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La-Mulana Finally Dated For WiiWare In North America And Europe

Nintendo of America has announced that La-Mulana is finally coming to WiiWare on September 20th in North America and Europe. La-Mulana is listed as the most complete “archaeology action and exploration” game ever created. The publisher Nicalis previously said that they were cancelling the release in North America and Europe.

  • The best “archaeology action and exploration” game.
  • Over 40 hours of play.
  • Hundreds of puzzles and secrets to be discovered.
  • Wide variety of weapons and objects you can use.
  • Use the “Mobile Super X” computer to run help software.
  • Large quantity of enemies with spectacular guardians.


16 thoughts on “La-Mulana Finally Dated For WiiWare In North America And Europe”

    1. Looks promising enough but its not Einhinder or was Einhander for the ps1 developd by squire. Its so unique as a shooter. Hell you could also get KLONOA which sadly never really took off so its sorta a cult following.

  1. This game is awesome… but they still make wiiware games? Hopefully wiiware is much better for the wii-u. IMO PSN and XBLA have a huge leg up on nintendo for downloadable… the 3DS has been doing great! so hopefully the Wii-u does as well!

      1. Why are you trying to preach piracy? If somebody wants to pirate games, okay let them.

        If somebody wants to pay for a game and actually support the developer, why preach piracy to them? I don’t see what you have to gain.

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