Nintendo 3DS XL Doesn’t Have Original’s Screen Scratching Issue

Early Nintendo 3DS models have an issue where the top screen gets temporary blotches from the lower screen – when the system is closed. Nintendo admits that this is due to manufacturing and offers to fix the problem, if it disrupts a user’s gameplay. Nintendo has apparently fixed the design flaw in the Nintendo 3DS XL, which will be released August 19th in North America. Is this a major incentive to purchase Nintendo’s updated and larger handheld?

86 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Doesn’t Have Original’s Screen Scratching Issue”

        1. Its still dead pixels. I have a couple on my tv, its a common problem with LCD screens, i had one on my DSlite i think as well. It where the pixel has been knocked and is disconnected to the display or whatever. There are actually solutions to fix this, although its not 100% guarenteed to work.

                  1. It’s just sweat from your hands you fools! I had the same issue but it was completely removed time and time again with a nice soft or damp cloth. Just clean your screens regularly!

            1. Even if it was the system that was causing it, its not really a big deal. I had a scrath on my ds screen but when it was on i never noticed it, not to mention the amount of marks that appeared on the touch screen, but again, when it was turned on, didnt notice it. Its not like the hinge snapping problem with the ds lite that literally broke the thing, and made it a paper weight

                  1. Yes… But not to nintendo if YOU Broke it… If it broke due to a flaw in design… then its a big deal… You big silly ^.^

                  2. Thats what I’m saying… Why should you or anyone else be punished for the incompetence of any company… I love nintendo… they make amazing games and some awesome hardware… but sadly… those scratched in dots is true..I have it and issued a repair because thats my right under consumer law… and they get worse and worse before you notice… and when you do notice its to late.. some even claim it’s there out of the box… Its an awesome screen though :D

                  3. Not just a minor problem… its a minor problem… That I didn’t cause… If I did cause it then I wouldn’t care… but I bought a brand new device that can pass as second hand… I can’t tell you if it was straight out of the box for me… but it was there on day 1… never carried with me and I treated it like I do all my expensive devices like a baby… Can I have a hug? :c

          1. I thought the same as you did… But… somehow… it happened… :’c… and I contact nintendo and they said they are aware that 3DS XL have this problem and are taking yada yada yada steps to fix it..

          2. Read the comment under your comment. Read the comments under the video I made. I have proof.
            Leave luck to heaven!

    1. I have had screen protectors on my 3DS since when I got it at launch. Whenever I see those lines, I just wipe them away without even giving it a second thought.

        1. i did that for mine but after 6 or 7 times of it happening it just stayed there, i sent it top NoA and I got the screen fixed free of charge

    2. It’s just sweat from your hands you fools! I had the same issue but it was completely removed time and time again with a nice soft or damp cloth. Just clean your screens!

    3. I have a 3ds xl and I have scratches on the top screen after a month. Scratches you can FEEL not pixels I’m 26 and take good care of my stuff. I’ve had older models (not 3ds) and never had a problem. This is uber bullpoo for a 200 dollar handheld. Now I have to send this joker to nintendo and buy screen protectors which my old models I never did.

  1. Not really, but the 3DS XL was never going to be an absolute must-buy. It was always going to be another option for people who were won over by the console but didn’t like the design, or wanted bigger screens or something.

    And it’s for people with huge hands and pockets XD

  2. It’s actually one reason I haven’t bought a new 3ds game since Christmas so I might buy the xl just because it’s not a problem anymore.

    1. the Money-grabbing bastards. here in North America ignored two of my order repair for my analog. so I gave up.(on a side-note I hate speaking with a female employee they want to act stupid with you also go through the book with you when the male employee’s go through your club nintendo accounts and get your info for you. they make it quick for you and themselfs. just saying.) and the employee of the month go’s to.

    1. How many times??? IT starts that way and people pay little attention… but when you carry it around it etches in… My first 3DS got it permanent and I didn’t even carry it around… so please… hush yourself or study on the particular issue

  3. lol you get another year on ur warrenty when you send it in for the scratches so i have basically a non stop warrenty with my 3DS

  4. The scratches can become permanent. I tried everything to get them out, but in the end I sent it to Nintendo while my 3DS was still under warrenty. Which is why now I stuff a cloth in between the screens EVERY time I close it. The 3DS XL is starting to look better and better to me.

    1. So do you have any scratching issues with your new 3ds xl ? Does it leave any lines on the sides of the top screen after closing? Or do the bumpers really protect the top screen?

  5. Is this a major incentive to get a 3DS XL? Not so much. Now, screens almost twice the size with less glare? THAT makes my wallet start squirming out of my pocket.

    1. yes the big huge screens dubble 3ds i watch nintendo video e-shop vidos and netflex oh best thing is wii u has 2 game pad tablet controler 4 3ds or 4 3ds xl suport

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