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The Last Story Experiences “Small Delays”

XSeed Games claims that The Last Story has shipped to retailers in North America; however, the publisher revealed that there seems to be “small delays” and the game is not yet available in all stores. The Last Story should be available for purchase in all North American stores that sell video games within the next couple of days.

46 thoughts on “The Last Story Experiences “Small Delays””

  1. Good because I was getting worried about this game. I pre-ordered it earlier this year and haven’t heard anything about it since. It’s four days late so far. At least I know there is a reason. Thank you alba.

  2. THANK YOU!! I don’t have any money for it right now and amazon ships it regarless of how much I have lol I get pay tommorow so this is great!

  3. i wonder xenoblade or laststory hmm which to choose i like turn based rpgs and none of these are im sure they look amazing tho anything better then that crap that was 13 and 13 2

    1. xenoblade offers an amazing mix of action and turn-based combat; last story is pure action combat and you only play 1 character – in xeno you can choose between tank, heal, dd and some chars are suitable for each one of those roles (after adjusting skill set and gems accordingly)

  4. I pre ordered it for July 31st, it got delayed til August 5th, August 14th and the stores still don’t have it. Quite frustrating. Game Informer only gave it a 6 too.

    1. I think Game Informer and Nintendo are trying to bury this game. Game Informer also gave Theatrythm FF a score of 8. So apparently we should all sit around and tap our feet to the music we’ve already bought about 25 times. And if you read the review of Last Story, it’s like the guy needs to get the sand out of his trunks.

  5. So many games. I still need to work on my wii library that’s why im not to pushey on wii u launch titles. I received my golden nunchuck from club nintendo. I shall be the only one in my house using it & the golden wii remote. :)

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    Anyway, that sucks, I really want to play this game.

  7. My friend was complaining about boycotting GameStop because of this.
    Thanks for the news, probably at least make her a bit less annoyed. ;P

  8. Ha, no kidding. I was looking forward to getting it today but Gamestop said they wouldn’t have it until tomorrow. Now I’m wondering if they’ll even have it by the time I go to pick it up tomorrow.

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  10. Thank you Alba, was thinking gamestop were being dweebs. They better call me tomorrow, wasted gas. At $3:59 a gallon Xseed are cool with me only because they translated this Gem.

  11. Does anybody know what’s the minimum time you can beat Xenoblade? Cause I made a bet with my friend that he can’t beat it in 5 days. Its not possible right?

    1. If he is going to do the subquests, i dont think it’s possible, if he is not going to do the subquest it is possible.

      1. Yeah thats what I think. But he literally no life’s games. -__- He beat Mario &Luigi in 2 days and it took me like 2 weeks.

  12. Living in UK rarely has it’s advantages. Already completed game 2x.

    For those thinking of or are buying this game Last Story is a very much a story focused game. Expect lots of cut scenes and talking. The game is a lot of fun though. I would suggest playing the online modes as well.

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