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Super Mario Land Is Now $2.99 On eShop

A Month of Mario continues this week with Mario’s very first Game Boy adventure, Super Mario Land. Starting today through Wednesday, August 8th, the game is available at a discounted price of $2.99.

17 thoughts on “Super Mario Land Is Now $2.99 On eShop”

    1. siegfried von schroder

      zelda is for gays
      metroid and starfox are for babies too
      kirby is for babies too and all of shitendos franchises are nothing against of MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY

      1. Oh yeah thats why now every system added motion controls…nintendo is a trendsetter. If they ever were to die microsoft and sony will follow too…

      2. Microsoft didn’t event Motion Controls, it’s a biproduct of something else someone else created which was adapted to gaming first by Nintendo, followed by Sony and Microsoft who merely copied it’s concept for games.

        Kinect is no better either, it’s a cheap copy from Sony’s EyeToy which was a beta project for motion games without use of a controller which Microsoft copied and only added double camera fronts and IR sensors.

      3. Zelda is for anyone especially for people who love action/hardcore fans and any Nintendo games is for anyone who looking for a certain genre of games but dude what every you are talking about is wrong, get you fact straight before you talk shit about others

  1. I love nintendo, but this game is fucking awful. XD Unless they fixed it up, I remember it being the buggiest shit. Koopas explode, fireballs hit the ground and then bounce into the sky. Super Mario Land 2 is sooo much better.

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