GameStop Ranked One Of America’s Worst Companies To Work For

According to a recent report, video game retailer GameStop is the tenth worst company to work for in America. Out of 416 reviews, GameStop has an overall rating of a 2.7 on a five-point scale. One reviewer claims that rather than focusing on its costumers, GameStop’s top priority is trying to make people pre-order any title – even if it’s a bad game. GameStop employees apparently complain that the company favors sales more than customer service.

“Employees appear to regularly complain that the company privileges sales above customer service. According to one review, ‘Priority is placed on sales instead of games and customers, pushing people to pre-order games can place them in a situation where they spend good money on a bad game with no possibility of a refund, business’ models place customers at a disadvantage.’ It may also be the reason why the video game retailer made the Consumer Report’s annual ‘naughty’ list for bad customer service in 2011. Likely adding to poor customer service, reviews point to high turnover.”

146 thoughts on “GameStop Ranked One Of America’s Worst Companies To Work For”

  1. Very true, I usually dread going into a gamestop because they just spend 50 years trying to get me to buy their awful pro cards and game informer subscriptions, then they get snippy when I tell them that I’m not interested, I say I don’t want to pre order any games and they just start listing off games anyway, gamestop is a very frustrating company, and here in the US there’s pretty much no competition to them so they get away with it all the time

      1. Actually preordering games is the only was the employees get their hours. The reason they get snippy is because their wages are so low that they’re worried about paying their rent. Trust me I used to work there.

    1. Yeah, but they poke and prod like that because, like this article says, their pay check relies on you making those purchases.

      1. Your a dumb ignorant prick, don’t talk about stuff you don’t know. You make yourself look like an ass hole. They are hourly not commission dumb ass. Stupid chump!

    2. I mean dont blame the employees, they are told what they need to do. I bet they hate doing that too, but what can they do, that they’re job.

      1. my peoples works at my local gamestop and he only does that pre order gauging when his higher up are there but there trade in prices sucks balls wtf they should @ least give u half of what they would sell it for.its better off just staying with the game or system

        1. gamestop trade in on a psp 3000 = $15.00 usd a 3ds is = $35.00 psv is = $70 dsi = $26 and this is just handhelds home console prices are worse

          1. i forgot to mention that if you want cash they take away like 10 to 20% so that means you really getting less than what they said they was giving you

      1. There is 3 GameStop stores where I live and I only shock in one because the other two have really annoying and bitchy workers. My preferred store have people who actually talk to you about games and understand the different types of gamers instead of criticizing the games you buy (which has happened to me).

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    1. I agree,everytime this year i call all i hear is “Would you like to Preorder Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and get the nuketown 2025 map,or etc” It’s just bullshit,plus their so called “USED” game sales are so fucking retarded it ain’t even funny to the next guy in line,the hell any game they claim is used is just 5.00$ almost always under the normal price,and it’s like fuck this shit,i could go on amazon get it for cheaper,wait a couple days for it and still not have to go through that BS of trading in 2-3 games plus cash to get a game that’s already “USED” Some used games dont even have the cases,reduce the fucking price even more,oh wait a minute it doesnt have the damn registration thing for club nintendo reduce it even more,but nooo Gamestop is just gonna shove that nonsense up their asses and talk from plugged up asses rather than listening to what the consumers has to say,and what really pisses me off the most today is that they only give a quarter of a what used game is at the full retail price,only way they charge it for the used price is if it’s rare or limited editon,also to boot on top of all this,they wont accept the original Xbox,PS2 or gamecube games,yet they still try to sell us the Xbox,PS2 and Gamecube games it’s all just fucking ridiculous i would rather look for a more reliable seller with better deals on or Craigslist,hell i’d even go to my local gamestore (other then gamestop) and buy some retro games which are cheap and more entertaining than what gamestop sells a copy of Yoshi’s Island DS and Megaman Zero collection for,which is 30.00$ – 35.00$ those prices and the way they operate is just plain inhumane and we need a new game retailer to replace them,because eventually they “WILL” go out of buisness.

      1. yeah i hate the part were gamestop act so retarded with the club Nintendo things.
        Also last month i bought Nintendo dogs + cats (LAST ONE BUT NEW, KEEP THAT IN MIND), it was the last copy in the store. What tick me of is they don’t have the case and what made it worst is that they gave me a DS case and i told them ” why are giving me this case” he said ” we don’t have the case whats the differences?” I facepalm i from of him. from there i went to Target and bough a 3DS/DS case where you hold multiple games at once.

        All because my 3ds game cant fit in the ds case.

        1. do what i do buy the used game and just take the new case from display rack and just leave the store if they don’t have the case there go to a different gamestop i did it for years and i stop dealing with that crap.

        2. I think you guys are being way to picky. Imagine if someone brought a game to trade and they couldn’t just because it didn’t have the original case and downloadable content? There would be no such thing as preowned games or gamestop at that point lol

      2. Yeah, that’s why iv never bought or traded a game to a retail store, all you get is ripped off, u might as well look for a buyer on amazon, eBay, or kijiji.

  3. This is why I stopped going there. Asking me if I want to pre order every stinkin game that’s coming out. If I want to pre order a game i’ll tell you that I want to!

      1. You wanna know why I quit going to GameStop? Every freaking time I’d ask for a new game that just came out, the guy would walk out from behind the counter, grab the dirty worn out “used” looking game case off the shelf, go back behind the counter and pull a CD out of a drawer, put the CD into the dirty sticker worn case and sell it to me full price. I got tired of it and started buying my games at Best Buy. Although lately, they never have the unique games I’m looking for.

  4. at least people that work there knows about video-games. and u can find what u r looking for.
    I live in Colombia and all video-game stores suck, you have to wait 1 month or more after a game is released in the US so they can import it, and beside that, all workers are female that don’t know shit about video-games, the cant even pronounce the names right

    1. A lot. They’re the biggest videogame chain in the U.S. They’ve driven a lot of their competition out of business, basically monopolizing the the used game market, hence why they pay so little and charge so much for used games.

      1. It was a joke.
        There’s a typo in the main post.

        I’ve never experienced a problem with Gamestop… mainly because I go to Gamestop to pre-order.

      2. There was competition? When was their competition and who? I’ve only ever seen EB Games and FuncoLand when I was a kid.

    1. Whoa, i hope it’s not the same Gamers we have in Mexico. Here we only have 2 companies dedicated to videogames, and both suck. Looks like the gaming industry has a bigger problem with retailing companies, than with the quality of the videogames

      1. Same here. I live in Sundsvall, Sweden. It is GODLY. Only time they ask if I want to pre-order is if it’s a game I am actually about to pre-order. It’s like telepathy! That’s how customer support should be like.

  5. This is definitely true.
    Back when I preordered Theatrhythm in-store, I must’ve been standing there for ten extra minutes as the store clerk gave me a long speech about how I should preorder Animal Crossing 3DS and some other games.
    …And then when you say “Oh, no I’m probably not going to pre order anything” the clerks are always all “Are you sure? We have x and y and z coming out soon too.”
    like gdi i came here to buy one game not four stop trying to pressure me into getting games /sobs

    Buying online has saved me the hassle of getting my time wasted on a number of occasions.

  6. Oh man, I used to work at a Gamestop. Not only do they only focus on sales, some managers will threaten to fire you if you don’t get a certain percentage of preorders in a 3 hour shift.

  7. As someone who has to value customer service, i think this is annoying…but it is neccessary…the stores need to make money, by any means possible. I would love to run a game store where i can say, “that game is balls, buy this one instead, you wont regret it”

  8. ive never actually had a problem with the gamestop’s i go to the only time they have ever mentioned pre-orders is when im checking out and the line i hear is “is there anything you would like to pre-order today?” when i say no they just drop it

  9. wow this all sounds bad we do have GameStops here in Canada and its almost nothing like that, yes they will ask if i would like to pre order a game, and when i say no they never ramble on and telling me to pre order this or that

  10. I have never really had a problem with costomer service at GameStop there always nice around the ones I go to and I go to a lot of diffrent ones for the pre-owned games

  11. One time I was in a rush and bought the wrong game, I didn’t notice until an hour later when I got home and was trying to play it. I tooke it back to GameStop in 3 hours with the receipt and everything and they only gave me 10 bucks back and tried to make me preorder 3 different games that I had no interest in.

  12. Wow the people at my eb games never ask about pre order, hell the only time they asked me to buy something was when i got kid icarus uprising they asked if i wanted to buy the newest game informer which had an AR card for the game in it, I bought it it was the AC3 one anyways. I have no problem with my local eb games (gamestop)

  13. i dont know the gamestop in my area dosent do much of that maybe they are just nicer people or something we usually go in get our games and leave but from these comments i think that just may be my local gamestop, who knows but oh well i will still use gamestop for pre-ordering games such as B&W2 but other than that i buy my games off amazon

  14. All of this is too true. I been workin at Gamestop for almost a year now I lemme tell ya, the nailed it right on the head. All that matters to them bastards are sales figures and commissions. It pains me to have to sell customers a bad game. But my co-workers always had customers go straight to me when it came to Nintendo products cuz I was the best at sellin them cuz of my knowledge, so that always made me happy ^_^

  15. I only bought 2 things from GameStop.
    Metal Slug 3 for Xbox, back in the day when I only had cash, and a Nintendo 3DS because it was on sale for 150 dollars.

    I never thought I would go there a 2nd time, after finding out they open their “new” products, smother their dicks on the disc, and sell it as new.

    Why are they still in business?

  16. GameStop and ebgames suck, I preordered games costing a lot of money and the shipping was nearly 20% of the total cost and the pre order bonuses r cheap, and when I went to cancel one of my pre orders I gad a pretty hard time trying to find the web page to do so, I think I’ll pre order from future shop or best buy next time.

  17. I agree, they do indeed care more about sales. They gave me 50 cents for a used game that they normally sell for 15 dollars. Sheesh

  18. I seem to have a different story than everyone else when it comes to GameStop. The people who work at the GameStop in my town are just the nicest people. They know a bunch about games, make conversation with you, heck one of them even remembered me a month after I bought my 3DS and asked me how I was liking it. I have been to some other GameStops, and other employees do seem a bit odd, but I’m just throwin’ it out there that my GameStop’s pretty cool.
    Of course, that’s just the employees. I do agree with everything else about GameStop being complete bullshit. :>

    1. Yeah, when i bought MK7, me and the cashier girl talked about how her R button was stuck on her DS from playing MKDS so much. But she did want me to buy some sort of protection on my 3DS game. I was like “Really, $7 dollars for a game protection plan?”

  19. I absolutely HATE Gamestop after what they pulled on me on Kingdom Hearts 3d launch. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game series (thus my screen name). The day the mark of mastery edition was announced I went to gamestop to preorder it in case it got sold out everywhere else (which it did). The girl was like ok so you want the Mark of Mastery edition and Im like yes, I even recomfirmed she entered the right one. The day before its release I was at a store next door and asked if I could pay it off (since I had work on launch day and really didnt want to risk being late) and the guy gave me a look like I was crazy and with an attitude was like you cant just wait till tommorrow. So I was like whatever then. the next day I come in and that bastard was like here you go and gave me the standard edition. I’m like hell no i ordered the S.E. He was like no u didnt and gave me an attitude. I was pissed!!!! I was like I dont want that one, I ordered the S.E one and he made it like I was lying. No apology or anything. Then i was like I want the $5 back and he was trying to sell me on another preoder. ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME? I’m so done with that place. If he had let me pay the night before I would have woke up even earlier to go to best buy and actually have gotten a copy but instead I had to go frantically to other stores to find one (but they were sold out, luckily amazon had it) and i was late to work. Never buying there again (not that i bought there much anyway…only if there was preoder bonuses but best buy does them now)
    sorry for the rant… needed to get that out lol

    1. oh no man thank you for the story, i got to say gamestop has a lot of dick people in the companies, plus there strike rule in gamestop; the only ones that are not dicks are the ones that don’t follow the rules in gamestop. i bet ya he took the edition way from you and said that when you are not looking.
      Greedy bastards.

    2. Well, your partly at fault. When you ask for a preorder you need to ask for a receipt to show proof of purchase later when it comes out or etc if you don’t have a gamestop account.

    3. I am going to tell you a good story about what happened today when I walked into my local GameStop to give you some faith in humanity:

      I preordered a Wii U long before e3 (back in 2011) When I walked in a day after they confirmed the black edition I asked them if I could change for the black edition. But they said it was not in their list at the moment. I was alittle upset then, but nothing bad. Just to go back later and change it, they’re nice people.

      Now to the great part: Today I walked into the store to pre-order NSMB2 the first words I was met with after a hello was: “What colour did you want for your Wii U? You wanted a black one, right?”. I have never ever been met with such service so that they even asked me at first glimpse after 100% confirmation about it being released asked me if it was that colour I wanted. I didn’t even have to ask. I was almost stunned. So this is local. Some GameStops are better than others which I understand. But I want to encourage this kind of customer support and that will keep me faithfull to them and is one of the main reasons why I refuse to go digital :) To add: I have never ever been met with the “Want to pre-order this game?” thing except if it’s a game they know that I am actually about to pre-order (as they know pretty well what kind of games I want as I am a regular customer) so I am very happy with my local GameStop and I always feel joy when entering and happier when I leave :)

  20. I work for them at two different locations and completely agree with this. Other than the discount, everything about working for them sucked.

  21. There’s only one specific guy in my local GS that does that.
    The other employees don’t harp on it unless I say I’m looking for a game worth pre-ordering.[Which happens often, since I own a Wii, 3DS, and PS3, and all of them are getting games I want]
    But until this was pointed out, I never really noticed it.

    See, I have a system; I never, EVER, pre-order a game until I have the cash to pay it ALL off, safely[in regards to bills and other necessities], right on the spot.
    It’s either all in or not at all.
    I make it perfectly clear to them that I have no interest in preordering things after the first offer, if they offer. I’m firm without being rude, and it works wonders, so I’ve never had any issues with Game Stop.

  22. “The company privileges sales above customer service.” …and in an equally revealing story, the sky is blue and the water is wet.

  23. Wow really! I think people are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. I’ve been to many GameStops and even worked at one. I loved working at Game Stop even under 4 different managers. It was a great working environment and all but one of the managers did a great job. As for the upsales you call asking “would you like to reserve xxxx today” a problem? Or, “do you have a power up rewards card” a problem? Seriously you people need to get out more if you think 10 seconds of your life is really that important.

    You say, “No Thank You” and it’s done.

    As for customer service, I’ve had nothing but good customer service from the stores that no nothing about my connection to the company. (And my connection is basically nothing I was only a sales rep and worked there for 6 years). I think people just whine and complain too much these days. If they don’t have something to complain about then they just can’t be happy.

    If you treat someone with respect the are more apt to giving it back. If you come into the store (this goes for any store) and start by yelling… how do you think someone is going to respond to that?

    That said, I much prefer the privately owned classic game stores rather than Game Stop.

      1. I have longer conversations on GameStop. But those are nice ones because our local GameStop sounds like the guy says he wish that it was like xD. I guess I am spoiled :(

    1. Thank you. Finally someone that knows a thing or two about patience and respect. Respect them and they’ll respect you. I’ve never had a problem going to them for so many years now. People just want to complain and if anything give the employees attitude.

  24. gamestop hahaha i remember when i bought their magazine subscription and got their little pre orders too bad i aint little no more now i get my shit from ebay and preoder from bestbuy so kiss my ass gamestop smooches bitches ahaha jk nah but im very forreal

  25. Since last i had problems with gamestop because me & my friend went to gamestop to prre orderr skyward swordbundle when i ask will it be a midnight launch. The guy laughed & said no then another worker come ffrom no were & said come on guys really it’s zelda & i got. Mad bbefore i was able to start spazing my friend surprise me (he don’t play nintendo he’s more a sony fan) & went ham like wtf you mean & said it’s not likke it’s cod a real game & it’s nintendo when they ever had a midnight release so we went in on them

      1. Ok. gamestop Try to play me didn’t wanna pay me, oh oh oh no they didn’t. Try get a preoder of skyward ask if it a midnight release they saiid !!! hell no. They said get real game pick up cod. I said go fuck yourself !!!!!! Then they come who even buy nintendo games i said GTFO !!!!!!!!

    1. Even though I am a big Nintendo fan so do I get them… Most Nintendo gamers don’t go to stuff like midnight releases. Actually, most of them have a family or are kids. It’s usually teenagers who goes to things like that and Nintendo is pretty much targeted to everyone BUT teenagers.

      I myself would love midnight releases but I know that the target audience for those games would not show up for one as they usually seldom preorder games in the first place.

  26. Other than rediculous turn in values for used games, the Gamestops near me are all relatively nicee and dont bother you with game pre-orders. I mean they ask, but thats their job.. not a big deal. I do hate how Gamestop never has any good deals for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black friday, Easter, etc.. The deals barely save you any money at all. I can tell they are a greedy company.

  27. I work with two former GameStop employees who hated it. The manager loved it though! He got to go to conventions and meet famous people like Hulk Hogan and The Miz for WWE and Mel B for Get Fit With Mel B. But the employees generally don’t seem to like it much and they don’t seem to stick around long.

  28. Being one of the minions who works for gamestop I find this wall of text amusing. People who care more for a case then a game itself, you will lose it or let it collect dust in less then two weeks anyways. That whole buy low sell higher thing is very effective. Fair perhaps not but then neither is life.
    You misjudge people you don’t even know assuming we are all the same. Sadly I know far more about games then most people and I am always getting lectured for understanding the word no from customers.
    Learn to understand both sides before you judge one minion based on our bosses.

  29. The biggest reason why I don’t go to GameStop is because of the weird ass employees! They seriously creep me out! Plus Amazon has better prices, and if I want used games I just go to craigslist.

  30. This makes me a bit sad because the employees in my Gamestop are actually really cool, they really do not annoy you with the cards and deals crap. They actually know a lot of things about games and overall make the experience a good one.

  31. Ever walk into a game store and ask for a new release that was sold out ? – who would have thought that you could have received a copy if you pre ordered!?
    And hell, maybe even received some extra goods you would have payed extra money out I pocket for other wyse ?!
    Eb games /GameStop allows you to do that…
    The team members of an eb games like anywhere else have quarterly goals and would like to hit them. No team members will force you to make a pre order it’s just suggested. As well pre orders contribute to an over all corporate buy power to keep the beloved distributors abd creators from going the way of the dinosaurs.
    The bashing of a company because the Internet allows it is not out of the norm now Adays,Neither is mass ignorance.
    I DO agree that the level of customer service is not always the best but in the end it boils down to zone and store level management rather than trying to deminish the company’s name why not ask what can the big wigs do to have the right people in the right places to better the company as a whole ?
    Trade values not what you want ? Don’t be lazy sell it on eBay … Can’t get a credit card to do so? Than maybe ask your self what can YOU do to better your self to achieve and attain what you really want from your goods.
    For years this company has allowed your parent family and even self attain many a game, and help make many memories of playing some of the best games out there.
    Not to mention fill the wallets of many game developers and distributors pockets …
    But than again what do I know?
    Maybe I’m just a fella that likes what I get and give from that company. I may not always see eye to eye with that place BUT
    Come into my store and tell me the service you received was terrible.!
    Anyone can complain with out presenting a solution
    I suggest now with the surveys you can all fill out, that you suggest a well thought solution to your problem maybe you will see it implemented.

  32. I used to love walking into game stores like Captron and Funcoland. EB Games was alright, too. But Gamestop has ruined everything. There are a few stores in my area, and not one has an employee that knows what he/she is talking about. And it’s just annoying customer service.
    So now I just pre-order from Amazon or if I have to pay a full price and do it at a store, I’ll do it somewhere like Toy’s R Us. No hassle, just walk in and get what you want.

  33. The GameStop where I live is godly. It is propably the best Game store I have ever gone to. I love it :) The personal is really really nice and everything and I never got the feel that they try to force me to pre-order stuff or tried to get me to buy second-hand games. The second propably because I am an usuall customer and they know that I don’t do second-hand when it comes to games as I like to support the industry. But still. I like it :)

  34. What i find funny is that all these people are complaining about gamestop…. if you dont like it, dont go there. There are plenty of other places to buy new and used games like amazon or bestbuy. I personally work at bestbuy and let me tell you we honestly offer WAYYYY more in trade in value then gamestop. There are also plenty of online places also.

  35. I guess im one of the very few whose gamestop store doesn’t fit the negative description. B great if all gamestops were the opposite of the description.

  36. Stop complaining like little girls! Dam society is full of dumbasses like you guys. Personally why don’t you tell their employees that to their faces? Oh that’s right because you wait until you get in your parents basement to complain on some forum. How pathetic! I’d kick your ass if I saw anyone of you complainers.

  37. Eb games is dumb as fuck!
    looked at the website to trade in 2 games worth $15 or more each for the last of us deal.
    on the website the games were worth 15-30 bucks.
    but the lady laughed at me and said “Pfff i doubt these games are worth anything… oh wait $6 and $7,” she continued laughing.
    she said maybe next time bring some newer games.
    i was so close to saying are you fucked in the head, one is an extremly popular game and the other is like 6 months old, both games in great condition. Fuckin paying me $13 for $40 worth of games.
    I realized if i wanted the last of us i would have to trade in a brand new assassins creed 3 and black ops 2. I left pissed with thoughts of hitting her in the head with a brick…

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