Pokemon Clone Little Masters Is Now On The App Store

Little Masters, a game that is suspiciously similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise, is now available on the App Store. The game is developed by Riida and sees you become a Master of Monsters. Little Masters allows you to breed and train your monsters and is available to download now.

148 thoughts on “Pokemon Clone Little Masters Is Now On The App Store”

    1. If you find this shitty, you must be finding Pokemon shitty too. Because this is basically the exact same thing as the battling scene of Pokemon, just with different looking monsters/Pokemon.

      1. thats bs bro. this is a fake rip off with no style or class or originality.

        pokemon is the original and only one worth playing .

        if you would play this , you’r not a gamer . you’r a retard.

        Nike shoes , or some $10 fake ones ???????? i’l take Nike’s ……….

        1. I’m surely not going to ask a fanboy for his definition of what a “gamer” is. I know I am a gamer, and that’s enough for me. The amount of fucks I give about the opinion of a fanboy could be compared to the amount of common sense of those fanboys. Right, it’s non-existent.
          And btw, your comment doesn’t even have much to do with what I said. The person I answered before was judging the game by its looks, not its content or whatsoever. And as we can see, it looks (as I said in my previous comment already) just like Pokemon. So, if this Anonymous person thinks this game is shitty because of its looks (which I assume because I don’t think he actually tried the game), it means nothing else than him finding Pokemon shitty looking as well.
          And about the shoe-thingy… Unlike you, I wouldn’t see any reason why not to buy those non-Nike shoes if they look equally good. And I must say I am not a big fan of Nike’s products neither, but anyway.

          1. hahaha . you have some serious courage to defend fake Nike’s and pokemon , i’l give you that much .

            but most importantly , that doesnt make you cool or correct. infact its quite the oposite !!!

            good day to you maddam !!! * rides high horse pretentiously *

      2. nice name though . i hope you named yourself after Kairi from street figher Alpha on the ps1. and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts.

        i used to call my self Kairi in a variety of online games. mainly of which was PSO for gamecube.

      3. You sound so stupid right now. It’s amazing how you think hating this game for a completely different reason is the same thing as hating it because it’s like the original.

      4. It is safe to assume that this game was developed as a quick cash grab, as the devs would KNOW it had a high chance of being taken down, and as such the content can’t be high quality. The sprites, from what I can see, are almost all rip offs of other Pokemon, and your average Pokemon game has a development time of probably at least a year, if not longer, to get to the quality that they are. There is no way an unofficial iOS clone could match the quality of Pokemon. One doesn’t need to play it to know that.

          1. “If you find this shitty, you must be finding Pokemon shitty too. Because this is basically the exact same thing as the battling scene of Pokemon, just with different looking monsters/Pokemon.”
            Sounds an awful lot like you’re saying the two games are… what was it in your words? Oh, right, the “exact same thing”.

            1. Oh wow…
              If you would have read it properly, you’d notice that I said it LOOKS the same as the BATTLING SCENE of Pokemon. I didn’t express my opinion about the actual gameplay or anything else. How could I ? I didn’t even play it.
              Means, I said that they LOOK the same way, not that they are the same in every single aspect.

  1. So, Apple got a GOOD LOOK at this game and found it entirely acceptable to make it available on their app store? Talk about quality control…

    1. I doubt Apple really cares if the apps they put up are based on another company’s material. They’re publishing it but in their terms and conditions all legal responsibility remains with the developer. So if Nintedo or Gamefreak decided to sue, Apple doesn’t take a dent.

  2. Not gonna lie, whether or not Nintendo takes these guy down, they should totally hire them as sprite artists. Not even joking, based on the few screenies of this I’ve seen, I like their designs better than I liked the last generation of Pokemon’s designs.

  3. I don’t know why they’re so hellbent on making the name “Little Masters”.

    Just call it “That Shitty Pokemon Rip-Off” and Nintendo will prolly just laugh their asses off. Maybe these guys won’t get sued if they do this.

    1. Why “shitty” ? Do you find Pokemon shitty too ? I’m assuming you do, since this looks basically exactly like Pokemon. Just with different sprites.

        1. Well, he called the game “Little Masters” a “shitty rip-off”. Since we don’t have any other footage of the game except for those screenshots, he must have judged the game just by them. Means, he called the game shitty because of the way it looks like. And as many people here already said, it obviously does look like Pokemon. And to which conclusion does this lead ? Right, if he thinks this rip-off looks shitty, he must be thinking that Pokemon games look equally shitty, because this game looks absolutely similar to the Pokemon games.

          1. I think what he means by “shitty” is how little creativity was put into making a clone of it.

            Though you’re speculation could be right also, but that’s just how i perceive his use of the term.

          2. That’s some shit logic you got there. That’s like saying “If you think Call of Duty’s shit, you think every FPS is shit.”

            No, shithead, I say its shitty because its a shitty rip-off. The quality of Pokemon is still as subjective as ever (and I’m on the “Its hella good” side of the spectrum).

            1. Eh… No.
              First of all, everyone who plays FPSs knows that Call of Duty is completely different from other FPS games. I’m assuming you don’t play FPS games, because if you would, you wouldn’t have given that example which doesn’t even make sense.
              And the second point… I can’t remember saying that the quality of this game exceeds the quality of Pokemon games. That might be because I never said such a thing.
              And how can you tell that the game is a ‘shitty’ rip-off ? Did you actually play it ? Do you know how the rest of the gameplay looks, besides the fighting system ? Do you know anything about the game at all, except for the things that are displayed on the screenshots ? I doubt so. So, how can you tell that the game is shitty ? I’m not saying it is not shitty, because unlike you and many others here, I don’t jump to conclusions without even having tried the game.

      1. stop defending this lifeless cheap rip off lol !!!!! are you for real!!

        why would you play this ?? the pokemon ARE NOT real!!! there is no online , no trading , no heart no soul and most importantly , no feeling that you supported one of your favorite developers , ie – gamefreak.

        if you are going to suport pathetic rip offs like this.

        don’t bother with gaming . just giveup and do something else .

        1. Yes, I am real.
          I would play it because the real Pokemon games aren’t offered on the Appstore and because I like Pokemon. And judging by the looks of the game, I’m expecting that this game would deliver a similar experience as Pokemon does. Most likely not an experience as good as Pokemon’s, but kind of similar.
          And as I told you in an earlier comment, I am not going to ask a fanboy about what he thinks about video games. And I don’t think I have to remind you of the amount of fucks I give about their opinion. And I definitely do not think of giving up on video games, not at all. And much less if it’s a fanboy telling me to do so.

          1. basically DO NOT PLAY OR BUY THIS GAME , stfu buy a cheap DS get all the pokemon games and STFU!!!!!!! you just lost hard.

            you calnt justify even saying the smallest positive thing about this horror clone.

            cheap scape with no style. my work is done here

            i am getting pokemon black 2 on launch day and that is all that matters. because i have been playing POKEMON for over 10 years now . and i dont plan on stopping.

            1. Explain me how I “lost”. This is a discussion, and as far as I know, that’s nothing one can win or lose.
              Is the original Pokemon offered on the Appstore ? No, it’s not. Do I want to play Pokemon on my phone as well, besides from the other systems I have it on ? Yes, I do.
              And it’s really fantastic for you that you plan on buying the next Pokemon game as well on launch day, like thousands of other people also plan to do, but I didn’t ask you about the story of your life, nor do I see how it’s relevant to this discussion.

              1. ”Do I want to play Pokemon on my phone as well, besides from the other systems I have it on ? Yes, I do.”

                well done . you have proven my point. you CANNOT play pokemon on your phone. and you never will be able to.

                this piece of shit doesnt come close to pokemon. its a fukin embarasment at best.

                the ds is portable. take it whereever you go play pokemon. just like you want to do on your shitty phone.

                god its like arguing with someone who has no clue about anything.

                basically enjoy your bootleg horror clone. i can almost guarantee you it wont be even be 10% as good as pokemon is.
                why ?? because it i fukking fake .

                1. I don’t see how that quote proves anything you’ve said.
                  And by the way, I can play Pokemon on my phone. There’s something called “emulators”, you know ? I was trying to say that I want to play Pokemon games I don’t own on other systems already. I phrased it the wrong way before, I guess.
                  And how do you know that the game is a piece of shit ? You obviously didn’t try it yet, so why do you jump to conclusions without knowing shit ? But yea, I guess that’s just one of the many negative traits of a fanboy.
                  And sometimes there are situations I don’t/can’t have my DS with me. I don’t carry it to every single place I’m going to, sorry. But I always do have my phone with me. You get the point, I hope.
                  And uh, I can’t enjoy a game I don’t own. But as I said before, I don’t jump to conclusions without having tried it.

          2. Kairi, unless you plan to jailbreak your iphone and then find a ripped copy, I wouldn’t buy this clone, it’s going to turn out like all the others, I don’t know if anyone remembers the bootleg pokemon diamond version from the 90’s or not, but it’s basially going to be/is like that game…

    1. They dont even face their opponent….

      It like they’re saying, “Whatever, do what you want. Im gona look at this tree”

    1. “Hey Frooooooggyyyyy!!”

      Fuck Big the Cat…making me play his missions just so i can listen to Open Your Heart, what a selfish asshole

  4. I think Nintendo isn’t even going to lose their time with this rip-off… not worth it. And they didn’t even make any effort to make it look different from Pokemon!

    1. Im not gona say its shit, but why support a company riding on someone elses success? Its like it you had an awesome idea to make millions and then someone came along amd stole your idea, and founded the largest PC company in the world, how you feel?

        1. At least you are not raging.Yes, I know it´s a rip off,but don´t hate.Maybe with the money they get ,they could come up with an original idea.

              1. Did I say I’d play it illegally ? Not that I know.
                But even if I did, it would have helped me indeed, because that would mean I’m not supporting those who created the game, which is the reason I was being critized.

        1. Pokemon games still look the same as they did on the GBA, it’s getting tired and ugly at this point. That shit needs to evolve already…. to 3D!!!

          1. Hm, well that’s a point I guess. But it’s your opinion. I think many of the Pokemon fans would be disappointed if the style would change. I would even say that more Pokemon fans would be disappointed by the change than being happy about it. I like it the old way as well, but of course I can’t make a final decision without having seen an alternative version.


    1. Pokemon makes pomemon looks like crap especially the animie. Digimon wipes its ass with pokemon back and forth. And before you say but pokemon was first SO FUCKING WHAT SO I KNELL TO ALPHA POKEMON OH THANK YOU FIRST FUCK IT GOD SAYS KILL EVRY FIRSTBORN BITCHES!
      Besides DISNEY would have been at the top without ripping off fairytales left and right even lion king so SUCK IT POKEMON FANS

        1. Digimon atleast had a story and ending so far unlike pokemon lmfao is ash still 10 HOLY FUCKING JEW SHIT man and what kind of retard what the same jokes and punchlinebut in different setting smh. Evrything after kanto was shit. Hell after rthe first few episodes the tone of the show starting dwandling to thise fucking sexy little kids. Anyways digimon was more mature even toucjing on death meaning of life and killed gods. The deepest pokemon ever got was wondering if ash was a faggot because the queer nver fuck those dykes he befreanded unlike brock. Brock dont give a shit how young that pussy is he fuck first ask age later.

  6. SUSPICIOUSLY similar??? Even a person with no eyes can see that it’s nothin more than a copy of pokemon. Haha Riida should get sued twice for this.

  7. Well Nintendo won’t put out Pokemon on smartphones anytime soon. Pokemon on phones makes a lot of since too, it can use all the features such as being connected to a network at all times which is key in my book. Little Monsters does that even though its a direct clone, plus its free people.

    I would download this game but I don’t have an iPhone.

  8. so first someone makes a Mario ripoff called Leprechaun World, then some android people copy Pushmo with BlockStory, and now someone for apple copied Pokemon with Little Masters… exactly how many times have people wanted to be as successful as Nintendo?

  9. This happens all the time. Not too long ago “Mole Karts” was up. As soon as the Big n gets wind of clones, they get taken down, which is reasonable.

  10. I’m actually not mad. I find it somewhat funny, I might even try it for shits and giggles. I’m waiting for the creators to come up with an excuse on how it isn’t a blatant Pokemon ripoff. Im waiting for a legend of Zelda ripoff.

  11. Just tried the new game on the app store, I have to say it is very disappointingly not like Pokemon. The key problem is that you can’t move around, there is no map and you are stuck at the barn in the first screenshot for the entire game. How do you find monsters? Well, you hire people to find them for you of course! Everything about this game falls into the freemium wait-or-pay trap that really isn’t what made Pokemon so popular at all.

  12. I’d play this since it looks fun. I have no idea why you all have to white knight Nintendo. If they have a problem with it, they will handle it. I have no reason to hate an alternative to one of my favorite series that I can play on the iOS.

  13. Omg. Wtf is wrong with people? Why is everyone throwing insults at this game? It confuses me beyond points that I can understand.. Look. All those people out there who are saying “don’t get this it’s a rip off its shit etc etc” is being stupid. U can hate me all u want I really don’t care about opinion. Stop hating this game so much. There is no reason to hate it u only hate it cause it’s not original. Fuck off faggot fanboys. U know nothing of this game. Maybe it’s terrible. Maybe it’s not. Just stop hating. I mean come on. There was a game that came out called “survival craft” a while ago. That’s almost just like minecraft. That wasn’t deleted. I haven’t heard or seems anyone hate on that game. So why hate on this one? Grow up fanboys. Just grow the hell up.

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