Rayman Legends – Gamescom Trailer (Remains Exclusive To Wii U)

Ubisoft has released a new video for Rayman Legends at this weeks Gamescom event. The trailer shows how you can take full advantage of the Wii U and its new controller’s capabilities. Use the touch screen to take out enemies, manipulate platforms, cut ropes to clear a path and much more. With the gyroscope technology, you can move rotating platform and there are many more surprises to come.



  1. Im going to need this game in my library the one of the only worthy 3rd party support so far they was right ubisoft so far the best 3rd party wii u have a the moment who using creativity in there games il be picking up a hand full of there games for launch


  2. Still no confirmation as to whether you can play regular 2 player co-op without Murphy. Me and my sister loved Origins, but if one of us has to be him, It’ll be hard to convince myself to buy and enjoy it.


    1. Considering that the game would have to be 100% playable single player I think it’s safe to assume that either:
      a) Murphy will not be necessary to play with but very useful
      b) You can play the game solo on the GamePad which grants you access to both Rayman and Murphy at once, letting you use Murphy as needed. (If this is the case then one of you could play as both Murphy and your other character and the other just as their character)


    1. Rayman Origins was on every single platform… even the inferior version on 3ds :P (play the demo if you dont believe me)

      It makes sense to release the sequel as a multiplat. That’s timed exclusives for you.


  3. I hate to say it, but i’d rather get this over NSMBU, I think this game looks better, but I remember how much fun I had playing NSMBWII , I just don’t know…..


      1. Though I’m head over heels for Rayman Legends, I do look forward to screwing people over w/ blocks in NSMBU.


      1. Same here, but its only one month. Just thank the gods of Nintendo they didn’t delay the console until 2013.


    1. If the rumor about the UK region getting the Wii U on December is true, then either the game has two different release dates, or it’ll just be a UK Wii U launch title.


  4. This is one of the only games I have that I still haven’t beat yet cause of how boring it is. Its fun in the beginning but then it just gets really boring. Its overrated honestly. Ill sell it but Ill end up getting like 2 bucks out of it.


    1. “This is one of the only games I have that I still haven’t beat yet cause of how boring it is”

      Ahoy, time traveler! May I borrow your Wii U and your game for about a week? It’s a shame that you have the fucked up honor of playing a game that’s not even finished yet!

      Poor troll is poor.


      1. How am a troll? For saying my opinion? This is why Aeolus and all the other “trolls” come here and piss you guys off.


  5. I just played it at Gamescom, a lovely game but the Wii U did dissapoint. The controller feels cheap and screen quality isnt great at all, it felt like one big gimick. Classic controller players are somewhat treated like a 2nd class citizen in terms of game play.

    ZombieU also felt clunky and the controller didnt add much.

    This is coming from a massive Nintendo fan! Im worried.


    1. “The controller feels cheap and screen quality isnt great at all”

      HAHAHAHA, no, troll.

      “ZombieU also felt clunky and the controller didnt add much. ”

      You couldn’t be more full of shit.


  6. now only if four other of my friends liked platformers…



  7. I havn’t work on it “Wii U” but it sucks……hum that reminds me of someone else logic………The Wii U is going to suck compared to the 720/PS4 witch we know nothing about……hum who could it be……O thats ringt Aeolus…man when did you become a ex developer? Being fanboy gets u fired everytime. WII U MAD….lol. Leggo…


  8. what’s up with all these Xbots and Sony fanatics dreaming up zombieU and Rayman coming to their last gen systems? It’s like Muramasa, LKS, Madworld, Sonic Colors, Arc Rise, etc all over again. Those games were “confirmed” going to those last gen systems 2-3 years ago. LOL


  9. I’ve been interested in this ever since i saw the trailer that shows the NFC. I can only imagine what happens when u put the AC statuette on the U gamepad


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