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1up: “Sony Is Indiscreetly Going After Nintendo”

During Gamescom 2012, Sony demonstrated how the PlayStation Vita can mimic a Wii U GamePad’s capabilities. According to 1up editor Chris Pereira, Sony is aiming to shift the focus of Wii U potential buyers toward the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 cross-play feature. Sony is apparently trying to let consumers know that, when connected to a PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita can do the same thing and “possibly even better” than Nintendo’s upcoming console.

“Particularly in today’s on-stage demonstration of the new LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC, which is coming later this year, Sony didn’t shy away from attempting taking the wind out of Nintendo’s sails. It’s looking for any reason to help sell Vitas, and this functionality certainly doesn’t make it any less attractive to potential buyers, but more importantly this feature is something that makes what Nintendo has to offer seem less special. As Sony looks to sell its own hardware this holiday (and simultaneously hopes its own next-gen offering, not the Wii U, will eventually be the big seller), what better way is there to hurt interest in the competition’s offering than by showing how you can do the same thing, possibly even better?”

350 thoughts on “1up: “Sony Is Indiscreetly Going After Nintendo””

      1. Is that supposed to make you sound cool? Do you feel like a bigger man now? If it does you are extremely fooling yourself.

            1. yeah very good move sony, very good move. Well Im going to buy a Vita and a PS3 which will cost me around 500 dollars just to play like a 300 dollar Wii U .. daym stupid move.. They know they cant beat thr 3DS because RPG’s are in it and it will even sell more ..

          1. Are you kidding me?! You’re an IDIOT. Being first is NOT a bad thing. It’s people who say “first!!” that are annoying. Jesus, people have been taking this way too far.

    1. Of course 1up would say such a thing. It is a fanboy site that hates anything non nintendo. Not as bad as this site however :p espec with the likes of revolution mii wii u together wii u, unation, dragon and wiiu supporter bombarding postslike they live on this site. It’s fun getting a reaction out of these hostile creatures.

      Great news article…of ANOTHER BIASED article. Why don’t you report on sony’s full conference since you also posted an article about Vita which is NOT NINTENDO and certainly not nintendo NEWS. Yep totally why I came to a nintendo site. To read sony or ms news that feeds the fanboys :p

      1. Die nintendo die you suck shitendo i hate everything about nintendo they make shiity party games like mario kart and they fuck up smash bros by adding gay useless characters and no megaman fuck you miamoto your in deep shit now may you die and i hope his last days are filled with misery for stealig odyessey and atari things light gun,lestick,3d, atari did platforming and sidescrolling adventure first die nintendo die shit die now soooo annotying i hate when nintendo not dyliying die moherfu ker die

        1. Did a Speak n Spell check your shit? You know, I won’t even speak poorly of Sony. I’ll see you on Wii COD:MW3 later.

        1. thanks for telling me I didnt know…lolz

          there is a difference between a fan and fanboy… wishing competition dead like YOUR NAME IS A FANBOY NAME!

      2. I’m biased too…towards Nintendo! The only reason why my past self liked Sony is because he stood in front of automatic doors that kept closing on him and severely damaged he’s mind. But I,present Aelous,is cured!

      3. ”Yep totally why I came to a nintendo site. To read sony or ms news that feeds the fanboys :p”

        Oh sorry, you want an article which gives you reason to bash Nintendo and the fans.
        I like how the article is suddenly ”biased” because it manages to see the simple fact that Sony is trying to pull the same trick as with the Move to compete against Nintendo, which worked so well.

      4. MR. Howhefletersnatch

        ”wiiu supporter bombarding posts like they live on this site.” Did you really just say this? Thats all you do on every post.

        And don’t bother to reply because I wipe a monkeys ass with what you think.

      5. Don’t forget Evab!…lolno. I wish I was a site regular, but alas, I’m too lazy to look for updates any time other than at night.

      1. ^lol likenintendo fans have a brain nintendo copier atari,odyssey,flip phones,sega cd concept, sonys anolog stick and no shitendo 64 was not first nor was it an anolog and they copy sega o sega channel with their shitty nintendo bs satelite garbage nintendo kid icurus borrowed from kingdom heart and others jesus only little fucking supidkids likenpokemon same old shtwith gay drawings

        1. Aaaand KH borrowed from Final Fantesy and Nintendo is better because it copied less unlike Sony, Sony copied all that plus one…Nintendo dumb ass lol oh by the way, where is your explanation on PS All-Stars????

        2. Nintendo DIDN’T COPY they SET THE STANDARD!
          Reason for Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Pushmo, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario and other IPs they owned get ripoff or copied. Some of those games were inspired by Nintendo and as well as other.

    2. Well, Sony has to try harder… Who wanna buy a dead $250 hardware to use like a control to PS3? Even Aeolus “It starts” troll might not want this gimmick.

        1. What? Are you the real Aeolus? If you are, you have to remember your classic comment, don’t? by the way, keep dreaming with the PSV rising from death, who knows if that happens?.

          1. Both Aelouses are real. I am present Aelous,the other one is my past self. Past Aelous accidentally bought a PSP disguised as a faulty time machine and ended up in the present day.

  1. Just wanna say now, love Nintendo, hate Sony’s way of doing business, but the Vita is really good, got one for £146 with a 4GB memory card, gotta love Tesco! Seriously, some good games coming in the end of 2012, All-Stars, Monkey Ball, LBP, and more!

      1. monkey ball lol ps allstars lmfao what sony need to do is stop being copy cats nobody buys clones fake or ripoffs. move is a blatant knockoff of the wii. ps vita ripped off features from 3ds like spotpass and called it near then in e3 2011 nintendo mentioned ssb for wii u and 3ds and it was going to be cross platform compatible so one year later @ e3 2012 sony does what they do best and stole another idea from nintendo by making a blatant ssb clone that is and get this cross platform compatible now they want to copy the wii u gamepad. sony is a giant fail of company no originality at all its just a company that copies and clones.thats why there failing who want a knockoff when you could get the original.

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              you must be the most gay person on this site.
              Wait i already know what your reply will be
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              fucking super ass fag.

        1. yup, sony drone don’t want to amid that GameCube did it first and it counts as cross play, yeah not a lot of game do that but so does vita.

        1. It’s funny how they try and throw the Nintendo copied everything at us but they can never admit the blatant copying that Sony does to a company that is still around in the hardware department. Is it me or does the Vita look like a GLOSSED UP GAMEBOY ADVACED WITH ANALOG STICKS AND A TOUCH PAD IN BACK?!?! That design looks awkwardly familiar

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  3. Maybe, but Nintendo I think is going to be more exciting play Zelda/Star Fox/Metroid/F-Zero/Smash Bros. with the Wii U capabilities. Also they gonna have a lot of sales with that Wii Fit U.

    1. EXACTLY! Honestly, all these trolls act like the only gamers in the world are hardcore graphics whores! It’s like erm… you’re forgetting over half of the population! Not only will there be hardcore gamers, but a large proportion of the sales will be kids. Most kids I know have a Wii, so of course they’re all going to be wanting a Wii U for Xmas! These idiot trolls are trying to alter people’s opinions towards the Wii U, saying it’s going to flop and that it’s not a ‘manly’ console. I mean, what has the world come to?! I just hope no-one listens to these fucking stupid, lowlife fuckwits.
      Sorry for ranting like this man, I’ve just had enough of this bullshit.

      1. yup I agree with you.
        there is people(gamers) out there that don’t have the same taste as we do. these people live for mario, for pokemon, for yoshi.

  4. Only problem with that is, people will have to buy/own both a PSVita and PS3 to Cross-Play. Even then, not all games have Cross-Play. The WiiU is a dedicated system that will do it better than Sony ever can.

    1. nintendo is for pussies

      stfu fag wii u is a dedicated theif system of apples ipad and wii u is dedicated system for shovelware its trash its game lineup his year is nothing but reboots and thats it the developers already drop support for wii u u know why theyre secretly working on xbox durango dev kit and its not a rumoer anymore hahhaha wii u is a fucking garbage system again and its graphics suk my dick u
      durango will hav nwgames moyherfucker NEW GAMES unlike wii u yeah it was release first but now the devs are more intrested in the dev kits of durango motherfuckin dweeb ninty fags

    2. Too, I don’t think any of the games using Cross-Play have interaction between the two screens the way the Wii U Gamepad does (at least not to the best of my knowledge). Plus, given the fact that the Wii U was designed to work with the Gamepad from the get-go, every person who owns the console will own the controller since it’s essential for the operation of it.

      Still, considering the use of Vita and Smartglass, second screens could be the home button of the 8th generation.

          1. Hell yea I was waiting to b like “oh my opinion about wii u has changed!” nope it just made me support the U even more. Question does anyone with a Vita want to actually sit there on their handheld for hours playing with those nubs they call sticks?!?!

        1. M’kay, thanks. Glad to get a legitimate answer, too, rather than some troll calling me a moron.

          [Braces for such a comment]

    3. Eh, no. Most of the people who didn’t buy a Vita yet but consider to do so probably already own a PS3. Means, if they buy a Vita, they will have more advantages than they would when buying a Wii U. They would be able to do things with their PS3/Vita games the Wii U Gamepad can do with WiiU games.PLUS they would have a portable system as well at the same time. And unlike with the WiiU, they would be able to turn off the PS3 and stream the game on their Vita and take their PS3 games with them anywhere they want, not just a few meters away.
      Well, to be honest, I think Sony has better ideas so far about what to do with their cross-play and how to execute it than Nintendo does with their Wii U. I’m a huge fan of both companies but in this case Sony is doing much better, in my opinion. You do not have to agree, of course.

      1. too bad there’s a delay when streaming your ps3 game to your psvita and you better have a good wifi connection cause it doesn’t work with 3g and you need a hacked ps3 for cross play and dont forget your missing shoulder buttons and analog buttons to make it a standard ps3 have fun throwing your money away

              1. i dont need to prove shit to you fag sony sucks and it always will i’m so happy sony is failing at everything every body that brought a vita get your money back or sell it before your stuck with it. its a fail a flop like the psp go.reason why vita dont sell because the 3ds is 100% better. whats funny is you suck sony’s dick and they dont give a fuck about you hahahaha i fucking hate sony whores

                1. I’d rather be a SONY whore than stuffing a 3DS up my ass, I 100% guarantee you stuffed your Wii up your ass becuase that’s what you do with all your Wii’s and love it than suck on the shit covered dick and swalling loads of jizz mixed with shit.

  5. It looks more like free advertisement for the Wii U to me. A lot of people will want a Mario game, and that won’t be available on Sony’s systems. Also, there’s no guarantee that people will have one system or the other, which in turn will lower developer’s desire to give them that option. The Wii U will support the second controller for all games.

    Remember, CoD on Wii had the Wii controller support; the PS3 version did not get Move support even though Move is “better” than the Wii remote, and we’re talking about a big developer/publisher here and one that had pretty bigger success with the games on PS3 than the Wii version, yet the Wii version supported Wii remote and CC.. If it’s not standard to the system, developers are less likely to support it.

    1. To be fair, on the topic of the PS3’s CoD Move support you mentioned, keep in mind that the majority of PS3 players likely wouldn’t have used the Move for that game.
      There was the issue of “will players use it?” to contend with, when deciding what to put into the games.
      The issue of the peripheral not being standard likely wasn’t an important factor in comparison.

      1. There were questions about Move support since the first Black Ops. People on the PS3 wanted that extra option since Activision was doing it on the WIi. It was a controller standard issue because not many player would’ve used it, like you said. With the Wii, there was support for CC, but the primary controller was the Wii remote, and a lot of people liked that. Some people even preferred the Wii version over the others because of that. That’s why the Wii Motion+ add-on didn’t become as popular since it was an optional thing.

        In the case of Kinnect though, it was more of a case of people not knowing what they were buying rather than using it.

    2. The Move is maybe slightly better than the original wiimote but most definitely does not work as well as wiimotion+. Also it lacks any kind of feed back (speaker, rumble) less button imputs (versatility) and then there’s the whole glowing pom pom on the end thing ;p

        1. I wouldnt say so, it relies on an almost perfect lighting condition to work perfectly, and you still need to point, but motion plus can be used anytime and you dont need to point at the screen directly

          1. No, you can use the Move in any type of light. It uses the sixaxis, gyroscope, bluetooth, camera and LEDs together for motion detection. You can actually use the Move in a completely different room for different controls.

            The only reason you need to point at the screen is for accuracy, the same way you need to do for the WiiMote and sensor bar.

            Try out the Move on your XMB and you’ll see what I mean. You can even use it without your PS Eye at times.

            1. This guy knows the truth, folks.

              Dragon is mindless and out of research enough to think that Move really relies on that light bulb to do what it does.

            2. Well whenever i tried to use it on Killzone 3 it was just a mess, and i spent a good amount of time trying to calibrate it, make sure nothing was in the way. Didnt work. I never had that problem with Metroid Prime, it worked instantly

      1. yes lets spend A coule of hundrd dollars on wii us with xboxports when i can play my xbox and download the smartglass with in installd base without wasting money to play on a system with recycled garbage. wii soo fun that ya punkass are here and not playng with nintendos system lol cuz it sucks thats why motherfuckers. zeldas getting old,mario getting old and so on he onlyones worth plauing starfox or metriod have been ruined by team ninja

        1. xbox is not even competition lmfao smart ass is a crapped out app have fun switching from your controller to your device in the middle of your gameplay ohh one more thing ps vita is missing shoulder buttons and no clickable analog buttons plus theres a delay between the psvita and ps3 when playing games. and just for fact vita is missing buttons to make it a ps3 controller people will not use this feature its just another sony fail!!!

  6. That’s what they tried with the PS3 VS the Wii.
    “Look! Our system can do everything they can and more! Buy ours and never theirs!”
    Yeah, that plan worked to perfection.*eyeroll*

    Nintendo isn’t bothering with going into the same arena of competition as the others; they’re doing things differently with their system, and those differences create great sales.
    It’s obvious that Sony is getting desperate to quash Nintendo now, by trying to do the same thing with their systems as the Wii U and its gamepad does and placing tons of emphasis on it.
    Except they’re demanding you buy an entire hand-held system for the sake of doing those “better things”.
    The funny part is that we haven’t even seen everything the Wii U can do, yet here they come, trying so hard to fight it back down when it isn’t even released yet.
    As a PS3 owner and someone who likes what Sony did with their system, I find it embarrassing.
    They should stop trying so very hard to go directly against Nintendo and should instead focus on inventing their own unique gaming creations.
    They HAVE the talent for it.
    They just aren’t using it, and are opting for the easy path of doing similar proposals for the sake of competition.
    I get that competition is healthy for a business, but not when so much effort is put into playing “anything you can do I can do better” that it detracts from projects they could be putting more effort into.

    1. Sony it’s trying again to attract Nintendo again with the same crappy strategy. Look, I love Sony’s products, but they must see that they will fail just like they did with the Move.

    2. now i’ve read a very reasonable speech. i think the same: the three companies (sony, nintendo and microsoft) are very strong companies, then, if nintendo can come up with a new way of playing, why can’t sony or microsoft create their own new way of playing videogames? that could be a more interesting competition. moreover, justifying that you can use the psvita as a second screen on your PS3… honestly, that’s not what i want to do with a handheld. if i’m bying a handheld, i want to play its own games (that is what psvita needs right now) instead of using it as a second screen/gamepad for playing in the PS3. if i buy a handheld and a home console, then i want to have different experiences with each one.

      1. Options are always good. The Vita has games, more games were announced, you can take it on the road, play Vita exclusive games, or games that you can play on your PS3, play your PS3 games while you are away, or play them together.

        I don’t see how having options is a bad thing.

        1. it’s ok to have options, that’s right. but i’m not talking about having the same game (or maybe i did… i don’t know), i’m talking about this news: i don’t want to buy two consoles in order to have the same experience that i would have if i buy only one WiiU… if there will be better games for Vita, then it’s ok, i’m happy with that (it was about time), but i don’t like the idea of “if you don’t have the two consoles then you won’t be able to enjoy all that this game has to offer”… i don’t know if you get it, but that is what i feel…

  7. Everyone’s after Nintendo. Great. I don’t know how efficient that “cross-play” is, but I’d rather go with Wii U.

      1. It really doesn’t. I have used Cross-Play a lot of times and experienced no lag at all.

        The only place where I get some lag is during remote play. Hopefully that will be fixed with the upcoming updates.

      2. I think you’re confusing cross-play with Remote Play. The latter of which isn’t even officially being supported for games and only can be done by hacking.

  8. stupid sony .. who the fuk would want to buy a vita AND a ps3 ?? wii u gamepad is a CONTROLLER not a separate device …so sony pretty much failed , and sonys marketing strategy is terrible !! they are just using the cross play as an excuse coz the vita didnt sell shit .. psvita should just die !! sony needs to focus on the ps3 ..

    1. First time I find myself agreeing with you; I wouldn’t buy a Vita for cross play, no matter how special they make it out to be.
      And if the PS4 makes cross play the standard control method that Devs choose to go with when creating games, just to compete with the Wii U, I will likely be sticking solely with the PS3, as far as Sony goes.
      If they re-focused on making great strides with games on the PS3, they would be far more successful than they are right now, with their efforts so fully focused on trying to push the Vita onto people who just don’t have reasons enough to justify the purchase.

    2. hell no they should not focus on the ps3, the ps3 is doing fine. the vita is in big trouble, its sinking bad that is Sony does not do something quick the vita will fail and 3ds will get 100% market control just because Sony abandon they vita consumers.

  9. Sony should take a page from history, companies that try to compete directly with Nintendo don’t last. The best example is SEGA, they attacked Nintendo directly in ads (Sega does what Nintendon’t) and they’ve had no consoles since the Dreamcast and had to ride Sonic and/or port older games to other consoles until they could get back on their feet as a software only company. Sony really needs to just stick with what they’ve established and not worry about what Nintendo is doing.

  10. Maybe, bu im gona bet most people wont spend an extra $250 on a Vita when they can just buy a console thats built for it, and had nintendo first party games. Not to mention the Vita is less “equipped” that the game pad.

    1. I agree with this! Vita laks NFT, TV Controls, infrared ports, sensor bar and maybe camera (I dont own one of those)

        1. Yeah, Im looking forward to see what they will do with those! :) vita’s backslider things where a waste of money haha

    2. yeah, casual consumers will not be sucker in, what i mean is what are they going to play with all this hardware?

  11. And before Aeolus’s dumbass chimes into say Nintendo wasn’t the first to do this, look at a little something called the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color, or more recently the GameCube and the Gameboy Advance

    1. He’ll likely tell you that it’s not the same thing just because one is wired streaming and the other is wireless streaming.
      He doesn’t want to accept the fact that the idea behind them, interconnection between a console and a hand-held for the sake of gaming, is the same thing done a different way.

      1. A very primitive example. Living in the past? So you should…when Nintendo was actually good :p and not a platform for casuals and fanboys. Games that were actually rewarding and challenging without using a white tanooki costume to beat the level for you…

        Only one wii game did the above. Donkey kong country returns but retro is the only decent dev team nintendo has. Reminds me of rare who also made good games.

        1. Crying because a past example is still a relevant one, you can’t come up with anything better to contest it, Nintendo’s continuing success irks you, and instead you find yourself turning to insulting casuals, who are better consumers, and gamers, than you and your ilk in the first place?
          Of course you are.
          I’d place bets that you haven’t even played the majority of the better titles on the Wii, and that you only rate quality either by difficulty, graphics, or the rating on the box.
          None of which makes your opinion worth anything substantial to anyone but you and other trolls/elitists like you.

          1. real gamer dont buy garbage gimick wii shit forbrain deadlosr kill yourself iwata bitch

            nintendo success irks me because they lazy put out trash by stupid cu.ts whobuy it not because theyre gamer but becauwe they collect nintendo toys and diaper. nintemdo hasnt put out anythimg orignal or with effort in a long time. they suck so much ass that they now need 3rdparty help like retro and namco to make theirgames hahahahhahah their seal of qulity now is a joke that iwata wipes his as with we hate nintendo because the fags i mean fans are the cancer thats killing gaming

            1. How sad.
              I pity you for your narrow-minded nature and your lack of proper grammar.
              You’re everything that the Sony fan base should be embarrassed of, and a terrible troll to boot.
              But please, do go on. I’m sure you think you’ve got me hooked and raging so you’ll likely continue regardless of what I post.
              I could use the laugh.

          2. Except your past example is shitty, full of flaws and easily crushed with very simple arguments. Nobody here can remotely try to explain how Remote Play is a copy of that stupid controller functionality Gameboy/Gamecube did. Because “oh it can connect to the console. it’s a copy/not original”. Is their same basic strawman argument.

            No form a debate into how that was “First” and how that is possibly the basis for Remote Play and you will have a case. Until then, shut the fuck up. I can destroy virtually any “copying” argument you retards will make.

            PS3 > Wii. No amount of sales is changing that fact. I doubt you own a PS3 either, since you’re one of few people who like the Wii over it. Or well, your taste in gaming is incredibly shitty. Which wouldn’t surprise me at all considering your posting history and avatar.

          3. Now a slightly better argument is Cross Play, but once again–Nintendo didn’t do such a thing first. So much for your “innovator” who just takes old ideas and rehashes them to make it seem like they’ve done something new.

  12. And before Aeolus chimes in to say Nintenso wasn’t first to do this anyway. The N64 and GB color did this, and the GameCube and GBA did this. You like facts so much Aeo-less so suck it

    1. actually atari and lynx did it first heck you do know atari made first an atari system that could havedownloaded games do you yes atari also as first to make downloadable gaming thoough very few people actually bought the revisioned atari system sonintendo are still crooks check kotaku atari section if you need to

      1. zax is on bath salts

        Rev— u act like u know everything…lol…..Do you remember a game called A Legend Of Zelda- Four swords Adventures–for Gamecube. That used cross play with a Gameboy Advance… That is How you cocky mother fucker

        1. zax is on bath salts

          And if you look like your avatar I would of killed my self a long time ago….You look like a kid who needs to be bullied!!!

        2. i never own a n64, so i don’t even know a lot about that era; i use to owned a Sega saturn (lol at me for owned this system).

  13. Sony just fucking throw in the towel already. You are not original at all. Hell you aren’t even trying. Just quit the gaming business already.

      1. I don’t think they should quit, but I do agree they’re getting pretty desperate. The reason I buy Nintendo consoles is for the 1st-party games and new experiences. What Sony needs is more exclusive, creative titles (Something that hasn’t been done before, like Pikmin or Portal at that time), and an own personality. I wouldn’t buy a console that tries to mimic Nintendo’s, I want a console that gives me a fresh experience I can’t get anywhere else.

          1. Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper is the ones I find good. But that’s pretty few in my opinion. They seem to focus more on games like Uncharted and the like, which I don’t really find charming at all… (Before you call me a kid, at least know I’m 17.)

            1. Sony killed, ratchet & clank, jak and daxter, TWISTED METAL, crash bandicoot, spyro. the only exclusive i consider they only have are unchartedand and god of war.i was gonna say metal gear but i forgot that metal gear stop being a ps3 exclusive.

              1. Crash and Spyro haven’t been Sony’s for ages. They didn’t kill those. As for R&C, Jak and Daxter, Twisted Metal, those franchises are still supported by sony.

  14. or maybe they could just focus on making Vita games so it can actually fulfill it’s purpose as a gaming device instead of always focusing on bringing down the competition

    1. They’d have to have one hell of a great line-up of games.
      Games that don’t have better counterparts[same series or similar in genre, either one] in some shape or form on the PS3.
      Honestly, I just don’t see that happening…..

      1. Well, they just announced a bunch of new Vita games and features yesterday in addition to the already 70+ they have announced and released in the past.

        This includes a ton of vita exclusives.

  15. I can imagin people saying “I bought a ps3 and a vita to play Little big planet like the WiiU… And thats The only game that has that feature… :( ” like the “I bought a PSMove and I cam only play 4 games with it!” o worse!! “I bought the Sony 3D TV and now Sony will stop making 3D games”

    Playstation born as a COPYCAT and will always be, but they cant make their copies better than the original thats for sure!

      1. I know about gaming I dont know about psgames if youre refering to that hahaha because I simply dont care about their games and their copied stuff so… Its ok if you think I dont know about anything probably your first console was a psone I dont know… I just go with the original-innovative stuff and the one that works for me in video games is nintendo!

        1. No, I have been gaming since the Atari and own just about every console that has hit N. American soil.

          My point is, if you do not know about something, don’t try and pretend you do by saying those things. As you just said, you do not know about PS gaming…. so. Yeah. I rest my case.

          1. hahaha ok man whatever makes you happy Ive seen you spend lots of energy defending something pretty obvious so I dont care… I think you need to feel you won something after spending all that time hahaha anyways my point was that sony will not implement this as its sole strategy as nintendo so do not expect every game to be playable in this way as the WiiU will. Probably in the next Playstation after they rip-off more stuff you might see a SIXAXIS with a screen on it hahaha

            AHH ONE MORE THING: PS GAMING as is, is not “GAMING” so yeah your case has no sense ;)

  16. This would make sense if they lowered the price point for both PS3 as well as the Vita now, then both of them would cost the same thing as the Wii U will probably do (around 300 bucks). Don’t really like the idea of crossplay, but I like the idea of Sony offering a Vita version of a game for free if you buy the upcoming PS3 version of it.

  17. HAHAHA im lmao right now, sony the buyers are already set & know what they wan’t. Even though i have a ps3 the copy paste feature won’t make me buy the vita that feature will be obsolete just as psmove is now.There a different in having something that the same or better (in this situation similar) & know what to do with it. Nintendo knew it’s plans with the wii remote as well as the wii u pad & because that fact it is more entertaining. & allways be better because they know how to bring it’s feature potential to the surface instead of screaming we got but not going to use it since there plan is already figured out the copy like smart glass & oh we can kinda do what it dose with vita, is not appealing to us because it was a counter to wii u that similar but not better at all.

      1. hmmmm. maybe on craigslist, but i won’t be using that bullsh*t connection feature. Free future games what sorcery you speck of?

          1. oh then no. im not to much in to outside play. To many thefts in my city. A 3ds i may go outside with for the fact some get it confuse thinking it a ds, but vita i may have to kill someone. it cost to much & the game identical. 3ds games is different from console games, so there reason for buying a 3ds

      2. That would depend on the quality of the free games in question, and the advantages of interplay between the distinct title.
        But, really, isn’t this theory kinda moot?
        The odds of Sony, or indeed any of the big 3, ever offering a free version of a Vita game to compliment a PS3-version sale are so astronomically small that they might as well be non-existent….

        1. The hell are you talking about, this is not a theory. Go read it yourself:
          And all the games that are listed there are of good quality so no worries there for me at least. I don’t know about you, but Sony has been offering free digital games for a long time now, ever since PlaystationPlus was released. I guess they don’t mind handing over free games digitally.

          1. Hmm…..I guess I stand corrected, then.
            Of course, this still doesn’t earn Sony as much profit as selling separately, but it might drive Vita sales a little bit…if they can justify buying an entire hand-held for the sake of crossplay…

            1. LOL. That right there proves you don’t read, nor research shit. I’d advise you to please politely shut the fuck up throughout this thread.

              1. i wasn’t answering you you prick i was answering @Evan dumb shit lmfao aeolus you must be gay with a name like that what’s aeolus the demigod of blow jobs

          2. its not free dumb ass your paying sony a fee to use ps plus sevices. as soon as you stop paying for ps plus all those games you claim are free is magically deleted from your system so is it really free i dont think so. ps plus is a joke

      3. I think they are pushing it a lot for ps all stars at the moment. The game is what, 8 weeks or so from launch (2 months?) and in the US they haven’t even reached 25000 pre orders yet, games that haven’t even got an announcement date and have no screen shots/gameplay have much more pre orders at the moment. Bigger more popular games I can see them doing it, but so far All-Stars looks like a flop (not saying it will be), there isn’t just enough interest in this game at the moment for Sony to support the same game on two consoles, and expect big numbers from both platforms, one in which is struggling at the moment.

        That said, I would get it but between my pc and wii, I barely have enough time to play my 3ds.

      4. No? Whats the point? “oh do you want this vita game for free?” “yeah but isnt it on the ps3?” “well…yeah but, vita” “well just gimme the ps3 version what the point buying a game that i can already play on the ps3”

        This is th Vita in a nutshell

  18. Can anybody give me just ONE example of cross-play doing better than what the Wii U does? ….. No? That’s what I thought.

    1. The LBP 2 demo they showed was about on par with what we have seen from Wii U. But neither has been released yet, so we will have to wait and see for the final verdict.

  19. Well you got to give credit to Sony for trying to get PS Vita sales up. I think this will help the PS Vita sales a little bit and its no way of competiting with Nintendo Wii U. Sony offer Cross Buy but i doubt many third party will support the Cross Buy as that will lose them alot of revenue. Not many consumer will be willing to buy both version of a game just to the same game on the Vita as you can on the PS3 or a PS Vita just to use this feature. The major issue for Sony is to get third pary support for the cross play features. And lets face it the Gamepad is a dedicated controller with features that the PS3 and PS Vita cross play wont have, which is just a second screen to view what is happening in the game.

      1. Why if I may ask. If Square for once, would break away from Enix within their building at least just to give us a true sequel to Chrono trigger. We all would be happy. On the Wii U that is.

  20. It seems like they just thought of it as a last-minute add-on rather than having it be a fundamental aspect of the Vita and the PS3. Whereas Nintendo’s Wii U idea was conceived with the controller interacting differently with the TV and with the console from the very beginning. I’m sure Nintendo hasn’t told everything that the Wii U controller can do at this point, and that the basic idea of streaming gameplay and HUD to the smaller screen is just something Nintendo wants everyone to focus on so everyone would think that’s all the controller will do. Then later on, maybe Nintendo will pull the cover back on the remaining things the Wii U controller can do. Technically, however, the controller already has a major advantage over the other “cross-device” ideas, specifically the NFC thing. The Vita can’t possibly do anything of that sort, and if it wants to, it’ll need a redesign. And I don’t think Microsoft even cares to add that functionality into the SmartGlass thing.

  21. I’m a dedicated nintendo fan, but I love all video games. After I bought a ps vita on craigslist, I learned how great it was, if only it had a larger software library. But the only problems it faces are sony’s bad business moves. Comparing two game systems together with 1 other? that not only sounds unfair, but expensive. Its like if I said the 3ds and wii u combined are better than the ps vita. Who wants to pay more than 700 dollars for ps3/vita crossplay when you could just get a wii u for 300?

  22. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    This is what i have been talking about when offering a vita games thats on the ps3 why would i buy the vita. That cross buy stuff really good but third party their strenght and. Black opps vita (also the bundle) and ac 3 are not system sellers when better versions are coming to consoles

      1. Nintendon’t innovate and just rehash already done ideas for idiots like you to pretend they didn’t first.

        Force Feedback wasn’t theirs.
        Digital Pad wasn’t theirs.
        Motion Control wasn’t theirs.
        Analog Stick wasn’t theirs.

        I ca keep going on and on.

  23. anyone besides ridiculous sony fans know the vita isnt worth it. just buy a 3ds your getting the best games. btw if its that hard to notice nomatter what anyone says the vita and ps3 combo is overpriced and not worth it once again just get a ps3 and u can play superior veraion of games on vita for buying a ps3 cheaper.

  24. I always known this was happening, but Nintendo has nothing to worry about from this.
    1. Cross-play relies on the user owning a PS3 and a Vita, which costs £386 overall. The Wii U is expected to be around £300.
    2. The Wii U screen is bigger (6.2 inch vs 5 inch), so even if the Vita has a higher resolution, the functionality of the games will be better on the Wii U.
    3. Games will be built around the Wii U gamepad, whilst games with cross-play will have that feature tacked on at the end, or even after the game is released in the case of Little Big Planet.
    4. Nintendo has Mario, Sony doesn’t, so all of the Nintendo fans and casuals will go to the Wii U, and that’s a pretty large chunk.

    I don’t hate Sony by any means, I own a PS3 myself which I play frequently, but I just think the Vita is a flop. There are zero games that peak my interest for it being annouced at the moment, and I do not see any appeal of it.

      1. i’m just saying that all of the casuls who got a Wii are likely get a Wii U as well, I know it is also a ‘hardcore’ console and a large amount of ‘hardcore’ gamers will get a Wii U as well and play Mario.

        1. You should be the last person call anyone stupid. With you faggy sony praising circle. Get off thiss site & go on you’re psn site & state you’re ignorant garbage there you sony riding ass hurt loser

          1. no i mean as the game in general not some levels, other than that it a pick up and play game that anyone can play and enjoy.

        1. zax is on bath salts

          Once again— lol..Mario games are what ever you want them to be.. Core= 64 stars hardcore 120 stars….try getting 120 stars!!! Keep expressing your ignorance on this site

        2. The real SMB2 if you’re new to the franchise.

          Besides that, the series fluctuates from casual to core depending on the game. I haven’t seen a core Mario in ages though.

    1. The last bit all falls apart if you have a shitty taste in games. After Sony’s Gamescom I don’t see how anybody could say “nothing holds their interest.” You’re one of the first to say that, sorry to say.

      They’ve shown a hell of a lot more interesting titles than what’s on the 3DS. Tearaway alone is probably more innovative than every single platformer on that handheld.

      1. To be honest, I think even though Tearawary is innovative, it just looks too gimmicky for my tastes. The whole game is filled with gimmicks, in fact it is just a giant collection of all of the features the Vita has slapped into one game. I don’t like that.

        Puppeteer looks interesting, but not my sort of thing.

        And just about ever single other game is either mediocire or done better on the PS3. Even if I wanted Tearaway and Puppeteer, I am not buying a new console which I have little faith in for just two casual games.

        1. Gimmicky looking, yes. But this is Media Molecule, they know how not to ruin the experience with a ton of tacky junk.

          By that logic, every DS/3DS game can be done better on the Wii U. Or handhelds in general, I don’t even see why people say things like this because it’s just so nonsensical.

          1. Even if Media Molecule is developing it, it still looks too gimmicky to me, and not something I would enjoy, let alone pay full price for. I’m sure some people would like it, I’m just not one of them.

            Go and look at the list of Vita games on Wikipedia, 90% of them are either shoveware, ports, remakes or additions to franchises which had much better games on the recent home consoles. Even though the 3DS does have a large amounts of ports and remakes, at least they aren’t just taking games released 6 months earlier and charging full price for a worse version of it.

            1. “90% of them are either shoveware, ports, remakes.”

              List these titles and they better account for 90% of the argument or you’ve lost this argument on account of sheer bullshit.

              1. Challenge accepted, good sir, and I’ll throw in the sub-par franchise additions as well.

                Asphalt: Injection
                Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
                Army Corps of Hell
                Ben 10: Galactic Racing
                Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
                Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
                Dream Club Zero
                Dynasty Warriors Next
                Everybody’s Golf 6
                FIFA 13
                FIFA Soccer
                Final Fantasy X HD
                F1 2011
                Hustle Kings
                Jet Set Radio
                Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge
                Killzone: Mercenary
                Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
                Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7
                Lego The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game
                Little Deviants
                Madden NFL 13
                Little Busters! Converted Edition
                Lord of Apocalypse
                Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
                Michael Jackson: The Experience
                ModNation Racers: Road Trip
                Mortal Kombat
                MotorStorm: RC
                Need for Speed: Most Wanted
                Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
                Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD
                Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
                Persona 4: The Golden
                Plants vs. Zombies
                PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
                Rayman Origins
                Ridge Racer
                Retro City Rampage
                Sine Mora
                Shin Megami Tensei
                Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
                Street Fighter X Tekken
                Tales of Innocence R
                Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
                Uncharted: Golden Abyss
                Wipeout 2048

                There are more, but I got bored looking at games I’ve never heard of :)

  25. I think u guys are looking at this backwards Sony isn’t taking jabs at Nintendo it’s opening itself up to get humiliated by what the Wii U offers, as much as Sony fanboys want to push the Vita the fact remains, you need to buy both systems for the cross play to work, ON TOP OF THAT YOU CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT TAKE THE VITA ON THE GO UNLESS U HAVE THE VITA VERSION OF THE GAME, so recap in order for sony’s so called better-then-wii u strategy to work u need: A Ps3 a game a Vita and the Vita version game -4 seperate things or 3 at the minimum while Wii U only needs 2 sperate things, the console (GAMEPAD INCLUDED) and a game….huh

    1. I think you’re wrong on the vita version of the game. Cross-play and Cross-controller is 2 different things. Cross-play is where you need 2 version of the game. Cross-controller is nothing but the vita as the controller.

      Go and watch the sony conference at gamescom yesterday. the cross-controller thing was demoed on Little Big Planet 2, a PS3 exclusive, there was no LBP2 coming out vita. There will be entirely new LBP which is vita exclusive. The level which utilizes the vita functionality will come as DLC packs to the PS3.

      This kind of thing will only attract people who already own a PS3. The PS3 owners will have to choose between Vita or the Wii U this holiday, to use that “controller with a screen” feature. I, as one of the ps3 owners, will get the Wii U, because it will better supported in that regard. I doubt 3rd parties will be interested to introduce cross-controller feature in their games for the ps3.

      1. Yea I didn’t know for a fact that’s why I said a minimum of 3 things u would still have to buy but even still the price and experience will b a lot better on wii u, hell you could probably buy another gamepad for the vita price or maybe even less lol that would b funny to see the looks on sony’s face if that happend

  26. While I support both Sony and Nintendo, all competition desires some of the others’ audience, and after the successes of the DS and Wii, everyone is after Nintendo. No surprise that Microsoft have Smartglass and Sony have this, it’s inspiration from another company.

  27. This argument has been made since E3 2011. And the funny thing is that every time Sony show this off, they use LBP. In 13 months since that E3 where all this started, they released the Vita without those promised features, and they only show LBP using it still. Where’s the other first party support? Where’s the third party support? Is it going to be another 13 months before we see something else. Meanwhile, Wii U has first and third party games that use this feature, and they will use it from day 1.

    1. They will use it for gimmicky maps and waggle sessions of aiming at the screen.

      Don’t even kid yourself if you expect novel gamepad usage.

  28. Thinking is fun… What developer in their right mind would make a game that would require both psvita and ps3 to make games mimicking that of wii u? Optional features sure… But that still ain’t much to satisfy anyone

  29. Except that you need to BUY the game for both ps3 AND vita to have that same experience. The wii u is just 1 game purchase

  30. My uncle made the mistake of buying his kids a ps move, its not that its a bad system, its just that it has no good games for it, Thats what I think will happen to the vita’s/ps3’s cross game feature.

  31. instead of trying to compete with Nintendo they should try to get developers interested in the vita unless the wont anther psp go. the vita is OK at what it does and so is the ps3 but one thing, the ps3 is ageing hardware barely been able to keep up with new game. I have a ps3 and the amount of crashes on some of the newer titles and slowdown is not funny. they just don’t work properly, while with the Vita if they just treated it as what it is a hand-held games console and put some bloody games out for it I think it would do better. I mean my 3ds in the first 3 months I got more games for it than what I have for the in 6, this combination is not a Wii U in hardware or with graphic out put. they are two consoles been put together trying to imitate something else.

  32. WOW! 99% of the people on this site are either braindead or retarded.
    I like NINTENDO but I hate the fanboys, always falling back on the “SONY copies everything” load of crap. It’s like a Black person always using the racist excuse at all times.

    1. don’t get mad at the facts thats what sony does its not about being a fanboy its about having respect for the developers that worked hard on ip’s and hardware to just have what they worked on stolen from them and sony should be ashamed as developers why you think sony is struggling because gamers see the constant raping there doing to nintendo. i had 2 ps3 a psp a ps2 and a psvita but both my ps3 died which is another reason sony is failing cause of faulty systems.and sold my psvita cause the games fucking sucked only like 3 ok title’s and the system kept acting funny with every new firmware upgrade and the touch screen was getting hot as hell during gameplay which is a possible overheating problem with the vita.the two best system sony ever made was ps2 and psp. one more thing if they would’ve made vita backward compatible with umd’s vita’s will be flying off the shelves.they should’ve copied that from nintendo lmfao….

      1. Lol…you are even more retarded than i thought at first, ” go suck some dick and blow your mother sperm bag” oh wait you already did that ” than have your dad fuck you in the ass like he always does” cocksucka! Ahahahahahahahahaha!
        you are the biggest douchiest loser in the whole fucking world ass whore!

    2. You my friend have issues. Black people are right in most instances when using the racist tag to some people. Look how the west really never wanted Africa ( Alkebulan ) to be free. Now China is investing heavily in Africa with no evil desires but capitalism and the west is shaking. So yes we Nintendo fans are smart wise and intelligent. We can sense bull from it’s home front. Sony and ms are not full of dung, they are pure hog dung. Nintendo is gaming itself. Now on to gaming………… third parties on board for the Wii U in droves.

  33. Sony… I’m not going to buy the Vita to do what the Wii U will do..

    I’ll buy the Vita when the games warrant it. Just be your own man, Sony. You’ve got enough good exclusives to keep me interested, so just do your own thing.

  34. Sony, stop failing at what you are triyng to do and go to your stronger points (focus on PS3 and vita exclusives). on a side note, i won’t get a vita , even thou he vita is getting a bioshock. game (as big of a Bioshock fan that i am, i still won’t get a vita)


    im done with shitstation, i just am. They better not copy mario, if they do i will buy 1000X wii u’s and watch shitstation’s business sllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooww down like their overpriced shitstation three.

  36. So I’m supposed to shell out like 600 dollars for a Vita and PS3. When the Wii U is new hardware. Seems legit

    1. exactly, i now hate playstation. first they COPIED yes COPIED smash bros and they say it was INSPIRATION MY ASS. NINTENDO SUE THEIR ASS


      JUST DANCE 4


  37. I can easily read this as SONY’s higher-ups being desperate for sales. They require good sales reports to keep stockholders happy, so they pass all the pressure to the people responsible for coming up with ideas…and of course in turn these people make stupid mistakes, just like the move was. I think they need to withdraw for a little bit, and think what it is that characterizes them as a company, what they are good at. Then they can exploit that talent and make it a profit. I feel really sorry for them and for their fans…

    This also makes me think that Nintendo could turn SONY in any direction they wanted…just make another peripheral, and what do you know? SONY will be right behind it. Cheer up SONY, I know you can do much better than this.

    1. Regular??? Dont even know what that means but if you mean like the other 2 consoles, then thats fucking stupid why do you want the same shit for everything thats boring its good to have variety. Do you want eveyone to the fucking same how boring would that be???

      1. He means no game pad and no wii-remote just a remote controller which is what they already are doing. It isn’t neccassary anymore to use the gamepad. So if you want regular controllers have at it.

    2. Sony’s playstation division and microsoft’s xbox divisions were screwed the day the joined the console making industry. They are both better making TVs Walkmans and windows software lol.

  38. Ok let’s say Sony does have this cross play shit the real question is. Will they utilize it? Sure anyone can do cross play but I see Nintendo perfecting it even if Sony has cross play or not. Remember ps move was in development for what 11 years before it came out. So in 2010 when it wad released it sold 10 million unit’s that’s just fail. But the killer part is Sony didn’t even utilize the fucking thing. So the shitendo is shiten all over Sony now. But my question is when and how will Sony utilize the vita and ps3 or ps4 cross play?

  39. so basically 2 devices from SONY = 1 Device from NINTENDO can’t SONY come up with one creative idea of it’s own for once

  40. Sony Sony Sony ….SMH Nintendo got y’all running scared. I guess “Me Too” is the new direction and marketing plan, “look we can do it to” WOW…so basically Sony doesn’t have a clue of where to go with the Vita…bottom-line and they can’t afford to cut the price, and with no dignity they just say “Hey let’s just do what Nintendo is doing and say we did it first” and anyone one who try’s to justify this is in straight denial. Again I like Sony but man they don’t know have to lose. Nintendo knows how to make the most out of set backs and still maintain their dignity and identity. N64 and GC they where in lastplace but yet they made the best out of what they had, never did the “Me To” thing, nope they just kept making 1st party hits and kept their own product afloat with their own games. If Sony was smart this would be what they copy from Nintendo. Make ur own Vita games and show the world why Vita is worthy the precious, until they do that they will continue to loss ground in the gaming universe. Fall Back

  41. Wii U = Eighth generation heaven sent blessed gaming Marvel, that at it’s minimum setting ( Am talking generation one dev kits ) can handle 1080 P visuals and 60 frames per second in it’s sleep easy. While powering two touch screen accelerometer, NFC, gyro, rumble feature, HD screen having, microphone, cameras, Wii game playing controllers, coupled with four Wii- motes at the same time. Against 7th generation SSBB copying, Mario imitating sack boy having PS3, with a selling like ford in 2008 cross platform PS vita. The choice is simple folks buy a Wii U.

    1. Hey i love sackboy he is fucking awesome,have you ever played lbp? Imho i think they are better than the 2d mario games not trying to troll or anything

  42. If anything, Sony’s just giving free advertising for the Wii U. Who the hell wants to pay $250 for a handheld, plus $250 for the console, just to do the same things that the Wii U can do for approximately $150 or $200 less?

  43. So I’d have to pay $550 just to mimic what a Wii U can do on its own, as well as it having a much smaller price tag.

    Yes, that is SO gonna be bad for Nintendo………
    *rolls eyes*

  44. Looks like Sony is running scared. All they managed to do here is remind people of how much better the Wii U is that this Cross Play stuff. Wii U is coming soon and everyone is bracing for the impact. Leave luck to heaven.

  45. Ok I’m thinking people are getting paranoid about companies copying Nintendo. Didn’t Sony already plan this before nintendo said anything about it? I’m actually happy for this. It’ll give my vita some use until some good games come out.

  46. Let’s say Sony indeed CAN do this better than Nintendo. Am I supposed to hope 3rd party developers suddenly start looking Sony’s way (a good portion have NOT been showing the Vita any love)? Hope I can get my Nintendo franchises on Sony tech in some wondrous way? There is no threat.

  47. Pingback: “Sony Is Indiscreetly Going After Nintendo”, Says 1up « NintendoCenter

  48. “PlayStation Vita can do the same thing and “possibly even better” than Nintendo’s upcoming console.”

    only it can’t… not with the kind of latency issues crossplay has

  49. People…Really need to realize that Cross-Play is going to fail, alongside remote play. Developers are NOT going to waste additional money making such a feature that only HALF of the PS3 population will use likely, since not everyone owns a Vita that owns a PS3. When it comes to the Wii U, since the GamePad is INCLUDED with each system buy, the developers can do that KNOWING that the majority of Wii U owners will be using the feature.

    Sony, you’re slipping up…I really hope they can regain how great they were back when they had the PS1/PS2. Matter in fact, all gaming companies are kind of slipping up in a way now…

  50. I hate hearing about this feature the VITA has. Seriously, you might have forgot but Nintendo technically made this feature first even though it wasn’t direct. Example: Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii using the Nintendo DS in order to play, hell, even Pokemon Stadium did it! But that’s not my point. I don’t have a VITA or PS3, and most PS3 fans don’t even have a Vita judging by the low sales. Nintendo should go SEGA on their asses and make a diss commercial, “You expect fans to pay $500 for a Vita AND a PS3? Not even PS3 fans have one judging by your AWFUL sales. (Nintendo 3DS flashes on the screen few times) The Wii U cost less, it’s $300 dollars, it can do 1080P without making a sweat, and our 1st Party and 3rd Party games kicks ass. Wanna’ joke on our ports? We’ll make more money than you could with it, like you never ported anything. Heh, yeah. (Together Wii U).”

    Just my vision.

  51. i mean, this is just like the xbox 360 smart glass, it still requires you to buy the system and then an expensive peripheral either a $300 tablet or the $250 vita. So unless wii u comes out at $500, i can’t see this really doing damage to wii u’s sales. I would just see it as a bonus to tablet/vita owners who also already have a home console that is getting this upgraded functionality. No reason to suspect people will go out and buy both to get said functionality.

  52. We are making it a plan to have all consoles named in this report, so this really is not a personal bother…there are great reasons to own all of them, and this is simply a piece of news that is quite fun to read as a potential customer, regardless!

  53. Not really because the vita’s graphics first of all aren’t better than the wii u since I own a vita and have experienced the awesome play of the wii u and second, they should think about people who don’t own them both. People wouldn’t want to spend 250 for a vita then another 200 at least for a ps3 when it’s almost time for a new generation console to start. It would be a waste of money. The wii u will definitely do better.

  54. Yawn, supposedly the 3DS can be connected to the Wii U too, so this is nothing special really.
    Also, the Gameboy Advance could be used as a second screen, for certain Gamecube games, so this linking up of different systems is nothing new anyway.

  55. RE-thinking stuff THIS will only bring more 3rd party games to the WiiU so… THANKS SONY! :D while you sink Nintendo will get more games that it was supposed to :)

    Nintendo comes with the innovative ideas and sony helps them making it standard and giving money, games and power to the BIG N!

    one last thing: SEEEGAAAAAAAA!

  56. but you need 2 systems thats about 500 dead presidents ($) so ummm and how can it be better explain please /:)
    its a me mario

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