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Injustice Developer Doesn’t Have ‘Killer Feature’ For Wii U GamePad

Injustice: Gods Among Us creative director Ed Boon has admitted to Polygon that the development team has yet to implement a killer feature using the Wii U GamePad. Boon says that all formats will include the same feature sets, but the team would like to do something unique with the Wii U GamePad that’s not a gimmick.

“Right now, all the systems are in parity with the same feature sets. We’re obviously going to have some conversation about the Wii U’s unique controller and how to use it in a fighting game that’s not just a gimmick. I don’t want to just have a touch screen that shows all the secret moves and you just press them to fire them off. Thankfully the game isn’t out until next year, but it’s certainly not something that we’ve cracked yet.”

36 thoughts on “Injustice Developer Doesn’t Have ‘Killer Feature’ For Wii U GamePad”

    1. Oh, so many congratulations go out to you for managing to press 5 keys on your keyboard before anyone else.

  1. I cant exactly think of a way a 1 v 1 fighter would use it if im honest, so not a big deal to be, but, now we know its coming to the WiiU :D looks great.

  2. Here we go again. Wii U games don’t need “killer features” for the touchscreen! In fact, games don’t even need to use the touchscreen at all. There are a lot of DS games that use only buttons. So what? Injustice could simply put the fighters’ move sets on the lower screen. That’s it. No touching, no “shortcuts”, no motion control.

  3. Ed Boon’s having difficulty because its a multiplatform game with the same feature set. When he did the wii mortal kombat game, the controls were almost good, but the game wasn’t built around em. The pace of the game was faster than the controls, so you’ll be at a disatvantage against smarter AI opponents who can move faster than you and people playing with the classic controller.
    He wont be able to come up with anything good unless he builds a game around the controller.

  4. He doesn’t have to use the touch screen if he doesn’t want to. Who says all games have to use it? I don’t care if a game just puts a logo there or even just turns it off, as long as the control for the game feels right.

  5. I don’t really care if they do or not, but they can just put on special move shortcuts onto the gamepad’s screen like they did with the bottom screen for SSF4 on the 3DS. Not really needed, but it would be a good feature to have.

  6. I’m so tired of people still not using the U-pad the way it should be used.
    It is supposed to be used like that “game” Panorama View.

    You see the game itself on the tv but the controller works as a new view to look 360 for enemies for example that can be behind you and you need to check your surroundings.
    This would revolutionize Survival Horror games alot and Racing.

    I think Zombi U is the closest to that.
    Sure it’s great using it for menus or inventory but it’s not really breath-taking…

    1. “It is supposed to be used like that “game” Panorama View.”

      Yeah, because it makes so much sense to use Panaoramic views. In a fighting game. Derp.

  7. Just because the touch pad thing is there, it doesnt mean that EVERY game has to use it.

    Id rather have intuitive controls on the controller than have some lame touch screen function that doesnt do anything particularly useful.

    1. The gamepad is the best the dual analog and tablet will probably ever be it has everything they both are missing and probably more butt its a gimmick if sonysoftapple would’ve made it best innovation award it’s ridiculous

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    1. Thats why 99% of gamers will complain about fighting games on Wii U & 3DS.

      You spend ages getting good at a fighting game, then the first person you play online is a button mashing bastard who uses EZ combos because they cant be bothered to learn the game.

      EZ combos are the WORST THING EVER.

      Learn to play a fighting game properly or dont fucking bother buying them!!

  9. Im sure they can come up with somthing unique. I mean the have like a whole year to figure it out. Not really a big deal. I hope they come up with somthing good and if they dont…WHO CARES!? I am so getting this game anyway. Looks awesome!

  10. i think it would be cool if you could use the touch screen to interact with the environments. i mean they showed that you can do that in the demo, so why not make it so you can just tap the environmental object or even tap the specials meters that they showed….there are some good possibilities that dont involve putting combo shortcuts, they just need to actually try thinking about them

  11. How about this…

    Take a photo of your penis with the Wii U camera and it can be displayed on the touch screen whilst you play a game.

    Then you can use your own dick as a weapon to fire piss at your enemies.

    And you could celebrate when you win a game by having a “DIGITAL WANK” … Then you dont have to annoy your parents by wiping your real dick on the curtains after a real wank.

  12. Use it motion wise. For a block you hold it up to the screen like you are actually blocking. On the screen it will show first person view of the block.

    1. Im going to use my cock motion to fuck you to death!

      My cock is un-blockable and my special move is …..


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  14. You could make this 4 players, all using the Wii U pro controller (whatever its called)… The downside being… its lazy. And other devs might stop trying to innovate… … maybe have all the guages and info stuff on the gamepad so on the tv it looks more cinematic. That’s how I played Metroid Prime- no helmet, no HUD, more real.

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