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Here’s Why Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 Isn’t On Wii U

Dave Cox, Head of Product Planning and Development at Konami Digital Entertainment and Producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has explained why the game isn’t destined for Wii U. Cox says that the development team simply do not have the manpower to create a Wii U version alongside the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game.

“Yes, of course … But it’s a resource problem if we would employ 300 people, then we would probably like a Wii U, Vita or PS4 version (laughs) We have to manage our resources very carefully.. a team can in fact be too large “



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        @Isa/Ty Yes, trolls will inevitably just downvote and bury legitimate comments and upvote the junk. I can see it happening.


      2. Not with the current vote system.
        It was explained a few articles back; this one is just rates, though Sickr is apparently still actively banning Trolls.
        I just wish he’d get rid of that Aeolus jack-off…..


      3. The original Aeolus did, Ness pretending to be Aeolus is just plain stupidity compressed into a single humanoid figure.


      4. Well i meant for all of us who have constructive critism, and appreciation for the news articles, consoles, and games can utilize the rating system to nega thumb (down vote) all of the junk, bashing, disrespectful comments that never make any sense. The kind of stuff that aeolus clones and ness do.


      5. i like how you keep thumbing yourself up as if it’s not obvious that you’re the one doing it. no one else here would. sad lol.


      6. castlevania is a huge franchise and awesome games. certainly not a download.
        its because they been developing it for 360 and ps3.
        oh well , mirror of fate comes to 3ds anyways to even this out.
        wiiu has tons of good looking exlusives right from the get go anyway.


    1. They already know that Sony is going to make a ps4 to slow Wii United since the vitanic is sinking.The 3Dual-Screens is the iceberg.It really would be smart to have this game at Wii United’s launch,but they can’t make it on WiiUnited. :[


      1. That doesn’t mean we won’t see it on Wii U eventually. Chances are we may get this title ported, or better yet, we may get an all-new original CASTLEVANIA game.


    1. I’m one of them. Love the castlevania series so far. The first Lords of Shadow was a bit too God of War style for my taste but it was still a solid title that I enjoyed immensely and still go back to on occasion.
      Besides, it isn’t as if there isn’t the possibility of a Wii U version in the far future.
      They don’t have the man power right now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have it in the future.
      If a Mass Effect 3 port can come to the Wii U, then so can this, on down the line.


      1. At this point I’d rather see a Super Castlevania 4 HD on WiiUWare. That game still looks and sounds damn good for a 1991 game.


      1. I’m missing where he said he’d love to do one. I still think it’s a problem. Based on what I’ve heard, developers just don’t want to spend the time and money developing multiple versions of a one game.



        Of course, there’s always Resident Evil 6, a major third-party title not launching alongside the Wii U. Capcom has stated that they’re focusing on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Whether they avoided a Wii U version because of time and manpower, I don’t know: But it’s a sure sign of Nintendo’s lack of third-party support.


      2. “we would probably like a Wii U, Vita or PS4 version”
        Straight from the article here.
        They’re only holding back due to staffing constraints and, possibly, budget.
        Time, money, and staff constraints are all legitimate reasons to hold back on making a title for a new console, as is simply waiting to see whether or not the system sells well.
        Mark my words; the launch is the only time that the Wii U will lack third party support. Give it a few months and people will be able to show more forward support for the system.


  1. Did he say that before after the other LoS2 rep said it was because no-one owned a WiiU? And it took 2 people to port Darksiders 2 onto the WiiU. No excuse.


  2. This makes sense. Why compromise current gen versions for development on Wii U? Everyone loses. Hopefully they’ll consider other titles on Wii U though.


  3. He is a liar, THQ has no money and Vigil easily ported Darksiders 2 to Wii U. They don’t want to make money selling Castlevania LOS 2 on Wii U, that is there problem, they are stupid. Konami ignored Nintendo with Metal Gear Solid Series and a lot of Castlevania games, it is intentional, purposeful, and malicious.


    1. I seriously doubt Konami is intentionally ignoring Wii U. We don’t even have a good idea about what they are doing yet. For all we know, they could be planning a different CASTLEVANIA for WiiU, and maybe MGS WILL hit Wii U someday. At least I prefer to think so instead of being downright negative.


  4. If we don’t see LORDS OF SHADOWS 2 on WiiU, then at least hope we get an original CASTLEVANIA title. That will be better than nothing. Something tells me that Konami will though; Mercury Steam won’t have the title on its shoulders after it’s completed. Still, I didn’t realize that the understaffing was the real reason.

    Wish there was some way to shut out those trolls, though.


  5. Dislikes without arguments are really good….no, really, thats the way it is. That means, someone is a “jealous guy” and cant accept that Wii U will probably be sucessful. Before you dislike, im not a fanboy, i own both PS3 and Wii console and PC (gaming from the NES days).

    So, keep trolling, the more you troll (much dislikes, less arguments) the more it means simply: Wii U will be good (not saying the best console, again, im not a fanboy).



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