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GameStop To Offer $100 Trade-In Deal For Nintendo 3DS XL

GameStop will apparently offer a trade-in deal for the Nintendo 3DS XL, which will launch in North America on August 19th. You can get the Nintendo 3DS XL for $100 cheaper from GameStop, if you exchange an original Nintendo 3DS. The deal is being offered only during launch weekend. GameStop should be able to allow costumers to transfer data between the two handhelds.

Thanks, Jacob.

85 thoughts on “GameStop To Offer $100 Trade-In Deal For Nintendo 3DS XL”

      1. I spoke with my local Gamestop and they said I can buy the 3DS XL at regular price, go home and transfer my data, and then bring the old 3DS back with my receipt within 5 business days, and they’ll give me $125 in-store credit or $100 cash.

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      1. Dont mind these half wits… they just like complaining… I always say whats worst than someone commenting “first”… People who complain about it

    1. Because I’d lose all $50 worth of downloadable games and ambassador games and all my save data on my 3DS games if I did.

        1. i called my gamestop and they do not have internet so I can’t do the system transfer in the store. that that sucks !!!

  1. so $100.00…but you will need YOUR charger to trade in or the deal won’t go down…tell them that SickR……Then you will need to buy a new charger for the XL

      1. Sweet :) Then it is truly a good deal :) Sadly I am not a fan of Nintendo’s re-releases of their systems. That’s one thing I dislike about them lately :/

        1. im still keeping my 3ds and getting the 3ds xl on the 19th but gamestop does have a bundle that comes with nsmb2

  2. Now that is interesting. I do believe the DS/3DS charger will work with this, right? I still have my old DS, so maybe I could use that? I’m interested in the new screen.

    1. Wait, on their website, it says the 3DS XL already comes with the AC adapter in the US. It doesn’t include the charging cradle, but I never used it anyways. Now I’m interested in it. I will have to call gamestop and ask them if they’ll be able to transfer my data (saves and all) to the new system.

      1. my Gamestop doesn’t because they do not have internet there. But yours might have internet, I heard the Gamestops in the malls have internet.

    2. The US gets a charger with the system. FYI the DSi chargers work with the 3DS/3DS XL but not the original DS nor the DS lite.

  3. I think I’d rather buy a 3DSXL, transfer the data to my old 3DS, and then sell my 3DS for like 120 to a friend or on craigslist. That’s just me though.

    1. That’s what I’m going to do. My nephew has one already so I figured it’d be nice to sell them mine for a 100 so my nieces can play on it, then I can get an extra street pass!

  4. I like deals GameStop/EB Games offer.
    Like I got my 3DS on day 1 for 125$ instead of 250$ because I traded 5 games.
    Good deal.

  5. what the fuck was the charging cradle even used for. It just looked like a nicer way to charge the
    3ds but is that it?

  6. honey roasted peanuts

    I’m going to be patient as well. They’re bound to come up with an updated version just as they do with every gameboy.

        1. Well since the 3DS XL comes out first get that one first, and then get the Wii U when it gets released later this year.

  7. lmfao do you think gamestop is going to transfer your files lmfao do you think there going to deal with each customer for 30 min maybe more for a system transfer…. really…imagine that happening during black Friday and Christmas time. a system transfer from gamestop i don’t think its going to happen so if you purchased eshop games and trade your 3ds say goodbye to your purchases and hope you didn’t forget to delete your credit card info and profile before trading

    1. The deal is only on the launch weekend of the 3DS XL and i’m sure they would have you go off to the side to do the transfer so you don’t hold up the line.

      1. my Gamestop told me over the phone that the deal is for 1 week. And i asked about the possibility to trade in my 3DS, pay the full amount for the XL take both systems home to do a system transfer and the bring back the 3DS to get my credit. They said they might be willing to do that since they do not have internet there.

        1. And they did. I bought 2 3ds xl’. for $400 and went home to do the transfers, then went back with the 2 original 3ds’ and the receipt and i got $200 back in cash.

  8. This seems, good and especialy if they will let you transfer data to the XL but… does this deal have a ending date? cause really I just got my 3ds during all the black friday and ect. and its till looks like new. Everything buttons,screems,circle pad,3d slider :U

  9. so this promotion is only going to be done on Sunday(For the US)..because when I called Gamestop today and they told me about this promotion they didnt mention to me any time frame for this promotion, basically just said it would be done for the week but the sooner I come in the better so that I can guarantee myself a 3ds XL..I probably wouldnt be able to go til sometime next week but if I Have no choice I will go sooner than that

  10. There’s a deal at san Antonio gamestop which if you preorder the 3dsxl you’ll get new super Mario bros 2 for free. I don’t know if its at different gamestops but its news worthy.

    1. Wait are u serious? The gamestops in LA no one mentioned that to me..which Gamestop in San Antonio I will let them know maybe they can do the same offer

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  14. When I called my Gamestop last night, they have no record of this promotion nor is it in their ads for this week (8/15 – 8/21). They said they only have their standard trade in ($50) and the special extra $25 from the ad. That’s only $75, not $100. Disappointed until I looked at the source for this post, not exactly “rock solid” IMHO.

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  19. Can i do this in canada ontario hamilton. If i cant how much will i get for one 3ds and 2 ds lite. One is broken on the hing of the back of the top screen

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