Prince Of Persia Creator’s New Game Is Heading To Wii U

Prince of Persia creator, Jordan Mechner, developed a game back in 1984 which was titled Karateka. The game saw you assume the role a of a practitioner of martial arts, who then sets out to rescue a princess from the evil Akuma. This game is currently being developed for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iOS, but a recent ESRB rating reveals that Karateka is also destined for Wii U.



      1. really ????? i love Akuma from street fighter !!!! but i hate the devil!!!!!

        steet fighter is awesome. street fighter 4 on 3ds is a dream come true.
        the best handheld fighter i have ever played by a mile. i have had the game since launch and i am still not bored of it today.

        this is good news aswell . prince of persia (creator) ftw!!!!


      1. Lol ok. Just didn’t want you to get your hopes up thinking this was a different game. Your thinkling aku CMadden.


  1. Dude does it make the Wiis Graphix look betterer? because if it makes my wii look high Definition I would be sooo happy :]


      1. Why don’t you simply remove the comment or ban him then?
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        Love the news on this site though!
        Hope you respond.


      2. @anonymous If I removed the comment then I wouldn’t have been able to reply to him. IP ban is not as simple as you think as a lot of people are sitting on proxies (I often check this). With regards to anonymous posting I find those that decline to enter their email or username tend to offer more sensible comments than some of the ones that do, so I think it’s wrong to turn this feature off. Glad you’re enjoying the news though.


      3. Then you could just not reply and delete the comment.
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      1. he’s just desperately looking for any evidence to suggest that the WiiU won’t do well. it doesn’t matter to him that it’s misinformation, as long as it’s posted somewhere. he’s just really desperate to justify owning whatever console he has.


  2. I just thought of something off the wall;

    Give the main character a katana and stylish straw hat, remove the last two letters of the bad guy’s name, and take the princess rescuing out of the equation.
    Then mix in time travel.


    But no, seriously, I hope to hear more details about this title soon.


  3. Many years ago, I used to play Karateka on the Apple II computer at an elementary school. That game was as chalenging as playing Mechner’s other game… Prince of Persia. I hope that Karateka is as successful as the PoP franchise is right now.


  4. I’m looking forward to this game. If it’s anywhere near as good as the PoP reboot from a few years ago, I’ll buy it. Leave luck to heaven.


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