Penélope Cruz, the Academy Award-winning actress, has joined forces with her sister, fellow actress Mónica Cruz, to star in a new campaign for New Super Mario Bros. 2, the side-scrolling Mario game launching on 17th August for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

The TV advert sees Mónica and Penélope taking a bet on which sister will reach the Goal Pole at the end of the course first – with a rather unusual forfeit for who finishes last… Watch the full advert at the official Nintendo 3DS UK YouTube channel and find out how the Cruz sisters settle a score after a romp through the Muhsroom Kingdom.

“Teaming up with the Cruz sisters is a perfect fit for us. Not only because New Super Mario Bros. 2 lets two players enjoy the entire adventure playing as brothers Mario and Luigi simultaneously but because these sisters have been genuine fans of the series for many years. The co-op mode really brought out their competitive side and they had a lot of fun trying to collect as many coins as possible while racing to finish each level first.”

– Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe Managing Director of Marketing and PR.



  1. That was funny. Two beautiful women enjoying a game. I like the results of the bet. These 3DS commercials are pretty good. The Joel McHale one was really funny. Leave luck to heaven.


    • I must have completely forgot The New Super Mario Brothers… Because if that is the same game, I totally don’t remember it.

      Looks FUN! Day 1 purchase. Looks like fun, and I have a coop Luigi partner to team with.


    • They didn’t enjoy playing this game.. Nintendo just payed them becuase they knew dip shits like you would think ‘Nintendo and babes!? awesome’. ps. you fail, good day sir!


  2. & they say nintendo gayy & for fag. Mario commercial ladies moaning for the .. Mario i never seen a females moan for 360 vita or ps3. Like they say do you have female playing games moaning on sony? No only on the 3ds. How about xbox 360. No on on 3ds. & how about vit Nooo!!!!! Never!!!!!!!


  3. She uses A to jump and never even touches the run button.
    What the fuck was she thinking when she yelled “run, run, run” and how the fuck did she fire fireballs?


  4. Stop using celebrities to market your products, Nintendo. I am pretty damn sure none of them have the time to actually play them. Except maybe Joel McHale.


    • Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think, Faker. The Williams had promoted the Zelda series in Europe and already, it was successful. Remember “Iron” Mike Tyson promoting Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! ? Think about it.


    • Robin Williams, and his daughter Zelda. Yes, he named his daughter after Zelda.

      Celebrities they get are actual fans of their products. Having a familiar face like a celebrity does 2 things. Its show its accessable to everyone, and that no matter who famous someone is or who they are, everyones the same when they play Nintendo, and Nintendo views is customers the same way. Its a very good marketing technique.

      Stop with the negetive talk on EVERYTHING. Aeolus and Ness are stupid, they have am excuse to sound dumb and just hate Nintendo but you’re actually smart, to some extent, but you waste it moaning on everything because, i dont know why, you did get Zelda or Star Fox at E3 or something stupid like that.


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