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Deadpool For Wii U Is Not Confirmed

A couple of days ago, it seemed like the Deadpool video game was confirmed for Wii U. During a Q&A session at Comic-Con, a fan asked if she or he can play Deadpool and a panelist replied by saying, “You will be able to play on the Wii U.” The panelist was referring to the Wii U version of Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, in which you can play as the character Deadpool in the game. However, Deadpool may come to Wii U because no platforms have been officially announced.

75 thoughts on “Deadpool For Wii U Is Not Confirmed”

      1. i was going to say the same thing, if this game doesnt come out for wiiu or pc, im not buying it :/

    1. Well… Your gravatar says it all pretty well… If you know what I mean.

      Good fake Aeolus though… Nah, not really…

  1. It seems that this looks like duke nukem forever, hopefully it won’t take too long like it (and would be good)

    1. Hi Aeolus. Well, I would say that it seems pretty safe for this to land on Wii U as this seems to be a obvious try to repair a leak.

      1. Thats what it looks like to me. Nintendo has some Blue bombshells under their sleeves and their holding them onto them tight. Someone just slip up and is trying to fix it, no way was he referring to Avengers…nice try though…

  2. Its not coming out til next year so they got plenty of time to make it for the U. If not screw them ill play it on 360

  3. Eh, they’ll announce it later. Activision apparently has not confirmed this for any platform, let alone Wii U. But if they’re bringing Marvel Avengers to Wii U, I highly doubt they won’t bring over Deadpool as well.

    1. Activision it’s known for milking games, so it’s coming. There is no need of a confirmation. The same goes to BO2.

      1. Nintendo also MILK NEW super mario bros :P 2 IN A YEAR :p

        one for U and one for the 3ds. Your fanboyism worries me sometimes

          1. Well, he refers to the fact that Nintendo can be as bad as Activision when it comes to milking. Not that milking is a thing that’s always bad though!

                1. now that is a fanboy comment. How comes PEOPLE BEGGED NINTENDO for xenoblade last story and pandora? WELL?!?

                  and games that never got localized?yeah Nintendo are perfect…

        1. I was talking about how Activision brings all their games to all the consoles. Really. Stop bringing irrelevant things to the discussion.

        2. Yeah, NSMB seems to be their new money cow. Not that it harms me though as I’m actually pretty fond of those games. Even though they can never top Super Mario World they’re still pretty good games.

          1. Yeah, but Mario it’s not fucking relevant to this discussion! I agree, NSMB gets milked to hell, but it’s not relevany. now!

            1. Yes, yes it is relevant. The fact that you acknowledged the commonality between Activision and Nintendo means it is relevant. Companies milk franchises (ahem COD, Rock Band, GH etc) and they’re all relevant when discussing the issue of unoriginality and greed in the games industry. To blindly assault activision and then ignore Nintendo’s shortcomings as irrelevant is completely ignorant. No Nintendo doesn’t send its games to other platforms because that would make 0 sense. But the NSMB series, Mario Party series etc are being beaten to death without adding anything new or interesting. But when NSMB2 was announced I’m sure that you didn’t say “oh Nintendo is milking this cow”. And frankly, whether we like it or not, it’s a business world and it’s about money. Pumping out ports and cookie cutter sequels is how these companies are making their money.

                  1. a sign that you lost. Sorry mate. Face it. New super mario is rehashed…If they made a ENTIRELY new 2d platformer then that would be ok :P

                    1. Funny thing it’s that I didn’t even know i was in a debate where I could win or lose. lol

              1. Actually said I thought they milked it. Only different items, levels, backgrounds and stuff, but the gameplay mechanics are the same.

                    1. Not cool, man. Please stop calling people fanboys. I do realize that you’re not as bad as people say, but just because somebody has a different opinion than you doesn’t mean they’re a fanboy.

                      Believe me, there ARE plenty of fanboys on here. But you’re calling out the wrong person this time. He’s agreed multiple times that NSMB is milked. Yet you still call him butthurt and a fanboy.

                      I know you’re a pretty decent guy, but many people would stop being fanboys if you stopped calling them fanboys.

            2. How the fuck is NSMB “milked”? There’s only 4 fucking NSMB. One on every system! Do you know what the fuck “milked” is?

          1. nope. If nintendo are serious about getting core gamers back they NEED multiplats from the word GO…. remember what happened with the 3ds? Yeah dont want a repeat of that do we? apart from 3ds ambassadors of course ;)

            and no PORTS OF old games do not count. Batman and ME3.

              1. Can you blame me really? wii was very dissapointing. Yeah we got great first party games… but where were the third party games? or the GOOD online they promised? And also the gap in games? it left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Many others feel the same. Except fanboys of course (not targetting you am just saying)

                People think wiiU will lose multiplats once again when ps4 and 720 come along. Nintendo have a tough fight ahead… i will embrace them with open arms if they get their fucking act together!

    1. Well. I actually except that. Why shouldn’t I? The 360 was given multiplat from launch, why shouldn’t the Wii U? Also the release of ACIII for it makes it pretty likely to happen.

        1. The Wii U devkit has been out pretty long by now. So I expect them to deliver MOST multiplat games that will be announced for the Wii U as well :)

          1. After re-reading out messages, yeah, I agree with you. By “little while after release” I meant like, right away after release. Pretty much the same as saying when it’s released, I guess. :x

  4. You got one thing wrong: The person asking the question wasn’t asking if they could play Deadpool, they were asking if they could play Avengers on Kinect (“that Kinect game”) since they are in a wheelchair. His question wasn’t answered, unfortunately.

    As for the core of this story, I’m certainly of ths opinion that this game will end up on Wii U anyway.

  5. Aeolujs, why the hell I should feel butthurt whe nI am not even a fanboy. Because a fanboy owns 2 consoles ( Wii, 360) plus PC.

  6. Well if they can pull off a good Deadpool game. Then I want to see a Maximum Carnage game a dark Spiderman none of this bs from the past. Plus you would be able to play with Spidey,Venom and others. Or a real x-men game

  7. It’s funny how everyone flipped out on Sickr for putting the question mark yet it wasn’t confirmed. You always need the benefit of the doubt or else you get to eat their words lol.

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  10. This article was posted in July of 2012!?!?!?! Holy poop chute! That is a long time ago. We’ve only JUST has more information come up on the Deadpool game on May 19, 2013! Almost a year later. 💋

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