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HMV Accidentally Advertises Dual Circle Pad Nintendo 3DS XL

A reader from Nintendo Gamer magazine found a point of sale display in his local HMV store which mistakenly advertised the Nintendo 3DS XL console as having a second Circle Pad. The image, which was taken from the store, is actually a fan-made mockup of how the Nintendo 3DS could look with an additional Circle Pad.

121 thoughts on “HMV Accidentally Advertises Dual Circle Pad Nintendo 3DS XL”

    1. Pretty much. This isn’t the first time a retailer has done this either. This type of thing has happened quite a few times in the past with different systems and games.

      I can’t see how hard it is to get an accurate picture and description straight from the source. Some companies…. lol

  1. 0/10, Will not buy.

    Honestly.. I think it will not support circle pad pro as it’s too big. It is also not to be considered as a portable system as it’s too big. Just as the old xl… Original 3ds is still best 3ds :)

    1. Too big? I’m pretty sure it’s considered portable as long as it doesn’t have to be permanently plugged into the wall and can hold it’s own charge for a while.
      Stupid store though, I’m not a huge fan of HMV, their pricing is stupid.

      1. Only thing that I like with it is that it has better battery time. But as it will not support the current Circle Pad pro I see it as a really bad move to buy it for all the two of us that has the circle pad pro.

        And yes, I think it’s too big. A portable system shall according to me strive to be as small as possible.

        1. To add: I dislike how Nintendo re-release the same system over and over again with slightly different colours and worst of all: Trimmed or fattened versions. I was really sceptical back when they released the DS lite because I thought it was a really bad move from Nintendos side.

          I am afraid to buy Nintendo consoles before they release it in my favorite colour: Black. Happily they had 3ds as black from the start, so I was really happy :)

          1. Yes, because you SOMEHOW have to buy every revision that Nintendo makes, huh, kid?

            And yeah, there’s NO ONE who’d want a DS Lite, nooo.

          2. This is common practice in the tech world. You must have been born yesterday, so all I can say is get use to it. All companies do it.

          3. Firesplitter, you contradict yourself. First you say handhelds should be small as possible (a bizarre logic imo), then you say you thought DS lite was a bad idea which was much smaller and overall a massively better design than DS Phat.

      1. I know… I’m just really sick of Nintendo re-releasing the same system all over again just to make you buy the same system twice. It’s so unnecessairy and only makes me annoyed when they actually release a new edition that seems better. It makes you feel screwed for buying their stuff at day 1.

        1. Its not really new, its just another option, doesnt have any essential features that cant ge done on the normal 3DS.

        2. Noone is “making you buy the same system twice”. I’d actually prefer a normal 3DS over the XL. If you dont want to buy it then don’t, it just another option for those who don’t already have one, they can decide between the two.

          1. Same, like thats its smaller, plus the colours and finish are better. I havent bought one yet but i want that midnight purple one, or whatever its called, looks damn sexy

          2. You’re right, no one is forcing us, but anyone in their right mind wouldn’t buy this if they already have 3DS, because the XL isn’t new. That’s just a downright silly move forNintendo. They

        3. everyone does that.. it’s general practice

          just count the number of different versions with various hardware changes of the xbox360 (5 or 6 rereleases depending on what you’d consider a rerelease) and ps3 (5 or 6 aswell) that were released and you’ll notice that nintendo actually does it less often than sony and microsoft
          the wii for example only had 1 or 2 rereleases that had more differences than just the color of the casing (one was the family edition and the other came with a wiimotion plus instead of the standard wiimote)

          the psp and nds are on par tho (both 3 rereleases)

    2. It really just depends on what you consider “portable”, is portable something that fits in a pocket, or something that can fit in a bag, something that’s one self contained unit? A laptop is portable. A tablet is portable. A DS XL and 3DS XL are both portable.

  2. Why do people say fail? this is a fan made concept idea, if you dont like what they have done, why not create something better and suggest your idea so other people can shoot you down…

    1. Its fail because HMV, an actual retail store, is advertising the 3DS using this photoshopped concept idea. This is an actual advertisement in HMV which obviously did NO research and just jumped online and grabbed the first pic they saw. This isn’t even an XL either.

  3. Lmao, how could they be so stupid? Just shows how good their market research is.
    It’s a bad sign when you advertise a product that doesn’t even exist.

  4. or maybe he entered a vortex in space-time getting a glimpse of an alternate reality where the original DS was only 55% the size of the DS in our reality and where the DS XL was released with 2 sticks instead of 1 and of course 82% bigger thus reaching the size of our normal DS

    looking at the possibilities i think it’s entirely probable :D

      1. hey.. i never wrote that.. or maybe i didn’t yet?

        now i’ve made myself wonder how on earth these poor people are supposed to play on a 3ds that’s only 55% the size of ours.. it seems inhuman

        1. thinking about it.. possibly their hands are simply only 55% the size of ours.. unfortunately the hands of the man in the background of the picture are obscured.. we will need someone to go back there and make sure

  5. Why is there so many people who want it to utilize the circle pad pro? I have a normal 3DS and dont/never use(d) a circle pad pro…I dont know what the big deal is about it.I can play every game just fine.

            1. Ha ha, I was wondering what leakemia was! Listen bud, if you’re gonna use the, “die of cancer” bit. At least get you’re spelling right!!

  6. Every time i buy a game from HMV its covered in dust or scratched to hell (if its a disc) because they keep all their games shoved in drawers behind the counter and not in the proper cases.

    I never buy stuff from HMV anymore.

  7. … :| If anyone with a 10% brain can tell, it’s straight up a photoshopped image of the original 3DS. Who on Earth is that going to fool. Yet another article that’s an absolute waste of my life time. X(

  8. Maybe the 3DS XL shown at Nintendo Direct was really a prototype… The picture in this post does show similarities to the 3DS XL at Nintendo Direct… So maybe they added a circle pad. I’d buy it, but why would Nintendo make a model based off of a fan-made version?

  9. wait for the right Vita deal, for 50$ more you will get a bad ass portable, same amount of storage as the XL and maybe a game. At least I’ve been seeing deals like this in Canada.

    1. Great, another fucking Sony fanboy!

      Go and shove your cock in a PS3 and electrocute yourself to death … Fucking sony fag

        1. That game got poor reviews, like 5/10. 2 was great, 3 was apparenty alright, but Burning Skys got pretty negative responce.
          I dont see the point in Vita. Theyre trying to replicate whats already available on a console. They need to do what Nintendo do, make titles that you wouldnt see on PS3.

    1. What do you mean?

      Are you saying the extra stick is hideous? Or the 3DS in general?

      If you are saying the 3DS is hideous, you can piss off and buy an Xbrick

      1. I meant the extra circle pad. It just looks badly placed. It’s just not good for handhelds. Just keep it on Xbox 360 controller….

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  11. Also, we have a perfect example here of a store manager or designer looking on Google images and printing off whatever random they find. I just did a search for ‘3DS XL’ and came across the exact same picture about halfway down the page, showing it to be originally posted by CNet Asia in June 2012.

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    1. Yeah, lets blow fuck out of every HMV store we can find … or at least those that havent closed down yet.

  14. You know damn well if Alba was posting this, the article would read
    “Dual Circle Pad coming out for 3DS?”

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