GameStop Reveals Wii U Launch Line-up


US retail emporium GameStop has apparently received marketing material for Wii U which state which games will launch alongside the console this holiday season. It looks as though we’re getting Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U for launch, but Pikmin 3 has been relegated to launch window status. Which games take your fancy?

131 thoughts on “GameStop Reveals Wii U Launch Line-up”

      1. No confirmation on this yet, but I hope it’s right, cuz I’m sure as hell not getting it separately. And it could help Nintendo sell the Wii U for 299 instead of 250, which goes consistently with the rumors.

        1. 250???? do you realise with the power of the hardware in it that even selling it at 299 would be an apsolutley amazing deal!!. i wouldnt be suporised if they give nintendo land for free or for like 20$ but i cant see them dropping the price below 300

            1. They are when there getting that shit for Christmas and and no one has them. End up paying $600-1000 on eBay happened with Wii

    1. I figured Pikmin 3 would be launch window (but hoped for holiday :/ ) but why doesn’t Rayman Legends have a date? Come on Ubisoft, MAKE IT IN FOR THIS YEAR… OR BETTER YET LAUNCH!!!

      1. If you give the games a date, MS and Sony can work out when the WiiU will launch, and try and snag their customers, although im sure they already have something planned for when it launches. Nintendo were going to show the 3DSXL at E3 if Sony made any big Vita announcement

  1. On my mind currently are New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Assassin’s Creed III and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for definite. I’m also thinking about Nintendo Land and ZombiU, but I’m not quite sure on them just yet.

    1. My list is exactly like yours, except I’m buying ZombiU forsure, and I want to see how 2k13 uses the gamepad before I decide getting it. Im going to be too poor for Nintendoland, but I’m sure I’ll get eventually.

    1. well, we don’t really know. maybe it is released in november and those games with “Holiday” are released in december, or something like that.

      but, to be honest, i think that there are too many games, don’t you think?

      1. First of all, if you notice that some of them say ‘Launch Window’ which means that they probably will not be available on Day 1 but shorter after launch. So the ones labeled ‘Holiday’ will most likely be available at the Wii U’s release. Second, I can’t tell if you are complaining that there are too many games in general or if it seems to you that there are too many games labeled ‘Holiday’ for them all to be launch games? I wouldn’t be complaining in general…be glad that the Wii U is being supported! Seeing a long list of games before the console is even released is a good thing!

        1. It’s not really complaining, but this is something nobody should guide themselves with. Gamestop is only doing this because they have as much information as the rest of us, it’s just marketing to start up the hype. They’re just throwing it out there because they have nothing and are probably saying “we gotta put something out there”.

          1. Your wallet will be begging for mercy! For me there’s 3 ‘for sures’, 2 most likely and 1 maybe. Project P-100, Assassin’s Creed 3 and NSMB U. Then Wii Fit U, Just Dance 4. And the maybe being Nintendo Land. I’d rather Nintendo Land get bundled in, but we shall see. I’d also take NSMB U bundled in as well.

        1. I’ll take them all along with new need 4 speed and sonic racing. I will the shitty avengers game, your shape, sing, stupid fish game, family game with 30 games and warios stupid ass game at the store.

  2. Pikmin. And… that’s it? I don’t know why I’m buying this on launch. Pikmin is great but not THAT great. Or maybe it is? I dunno. I wonder what the Game & Wario is.

    1. Nintendo isnt going to gamescom, so it’ll only be a few 3rd party games if that. EA will have sports games that is for sure.

  3. more games then the vita ….sigh….only bought one for mgs kh and monster hunter and some stuff>.> well nice good to know there are enough games to get in the launch months:)

  4. I’m thinking NSMBU, Darksiders II and Ninja Gaiden. Those are the ones I want before Christmas. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I have never played a Pikmin game. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy one. Nothing against Pikmin, it looks cool, but there are a lot of other games I prioritize getting over Pikmin.

    1. I am hoping to get my hands on Zombi U, Darksiders II, Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Lego City: Undercover, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Rayman Legends, and Scribblenauts Unlimited. I am hoping that we (as in Wii U) get Injustice: Gods Among Us, NFS: Most Wanted (NFS on WIi sucked!) and Watchdogs.

      1. I think Injustice is already confirmed for Wii U. I want to get every game on that list too. And Batman AC. How could I forget that?

        Games aren’t cheap for me, and I have to make sure I pick up Skyward Sword first. I don’t have a Wii so, in addition to buying the new Wii u games, there are Wii games I have to pick up as well. I’m going for Skyward Sword and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

            1. Also, I’d reccomend “The Last Story”. It isn’t as big as Xenoblade, but the music and alot of other elements are fantastic. Sorry if I’m punishing your wallet, by the way. :p

              1. Last story is on my list of games to get as well. I don’t have to get them all at launch, I’ll buy the rest all through next year.

        1. Well don’t even get me started on the Wii…there are plenty of great games to pick up for that as well…my library of Wii games is 50+ and growing!

        1. Yes I do and that was my mistake…I already knew that myself and also what is keeping them from changing their mind…just look at what happened with Metro: Last Light!

            1. Yeah I know…I really hope they start working on Metro again…that was one game that I was also really looking forward to.

  5. There is 1 problem.Why there are many cassual games except from pikmin3,ninja gaiden 3 and p-100 on the Nintendo’s line(list)?

    1. NSMBU is both hardcore and casual actually. And most of the early games is all about showing of what makes the system unique. And in this case it is the controller.

        1. I played it at the Wii U Experience and I did not like it but I am also abysmal at karaoke…lol. It would be a fun title for someone who likes karaoke though.

  6. Hummmmm ZombieU and AC3 day one forsure for me. Mario Bros U probably and maybe Darksiders as well. I’m waiting on more on Nintendoland. Cant wait for Aliens as well. Already have Mass effect 3 on PC.

    1. Watch some videos on Darksiders II…that is what convinced me. I played the first one and was not impressed….but after watching videos on Darksiders II, I was completely impressed with the art style, environments, etc. Very impressive IMHO.

        1. I did not play the first one for very long (it is my brothers copy since I do not own a 360 or ps3) so I could not get a great feel for the game but from what I played of it….I was not impressed but I will be playing Darksiders II.

  7. By that logic zombi u should also be a launch title. I want mario, nintendoland, and zombi u. Thats plenty of content to keep me for a while.

  8. A bunch of games listed as ‘holiday’, ‘launch window’, and ‘TBA’ isn’t a launch list.

    Not to mention it’s missing games.

  9. I’ve heard people saying they want Nintendo Land as a pack in. I agree it would be a great idea, but it may not happen. If they do that, they may have to pack in a Wii Remote Plus because a lot of the games in Nintendo Land use the GamePad and Wii Remote Plus.

    I’m hoping for the Wii U to come with Nintendo Land and a Wii Remote Plus packed and cost $350. Also, Panoramic view will be an on disc game? That didn’t look like much of a game. I really can’t see people payinf full price for that unless there’s a lot more to it than was shown in the Wii U virtual hands on experience.

    1. What’s wrong with packing the console, the GamePad, the Wii Mote Plus + Nunchuk, and Nintendoland?

      And Panoramic View is a in-console app.

      1. Nothing’s wrong with that at all. As a matter of fact it would be perfect. And thanks, I was worried they were going to try to sell Panoramic view at full price to people in store. I don’t think it would sell well at all.

    2. I could honestly see Nintendo packing in Panorama View out of all of the titles listed here… because it looks more like a proof of concept more than anything.

        1. Yeah that is true but I would not classify Panorama View as a ‘game’ at all…where as NintendoLand you can at least call a game as well as a proof of concept.

    3. I made a point in a previous article, saying it would be good to package it as it eould introduce people to noy only their console, and different gameplay oppertunities, but also introduce people to Nintendo’s key franchises, ehich they may buy in the future, based on hos much they enjoyed NintendoLand. It would be a good business move. But id also say packaging it with an extra wii motion plus would be good. Wii Play is one of the best selling games on the Wii, solely because it was packaged with a wiimote

      1. The perfect bundle would be Wii U with Nintendo Land and Wii Remote Plus for $350. If they decide not to bundle Nintendo Land with the Wii U, but sell it seperately they should bundle a Wii Remote Plus with it. I would definitely buy that.

  10. Anybody else wish that there was some sort of comment filtering or way to report users who are being really immature….

    1. “Wow, terrible line-up.”

      HAHA, no.

      This isn’t final, but almost every game listed is going to be freaking awesome.

    2. You’ve never been at the launch of a console huh? This is arguably one the best launch/launch window lineup for any system ever. It’s diverse, about the only genre not coming as of now is a racing game and that’s only if sonic doesn’t make the window. Not to mention the tiles that will be announced in September, because Nintendo dont give 2fucks about e3, and will bring the goods at there own event.

            1. Ok here….you are right the have not said specifically on Day 1 you can get these titles…but they have pretty much said that ‘these titles are coming out Holiday 2012′ at E3 so therefore they will be available Day 1 or soon after that…geez what is with the argument over semantics…

            2. Of course, holiday season is what? Nov-Dec right? It’s very possible that the games won’t all be there, but Its just as likely they won’t miss launch week. These companies want to make money, showing up late can hurt sales. If the U sells like the Wii did none of this will matter because they’ll be selling so many systems throughout that period regardless if a game drops 2weeks after or not.

  11. New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Lego City: Undercover, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, Project P-100, and Batman: Arkham City-Armoured Edition are definite. Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, Darksiders II, and ZombiU are maybes.

  12. Ok lets see mass effect 3 maybe
    Tekken Tag 2 yes
    New super mario bros U yes
    Aliens colonial marines yes
    zombiU yes
    Batman arkham city yes

    Wheres ghost recon?

  13. DARKSIDERS 2!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this is roughly the 8th time I’ve posted this exact comment on this site. But I can’t help it, I’m, so PUMPED!

  14. Here are my top 5 Wii U title that I’m thinking right now…

    1. Assassin’s Creed III
    2. Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition
    3. ZombiU
    4. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
    5. New Super Mario Bros. U

  15. Nintendo Land FTW! Hopefully it comes in a bundle because I want throw shirukens at samurai and relive the Famicom/Nazo no Muresame-jo experience.

  16. I think Lego City Stories was a better name than Lego City Undercover. Anyway, still looks like a fantastic game.
    Scribblenauts is really fun and can’t wait for the new one.
    I never had NSMB Wii but I played it with my little cousin and it is really fun.
    ZombiU is amazing.
    I’ve never played a Mass Effect game but my brother loves them.
    Batman Arkham City looks pretty sweet. Never played the other versions but I do have Arkham Asylum.
    SiNG and Just Dance 4 are two games that my little sister wants and I’ve gotta admit, I kinda want them too.
    Nintendo Land. If only it was bundled in. :/ I do kinda want it. The LoZ game looks fun.

    I’ll be getting Lego City Undercover when I get my Wii U.

  17. Looks like I’ll be waiting until the following year to buy one. Then I’ll probably save some money and hopefully get actual good exclusives.

  18. No Nintendo game for me at launch. I’m thinking of getting Darksiders II, ACIII, ZombiU and maybe ME3. But it’s great to see all this third-party support at launch, it makes me hopeful for the future of the Wii U.

  19. Jese, what a line-up! Can’t see myself buying one day-one but I really want to play ZombiU (and Rayman, and Lego City, and Pikmin 3, and…., etc, etc) :D

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