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Nintendo Trying To Get Rare & Banjo-Kazooie Back?

An anonymous tipster told ZI that Nintendo is in the process of trying to get Rare back from Microsoft. The tipster claims that Nintendo’s main purpose for doing so is to acquire the rights to the Banjo-Kazooie franchise. Apparently, the negotiation – between Nintendo and Microsoft – has been going on for quite some time and Retro Studios is deep into development on a Banjo-Kazooie game. Are these rumors too good to be true?

250 thoughts on “Nintendo Trying To Get Rare & Banjo-Kazooie Back?”

    1. Bah. Rare is a former shell of itself. All of it’s most talented staff left years ago (many went to Retro). It wasn’t just Microsoft that ruined it, it was already in bad shape. The Stamper bros. are long gone and the company is dead. Get Banjo back by all means, but don’t let Rare near it. Or any other core franchise for that matter. Let them make Kameo games or something else that no one cares about.

        1. As you say: Many of Rares good men left for Retro. But if Rare came back “home” to Nintendo I think some of them might come back. Or else a cooperation between Rare and Retro would be possible. If Rare returned to Nintendo I think that would bring back some of the glory from the golden 90’s which I would be happy to experience.

                1. This would actually be an awesome name for it.
                  The rumour sounds too good to be true, but oh well, one can dream…

            1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

              No, Retro won’t be crippled if Rare was sold to Nintendo. Both Rare and Retro would be working on the games as much as they would. Intelligent Systems is owned by Nintendo, and is it crippled? NOOOOO!

        2. Doesn’t matter, important thing is that Nintendo (if this hard to believe rumor would be true of course) gets the rights to make more games for those amazing franchises.
          They can ditch Rare as it is now and let for example Retro work on either Banjo Kazooie, Conker or one of their other cool games.

          Not a reliable source at all, but I WANT TO BELIEVE IT : P

          1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

            Oh no, Retro Studios cannot use Rare’s characters ’cause they are still owned by Microsoft and if Retro Studios used them… they could slapped with a lawsuit for copyright violation.

            And there’s no way Microsoft is giving away their franchises or characters to other corporations just for the purpose of continuing a franchise.

            1. Not that I disagree with you (quite the contrary actually), but are you implying that I stated otherwise, or……?

      1. Did it ever cross your mind that if Nintendo re-acquired Rare, they could work together to put great talent back INTO the company from Nintendo’s own ranks to start making great games again?
        Yes, Rare is a shell of its former self right now.
        But I say that Nintendo could fill that shell with talent and a love for games again, in a way that Microsoft has failed to do.

        1. haven’t you ever play Civilization? everyone knows that when you take units from your ranks and gift them to city states it only hurts you in the long run.

      2. Nintendo can bring them back up like all of their studios weren’t popular or great until they got with Nintendo. Hal Laboratory was third party until Nintendo step with them leading them to make games for Nintendo Platform all the way and quite a few of them were PC but not associated with Nintendo but failed.

      3. Excatly. Let’s just get the rights to Rare’s IPs, that’s all we really need. “many went to Retro” sadly they didn’t have a position for Grant Kirkhope when he applied… they should have MADE one.

      4. Not only do we love you, but Microsoft should realize that it is good for the gamers. Nuts and Bolts went to far…

    2. Ok seriously,I don’t believe this:”An anonymous tipster told ZI that Nintendo is in the process of trying to get RARE back from Microsoft.
      retro studios is deep into development on a Banjo-Kazooie game.”

      How is that RETRO is developing/working without having the copyrights of Banjo-Kazooie??

      1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

        Yep, it’s false. I’m sorry, but Nintendo will never be able to get Rare back from Microsoft, even if they asked… what is lost is lost, we have accept the fact that it’s ruined… and MOVE ON. Simple as that. And say goodbye to the Star Fox franchise after Q-Games has made the prequel to Star Fox 64.

        1. Say goodbye to Starfox? Miyamoto said he wanted to make one for Wii U, and when Miyamoto wants something, he gets it.

      1. It would, and then we could get a proper DK64 sequel. Sorry Retro, the tikis were a clever idea but Kremlings all the way.

    3. youtube: my channel: megagonzo222 – if anyone wants to see banjo kazooie again on Nintendos roster of games or Rare back to Nintendo please go to club Nintendos page and enter your console serial number and vote say that you were influenced by rare and by banjo kazooie and thats why you bought specific games so that Nintendo may buy them back I contacted Nintendo personally and they told me well too long to explain just go under show more on 11:00 long video under that go all the way to bottom almost for letter sent to me!

    1. Yep, i would love to see a new Jet Force Gemini on Wii U or 3ds, personally i reckon it was secretly Rares best game on N64.

  1. hell yes banjo kazooie was one of the best nintendo 64 games at that time nintendo get conkers bad fur day back and ill be the happyest guy :)

  2. If it is true, I will go find Reggie, and shine his shoes, mow his lawn, raise a barn, and many other chores!

    1. Hope he reads this and forces you to do this, THEN we can talk about Rare… I hope that your body is ready!

      1. I’d have a LOT more to talk about than Rare… *cough*Mother*cough* But I would fraaking kill to have Rare back where it belongs :D

    1. Agreed. But it’s unlikely. “An annonymous source.” And Retro wouldn’t have the rights to develop Banjo Kazooie. Our best hope is if Nintendo already got Rare back, and have been very secretive about it.

  3. “an anonymous tipster” that should already set off a bunch of red flags. Nintendo would never spend that kind of money to get rare back, Not for one ip. Especially considering the fact that they are such garbage developers nowadays.

    1. Agree with the “Not for one IP” and the red flags part. But I think Nintendo would spend that kind of money to get Rare back. Considering how their loss of them was a big punch at their pride. Almost, if not as big as, their loss of Sqare and Enix when they started to develop for Sony systems.

        1. That’s all I care about! Give Nintendo back Banjo Kazooie so we can enjoy it again like old times! It would be really cool if the Banjo Kazooie games could one day be added to the Wii e shop.

    2. In that case you haven’t got a clue as to how many would buy a Wii U, JUST FOR THAT ONE IP. Let alone for that plus the other awesome franchises.


  5. This rumour from the anon is false. And Iwata hinted at a new Donky Kong game when he held up bananas during the N-Direct presentation before E3 2012. So its possible that a new DK game is being made, and it would probably be developed by Retro Studios.

    1. Iwata wasn’t hinting at a new DK game w/ the bananas (which was a boss move, btw). It was because it came right after the DK Nintendo Land game in the Presentation (which involved collecting bananas).

      Of course, it’s possible this didn’t cross his mind and it could have been done for no reason whatsoever (I’d actually like if that were true).

  6. I hate when people say Rare isn’t the company it used to be, imo they could get back on track eventually, after all a lot of Rare people quit when they got transferred to Microsoft. I think some of the older ones would join back up and help make Rare a good team again, maybe after a few games but eventually.

  7. If retro is developing that and the only thing they need rare is for the rights to use the name, then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Also, assuming it ends up happening, there might be a posibility for rare to return to its days of glory, since they have said many times that Nintendo wasn’t as restricting as Microsoft for what they could and couldn’t develop.

    1. siegfried von hater


          1. Nintendo never owned Rare?

            Yeah. Nintendo only owned 49% of Rareware, so when Microsoft bought the other 51%, they had to let them go.

            1. ”Letting them go” could also refer to the fact that Nintendo chose not to buy the other 51%. When Nindidn’t Microsoft bought them out. That’s the part where your information becomes correct.

        1. They have the best Banjo games! I actually still have my N64 somewhere, but I have no idea what my dad did with it. It’s with my SNES. I haven’t played it in awhile and don’t even know what condition it’s in. I really wish I could find it. I really want to play Banjo Kazooie.

  8. I wish rare can read this and know that I love them but I hated nuts and bolts. Also, for a new conker game miss that guy.

    1. Erm… I would say that that force by far surpass the puny Chuck Norris.. Nintendo alone, might surpass Mr. Norris if they return to their former glory (sorry, but it is true)

  9. Maybe they could do some restructuring in that company because they haven’t made a good game in two generations of consoles.

  10. This is a 100% not possible but what if Rare and Retro joined to make RetroRare… just a thought. Can you imagen Banjo/Kazooie and Conker in SSB?

    1. lol its possible; if wii have done this sooner goldeneye would have been on the wii vr in the first place.

  11. IF this is true (which I doubt with every fiber of my being), I hope Nintendo only gets back the signature IPs (Banjo, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, etc.). Anything else from Rare can stay with them and Microsoft.

  12. i hope this isn’t the ‘secret’ game retro was working on…. :[[[ metroid or starfox is far better imo

  13. NO…. nintendo…. don’t waste your time with them…. They’re pretty much not rare anymore.
    Maybe if all the old Dev’s came back, it wouldn’t be so bad…. but… ugg….

    …than again….. maybe nintendo could fix it up…..or maybe the new devs at rare actually have more talent than we think, and Microsoft’s degrading and not taking advantage of them…….

    1. Microsoft is propably degrading them pretty much. Considering how they’re afraid to do anything that’s not Mainstream. (sorry if I sound hipster-ish, but the modern western game design is so godforsaken bad. It’s all about how realistic you can make it and the abound of violence is the thing that tells how “mature” it is)

    2. If they are doing this, they are only doing it for the rights to the Rare franchises, most of the devs there would most likely leave and join a new studio set up by Microsoft to make some more crappy Kinect games.

      But I doubt this will happen, this story is anonymous, why have Retro already started… Wait… “Game everyone wants us to do”… That puts a slight bit of hope in my heart for this story.

    3. They just want the sweet tasty IP’s. And you know what Nintendo does with old IP’s….THEY CREATE THE NEXT BIGGEST ICON OF THE FACE OF GAMING!!!!

  14. Wouldn’t it be stupid if Retro was making a Banjo game wihout even having the rights yet?
    Problems for Nintendo?
    I hope it’s not true when it comes to the game but when it comes to aquire the rights then I`m in, but mostly because of Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark

  15. I doubt this is legit, but, they should get them back, hire new staff, and old, and put them back on track

  16. I never played the games before, but if this does happen, I hope the new Banjo Kazooie game would be a reboot of the series. I think the best choice would be to start fresh, but that’s just my opinion.

  17. I wont go for this one. Everybody was talking about how bringing rare back would be cool, then an anonimous source says its happening?

  18. RARE can go fuck them selves ..nintendo just needs to buy the IPs off microsoft and rare and thats good enough ..they dont need to buy back rare becoz the talented staff member left rare and the games are shit now ..nintendo is talented and can make a banjo kazooie and a conker game them self and RETRO is WAY MORE BETTER THAN RARE !!! It pisses me off that RARE still owns the IPS yet they dont make any new games for them ..rare needs to sell their IPs to a company that can take care of the franchise like RETRO ..RARE is only alowed to make kinect games now so cant they atleast sell the franchises ?

  19. siegfried von hater


    1. Hey Sieg, i foundd your dildo, it was just lying in a back alley, with a bunch of homeless dudes. I think they need a shower, they’re covered in dry milk or something.

  20. This has 2 things working against it. 1, the source is anonymous. That can go either way. 2, retro already working on the game? They need the rights first. God knows how many people would love for this to happen. I mean rare had the best 64 titles and Nintendo could use those characters and franchises back. I’d love a DK64 sequel. So hopefully Nintendo will get rare back, cause bringing back those franchises and getting a new studio for fresh blood, always a good thing. And Microsoft, don’t be a money hungry jerk and keep this from happening cause you want an extra mil. You know you don’t use them anyways

  21. if this is true the we will get banjo kazooie and tooie and goldeneye and other games on the virtual console,but thats if it is true. And if its true they can put these games on wii and wii U’s virtual console,so everyone has a chance to play them.

    1. GoldenEye 007 won’t be on the virtual console just because Rare would be back. The 007 rights are now owned by another company (Activision I think) so would need to be sorted with them and they wouldn’t sanction Nintendo and Rare to do it until they were sure the Wii U is a huge success (personally I’d say do it on the 3DS). Why? As because it won’t be on other consoles they would miss out on millions so would need to make sure they’d get their money from the Wii U. Oh, also won’t happen as this story is bollocks.

  22. It’s a shame all of you are getting your hopes up from an anonymous post stating, what they view, would garner attention. I would like the series to be owned by Nintendo, but I doubt this will be the case. This rumor is similar to how there would be a Metroid/Star Fox crossover – which was a load, to begin with. The same can be said here.

  23. This would explain why nothing from retro was shown at e3 and also supports the rumours that say it was pulled at the last minute as there might have been a hitch in negotiations. Sounds awesome. Fingers crossed.

  24. Probably just a false rumor.
    There is no way Nintendo would already start developing the game before they got the rights. No matter how good the negotiations go, MS can always say no before it’s made official and fuck Nintendo up.

    No company would make such a big mistake.

  25. I knew it!I knew Nintendo were on it!That explains why Rare haven’t shown anything at E3 and neither have Retro.Maybe they will merge the two companies.All i want is Banjo and Conker :D

  26. you know maybe nintendo are just buying the rights to the banjo kazooie series its not like microsoft want it or anything they never make platformers

    also it isnt that rare arent good anymore its that microsoft wont let them make decent games so instead of making that new killer insticnt everyone wanted they are forced to make games like kinect sports! nintendo wouldnt let this

      1. golly you sure showed me the error of my ways. your compelling argument has taught about how wrong i was to make such a radical statement. thank you for your constructive and intelligent input as always.

  27. Being “too good to be true” would imply bringing Banjo-Kazooie and even Rare back. Neither are good news. BK was an overrated game where you basically just bored yourself collecting increasingly ludicrous vast amounts of crap to prolong the life of a full platformer while Rare are not Rare anymore.

    Also, this story is bollocks. Not only will this ever happen but it also never entered the realm of possibility in Nintendo. Just some moronic gamer writing as there’s nothing else to write about. It won’t happen. Ever. Case closed.

  28. I think this is a big lie. If it were true, I would hope they would bring back the Killer Instinct franchise as well. Loved that game. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Actually the Stamper Brothers sold them to Microsoft, Nintendo only owned a 49 percent share in the company so Nintendo sold their part since they kinda had to.

  29. It looks like I’m the only one that saw this and thought BATTLETOADS could come back. Possibly my favorite Rare franchise of all time. I have no interest for Banjo or Conker but Jet Force would be pretty awesome!! I doubt this is true anyway…

  30. If this is true and I’m not getting my hopes up, then maybe we would hopefully see Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the Virtual Console or maybe even a remake of one of those. Imagine the Great Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day throwing shit at you in 3D, TOTAL EPICNESS.

  31. People have to understand that “rare” made many games like Donkey Kong and “Retro” did Donkey Kong Country Returns and not only did they not use the kremelins but it was a great game. Its in good hands. Not only did they do a great donkey kong game but they can also do a great Banjo game.
    Just bring Banjo back to Nintendo. Forget Rare

  32. Sad to say but i’m only being honest here. I have talked to the composer who made songs for goldeneye and banjo from Rare via twitter and he responded back on my twitter with an answer you don’t want to see :(…I even asked him if the company would come back if we all signed a petition and well…Come and check my twitter account to see what he said:

  33. at the very, very least if Nintendo got Rare back we could see a bunch of the great Rare/Nintendo games from the N64 era back on Virtual Console. Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing. These could put some life back into the Virtual Console.

  34. Hmm, it sounds too good to be true. Why would Retro already be deep in developing a Banjo game if they haven’t even acquired the rights to the franchise?

  35. Could they maybe want Banjo-Kazooie for…dun dun dun… SUPER SMASH BROS UNIVERSE!? Seems pretty likely to me. Also, if Microsoft wants to avoid a fan crazed rage against them when in the future someone asks “How come we dont see Banjo-Kazooie here?” and Nintendo says, “We tried, but Microsoft greedily wont let us have them back JUST for the sake of not letting us have them back..” People will hate Microsoft and then Microsoft will have to make some deal with Nintendo so they can AT LEAST get Banjo-Kazooie back…this will all happen out of shame…

  36. Sebastian Mårtensson

    In fact, this IS too good to be true. Seriously, if this was true I’d cry a river of joy. It would be the greatest news I’ve heard since the news of a new Donkey Kong Country-game was release. Please, oh please be true!

    … still, I think it’s not.

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  38. Holy crap please do. Banjo-Kazooie nuts and bolts freaking sucked. We need more and better games in that franchise not to mention the characters in SSB

  39. Just acquire the Banjo-Kazooie and Conka IP, since Rare are now made up of Microsoft employees, so it’s unlikely Nintendo will get Rare. Microsoft aren’t doing anything with Rare’s IP’s so they might as well sell them.

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  41. Can Nintendo buy the rights to Banjo? Or do they have to get Rare back in order for it to happen? Kinda like all or nothing

  42. Oh my actuals I really hope this happens!! It would be worth it literally just for banjo kazooie! Just to be able to download them off the VC shop for Wii/WiiU and they could even make a new one!!

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  44. My god Nintendo needs “Perfect Dark” and “conker” back I mean if rare dose go back to Nintendo maybe they can re-release “GoldenEye” for wii-u but by all means Rare needs to go back to Nintendo and bring all there IP’S with them I mean I wanna see a new perfect dark,banjo and,a new conker my god if rare dose go back to Nintendo I’ll be one happy son of a bitch because the best game developer studio is back where it belong I just hope this turns out true!!!

  45. I hope this is true! I dont know about them buying the whole entire Rare, but i do believe they could be trying to buy the rights to the Banjo-Kazooie series. :) Since they said Retro is working on a Banjo game maybe thats the “secret” game they have been working on??!!

  46. While this definitely sounds like rumor material, there is a real (but very small) chance of this being legit. Even if it’s only for the rights to Banjo Kazooie, a move like this would show that Nintendo really IS interested in getting back the hardcore audience, plus Retro said they’re working on a game that “EVERYONE wants [them] to work on”. Not only that, but I didn’t see anything from Rare this year at E3 (and I was there this year). I’m not saying it’s happening, but it’s very plausible we might have our bear and bird back.

  47. Has Microsoft, Nintendo, Rare or Retro even denied this yet? Because stuff like this tend to get shot down almost immediately.

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  51. They better go through with it…if there smart this would be a BIG!HIT! besides they already mentioned threeie in tooie so they owe it to us…

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  54. Banjo-kazooie is my favorite game. I love Tooie just as much and I was waiting for Threeie for GameCube. But Microsoft bought Rare before the 3rd Banjo-kazooie game got released. Also Banjo-Kazooie would make a perfect SSBB character. Banjo-Kazooie’s special could have something coming from Mumbo Jumbo. It sure would be nice to have Rare back. But Rare is dead. All Ninty needs is the rights to Banjo so that the bear and bird can continue where they left off from Tooie.

    1. Tooie says she’s fine with me. If you go home ill set you free. Here he is the fun begins my tricks and traps well see who wins. Hurry up Kungo push the switch I’m tired of being an ugly old witch. That was a secret how did you know. Did my sister tell you so? The jiggy was for me now harder still the game will be. NINTENDO you just gotta get Rare back!!

  55. I say just get the franchises from rare. if microsoft (F u) dosent want to use them, then they should sell them for money
    besides, isnt that what microsoft wants anyway? MONEY!

  56. Well, we can only dream about that because the main staff of rareware who put in the feel of all the games on SNES & N64 have all left. Secondly, Microsoft initially killed rareware by slaughtering all of the good franchises of Rare. Like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, & Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Sure, Conker Live & Reloaded got some good review but it didn’t have that cartoonistic feeling like it did on the N64. Banjo-Kazooie was awesome enough, and even for how sequels go, Rare nailed it with Banjo-Tooie. Including Donkey Kong Country 1-3, but Country Returns was just…It was good to see it again but…No rare logo….*sniff*…..To Microsoft I say, GTFO. To Rareware I say…I love you. :D To Nintendo I say, try your damn best to get Rare back on your side. (But on the fact that I thought it was stupid to depart with rare because of Bad Fur Day.) Although the others of rare are @ Retro Studios but, I don’t really give a crap even if Rare was just with one person by now, as long as if I could see that Logo again with Nintendo’s.

    BUY THEM BACK!!!!…NOW!!!!

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  59. Yeah, I agree. Microsoft have ruined Rare, Microsoft goes “(Whines) I want to buy Rare from Nintendo! (Whines)” SHUT UP MICROSOFT!!! And bring Rare back to NINTENDO!!! Do you understand?!

  60. Think of this: Retro has been hiding something and that something is huge. Look up the job descriptions they’ve put out and the type of people they’ve hired.
    1) people who can work well with weather, particles and other cinematic stuff
    2) high quality hand painted 2D textures with 3D geometry for environments (banjo with amazing visuals? *coughwiiucough*)
    3) enemies/boss artists
    And they also mentioned they’re aiming for a more mature audience. Now I don’t know about you guys but this could go two ways. Either they could be aiming for that 90s era generation (We are mature now.. right?) or they could continue their line of subtly hidden mature innuendos in Rare games (see Banjo Tooie or hell.. Conker???) or BOTH.
    I’m not much into the whole anonymous BS, but there’s so much more to it. Also that quote from what’s-his-face that Retro is doing something “Everyone has always wanted” could have a grain of truth, you know?
    Also, the rumors about Rare-Microsoft-Nintendo (and correct me if I’m wrong) came out in a date close to when development of a new Retro game came out. No one really confirmed or disproved whether this was successful or not. Everyone has been oddly tight-lipped about all of this.
    If you’re still skeptical, consider this: Not Nintendo… Not Rare… Not Microsoft… No one has shot down the Banjo-Kazooie/Conker/etc rumor like a fellow above pointed out. This shit tends to get shot down quickly (like the guess that retro’s secret is a zelda/donkey kong game. FALSE)
    Now I may be overly hyped and trying to make it piece together for a new Banjo-Kazooie but… what’s your opinion?

  61. Since Killer Instinct is on the XBOX One for me personally there is no benefit to Nintendo buying Rare back.

    I know for whatever reason people get chubbies off of Banjo so a Nintendo led Banjo gave would sell well guess. Not that Nintendo is exactly HURTING in the platform department or anything.

    The only Rare franchises left that would be ‘perfect’ for the Wii U would be Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini and Blast Corps. Maybe even a return of Battletoads.

    P.S. There are more than a few people from the old Rare staff that currently work for Retro Studios now. Just tossing that out there.

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  64. I’m tired of Kinect Sports. Xbox Kinect is very glitchy. I really do think you need to have a controller in your hand, ever for motion sensitive controls.

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