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Sonic Racing Developer Says Wii U Graphics On-Par With PlayStation 3, “Maybe Even Better”

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed developer Sumo Digital has told Eurogamer that Wii U graphics are on-par with the PlayStation 3, maybe even better. The developer also disclosed that the Wii U version of the game will feature Mii characters when it’s released later this year.

160 thoughts on “Sonic Racing Developer Says Wii U Graphics On-Par With PlayStation 3, “Maybe Even Better””

      1. For now atleast um you do know that the ps3 still has a lot of unused hidden potental theyve only used 50 percent of the ps3 power

        1. gta V is only using 50%_ of the ps3 full potental. and gta V looks way better than any game wii u showing. as for the bird tech demo its been used on an xbox to display the wii u power smh and lol

          1. lol what a load BS. do you work in rockstar to know how much percent of resource GTA5 uses on PS3? no? then stfu, shut down your PC, and stop posting on the internet. you give internet a bad name.

            1. while i dont work for rockstar i do get the information from kotaku who interviews the developers. kts common knowledge that the xbox is mqxed out but the ps3 is barely hitting their limit they unlike xbox have a quad processor and blue ray double layer that both havent been used to their limits soid rather go with kotakus sources than some immature little brat who just came out of his dads nutsacks

              1. MR. Howhefletersnatch

                So what your saying is that sony should not come out with the ps4 because if developers are only pushing the system to half its potential. What the hell are they going to due with a newer system when they can’t even push the current one and after 5 years!!!

              2. You need to wiki your specs or something. the PS3 has a single Cell Processor. Not quad core. When used effectively in all its cache options (splitting the code in smart ways) it is very powerful. But nah youre obviously speaking out of your ass

          2. I think every game only uses 50% of the PS3’s “full potential.” That’s because its max is the same as the 360. It’s not because the power of its cpu is less. It’s because the cpu power is MADE to be less, thanks to the Cell’s stupid design.

            Oh, and everything we’ve seen about GTAV were cinematics.

    1. I’ll just leave this comment by AE here…

      “As someone suggested within the Eurogamer comment section, the Eurogamer article was misleading to begin with. The Eurogamer article was quoting an Ign article that was stating the graphics of the game “Sonic & Allstars Racing” was on par or a little better. It was not stating the Wii U system is on par with the PS3. In fact, the developer states that they haven’t even figured out what the system truly is capable of.

      I like coming to this website, but please do some digging so that misinformation doesn’t continue to be spread.”

      Original article:

  1. well its not like graphix are gonna get much better than the ps3 showed us, seems that we’ve topped out on realism

    1. Square-Enix’s “Luminous Studio” and yes, that’s actually real time graphics they showed us there but changing stuff around whilst it was in action.

      1. Yeah thats great, but in Final Fantasy, its just an elaborate background. You dont fight within it, nothing really reacts to your movement. Its like saying Heavy Rain or Beyond is a fine example of graphics, whens its just backgrounds and cutscene, nothing technically really going on, no offence

          1. Aww, diddums. No, anyone thats actually played final fantasy knows im right. They always used to use prerendered background, or literally photos, so the games were bigger. This is no different.

          2. He has a point. The trailer does show the engine running in real time but its more like a CGI movie than a game, plus, its more a less just cutscenes with no real gameplay being used.

          3. You call him a fanboy, when he stating a fact? Gee, at least the real Aeolus called someone fanboy with a reason. You are butthurt.

          4. But it’s true. I can interact with more stuff in the backgrounds of Deus EX HR than I can in any FF game. And it’s neither a true RPG nor a true SE game.

        1. there’s a difference between phyics and graphics
          just because you can’t interact with it doesn’t mean it’s not there or doesn’t use up processing power

      2. Didn’t they already confirm that the Luminous Engine can run on the PS3? Still, wouldn’t be surprised if future Wii U games end up looking like that tech demo

      3. Until they actually show footage of a mouse pointer moving the models around while in “real time,” there is little reason to assume the footage IS in real time.

    2. I agree partially. if you ask me, any real leaps are going to come in native resolution, framerate, and lighting! But yeh, Ps3 graphics are pretty decent! PS3 power >>>>> Wii Power so Wii U is a big enough power leap for me!!

      1. Indeed however developers are just starting to max out PS3, 360 7 year old tech and it’s going to be a long while before studios really use these new expensive cards to there full potential also it will cost them a lot of cash to do so.

    3. we will never reach the graphics capabilities ceiling until the graphics looks like CGI in the movies, like avatar. Photorealism, indistinguishable from reality.

      but the real question is, will photo realism really help with gaming?

    1. Yes, and a few years later you’ll be like “Give Nintendo a few years, the PS4/Xbox720 launched a year later than the WiiU, so it isn’t surprising for them being better than the WiiU”.
      As much as I love Nintendo, there’s no point in denying that the other companies are by far better than Nintendo when it comes to hardware. So waiting a few years won’t make anything better for the WiiU. Or Nintendo in general.

      1. I mean wait a few years to see software that will use the Wii U to it’s full potential. You know if Nintendo decides to make the next Zelda game look like that tech demo, people will flock to it.

        Besides, it’s going to be gameplay and not graphics that will draw the people to Wii U. That UPad is something special. Add to that all the older forms of Wii control. So many possibilties.

        1. Exactly. Launch titles really never use a new console’s full graphics power. The later Wii U games will look better especially based on that Zelda HD demo. The Wii U will either just below or on par with the 720 and PS4 in terms of graphics. And yes gameplay is what really matters. And I’m seeing a lot of fun looking games on Wii U so far.

        2. I know what you meant. After waiting a few years the other companies next-gen systems will be on the market, and so, Nintendo will lag behind again.
          And I’m really tired of all that “gameplay will be important, not graphics”… First of all, I was not talking about graphics only, I was talking about the hardware in general. Means, I was talking about the power as well. And those things are what improve GAMEPLAY.
          Oh, and no, the UPad is not something special anymore. Sony was faster. And to be completely honest, from what I’ve seen so far, I think that Sony did better with their cross-controller than Nintendo did with their UPad features. This is just my own opinion, you do not have to agree on this point, of course. But yea, I think Sony had better ideas so far and executed them better. Well, it can basically do anything the WiiU can, just with Sony’s games. To be precise, it can do even more. I base this opinion on things I’ve seen SO FAR, of course I can’t know what Nintendo will be doing in the future. But we can’t know what Sony will do neither and if they will do even better than they already do right now.

        3. I don’t want it to look like the tech demo. I want it to look BETTER than the tech demo. That tech demo was just Twilight Princess in HD.

          We need higher and more respectable standards than that.

          1. But it was gorgeous. If the next Zelda game looks even better than that, all it needs is a killer srtory and gameplay that fully utilizes the UPad and it’s a wrap. I think those last 2 things I mentioned are a guarantee.

      2. like the last generation, and the generation before have proven “a couple of years” will result in prettier graphics on all of the consoles

        early xbox 360 titles didn’t really look a whole lot better than late xbox titles either
        just look at the launch titles like perfect dark zero or kameo and compare them to games like splinter cell chaos theory or burnout revenge

        to expect graphics on the wii-u that blow the old console generation away this early in its life cycle is a fallacy

        also since not much is known about the wii-u hardware (and nothing at all about the other consoles) and developers are only making very vague (i.e. useless) assessments, which i honestly can’t listen to anymore, predictions about how the wii-u hardware will develop or compete in comparison with MS/sony’s consoles are a little early

        1. I never said games have to be perfect right from the beginning. But when the time comes that the WiiU will have “better looking” games, the other companies’ next-gen systems will get on the market and Nintendo will be lagging behind again.

          1. how do you know that? nothing’s known about the new consoles
            very little is known about the actual hardware capabilities of the wii-u
            heck we don’t even know for sure what resolution most of the third party launch titles will be running at.. sources keep claiming one or the other and contradicting each other
            developer statements such as “on par” and “maybe better” are no help at all either as i’ve already mentioned.. if they confirm anything then that developers themselves don’t seem to know for sure what the wii-u is capable of… or are not allowed to tell under pain of losing their job

            sony and microsoft may not be willing to subsidize their consoles again and risk huge losses and they may also cut back even further on overall costs.. at least sony might, considering they failed to reach any significant sales numbers with the ps3 during the first year after release

            1. Because it is to be expected that Sony and Microsoft will not re-release the PS3 and the Xbox360. That’s what they would need to do in order to let the WiiU be better than their up-coming systems. It’s foolish to expect that the both companies’ next-gen systems could be on par with the WiiU. That’s what I think, at least.
              And if you paid attention, most of the developer comments say that the WiiU is on par with or only slightly better than PS3/Xbox360. That’s nothing to be ignored, in my opinion. Let alone the fact that a “next-gen” console keeps constantly getting compared to 6 years old systems seems a little odd to me.
              And no, I doubt that the other two companies will really cut back on overall costs. Especially Sony, after they bought Gakai. They now have so many possibilities they do not have to pay much money for.
              And the PS3 is/has been selling quite well in the last years, I do not think that their first year does matter that much.

              1. again: we do not know yet what the wii-u is really capable of
                i did indeed pay attention to the developer comments (i believe i’ve mentioned that about 2 times now).. and not a single one of them seemed to be sure about it or willing to give any exact details, and that tells me that they either don’t know themselves or are not allowed to tell what the system is actually capable of
                common sense dictates that hardware which will put the xbox360/ps3 hardware to shame doesn’t cost an arm and a leg anymore.. far from it.. at consumer level there’s gpus available for 50$ which have roughly 4 times the processing power of the xbox 360s gpu.. and that’s disregarding the high volume and exclusive contract discounts a console manufacturer would be receiving from a gpu manufacturer
                however if you go up the performance ladder, the price increase isn’t linear but rather exponential making any system employing high end graphics a very expensive endeavour

                and naturally they’d compare the wii-u to the previous console generation.. what else would they compare it to? many of these studios the comments stem from have never in their existence created a game utilizing high end PC hardware.. how would they compare it to a PC? on top of that a high end pc is in a whole other league and most likely still will be when sony’s/MS’ consoles are released.. currently we’re at roughly 18 times the raw computing performance of an xbox360 in a high end system utilizing a single gpu and such a setup will set you back about 1000$.. and then there’s the thousands of different specs
                pointless to compare the wii-u to a pc

                gaikai is a streaming service.. they could cut back a whole lot on hardware costs if the ps4 used a streaming service instead of local games.. however it would have all the disadvantages of a streaming service aswell
                personally i wouldn’t touch a pure streaming console with a long stick
                if the ps4 will be able to play local games then the streaming service would have no effect on the cost of the hardware sony is willing to build it with there’s no connection

              2. forgot to add: yes the first year does matter a lot.. after all developers have to be convinced to develop for the console.. and they’ll only do that if it turns out to be profitable.. the vita is the best example for what can happen

                it took sony about 4 years to finally turn a profit on their ps3 btw

      3. While I agree with you 100%, I wouldn’t go as far to say the other companies are better when Sony and Microsoft don’t share the same goals for their consoles as Nintendo. Where Sony and Microsoft fight over who can render the most pixels no matter the cost, Nintendo is off in there own little world trying to make a family friendly, affordable gaming console for everyone, including the graphics core. In the end their goal is money, but the way they achieve their profits are being handled so different that they’re not even comparable.

        On another note, console gaming for graphics is like fishing for Giraffes, it’s pointless. I’m little of a PC gamer myself, mostly just Minecraft, but I’m not so dense that I’m going to praise a console for it’s graphics when anyone with common sense could see that PC gaming is the one and only true form of gaming that is worth showing off top notch graphics. Good luck finding a developer that is willing to push a PC to the limits though, you can count them on one hand.

        1. I meant that Sony and Microsoft are better when it comes to hardware, like, graphics and power. Basically what you just said.
          And I could say the same thing at you 2nd paragraph. Of course it’s not only about graphics, not at all. But it can’t be about gameplay only neither. Good hardware is what improves gameplay and the gaming experience. Without great power and fantastic graphics (especially with the technological possibilities of today) a game can’t be one of the greatest games, doesn’t matter how great the plot is, in my opinion.
          And I ask everyone not to say something like “SNES games were great without good graphics as well”, please. That is something completely different I don’t really want to waste time explaining now.

      4. I think Nintendo are sitting in a good spot hardware wise. It will most likely be a modest step up from current consoles being able to produce great graphics while not forcing game studios to invest huge in state of the art graphics. This may even give them an advantage with smaller 3rd party studios.

        1. computers arent even maxed out yet and theyre light years ahead of consoles. history is repeating itself again with cutscenes out doing realtime gameplay. for games like mario yeah graphics can do wonders Like for example perfect cell shading cartoon graphics,pixar type animations and like epic yarn more open artistic experssion especially like little big planet where they merged a yarn cartoon style character into a realistic background. consoles still have a long way to go. they need to catch up in modding,features,graphics,apps,links, and open ended system in order to trumph pcs.

          1. elaborate graphics mean exploding costs.. chances are that even IF consoles caught up to PC graphics and were somehow able to keep up only a handful of studios would be able to stem the huge investments necessary
            heck some huge studios like activision already draw on outdated game engines because they still do the job when cutting back on graphics expenses
            most productions from smaller studios would still be below the systems capabilities

      1. This article suggests that it IS on par with PS3. And thats a big enough improvement over the wii to make it appealing to me cos i love the decent wii games, and with those devs (hopefully) and vastly better hardware than b4, im expecting great things!

      2. It’s not that the game is on par and “maybe even better” with the PS3, it’s that Sega is only willing to make the game “on par” or “maybe even better” with the PS3. The WiiU is only the delivery system for a developers game, if they wanted they could crank this games graphics up to 11 and have the game looking life like, the game would also run as 0.1 FPS, but the fact is it’d still run.

        Lets be honest with ourselves here, Sega isn’t exactly the company we should be listening to about how powerful a Console is, when is the last time you played a Sega game that ran with consistent FPS and wasn’t littered with bugs from start to finish? It’s been over a decade for me, god knows I give everything Sega produces a try because I love them so much.

          1. Until they leave this on rails gameplay behind and give us a true momentum based platformer the games will just fall into the bargain bins. The reason Mario is still on top of his game after the better part of three decades is because he’s stayed true to his platfomer roots. Sonic on the other hand went from momentum based speed platforming to a hand holding time trial quick time events. Free Roam is the way to go, Sonic 2006 had it right it was handled by a unimaginative developers though.

  2. At the begining of its cycle remember, go take a look at early ps3 games. But as ive stated before, i dont want graphics better than my os3 anyway, theres no point, the games on next gen are just going to be flashy. Thats it. Other than that, nothing big will actually distinquish them, or make them a better game

      1. yes it is stupid bitch (Aeolus clone) if all games got the same graphics and reallife events how would that be even fun?

        and graphics reaching there limit soon becuase IT CAN’T LOOK better then real life perhaps look cooler due fantasy aspects thats it.

          1. It probaly will do you THINK that an all new console developers can already get max potentail(bad spelling>.>)
            look at metal gear solid 4….it is epic yes but the instal times etc….are after 4 years an patch option….

          2. The Luminous demo is very impressive, it’ll be interesting to see how it works when running something that isn’t scripted…

          3. Ive already seen it, except, what they showed was a cutscene, had zero gameplay, and showed nothing in terms of its physics engine, enviromental interactions, nothing, it just looked nice.
            And with the quality of FF as of late, im glad it wont run it.

            1. It wll if the one who said it works on ps3 is true

              and otherwise im sick of those turn based ff’s give us actionlike crisis core and disdissia(those combat systems ftw…) or like final fantasy versus…..THAT IS TAKING 6 years already>.>

              1. Well, we might have Versus 13…if that actually fucking turns up, but even so, for Versus 13 they had to tone down the FF13 engine to have it run the game

              1. I also know what a real time cutscene is. The game will LOOK like that, but considering FF is just walking then cut aways to turn based battles, its not that impressive

                1. See, you dont get it. A cut scene isn’t in real time. A “real time cutscene” is an oxymoron. Real time means that it is being rendered IN REAL TIME while a cut scene has been pre-rendered. Common man. If they say it was running in real time that means it is NOT a pre-rendered cut scene.

            2. Mother of god, you’re a giant fucking idiot. I don’t think you know what real time means.

              Better yet, I don’t think you know anything about graphics, or PC games in general. Because you always post stupid shit like this to embarrass yourself.

              1. And you failed to prove me wrong. By cut scene, i did not mean pre-rendered.Very few games actually use pre-rendered cutscenes these days, its all in real time, but it still tells us nothing about the game, other than, it looks nice. It’ll still be the tired FF formula, or walking around then cutting away to turn based battle in a preset battle “areana” based on your current area


                  What the FUCK are you possibly looking for in a DEMO?

                  Are you stupid, simple, or slow? Pick one, or all.

                  1. Unreal

                    1. Nice avoiding what was said entirely. You clearly implied gameplay in a fucking graphics demo. I don’t need any of your irrelevance trying to toss water over the fire you started throughout this thread.

                2. Getting tired by Final Fantasy, a series that has been offering at least 14 different games with completely different stories, characters, worlds and much more… But not getting tired of Super Mario, a series with a vast number of games with the same story, same characters, same enemies and often same worlds… Hypocrite much?
                  I don’t say I hate Mario. On the contrary, I grew up with him. But unlike you, I’m not blaming other games for things the games I like do even worse.

                  1. I

                    1. That doesn’t make much sense to me neither. It’s like saying you get tired of the fighting system of Pokemon. The battling system of Final Fantasy is one of the special things about it. I guess people just have different opinions. I personally really like the battling system of Final Fantasy, both the turn-based fights of the older games and the “newer” battling system as well, always did.

    1. Good for you, but the industry doesn’t revolve around Nintendrones like you. It’s for real gamers, who want real leaps in gaming. Deal with it or leave. Nobody cares.

    1. they are in some years check the first 3ds games en the ones now…..developers need to develop a little and learn using all its hardware during it’s lifespan…

  3. I would really wish that next gen would focus in using those extra resources in making bigger worlds, larger and deeper games that last more than a few hours instead of using them to make 8 hours checkpoint to checkpoint corridor games with prettier graphics.

    (Sorry for bad english)

    1. yh graphics are nice enough now…now increase game time play double or even triple them becuase 5 hours in some games for 60euros etc is stupid

      rpgs and some shooters are still worth it

    2. All of my this!! ^^^^

      seriously, thats all i think about when it comes to next gen. Its just going to be short flashy romps rather than big games that are actually worth the money. And before any troll says it, graphics will NOT make the games bigger, they’ll do the opposite.
      Nintendo has a system better than a ps3, with 25GB(DL 50GB) disks. Why would flashy next gen games that will only look partially better, but only be 5-8 hours be better than great looking games that will not only 2x, 3x, even 4x longer and more fun, but run better because theyre not trying to cram U4 into an incapable console (which is exactly what happened with U3).

      1. Graphics make games shorter indeed check some old pokemon games and rpgs….they take hours and thats cool graphics just take space and game time imo….(in my opinion)

        1. It was partially to do with the 360’s disks storage being small as hell, but look at games like Uncharted, 5-6 hours long. MGS, realistically about 5 hours in terms of gameplay, although i understand its story is a big part of it, but still. Go of War 3, 5 hours long. Even LBP has a insultingly short story. I know thats not the focus of the game, but user generated content takes up zero room on the disk. The only Infamous 2 in my opinion really utalised the hardware in a perfect manner, and made a game with a good length, with almost 2 different storylines and they still only used about 15GB.

          1. Yh infamous 2 ftw but still like metal gear solid it has some replay value atleast and finnaly added trophys:D

            can’t wait for revengeance lol slicing those enemys pretending they are the real Aeolus:P

            But agree graphics are good enough now imo next gen should be the gen of gameplay improvements and longer games>.>

            and then even the dlc part adding 1 hour content>.>

            but if kingdom hearts or mgs ever get it (or some final fantasies without turn based)….then i must buy it XD

            1. I didnt like MGS4 as much a Snake Eater, that game blew me away, but it has replay value, and some of those trophies are bullshit like get all the music, which requires you to get every emblem :|
              And just an interesting thing about MGS, Hideo Kojima said that his perfect console would be a Wii, with the power of the ps3 :p

              1. I haven’t played MGS mainly because I don’t own any of Sony’s consoles but I want to try it now that the HD collection is out for Xbox.

                Apart from that I agree. Gaming must be about gameplay and experiences. More power from a console should mean better gameplay, better physics, bigger and depper worlds, maybe even better graphics, but along with all the other.

                A true Gen Leap should mean an evolution in all the aspects not just graphics.

                1. I reccomend it highlythen.and youre right,thatswhat it should beabout. Also, i forgot to mention, youre english is fine :) haha

      2. You don’t know anything about file sizes and graphics, those games have huge sizes because of all of the video data they use rather than saving space with in-game rendering.

        By the way, Metro 2033 is arguably one of the best looking games on the PC, yet the file size is 6.46GB and offers a fairly lengthy campaign 10-12 hours. Guess what? It’s a FPS. Once again, your argument is lost until you can prove graphics having that huge of an effect on it.

        Lastly, once again. LENGTH OF THE GAME IS NOT PROPORTIONAL TO THE SIZE OF THE GAME DISC. That is completely up to the storyline, you motherfucking IDIOT.

        Stop posting this. Stop being a poser. Stop pretending to know games; you don’t know jack shit. shut up. Go away. Stop speculating. Enough of your bullshit.

        1. So those games just happen to be 5 hours long and have the best graphics on the PS3 solely on coincedence? Well a pretty average looking game like Skyrim, Just Cause 2, Darksiders, are all longer, just by cooncidence.

          If you dont like my “speculation” FUCK OFF. You’re the most self destructive piece of crap ive ever seen online. I hate these fanboys, better spread my glorious knowledge that no-one agrees with apart from an retarded 10 year old called Ness.

          1. No, i’ll ask you to politely shut the fuck up. There is nothing more annoying that dumbass posers who pretend to know what they’re talking about, but you don’t have a fucking clue. There’s so much ways to tear holes into your shit argument, it’s not even funny. I feel like posting that horseshit you typed on Gaf and see what everyone makes of it, it’s just that very stupid.

            Also…really? Skyrim? A FUCKING PC MULTIPLAT?

            Your argument is bad, and you should feel bad. Tell me when you can beat GTA IV in 5 hours, by the way.

            Or Killzone 2 on the hardest difficulty.
            Or God of War 3.

            Yeah, you’re a joke. Best looking graphics = short game, let’s not take story into account at all! – Dragon logic.

            1. I platinumed God of War 3 in about 2 days, and beat it on hard in about 4-5 hours. It was a piece of cake.
              Killzone 2 was difficult, was not impossible, but alot harder than 3 was, which i platinumed alot.
              Cant comment on GTA, as i dont play it

              1. “beat it on hard in about 4-5 hours”

                Surrrrrrrrrrrrrre you did, let’s see you do that in 5 hours on video. Let’s see you set amazing world records when the average times are 7-8 hours, no less. You’re such a terrible, awful liar it is not even funny.

                Maybe your sense of time is flawed, maybe.

                1. When i get a computer, editing software and recordig software, id gladlypost it onyoutube with a little bow foryou

  4. sounds very good when the ps3/xbox360 begin years they looked like ps2/xbox graphics a little but got better over the years and were ports etc also.

    so this is very good

  5. The cool part is they will continue to improve. By the time heavy-hitters like the next Smash Bros., Pokemon, Zelda and (hopefully 1st person) Metroid come out, not to mention 3rd party surprises, they’ll have figured out how to bring the best out of the Next Gen console.

    1. I want to see Retro’s game >.< they push graphics like no-one else, and they have Uncharted developers on their team now, who know a thing or two about that.

      1. Uncharted devs, you say? Wow, the games can’t get here fast enough. Games from great developers like Retro are more exciting than all of E3.

        1. I think so anyway, a few people mentioned it on here before. Retro already has awesome developers, hopefully the Uncharted ones will help build an awesome story, especially if the Star Fox rumours are true, although i still want to believe in the Metroid/Star Fox cross over, the “detail leaks” on that game sounded insane

    2. Yup

      and ps4 and 720 maybe be a little bit more powerfull but care Most gamers got alongside their nintendo console also an playstation or xbox or even all three…+ pc for all the games they like that are maybe exclusive?

  6. To be honest… this is great news, the PS3 looks amazing today and if you look back at the Beyond trailer it looks amazing. Comparing the Wii U graphics to that is a good thing but, like everyone else has said its only the start of the consoles power. Soon developers will make better use of the hardware and make amazing games on the Wii U.

    But again.. I’m just glad Nintendo finally made a HD console.

    1. support i’m not a graphic whore but still nice bonus to have with nintendo games.

      They should stop focusing on best graphics and go for gameplay/longer hour games instead

    2. I get goosebumps thinking of a HD Nintendo title like Mario, Zelda, but especially Metroid and Star Fox, im going to need to tape my head together to stop it blowing up.

        1. I think its safe to say, if Metroid Prime 3 was in HD, it would look better than the majority of early 360 games. The hardware is already better, so once again your just flapping your fanboy gums about like some mentally brain dead donkey, and second, we’re talking about Nintendo, on a HD system. Whether you like it or not, Nintendo delivered the best graphics of the ps2 era, as well as the SNES and N64 era, with equal hardware. Your atom sized brain is still stuck in the Wii hater section of time. We’ve moved on, we actually READ things, that arent rumours. That alpha Zelda tech demo, had the entire E3 conference room gasp and geek out. You’re about significant as an ant, and just as easily tread on.

          1. Uhm, no it wouldn’t. Not even close. Upscaling or natively rendering some random game into HD isn’t going to magically make it look better than games with better textures, better engines, among a hell of a lot of other effects.

            You’re an idiot.

          2. Also, what the fuck? No Gamecube did not. The Xbox 1 had the better graphics that generation; not the fucking Gamecube, which has been proven MANY TIMES, by the way.

            You are such a mindless Nintendo fanbitch, it’s utterly HILARIOUS watching how serious you are with this.

            I know graphics. You don’t. you want to debate console graphics and bullshit like Metroid Prime 3 would magically look better than the majority of 360 games if it was HD? Let’s take it on and I’ll watch you get laughed out of the fucking forum, LMAO.

            1. You’re such a whiney little bitch, its unreal.
              “i know graphics”
              Well done, you also know nothing else, and care for nothing else. How are you a gamer. You’re just a delusional prick who probably get a boner when someone says tessellation unit (which the WiiU has btw)

              Actually developers themselves have said HD Wii games would look better than current gen titles on the 360. You know, people who actually MAKE games, instead of browsing on NeoGaff talking to people who own PC’s and buying a Nvidia GX gpu and suddenly thinking you’re the Oracle when it comes to graphics. You’re a twat, without a life. I admit, i go on here alot. I like my news, i like talking to people on here about said news in question. But you hate everyone on here, except for the brain dead mongs that cant even spell properly, just because they agree with you. Im ignoring everything you say from no on, because your words are complete garbage, and im wasting time when i could be talking to ACTUAL FANS

              1. 360 has a tessellation unit too, that is not boner inducing, kiddo.

                You’re telling me I don’t have a life? You’re here everyday, in nearly every article. On a fucking iPhone. You have a mountain of a life, I bet. If you can see past the incredible sarcasm.

                In any case, you’re only here to talk shit, because you just got fucking destroyed here and you can’t do or say anything otherwise.

                Educate yourself, and more power to you. Then you will be less of an idiot and a poser.

              1. Mindlessly calling me a “clone” isn’t going to change who I am, but keep doing that, because it will make zero difference if have to say what needs to be said.

        2. It’s more sad you just come here to troll everday. Unless you developing a game for wii u. You can’t know that have you? No have you help nintendo in creating the wiii u? No then you’re just like any other hater who’s is assuming it’s not. Who opinion remains a opinion

  7. Wii U graphics will be better than PS3 later down the road. They only look on par now because developers are still making games with 7th generation consoles in mind, specifically the 360. But nobody should worry about graphics on this console. Nintendo confirmed that it’s using a GPU from the HD Radeon R7 series. Even the weakest of that series destroys the GPU’s inside the 360 and PS3, it’s not even a fair contest. Plus just think about Assassins Creed III. The Wii U version is the only console version running in 1080p at 60FPS, and Ubisoft even said the Wii U isn’t even breaking a sweat doing this, whereas the PS3 is practically choking itself trying to get the same game running in 720p at less than 30FPS. Give it time, Wii U graphics will look better as developers continue to tinker around with the hardware later on. We can’t expect next gen graphics immediately, the 7th generation hasn’t ended yet. Sure, we have all these cool new demos and such that show real time graphics from new engines that look amazing, but last I checked these engines aren’t be truly utilized by any developers yet. Developers are still using 7th generation tools, and these new engines won’t be utilized for a couple of years, and even if they can technically run on current consoles, I’m pretty sure they will be scaled down by massive number to get them working. But I digress. I’m sure the next Xbox and Playstation will have better graphics than Wii U, but I think it will be similar to last generation where every console was nearly on par with eachother. Wii U will be weakest, but it won’t be so weak that developers won’t port their games to it. So overall, I think whatever next gen console you get depends on what games you want, since each platform will have its exclusives.

    1. Assassin’s Creed III is running in 30fps and confirmed by digital foundry, I doubt it’s native 1080p as well. If it was both, that would be the biggest accomplishment on consoles this generation, as it would be the first game to run at such on a console.

      Do you think they’re making note of that? Has Ubisoft said this? No. It’s a shitty rumor fabricated by Nintendo fanboys listening to lolNintendoreps who don’t know shit about games.

      1. You’re wrong actually, Ubisoft actually has come out and confirmed that the game is running in 1080p 60FPS. It’s not just a rumor being spread by fanboys. There are articles everywhere on the web talking about developers who are aiming to get their games running in 60FPS on Wii U, and Ubisoft has confirmed this with Assassins Creed III.

            1. So a source by a site called “wii-u gamers” showing zero quotes or spoken evidence of these “Nintendo reps” saying such is -credible-?

              Are you stupid? Because Batman AC is 720p @30 fps and ACIII is a CONFIRMED 30fps.


              Scribblenauts Unlimited 1080p 60 fps FSAA
              New Super Mario Bros. U 720p 60 fps AA
              Nintendo Land 720p 60 fps
              Ninja Gaiden 3 720p 60 fps v-sync
              Batman 720p 30 fps v-sync
              Project P-100 720p 60 fps
              Rayman Legends 720p 60 fps
              Mass Effect 3 720p 60 fps
              Pikmin 3 720p 60 fps
              Zombi U 720p 30 fps
              Lego City: Undercover 720p
              Trine 2: Director’s Cut 720p FXAA

              1. You’re forgetting that things can change though. The article you posted was published on June 9th from E3, the one NintendoGamer posted was published over a month and a half later from Wii U Experience. It’s possible that an older version of Assassins Creed III on Wii U was shown at E3, and when the Wii U Experience began, Ubisoft was showing a more up to date version that runs in 1080p 60FPS. You also have to consider the information that a Ubisoft developer leaked online during E3, in which he says the Wii U version will run in 1080p 60FPS, which was a rumor at the time, but many of the things that were leaked came true. Such as the support for DirectX-11, compatability for two gamepads, and more. So it’s safe to say his info could be very legit. Not to mention eye witnesses from Wii U Experience and E3 who have claimed that Assassins Creed III looks to have a much smoother frame rate than it did at E3. Plus it shouldn’t be too surprising. There are games on the 360 and PS3 that run in 720p at 60FPS, and it only makes sense that Wii U could run a game in 60 frames with a higher resolution since it’s a stronger, more up to date system.

                1. Sure dude. A ton of rumors doesn’t make you credible. Wii U is not DX11, don’t know how many times that needs to be shot down.

                  I have yet to have seen that “Ubisoft developer” saying such, there is no source claiming that except a huge rumor of false info even saying that Rayman Legends would be on the Vita and Wii U will be $450.

                  Everything you read online isn’t legit, especially without anything for them to prove it.

  8. I honestly don’t care that much about graphics. Graphics to me are the icing on a cake or the color of the system, they’re cool and add a bit a flash to em, but they don’t matter to me much.

  9. it kind of worries me that some people are happy that a 8th gen console will likely be a bit over what a 7th gen can do

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  11. The Dev was talking about the Wii U version of the game not the Wii U itself, Eurogamer just took the quote out of context to get hits

    “The game is easily on a par [with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions],” says Lycett. “We’re still very much getting to grips with what we can make the hardware do […]. So it’s hard to really answer that right now, but yeah, I think once we’ve had a bit more time finding our way around it, chances are you can look to do things that you may not be able to do before.”

  12. Lol. Wow. So 6 years after PS3, Nintendo makes a console that’s “on par” with PS3. “MAYBE” even better. But only slightly, obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t be so uncertain because it would be OBVIOUS.

    Wow. Graphics aren’t everything, but POWER certainly matters for a lot more than just generating graphics. How upsetting, Nintendo.

  13. LOL i was right :) i find it funny how nintenfags start praising the wii u and saying its next gen when its really not ..all they want to focus on is a retarded controller instead of good graphics ..ENJOY YOU’RE GIMMICKY TOUCH CONTROLS OVER GOOD GRAPHICS YOU NINTENDROIDS !! LMFAO !!!!

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