Ubisoft has reconfirmed that Assassin’s Creed 3 will be available on Wii U when the system launches this Holiday season. If you live near a Game or GameStation store in the United Kingdom then you can check out a playable demo of the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



        • Ok…. Crystal Dynamics said they don’t have plans to bring Tomb Raider reboot to Wii U, however are there any chances for the happening of the oppposite?


        • I’m hopeful for more third-party games being announced at Gamescom and TGS. The reason some third-party games are missing out on the Wii U is because Wii U development would delay the release date. For the first few months, I’d expect most third-party games on Wii U to be released a few months later.


  1. If Ubi plays there cards right the mulitplayer in zombi u and assincreed could become dominate over most EA games since you won’t see a true game from them for a while.


  2. Just saying. The 720 and PS4 can’t be expensive because the economy. I don’t know about MS, but Sony TRULY can’t make an uber console. Not only that nobody would buy it, but they risk going bankrupt. I don’t wish Sony that. The PS3 it’s gold , but I am saying Sony should be careful, because pricing it 500+$ it’s RISKY.


    • Sony cant do it. Im still impressed with the ps3’s visuals if in honest, im not begging for a new playstation. Nintendo? Hell yes, they NEED a new console. 360? They need one purely based on the fact that the disk storage is embarressing and held multiplatform titles back on the ps3 and in general. I hope no-one buys it though. Microsoft business these days is just a joke. And if next box is intergrating Windows 8, id rather go lick a lepracy sufferers face


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