendo and Nintendo did not invent Sports. So Kinect Sports can be checked off of your list.

      PlayStation All-Stars does take elements from brawl, in addition to other games but has a completely different setup, characters, fight techniques, battle system, etc. and is its own game in a genre of cross-over brawlers.

      “sack brat racing”? I assume you’re talking about LittleBigPlanet Karting. It’s a kart racing game (Nintendo didn’t invent karts either!) based on its considerably unique LBP franchise and Play.Create.Share genre that in fact, Sony helped to innovate through its current generation. I definitely do not see how this is stolen.

      Next time you try to troll other companies – Try harder. Especially when it comes to your grammar. *cringe*

      1. I think what he’s trying to get at, is that they clearly work off nintendos innovation, then have the audacity to be arrogant about it.

      2. Are you a ripoff of complicated G. If you think Sony all stars and kinect sports are not a copied from Nintendo’s franchises; then delusion must be spreading. Check out how Wii sports is structured and compare it to kinect sports, made by none other than RARE ( Nintendo’s former great second party developer). As for my grammar my friend it’s the Internet and I have no time to proof read a story comprehension piece. Deal with it and stop jockeying the two game exclusive exbox makers or the N64 cd add on makers sony :).

        1. Sure.

          And ” stop jockeying the two game exclusive exbox makers or the N64 cd add on makers sony :)”?

          I play and enjoy all systems. I run a site that does all things gaming, including Nintendo. If you look at other posts instead of the flame bait ones, you will also see that I comment regularly on MyNintendoNews. I love Nintendo. I’m just not blind or unreasonable.

          1. Stop being such a fanboy, you know very well that sony copied smash.

            I don’t give a fuck if you or anyone goes and buys it and turns out to be a good game, but people like you need to open your god damn eyes and see that companies copy others to make money for blind fanboys.

            Have fun playing smash, i’m sure sony will deny it’s a smash clone, and laugh at how easy they made a profit from selling you a nintendo title with a re-skin.

        2. Hook, Line and sinker, I now know who the undercover drones and exbots are. Dumb-ass yourself. Atari a successful company before Nintendo hahahahaha really? You know Atari caused the video game crash of 83-84 right? I have ms and sony products and guess what, apart from the PSP and ps2/1 every thing else from them sucks. Yes the psone was supposed to be a snes cd player my mistake; don’t get your knickers in a bunch. Xbox and playstation users it’s painful that the eighth generation is going to be the Wii U, 3DS and PC driven. Yours will be after thought systems. Those being the PS4, xbox8 in that order.

    2. Wha…? Sports games can be made by anyone and were made before Nintendo came out with the NES. As for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, yeah it has some similarities but it has plenty of things that make it unique and different. Kart Racing? *face palms* Kart Racing games have been made by plenty of different companies my friend, not just Nintendo.

      1. Give me a fucking break. All star’s director even addmited copying SSB. It’s pretty much a fucking clone. Its hardly its own game. Has the same formula but with a few minor differences. -.-” different characters and different stages. Fucking wanker.

    3. What a load of shite. Yes, All Star is influenced from SSB, but its not the exact same game. Kinect is nothin like what Nintendo do. So nintendo tapped into the casual market, and sony and microsoft wanted a piece of it, so? You wouldnt call Nintendo copy cats just because the wanted to do a home console after Atari’s success. Im not saying Kinect is good, its a piece of shit, but still. Even PSMove did 1:1 motion control BEFORE Nintendo, then Nitendo released the MotionPlus controller.
      Diddy Kong Racing, Crash Team Racing (which was considerabley better IMO), among the TONS of other Karting game, give me a break.

      I find it unreal that people actually feel satisfied with JUST a Nintendo console, i mean seriously, Nintendo did not bring me the most games, sure, the quality was outstanding, but ive got nearly triple the amount of PS3 games and alot of those are better than my Wii games, and not because of graphics. When the WiiU comes, maybe it’ll be a different story, but hating on another console is stupid. Hate on Microsoft for having greedy bullshit business ideals, but PSPlus members can get 6 FREE games, and AAA games too like Darksiders, Infamous 2, Deus Ex 3, just by joining up for the same price as Xbox Live, which you get nothing from.

      And no, im not a fucking Sony drone, i love Nintendo AND Sony, its not fucking difficult to understand, im not the anti-christ. Fucking fanboys, piss me off.

      1. ^on that note, I also hate Microsoft and my fucking Xbox, its a waste of money and the ONLY good game I’ve ever played from them was HALO, go figure…

      1. I heard not too long ago that there was a crappy doodle jump like game on the app store but with link who was the one that jumped. It’s gone now…

  4. whiscat sounds like whiscash just c and h is replaced with t and a fusion of patrat and skitty, locrubat looks like kricketune, worcel looks like a fusion of weedle and caterpie and pyeft looks like a fusion of charmander and croagunk. they have no shame and the move set shown looks like the moves a real pokemon game would use and the types. not to mention it looks like its a hack of ruby/sapphire/emerald.

  5. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

    Firm laws used copyright infringement!
    It’s super effective!
    Rip-off faints!

  6. Why would they copy Nintendo/Game Freak? Because they can’t think of anything for he/she/themselves. It’s sad.

  7. That cricket has antennae similar to the mustache on Kricketune.

    You can’t take away the ‘stache from me…

  8. Lol, this is hilarious. Pokemon has been making huge amounts of cash in Japan recently, and the hype for the upcoming games is extremely high. These developers just want to cash in on the pokemania. But one thing is obvious; They want to lure in pokemon players and non pokemon players alike, by using a graphic style that is extremely similar to that of the most recent pokemon games. By doing this, they give pokemon players something familiar, and give non pokemon players something in place of pokemon.

  9. Is it just me or does whiscat wook like Big the Cat from Sonic? Also, this will be removed because it looks too similar and Nintendo will take it down.

  10. They look like something taken from a cheap Pokemon splice generator…

    The Pokemon I’ve thought up are even more imaginative than this.

      1. I actually think that many 5th gen Pokemon are more creative than many 1st gen Pokemon. I refuse to think that any one generation of Pokemon is any better than the other gens- they all have their pros and cons.

  11. If this is half as good as Pokemon, I might buy it. Even if it is a shameless knockoff.
    1) Pokemon games are fun. Something close to Pokemon might be fun on the iPhone, even if it may not be as good.
    2) I’d love to show Nintendo how successful a knockoff of their amazing franchise could be on the App Store. If they made something themselves, it could be overwhelmingly successful.

    1. Ha, those two words sum it up, shameless knockoff. For the low price I will likely try it too. Don’t expect nintendo to react much other than trying to pull it down

    2. 1) Pokemon games are mostly portable experiences anyway, so I don’t see the point of having something similar on a phone.

      2) Nintendo don’t roll like that, thankfully, and I doubt they ever will. I find it hard to take games on phones seriously. I mean, they can be entertaining for a short while, but they’re almost always lacking compared to games on handhelds.

  12. I’d buy it. It would be nice to have a Pokemon clone on my iPod touch since GB emulation still isn’t that good on jailbroken devices.

  13. Yes! Looks like pokemon red. Anyways I hope more companies make a monster rpgs To oversaturate and kill that ganre More MORE monster rpgs. This cancer is welcomed become like rockband killing guitar hero franchise HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    btw its about gameplay:)

  14. Look! This app is just like the people on this site, “MyNintendoNews,” that come to take a shit on Nintendo and argue with Nintendo fans.

    Fake. Rediculously lame. Low quality.

    I’m talking to Spiderman and his new boyfriend, Faker.

    I’ve got big plans for the assholes who keep coming here to see how many times they can act arrogant and use the word “Fanboys.”

    Bowser is mad Bro. And he’s REALLY smart… Time to finish hacking the trolls.

  15. Fanboys.
    Boys that are fans

  16. For the amount of money people spend on Apple products they have no choice that to say its good.
    Its like buying a sports car, no one is going to buy an expensive product that everyone “must have” just to call it sh….

  17. As a huge Pokemon-fan, I must admit that those “Fake-Pokemon” look better than many of the Pokemon of the current original Pokemon generation. I’d probably buy it if it gets released for Android as well, for a good price.

    1. As another huge Pokemon fan, I must disagree with you, in that I find the design choices made with many of the new Pokemon to be pleasing and, well, I just think that many were designed well. Even if you don’t like the newer Pokemon, (forgive me if I assume too much, but I’m guessing you like the first gen Pokemon better?) at least they don’t look like cheap splices of past Pokemon.

  18. Where there is a market need, someone will step on to fill it. Too bad its not Nintendo/Game Freak, but that has been their choice not to operate in any other mobile platform except their own.

  19. This is just pathetic. Even the moves sound similar to Pokemon moves. Who would even buy this? Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Someone who wants to play Pokemon on their iPhone? All I see is a company tapping into a market that Nintendo or Game Freak will never touch. Who cares if it’s a blatant rip off, if the core gameplay is similar and Nintendo/GF are ok with it (fat chance, admittedly), any Pokemon fan should love having something like this on their phone.

      1. But “any Pokemon fan” would likely rather play Pokemon itself then some cheap ripoff on a phone, which is also pointless because the majority of Pokemon games are portable to begin with.

  20. the “pokemon” themselves are just rips/combines of real pokemon – pyreft is like a charmander/cyndaquil rip, worcel is a caterpie/wurmple recolor mix, locrubat is like a kricketune on weed, and whiscat is a skitty/purugly/whiscash mix. Ew.

  21. That’s a bit TOO similar. O_O Come on, if you’re gonna make a Pokemon rip-off, at least add a little more originality into it…

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