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Mass Effect 3 On Wii U To Boast 1080p Resolution

Although Wii U launch games developed by Nintendo will run at 720p, third-party Wii U launch games will run natively at 1080p. The Wii U versions of  Batman: Arkham City – Armored EditionAssassin’s Creed III and Mass Effect 3 are all confirmed to be running in full 1080p resolution.

239 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 On Wii U To Boast 1080p Resolution”

    1. All DLC Included except Leviathan
      Full 1080p
      Wii U Gamepad Support
      On a Nintendo console
      The graphic novel features that inform us on ME1 and 2.

      Can’t get any better than this

    2. best news ever. i am picking this up at launch.
      see everybody the wiiu has far better graphics than current gen. even its launch titles look better than aything on ps3.

      those rumours maybe true about specs.

      3.0ghz cpu
      1.0gb RAM for games
      0.5 gb RAM for Gamepad
      32mb Edram
      etc. the wiiu is a little beast. we all know it .

      1. no aelous . i pretty sure the ps3 and 360 do not run this game in Native 1080p . they would both explode if they tried to do this.

        but who cares duuuuhhhhh the ps4 is ging to be more pwerful than a lamborghini duuuuuuuhhhhh , right aelous ??

        1. Native 1080p? You are very kind with PS360, most games run at 546p with upscaling.

          We can consider Wii U like the first true HD console.

  1. What a most wonderful snippet of news for those planning to obtain this title…
    One may, one may not – Mass Effect 2 was a fine gamig moment as far as one could see, and thus this game may indeed be worth picking up on the U…we shall ponder this further!

  2. I truly love two different views when playing Mass Effect 3 on the U– on HDTV and on the Wii U Game Pad while in bed, using the jon… or anywhere around the house.

  3. Awesome great news! To bad my TV is only 768p and I will not be able to afford a new one anytime soon but I’m definetly getting the Wii U regardless.

          1. lol its true though. this is an OLD game and much cheaper on steam which can run 1080p ages ago :P

            but then I forgot… fanboys only like games when they are on a nintendo platform :P

            cant wait to see sales of ME3. LIke I said, it wont sell well since most GAMERS have finished this game dlc included

            1. As someone who hasn’t yet played ME3 I’m looking forward to picking it up… you don’t seem to realise that 75% of people who pick up this game will be people who had a Wii and never got a 360 or PS3 (like myself) but have since matured as a gamer and decided pursuing games such as this could be enjoyable. This is marketed mainly at people who haven’t played it yet, and no one is forcing you to buy a copy, so stop your complaining.

              1. LOL i bet if this never came to the wii u you would never buy the game , its cheaper on steam ..why do you need to buy a new shiny turd to play it on ? typical nintendrone

                1. Actually I’m buying the WiiU because, in my opinion, it has a lot of good games coming for it and it’s a natural update from my Wii. Like I said I don’t own a 360 or a PS3 and I’m not a PC gamer (I use a Mac). Do you want me to apologise for not owning other systems to play the game on? Because that’s just stupid.

                    1. Simeon Yialeloglou

                      I own a Wii, and I’ve gone through a DSi and now own a 3DS, and I also own a PS2. I play a variety of games on a regular basis, and play other consoles and games at friends’ houses (I’m a fan of Borderlands and known to be keen on Halo multiplayer). You wouldn’t call me a gamer?

                      I’m not even going to get into the Mac v. PC argument here, all I’m going to say is I never have a problem with my Mac and it does everything I want/need it to do.

                      Also, refrain from using the word gay in a derogative sense, would you? It’s childish and offensive, and you have so many other words to pick from.

                2. It’s funny you claim that your are a “PC” gamer, when almost every pc gamer knows that EA has pulled mostly all their top tier games off steam and now available at almost full price as a physical copy on origins. You are a disgrace even to pc gamers.

              2. So basically it’s marketed at diehard Nintendo loyalists who swore to god that they didn’t care about Mass Effect (or any of these other Mulitplatform franchise that the Wii U is now getting for that matter) until this port was announced.

                1. Yeah, see, that’s still narrow minded. Well done in being narrow minded, you’re really good at it, have fun not getting anywhere in life.

                  Also, how do you figure that Nintendo games are “kiddy”? I can list plenty of Nintendo games that are challenging or immense fun, just because they aren’t FPS or full of violence doesn’t make them “kiddy”.

                2. A game is a game. Viva Pinata not kiddy shit? LMAO. Nintendo makes good games that appeal to different people. You claim nintendrones are bad but you’re always on here shutting them down. Get the fuck over it. There will always be fanboys on everything. Personally I’m a PC Fanboy, Then Sony and Nintendo are tied with MY OPINION.

                  *Cue typical overused insult from Ness and/or Aeolus*

                3. If you had left out the last four words, you would have been right.
                  But since you didn’t leave them out, you’re fucking retarded and do not know what you’re talking about.
                  Try again, elitist pig.

            2. i own and have finished all 3 mass effect’s on my 360. but i am still going to score this game. its in 1080p , can be played on the gamepad whilst the tv is switched off , has touch screen weapon load outs and all the DLC included and an exclusive weapon . and maybe enhanced graphics (we dont know yet) .

              i am definitely scoring this game , and i look forward to selecting what i did , in the dark horse comics at the begining. this game looks awesome.

            1. I’m curious, would you berate a 360 user for not buying the PS3 version, or vice versa? Because all we’re going to be doing is buying the version of the game that goes with the console we’ll own. No one will be buying it specifically for the WiiU features. Sort of makes sense, really.

  4. Trolls will argue this articles statement until the sun falls from the sky.
    Seeing such people go from confident haters to intimidated specimens who lash out at the earliest possibility is truly amusing sometimes, but after a while……*yawn*
    I’ll just be glad for the news and leave it at that.
    The Wii U will be the best console for me, once its library expands.
    The opening lineup is awesome but it’ll only get better with time since it’ll take a while for the third-party devs to figure out how to take full advantage of the new architecture.

    1. Good luck hoping for titles like FFXV, GTAV, MGS5, RE6, CV, and any other big name franchise coming to the Wii U, because the system could surely use it. There are people declaring that we’ll never get any of these on WiiU, but on the other hand, how are they so sure that we won’t see them? Did they talk to the companies behind them or something? That we haven’t heard anything about them doesn’t mean a thing. But yeah, all these games will be excellent assets for Wii U.

      1. Not sure what CV is, but I could live without the rest of the ones you listed.
        GTA5 in particular is one I wouldn’t touch with a pole the size of mount Everest.
        Still, for the sake of getting more people interested, it couldn’t hurt to have them.

      2. It does actually look bright for FFXV as Square Enix and Nintendo has started to get “close” again. Only titles I have strong doubts that we will see for Wii U of the above mentioned is GTAV, RE6 and CV. On the other hand so do gamers usually buy Nintendo systems for their exclusives and not multiplatform titles. And tbh, I think the best Nintendo exclusives are so many times better than all other games out there so even with only them I would still buy the Wii U over any other next gen system.

      3. “There are people declaring that we’ll never get any of these on WiiU”

        Correction: There are trolls declaring that we’ll never get any of those on Wii U.

    2. You are just buying the wii u because it has NINTENDO written on it , even if they sell a bag of shit with nintendo written on it would buy it

              1. Actually I prefer PC you idiot. Why? More powerful than all the consoles. I only buy consoles for their IP’s not there power. PC > Consoles. Also, please learn to spell, you’re an embarrassment.

                1. You pretty much contradicted yourself , you first said you prefer PC because is more powerful and then you say you buy consoles for their IPs not their graphics ? LOL

                  1. What’s there not to get? PC is more powerful so I buy it. I buy consoles for their IP’s and not for their power. PC =/= Console. I don’t know where you got graphics from. Hardly contradicting myself either.

              2. i buy nintendo consoles for the amazing exclusives. i also buy other consoles for the same reason . you are the one missing out on some amazing nintendo games , you softcore piece of shite.

    3. That my friend is 100% true. I’m sure that an army of developers will continue developing game on Nintendo’s new console all the way to its maximum peak as time goes by.

    1. I have played none of those titles but my opinionated answer is no, you don’t have to.

      Assassin’s Creed 3 has a whole new assassin in a completely different era and location. It looks like the only connections to the previous titles is the fact that it’s an assassin lol.

      And Mass Effect 3 comes with an interactive Dark Horse (publisher) comic that alows you to make choices that you would have in Mass Effect 1&2.

      1. Assassin’s Creed 2 was in a new time and location but it still had strong connections to the first one… by no means would you HAVE to play them but it wouldn’t hurt.

    2. No, you dont have to. Ive played all of them, besides AC3 obviously, but they you wont really miss out on anything. ME1 is only on the 360, and ME2 is on ps3 as well, but I know choices in both “affect” the “ending” (yeah right), but in all honestly, playing the other games before it does barely nothing to game, you do gain personal attachment to the story though if you play ME2 then ME3, but obviously it has to be on the same system.

  5. LOL who cares ? the game is fucking old and can already run in 1080p , oh wait ! you fannoys are excited cause its on a NINTENDO console !! WOW !! I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO WASTE MY MONEY ON A SHITTY VERSION OF ME3 WHEN I ALREADY HAVE IT !!! Wii U is a current gen piece of shit with old gimped ports.

    1. >you fannoys are excited cause its on a NINTENDO console !!

      1) Learn to spell you illiterate little fuck.
      2) This Mass Effect series is terrible in general.

      Fuck, you’re an idiot.

      1. idiot ? all 3 of your points are really pointless and dosnt prove my statement wrong at all , and spelling ? LOL this is the internet not skool .. retard

          1. Have you even read his comment ? it says its the internet spelling dosnt matter , how does that mean he dosnt know how to spell ? if you can understand what he says then why should spelling matter ? Stupid argument

                    1. Now that I think about it, I kinda do sound like the first Aeolus lol. Aw well, I can assure you, I’m not. I love all of what the companies has to offer.

    2. it can do what ps3 and xbox could not which means that other games will be able to run at this resolution aswell and that’s the whole point
      that it’s a couple months old is of absolutely no concern

      and please at least don’t misspell “fanboy”
      it’s kind of pathetic if you can’t spell your own conviction correctly

    3. “the game is fucking old and can already run in 1080p”

      where? on PS360? Are you sure? LMAO

      Kid, this game on PS360 run at 720p, but the PS3 version of the game run at 20 FPS sometimes, it’s a fucking lag.

    1. It’s a higher resolution than the Wii had, than a lot of Xbox 360 and PS3 games had, and the iPad 3 has a crazy high resolution screen, as does the Retina MacBook Pro and even the iPhone 4/4S, but none of those run ME3 nor do they run any console games, indeed they are not gaming devices so they are irrelevant to the discussion.
      1080p is quite nice for those of us who are console gamers.

    2. Cant exactly compare 1080p to retina display…especially when the gadget itself is pricey as hell, and not capable of graphics thats good anyway (yes, ive seen the new graphics chip, dont care, its mobile gaming, its a 3 minute boredom fix)

      1. “Not capable of graphics that’s good anyway”.

        Uhm, yes it is. iPad 3 uses the same PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU found in the Vita. But what do morons who never get their shit straight know.

    3. most ipad games run at low resolutions and with very low poly counts and crude effects
      you can’t compare ipad games to console games

    4. gtfo . native 1080p is stunning. ipad games are DOG SHIT. is that so hard for you to understand ??? the original DS and psp have WAY WAY WAY better game than the IPAD even if the resoloution isnt as good.

      your a casual cunt.

  6. Nice reposting this article with zero evidence of such. ME3 was a confirmed 720p at E3 on numerous occasions. Of course the fanboys will believe anything positive, they’re gullible bitches and don’t research shit.

    No, I’m not listening to “Nintendo Power”. I’m going to listen to developers, none of which have said any of this.

    Use your heads.

    1. Actually come to think of it, they’re probably not even talking about 1080p natively. All versions of this game “support 1080p”…UPSCALED.

      So in the end this is not significant news. Don’t wet your pants at this.

    2. I do have to agree with you. But trying to argue with fanboys will never work. They’re brick walls, I really don’t see why you waste your time on here, besides Mass Effect in general never really appealed to me, I found it boring as all hell. I much prefer Uncharted or Crysis.

      1. ME3 had a garbage ending anyway.

        In the end, I’ll just wait and see when the cold hard truth continues to roll in that this console will only be little more than a 360 x 1.5 sporting a Nintendo logo. Actually it already has, but people apparently think those specs are “significantly” better.

        1. Sorry, but you’ve got just as much proof of the WiiU’s power as anyone who thinks it’s going to be amazing does. Just because your belief is cynical doesn’t mean it’s more accurate. I’m waiting for an official release of specs before I side one way or the other, but in the end I’m not going to be buying a WiiU for its specs, same way I didn’t buy a Wii for its specs, I’m going to buy it because I believe that it will be a console I can have a SHIT TON of fun on. It seems as though people like you have forgotten, that’s what gaming is about… not which consoles are the most powerful, or most modern, or fucking “next-gen” or not, but to play games and enjoy yourself.

          1. Nintendo does not do press releases of detailed specs, I don’t know how many times that needs to be repeated, because it has never happened before, and they very well never will.

            1. Okay, when I said “official”, what I really meant was “when someone rips open the first WiiU and reports their findings”.
              But y’know what? Nintendo has the right idea. Just like I just said, gaming isn’t about specs, it’s about enjoying games.
              Besides, who is anyone to criticise how someone has fun?

              1. Specs = more options.
                More options = more potential.
                Harnessing potential = immersive games.

                There is nothing wrong with good specs on a console, something Nintendo can’t seem to comprehend. The Gamecube was their last console with good specs *at the time*. Which helped many of their renowned franchises become must have titles on the console.

                If the GCN was barely more powerful than the N64, you would have never tasted the epic that was Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, among other titles.

        2. Eh, I’m just buying the Wii U just to see what ZombiU is like anyway. I’ll stick to my PC <3 and probably get the PS4. I've seriously fallen in love with my VITA.

            1. “I’ve seriously fallen in love with my VITA.”
              “But why bother getting an inferior piece of crap just for 1 game ?”
              This is what you meant, right…? I’ve yet to play a fun game on the Vita.
              No, in all seriousness though, if you get a kick out of the Vita, to each their own…

                1. No, the guy you were responding to did, I quoted you both… Shows how much thought you put into your posts.
                  I was implying that your comment about an “inferior piece of crap” could apply to the Vita just as well to your opinion on the WiiU. But you’re too thick to see that, apparently.

                1. dude chill out…don’t we get annoyed and hate ti when they say crap like this to us on here? don’t be a hypocrite man, if he likes his vita then so be it.

              1. Depends all on a persons taste in gaming. Its nice to actualy have someone on here who can have and share an opinio without being a total twat, thinking theyre some sort of demigod.

                1. I know there will always be fanboys. I just like what all companies have to offer. I wish the gaming community would just be a little bit more friendlier towards each other. In the end the trolls and fanboys on this page are just as bad as each other.

    3. “ME3 was a confirmed 720p at E3 on numerous occasions. Of course the fanboys will believe anything positive, they’re gullible bitches and don’t research shit. ”

      and since were talking about “don’t research shit” where’s your “evidence” of these statements being true?

  7. Lol He forgot about Scribblenauts Unlimited. Oh yeah and I called these titles on a prievious post about the A.C 3 1080p argument. Seriously? I found all this stuff out weeks ago through a f.b fanpage. I love my nintendo news but, catch up!

  8. ze wiiu sucks
    horrible graphics
    babyish games like mario and dat fox thing
    terrible specs
    shitendo thinks only the money
    u fans are retarded
    microsoft is getting better with rareware

      1. No, but its rumoured to be made by Retro, and seeing as a few of us have mentioned it, he believes that makes it a “baby” game.

  9. I find it amusing that this site has so many retarded ignorant fanboys, 1st off ME3 is already available in 1080p so this is nothing special , 2nd , The Wii U is only SLIGHTLY more powerful than current gen systems so why bother buying another console to play this game if you already have a ps3,360,PC ? 3rd , the game sucks ass and so does the series in general , 4th This game has been out for almost a year ..why bother getting it on another inferior system if its the SAME game and besides its cheaper on STEAM. The Wii U launch is pretty much only old gimped ports with added gimmiky touch controls so getting this game on Wii U is a waste of money but the Wii U is shit in general so ME3 Wii U will only sell to fanboys …

      1. Pretty pointless comment , Can you come up with anything better ? WOW since i have banned a couple times and took me while to come back after so many months.. i come back and see how stupid these fanboys can get , Aeolus is back baby ;)

        1. “Pretty pointless comment”
          Pretty ironic. And you make it sound like people care? In fact, the MORE you do this, the MORE likely people will stick to their Nintendo consoles. If you want your favourite company to succeed, you’re doing it wrong. You’re only arguement for the Vita is “better hardware”. And when you talk about its “games”, saying theyre “better”, you actually do bot specify what these games are. “But the graphics are better”. Well la di da, isnt that grand. Put it this way, do i want to watch the Godfather on dvd, or bluray? Sure, on bluray, it’ll look nicer, but its still a masterpiece either was, and the dvd costs less money. But the problem is, the majority of the “games” you talk about arent masterpieces. Yeah, they LOOK nice, but theyre boring as fuck. Crysis, Metro 2023, both fabulous looking game, but boring as shit. Average games, with nice graphics, or masterpieces with graphics not so good. I think i know what id pick. And dont say., “better graphics = more potential”. Yeah, they do, but 80% of these “better graphics” are in the hands of uncreative western developer morons

          1. “Yeah, they do, but 80% of these “better graphics” are in the hands of uncreative western developer morons”

            Incredibly false statistics and a completely subjective opinion to boot, good job making an idiot out of yourself.

            1. ocarina of time 3d and starfox 3d are both remakes. and both completely ten times better than any vita game.

              nuff said ???????

              resident evil revilations looks better than uncharted especialy in 3d on an XL. Aelous go and sniff your grandma’s dirty bumhole.

              the ps vita is a disabled fail.

              the 3ds is a hige hit.

            2. You’re one to talk about subjective opinions.
              You use all manner of anonymous sources that you claim as logical fact and then discount any brought forth in favor of the Wii U.
              Face it: You’re just a hater who is sore that no one wants to play with him on his systems.

              1. Man, shut the fuck up and stop being a whiny little bitch. You’re like a fucking preteen tape recorder who doesn’t shut up before the school jock gives him a swirly in the bathroom.

                Literally all you fucking do in every reply to me is whine, whine, whine. Shut the fuck up. Stop riding Nintendo hard and acquire an active social life where you can act like a 28 year old who actually has a life rather than complaining. Nothing more annoying than fucking pussies running on and on, and you’re a giant PUSSY.

    1. I’ve already debunked everything you’ve said here so let’s do a roundup:
      “ME3 is already available in 1080p so this is nothing special”
      Upscaled, yeah. This article claims it’ll run natively at 1080p.
      “Wii U is only SLIGHTLY more powerful than current gen systems”
      You don’t know this as a fact. No one does.
      “why bother buying another console to play this game if you already have a ps3,360,PC”
      Gosh, maybe some people DON’T have a PS3, 360 or PC?
      “the game sucks ass and so does the series in general”
      That’s your opinion, some people enjoy it, who are you to tell people what they can and can’t enjoy?
      “This game has been out for almost a year ..why bother getting it on another inferior system if its the SAME game”
      As above, some people haven’t played it yet because they don’t own the appropriate consoles. And as above on the “inferior console” bit.
      “besides its cheaper on STEAM”
      Not everyone has access to Steam or is a PC gamer.
      “The Wii U launch is pretty much only old gimped ports”
      NSMBU, Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, AC3, Project P-100, Scribblenauts, Sonic Racers Transformed.

      1. Okay let me see …. nope i only see fanboy rebuts that a 5yr old can write , If your saying ME3 will run native 1080p on wii U , than explain why at E3 they said it was 720p ? and this article has no proof at all , and the new launh games you mentioned are nintendo IPs and Time exclusive games and some ports ..

        1. Because they didnt finish it? You do know what alpha footage is right? You do know, the game isnt finished? Ubisoft already said earlier this week, that they actually managed to make the AC3 look better than they originally planned, after getting used to the system.

        2. E3 was nearly 3 months ago, a lot can change in 3 months. Yes, the article lacks a source, which makes it lack credibility, that’s why I specifically said it “claims” native 1080p.
          You claimed the launch lineup was only “old gimped ports”, I proved you wrong by listing 8 titles that aren’t, that was all I had to do.

        3. This guy is an idiot through and through, and a cancer to this community. It’s a wonder why he wastes his time here trying to counter almost EVERY single article and comment that may have something good to say about Nintendo or its upcoming
          console. Ha! Sad and fascinating. People usually have balanced opinions, and have the capacity to acknowledge the fact that others have opinions contrary to their own. But this guy… is something else. Here’s an idea, sir. Make a Youtube channel, show your face and voice your anti-Nintendo views to the world! Instead of hiding behind your avatar and spouting your crap here.

        4. “and this article has no proof at all”
          2 words
          nintendo power

          all the proof that is necessary
          what a couple of people think they saw at E3 is of no concern considering as it may well haven’t been the final game

    2. “..why bother getting it on another inferior system if its the SAME game and besides its cheaper on STEAM”

      First, the game includes all dlc in pack, one price. Second, this game is not on steam, EA has pulled this game along with other such as battlefield, sims etc and stuck them on origin where by the way is the same price as a physical copy maybe even more expensive, at least here in Australia. (although they do have 50% on some titles at the moment)

      1. If they announced this last year I would of waited for this version instead of getting the pc version. I’ve done that with batman, dying to play it.

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      1. Because for months you’ve been parading around going ‘THE ONLY GAEMS THAT CEN RUN 1080P IS CREBEL NUTS’ and then this shows up lol

          1. Yet the shit you post always is, isn’t it?
            Sony said the PS4 will be the most powerful? Oh it must be! Some idiot said the Wii U will fail? Oh it definently will! Oh over a year ago the Wii U couldn’t run 1080p? I bet they haven’t even changed a thing in a whole year!
            Oh my god

              1. Obviously, it’s not like its going to be a downgrade, well done captain obvious, you’ve predicted the future.
                How does that mean I’ve lost that’s not even what I said

      1. How is the 360 ps3 2008 tech you moron, they came out 2005/6 and if your talking about PC’s then no console is, or will be up to their level on terms of graphics
        Nice try

          1. That wasn’t at all a fanboyish and ignorant comment
            Ps3 and Xbox can’t handle pc’s graphics, neither can the Wii U, and probably the PS4/next xbox
            That’s not going to change

        1. Facepalm , WHY BOTHER ARGUING WITH NINTENDRONES !! they know nothing about tech !! They just sit on their fat asses and play childish wii games

              1. Then you’re probably going to waste a very long time because Nintendo wont just give up because some 9 year olds saying they suck

              1. “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”- CS Lewis
                But I bet you’re too stupid to understand this

    1. Oh and your fanboyish ass shows up !! Lol first you call other people graphic whores and now u are bragging that the wii u supports 1080p , The Wii U is just an overclocked Xbox 360 with current gem graphics , LOL DOSNT EVEN SUPPORT DX11

        1. I also said it will be awesome. Im not sure how thats bragging. Fail once again. As for the DX11, I simply dont care.

      1. Consoles don’t support DX anyway
        Well I think the 360 may but the PS3 and Wii use OpenGL
        Because if it used DX they’d have to pay microsoft which would be stupid

  11. ” The Wii U is just an overclocked Xbox 360 with current gem graphics”

    Yet in past posts you have praised the devs that have said the clock speeds are lower then current gen. Geez mate, you are not a pc gamer at all. No clue, no clue at all.

  12. So heir satory iwata is doing another gimmick console,vell just i always said:every rose has it’s thorn,but be carefull heir iwata and miyamoto because the most beautifull flower can be the most devastating weapon to destroy ur company for good”

  13. Previously on Console Wars: Attack of the Clone Drones… Aeolus performs a threesome act with Siegfried von Scrotom and Nessie, the Lochness Troll. Then along came a shocker… Sieggy chopped some wood.

  14. I feel bad for all the PS3 and 360 owners who have this game… Playing a by far inferior version of this game.. Shame on you shame on you…

  15. I’m definitely picking this game up Awesome 3rd party games on Wii U will be supported by me. AC3, ME3 Batman AC AE, I’ll get them all eventually. Leave luck to heaven.

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  18. Please… Sickr, Alba, don’t post things like this. You guys are posting too much rumors as news. And please, make the source to the news easier to find. You expect us to click the word “full” over all other needlessly linked words expecting to find where the information came from? And besides, the source itself now confirmed that the game will be rendered in 720p, making this post irrelevant…

    I like this site and all, but sometimes it seems you try finding news where there aren’t any. I’m only saying this to help to improve it.

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  20. Aeolus , ness and von schroeder i have a question for you but i want you to hear me out because I’m not gonna be a hypocrite. Why do you want to be in this website if your just gonna insult people. And why do you hate nintendo so much your gonna have to admit that wii u is more powerful . And nintendo released A LOT of new Ips during the wii and 3ds but i’m not gonna list them all besides pandoras tower,Xenoblade, and pushmo so don’t give me any of that bullshit.And don’t say nintendo always has underpowered stuf because in 5th,6th and 8th generation(3ds vita wii u)nintendo was the most powerful.

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