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Penélope Cruz And Her Sister Team Up With Nintendo For New Super Mario Bros 2 Advert

Penélope Cruz, the Academy Award-winning actress, has joined forces with her sister, fellow actress Mónica Cruz, to star in a new campaign for New Super Mario Bros. 2, the side-scrolling Mario game launching on 17th August for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

The TV advert sees Mónica and Penélope taking a bet on which sister will reach the Goal Pole at the end of the course first – with a rather unusual forfeit for who finishes last… Watch the full advert at the official Nintendo 3DS UK YouTube channel and find out how the Cruz sisters settle a score after a romp through the Muhsroom Kingdom.

“Teaming up with the Cruz sisters is a perfect fit for us. Not only because New Super Mario Bros. 2 lets two players enjoy the entire adventure playing as brothers Mario and Luigi simultaneously but because these sisters have been genuine fans of the series for many years. The co-op mode really brought out their competitive side and they had a lot of fun trying to collect as many coins as possible while racing to finish each level first.”

– Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe Managing Director of Marketing and PR.

138 thoughts on “Penélope Cruz And Her Sister Team Up With Nintendo For New Super Mario Bros 2 Advert”

      1. I’m gonna use your comment thx. Anybody else got a boner when the girl in the little purple shorts walked in the room?

          1. the fuck did i just hear? Hot latinas moaning while playing mario, why not just bring that game to school ,and fuck them all in the lunchroom :)

        1. The one who misfired this time was you. You wanna be the better man, fess up and move on. Or, you can just keep whining like you always do, blaming everybody else.

          Up to you.

          1. I did fess up? Although my deliery was cynical but not like im going to give that piece of shite any respect

            And lets see if you can go 1 post without being a stuck up arsehole.

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  1. That was funny. Two beautiful women enjoying a game. I like the results of the bet. These 3DS commercials are pretty good. The Joel McHale one was really funny. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I must have completely forgot The New Super Mario Brothers… Because if that is the same game, I totally don’t remember it.

      Looks FUN! Day 1 purchase. Looks like fun, and I have a coop Luigi partner to team with.

    2. They didn’t enjoy playing this game.. Nintendo just payed them becuase they knew dip shits like you would think ‘Nintendo and babes!? awesome’. ps. you fail, good day sir!

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    What the fuck was she thinking when she yelled “run, run, run” and how the fuck did she fire fireballs?

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      Wow, she doesnt know how to run! Pathetic, i do know that its hard to play the handheld version once you get used to NSMBW and you shake the remote to do that air- twirl

    1. I agree, it’s totally bullshit, it’s like here are some famous people playing it so you should play it too! They don’t care about making a decent game anymore…

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  4. Stop using celebrities to market your products, Nintendo. I am pretty damn sure none of them have the time to actually play them. Except maybe Joel McHale.

    1. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think, Faker. The Williams had promoted the Zelda series in Europe and already, it was successful. Remember “Iron” Mike Tyson promoting Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! ? Think about it.

    2. Robin Williams, and his daughter Zelda. Yes, he named his daughter after Zelda.

      Celebrities they get are actual fans of their products. Having a familiar face like a celebrity does 2 things. Its show its accessable to everyone, and that no matter who famous someone is or who they are, everyones the same when they play Nintendo, and Nintendo views is customers the same way. Its a very good marketing technique.

      Stop with the negetive talk on EVERYTHING. Aeolus and Ness are stupid, they have am excuse to sound dumb and just hate Nintendo but you’re actually smart, to some extent, but you waste it moaning on everything because, i dont know why, you did get Zelda or Star Fox at E3 or something stupid like that.

      1. You’re the dumb one around here. I SAID SO MANY TIMES I dont hate Nintendo… but Nintendo FANBOYS. No Nintendo site has PATHETIC WHINEY fanboys like this site. You are one of them. I dont care if you have a ps3 (you probably dont since you cant afford one but you lie to look like a “real gamer” lolz)

        You, Revolution, UNation and WiiU supporter are a joke and I get my lolz coming to this site to see what BS you left in the comment section :P

        1. You’re more angrier than Grouchy Smurf, Amir. You’re the fucking joke because all you do is whine, bitch and hate everything that’s Nintendo. When will you ever grow the fuck up and move on with your life?

          1. Nintendo are so retarded using celebs, and wow Robin Williams, a shit actor and his daughter who was nothing before people only just realised she was named after Zelda.. I bet you anything if you asked her any slightly indepth question about the seires she would have no idea. Fanboys need to stop shitting themselves and admit Nintendo are money grabbing bastards who don’t care about their fans.

  5. Thats what I love with nintendo !!!
    Always had very beautiful lady in their spots …
    And the Cruz sisters are amazingly sexy !

      1. Allow me to explain…WIIU is CURRENT GEN 6 YEARS LATE.

        Shame really. I thought Nintendo would FINALLY get third party support so Nintendo fanboys dont miss out on great third party titles. Looks like you either miss out or cough up some dough for the NEXT GEN consoles ;) or even Ouya if you want something different.

        ZombiU looks nice but Ubisoft love porting so this will go to CURRENT GEN consoles. Timed exclusives can be a bitch sometimes…

            1. Buddy, you can’t say the WIi U it’s a current gen when the specs aren’t even out. Plus, EVEN with the rumored specs, the Wii U would have had triple of the price the PS3 had when it launched.

      2. I dont get what you mean by “same” seeing as this game isnt on other consoles, but it graphics are fine, its got great lighting, lots of objects in the enviroment, the zombies look very good, and not the same 4 models of zombies we saw in RE5, not to mention the detail in their decay. Plus, this game doesnt look as though its been in developement very long, its still the “red steel” of the wiiu in my opinion, but they lack of “amazing” graphics could mean its a bigger game than we thought, Fallout, Skyrim, any open world are the same.

  6. They sould just stop investing in these whores and invest on the actual game cus it looks like the same shit over and over

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