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Namco Bandai To Announce Wii U Titles At Tokyo Game Show?

Namco Bandai may be planning to announce a few Wii U titles at this years Tokyo Game Show, despite their impressive Tokyo Game Showlist not showing any Wii U support. Someone discovered on the Namco Bandai TGS portal that if you change the Wii file name slightly the Wii U logo appears. This could clearly be a hint that one of the “coming soon” slots in Namco Bandai’s list will be a Wii U game.

36 thoughts on “Namco Bandai To Announce Wii U Titles At Tokyo Game Show?”

      1. do you have a brain
        Super Smash Bros. will be presented by Nintnedo at E3 2013. With that Sony next console or Microsoft next console isn’t gonna stand out well.

        1. Nintendo still PLENTY of time to make the next game. I think they should add Sega as another co-developer, since Nintendo and Sega are buddies now…. because Nintendo needs the help to perfect the game. I also want to see more Sonic characters. The good news is that Miyamoto confirmed that there will be many new characters and they’ll each have some new moves.

            1. Oh yeah, add SEGA to it because they’re Nintendo’s “buddies”. So are Ubisoft, 5th Cell, Treasure, Majesco & TT Games, so lets add them all, shall we? What kind of stupid argument is that?
              Namco have experience with successful fighting games, and they can offer help with balancing and online modes. What the hell can SEGA offer them as “buddies”? A top up on their lemonade?!
              The only other companies who Nintendo could use would be Capcom or Tecmo, but they don’t need that much help. SEGA cannot help them make the perfect game in any way. And an over-saturation of Sonic characters is not the perfect game, it would make it worse. SSB is not about Sonic. One character is enough.

  1. No, Nintendo fans, Smash Bros wont be there.
    Long as its not a boring Dragonball Z game like Ultimate Tenkaichi…

    1. TGS s more important since Japanese devs have been very quiet regarding the wiiU. Look at P-100…. that came out of nowere!

  2. anyone else see the trailer for tekken federation? The multiplayer and everything looks awesome!!! I cant wait to get this game not only that but image the online multiplayer and presentation for SMASH BROTHERS!! Nintendo was genius to get Namco to help out with smash brothers

    1. Namcos knowledge along with kid icarus’ online makes me feel very comfortable about Smash Bros U’s online mode. Cant wait, hope theres multiple modes ect

  3. It will hopefully be Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and Tales of Xillia/Tales of Symphonia 3, throw in some Ridge Racer for good measure. We all know that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will be there as well.

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