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Wii U’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Include “Nintendo-Like” Modes

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was asked about whether Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Wii U will have exclusive modes that are not included in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Harada claims that the Wii U version will have features that are more convenient because players can control them directly from the Wii U GamePad’s interface.

According to Harada, while the overall game mechanics will remain the same, some “Nintendo-like” modes will be included in the Wii U version. For example, like in the picture above, Heihachi Mishima ate a mega mushroom, which was introduced in New Super Mario Bros.,  and got bigger.

Will the Wii-U version have any distinctly different modes to the 360 and PS3 versions?

“Well, because of the controller, obviously there are going to be a few features that are more convenient because you can control them directly from the interface. But it’s not like the overall game mechanics are going to change that drastically. There are going to be some modes that will be interesting, because they are very Nintendo like. Some of this was shown at E3, where a mushroom drops down and Heihachi eats it and gets bigger. You know Nintendo fans hearing and seeing that just exploded with excitement. The things that we can do because it is Nintendo are things people will be very excited about, but we can’t go into it any further. That being said though, a lot of the online modes and customisation on the 360 and PS3 will be geared towards the core audience a little bit more.”

64 thoughts on “Wii U’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Include “Nintendo-Like” Modes”

    1. I dont understand why people do this when they ARENT EVEN FIRST!!! Did you look above you before posting this? Chris beat you by a milli-second…

      1. Bad idea,

        If you start including characters like Zelda, Sonic etc. Sony + Microsoft fanboys will say its babyish and stuff like “Nintendo cant handle serious games without gimmicks”

        Personally, i think you have a good idea … but also one that fuels anti-Nintendo people into flaming Wii U.

        1. Ironically is the opposite, let haters gonna hate, nobody hate that Link was in Gamecube, even the people with Xbox(me, who was a gift for a bingo….the irony) love Spawn there. But at the same time, those feature are already, i’ll not care if Little Mac and other boxer(King Hippo? PIston Honda?) from Punch Out! make their cut here, that wold be amazing

        2. They are hipocrites… Only a “baby” would complain about somthing sooo stupid. A baby calling kick-ass cartoon characters “babies”….. jesus christ…

  1. “That being said though, a lot of the online modes and customisation on the 360 and PS3 will be geared towards the core audience a little bit more.”

    What does he mean by that?

    Won’t the same experience be on the WII U?

    1. core audience must mean good tekken players and i dont think that they would enjoy playing competitively with the extra modes of the wii u version

    2. I think it means 360 and PS3 won’t have wacky online modes like the U and will instead be just normal fighting

      1. Yeah, the PS3/360 will also have online modes, but they are not going to be crazy like the ones in the Wii U version.

        1. Who says the Wii U’s online modes are going to be “crazy” and “wacky?” They said the Wii U version will have every mode that the Xbox and PS3 have as well as some exclusive to the Wii U.

    3. Yes and no.
      All 3 versions will have all of the same standard fighting modes, but the Wii U version will have modes exclusive to the console on top of the normal ones that all the others have.
      Modes that add things into the combat instead of just being pure fighting, to make it more exciting. The modes won’t be forced onto competitive players though, and they likely won’t be fit for tournaments unless said tournaments are set up around them specifically.
      So, needless to say, the Wii U version will simply have more to look forward to.[If you’ve got an open mind, that is]

      1. Oh ok I understand your explanation better. Thanks. I was worried a bit there. Thinking that the WII U would get a dumb down online like the fifa series on the wii.

        Get N or Get OUT!!!

  2. Aslong as developers support Nintendo this time even more on online assuming its online is alot better. Atleast twice as good…

  3. Tekken = Digitised tits & pussy for people who cant get any in real-life.

    Teenage boys will be flooding their bedrooms worldwide when this thing gets released. XD

      1. He talk about the Swimsuit DLC, who i think that was a cheap gimmick too, the game would have been better without it, heck even DoA in 3ds is a solid fighter, but his bad reputation doomed that game with 3DS demography(old Nintendo fans and their family)

    1. You’re thinking of the chicks from Dead or Alive…..Tekken doesn’t come as close to being a T-P&A-fest as DoA does.
      Heck, I’d argue that even Soul Calibur has more bust-tacular moments than Tekken.

  4. What Namco-Bandai Games need to do is to create a promo trailer to Tekken Tag 2 for the U. Hopefully during this fall’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

  5. yeah only the mario fans were jumping and screaming. don’t ever assume every nintendo fan is a mario junkie. that’s just ignorant.

    1. True, I’d actually rather see Zelda references in the game.
      But it’s just that Mario happens to be Nintendo’s mascot, so that’s the thing that first pops into people’s heads with the word “Nintendo”.

      1. I wonder why this is like this? There are very few people who actually portray Captain Falcon for who he actually is. A dignified bounty hunter who cares for others. A lot of people portray him as a maniac who goes “Falcon PUNCH!” nearly all the time.

        Something I think would be better for a maniac would go like this. “Pyrrhon… PUNCH!” If you played a certain 3DS game, you can tell who I’m talking about.

        By the way, I’m just stating an honest opinon.

  6. Nintendo finally put a tab for Wii U on their North American website but it only has the info from E3… *sad face*

  7. I hope there is a cut-scene where Kuma gets a massive stiffy and fucks Panda to death ….

    Then Roger Jr. gives Kuma a blow job and bites his cock off.

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  9. I think they should make you can turn thre Nintendo features on and off in the options. Or just make it a seperate mode. Have Arcade and Vs. mode for the traditional Tekken players and a Nintendo mode for the modified gameplay with mushrooms and whatever else. Leave luck to heaven.

  10. Nintendo modes:
    1.Lag mode
    2.Bad jaggy low hd mode
    3.Sequel mode
    4.lie mode
    5.Recycled level mode
    6.Senior citizen mode
    7.sales chart mode
    8.Innovasion mode
    9.Xl mode
    10.Cliche story mode
    11.Gimmick mode
    12.Weeaboo mode
    13.Revision Mode

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